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Chapter Table Of Contents 267 Lu Xuanyin
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    The woman in the mysterious skirt holds the Qingfeng long sword and walks slowly into the mountain stream. Wherever she goes, many disciples evade one after another, and their eyes are full of awe. They can feel how fierce the Sword Qi exuding from that woman is. .
    Moreover, the golden belt around the woman's slender waist also shows her identity.
    inner mountain golden belt disciple.
    You know, most of the inner mountain disciples who came to the outer mountain to teach Origin Technique are just black belt disciples. In terms of status and status, they are far behind the mysterious skirt woman in front of them.
    However, the mysterious skirt woman did not pay attention to the eyes of the many disciples around her. Her eyes were cold and proud. These outer mountain disciples obviously couldn't catch her at all.
    She crossed the mountain stream and finally came to the place where Zhou Yuan and Gu Hongyi were.
    Zhou Yuan stared at her with a slightly guarded look. This woman is Lu Feng's clan sister. At this time, she suddenly came here from the inner mountain. Most of them were not kind.
    However, when Zhou Yuan was on guard, the woman named Lu Xuanyin, the pair of cold and proud eyes, only glanced at him faintly, and then looked at Gu Hongyi.

    A smile appeared on her cold and proud charming face. She stepped forward and grabbed Gu Hongyi's little hand. Said with a smile: "Hongyi, I heard Lu Feng say that you also came to Blue Profound Sect, and I wanted to come a long time ago. I'm looking for you, it's good now. When you enter the inner mountain in the future, we will have more time to meet."
    Gu Hongyi's enthusiasm for Lu Xuanyin is also slightly unnatural. She and the other party are indeed acquainted. After all, the two have a good relationship, and there was some friendship when they were young.
    It's just that with Lu Xuanyin in Blue Profound Sect cultivation over the years, that feeling has faded.
    So for Lu Xuanyin's sudden enthusiasm, she is also a little uncomfortable.
    Gu Hongyi pulled his hand back without a trace, and said, "Why did Senior Sister Lu suddenly come out of the inner mountain?"
    Lu Xuanyin smiled slightly and said, "Isn't it because I heard that you are here, I just wanted to see you, I just called Lu Feng, let's get together, remember that when you were young, you and Lu Feng still had a very good relationship."
    Gu Hongyi frowned slightly, and she was wise to realize that this Lu Xuanyin was directed at her instead of Zhou Yuan.

    Indeed, as she expected, what Lu Xuanyin did was to help Lu Feng find some sources to approach Gu Hongyi. Because of the news from Lu Feng, Gu Hongyi seems to have become more and more indifferent to him recently, but instead follow him. A hillbilly boy from another continent is very acquainted with each other.
    This makes Lu Xuanyin a little unacceptable. Gu Family’s Old Ancestor is the Blue Profound Sect Great Cliff Peak’s Peak Lord, with a prominent position. If Lu Feng can achieve good deeds with Gu Hongyi, it is obviously a big deal for their Lu Family. Good thing.
    Moreover, even the Peak Lord of their Sword Peak's, personally asked about it.
    In Lu Xuanyin's opinion, Lu Feng has outstanding conditions and excellent talents. It can be said that the families are well-matched in terms of social status with Gu Hongyi. As a result, a hillbilly suddenly came out and ruined good things. nausea.
    So when she heard about it, she put down the cultivation and ran to the outer mountain, apparently trying to find a chance to match the two together.
    Gu Hongyi shook his head, and said with some embarrassment: "Senior Sister Lu, the selecting mountain ceremony is just around the corner, I just want to concentrate on cultivation."
    Lu Xuanyin hurriedly laughed and said: "Cultivation should also be relaxed and moderate, and proper rest will not hinder cultivation."

    Gu Hongyi felt a headache. This kind of woman is really difficult, and she declined again: "I follow Zhou Yuan cultivation Void Transformation Technique. He has limited time every day, so there really is no free time."
    Lu Xuanyin froze for a while, and then turned to Zhou Yuan with a trace of cold eyes, smiled and said, "This must be Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, right? You were in the outer mountain recently, even the inner mountain. , All have heard of it."
    Zhou Yuan smiled non-committal.
    Lu Xuanyin carelessly said: "Let’s do it, Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, today you will take a vacation for Hongyi’s cultivation, and you can find another time to make it up later, how about it?"
    She smiled, although it was an interrogative sentence, but in her tone, she seemed to decide the matter in this way.
    Zhou Yuan's expression was faint, his eyes drooping, and he said, "Every day's cultivation time is fixed. If you miss it, just wait for the next time. I have too many disciples of cultivation Origin Technique here, so there is no make-up lesson.
    The smile on Lu Xuanyin charming face was slightly condensed. She originally thought that by virtue of her own identity, Zhou Yuan, a disciple of only outer mountain, would follow her heart wisely. After all, it was just a small matter, but she didn’t expect Zhou Yuan. He didn't even have any eyesight at all.
    "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan really has a personality." Lu Xuanyin said with a narrow smile.

    She looked at Zhou Yuan indifferently, and when Lu Feng talked to her, she naturally mentioned the contradiction with Zhou Yuan, but neither Lu Feng nor she took this in mind.
    As for Zhou Yuan to take the first place in Lu Feng's selecting mountain ceremony, in Lu Xuanyin's opinion, it is just a sneer. Absolutely, this hillbilly is really not to know the immensity of heaven and earth.
    In her eyes, Zhou Yuan, an Absolute Beginning Realm 1-layer Heaven, is not even qualified to challenge Lu Feng's.
    So she came this time purely because of Gu Hongyi. As for Zhou Yuan, she didn't even have the slightest idea of beating, because in her opinion, when she waited for the selecting mountain ceremony, this hillbilly would naturally be stepped on by Lu Feng. Bleeding blood, losing face.
    However, she didn't expect, the hillbilly in her eyes, dare not even give her face.
    Zhou Yuan shook his head and said: "I just act according to the rules. No matter who comes, the rules are the same. I hope Senior Sister Lu is no wonder."
    He has a peaceful voice, without billows, and seems to be quite sincere.
    However, Lu Xuanyin didn't appreciate it very much. He stared at Zhou Yuan's eyes with coldness. The Origin Qi all over his body vibrated slightly, and there was an extremely sharp sword howling faintly.
    A fierce oppression enveloped Zhou Yuan.
    "Senior Sister Lu!"

    Gu Hongyi on the side was the first to notice, and immediately took a step forward and stood in front of Zhou Yuan. Liu eyebrows were slightly raised, and he said angrily: "What are you doing?"
    Lu Xuanyin pursed her lips. She noticed that Gu Hongyi was a little angry, and she immediately dispersed Sword Qi all over her body. She said with some regret: "Hongyi, don't you really take this opportunity to get together with me?"
    Gu Hongyi said in a deep voice: "The cultivation is urgent recently, so I really can't tell."
    But she also knows the difficulty of Lu Xuanyin, so she can only say: "If it doesn't work, just wait for the end of my selecting mountain ceremony and find a time to gather together."
    Lu Xuanyin heard that this was Gu Hongyi's last concession, and suddenly smiled nodded and said: Okay, then wait for the end of your selecting mountain ceremony. Don't worry, I will also come to see this grand occasion. "
    After she finished speaking, she also turned around neatly.
    Before leaving, her cold eyes passed Zhou Yuan vaguely.
    Under the gaze of the many eyes, Lu Xuanyin went out of the mountain stream, and finally at the mouth of the mountain stream, he saw Lu Feng in white.
    Lu Feng saw Lu Xuanyin come out alone, frowning slightly, and said, "Is Hongyi not here?"
    At this time, Lu Xuanyin's charming face was completely gloomy down, and a cold color flashed in her eyes, indifferently said: "That little peasant is indeed disgusting."

    Obviously, she blamed all this on Zhou Yuan's.
    "Lu Feng, at the selecting mountain ceremony, if there is a chance, he will be abolished directly."
    "I want him to know that the peasant should stay in the quagmire, and don't be carried away by one's wishful thinking all the time, and the toad eats swan meat!"
    There was a deep chill in her voice.
    Lu Feng hearing this, but also nods lightly, his eyes flashing across the mountain stream behind him coldly.
    "Don't worry, at the Selecting Mountain Ceremony, I will let him understand how unpleasant people he provokes."
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