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Chapter Table Of Contents 286 Shengzifeng
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Within three days, many disciples were looking forward to it, and arrived quickly.
    Thousands of disciples crowded here on the huge square, a large part of a dark mass, the sound is boiling, all the disciples' faces are full of tension and excitement.
    Today, it is time for them to step into the inner mountain.
    Zhou Yuan and Yao Yao stood in the crowd, beside them, they were surrounded by many disciples such as Qiao Xiu, Zhao Kun, Song Wanxi, and Shen Wanjin. At this time, when the eyes of the disciples of Zhudu were projected, they were all With a strong color of awe.
    The selecting mountain ceremony held three days ago has made them understand that among the outer mountain disciples of this generation, who is the most hidden...
    Zhou Yuan faintly sighed when he saw those gazes. Three months ago, it was the same place, but at that time, they were ignored, and even because of the identity of the first-class disciple, it attracted a lot of ridicule.
    At that time, maybe everyone didn't expect that the youngster they laughed at will be so dazzling that people don't dare to look directly at the selecting mountain ceremony three months later.
    "Little Brother Yuan, in the inner mountain in the future, if there is anything in need, just say hello, we will come to help." Zhao Kun patted his chest and said boldly.

    Others are also sincere and nodded, looking at Zhou Yuan's with some gratitude. They can enter the top ten this time. Zhou Yuan is undoubtedly one's contributions cannot go unnoticed.
    Zhou Yuan just smiled at this.
    "But how did you choose to go to Saint Origin Peak, Little Brother Yuan, nowadays, many disciples are avoiding it if they can." Qiao Xiu said with some regrets.
    Zhou Yuan smiled and did not explain, because he knew that in the eyes of many people, his choice was impervious to reason, but he couldn't tell people that he went to Saint Origin Peak for a Saint Pattern, right?
    When they were talking, suddenly there were seven streams of light rushing from the sky, turning into seven Origin Qi clouds, and finally falling to the top of this square.
    Origin Qi The cloud has settled, and many disciples have just seen it. On it, there are seven figures standing.
    The powerful Origin Qi coercion radiated from their bodies, and the boiling square suddenly became quiet.
    The seven figures looked at the ring of light, and a strong voice rang out, saying: "I am waiting for the Qifeng welcomer. If you are ready, let us enter the inner mountain."
    In the square, many disciples became excited again, and their noisy voices could not be suppressed.

    When the seven welcomers saw this, they just smiled and didn't force it. After all, they came here in the same way, knowing how excited these young boys and young girls are now.
    With a wave of the sleeves of the seven, Origin Qi suddenly roared, and the Origin Qi on the square was ascending, directly turning into the clouds, carrying all the disciples, and rising into the sky.
    Rolling clouds swept across the sky, and many disciples were excitedly looking at the heavily mountains that flew past their feet.
    It flew like this for a full stick of incense time, and then many disciples realized that the speed began to slow down.
    "Are you here?" Many disciples quickly looked forward.
    But soon they were stunned, because at this time, there was still a boundless mountain range, and there was no such thing as an inner mountain.
    Yao Yao hugged Tun Tun, her ethereal and clear eyes squinted slightly, she looked at the void in front of her, and said to herself: "What a powerful Origin Pattern barrier, it can open up space..."
    Just as her voice fell, Zhou Yuan saw that in the sleeves of the seven welcomers, a piece of Origin Qi suddenly rose, and the seven pieces of Origin Qi intertwined with each other, as if forming a light mark, slowly 'S touched the void in front of him.

    Then, many disciples were shaking to see that the void in front of them was actually rippling, and then torn apart little by little.
    At that moment, it seemed that there was a majestic Heaven and Earth Origin Qi gushing out of it, and the world before me changed in an instant...
    In the empty space between Heaven and Earth, there are countless spirit birds flying, and the sound of clear cry echoes between Heaven and Earth.
    One after another towering peaks rise from the ground, straight into the sky.
    On the giant peak, there is a waterfall water stream pouring down, like a milky way, the sound of rumbling water spreads.
    There are even huge Origin Qi clouds floating in the sky. Above these clouds, there are temples standing upright. The countless ray of light steps on the Origin Qi clouds, whizzing the sky.
    What a majestic Immortal Palace view.
    Many disciples are dumbstruck looking at the fairyland-like scene in front of them.
    The seven welcomers looked at the many disciples who were in shock, and smiled. With a wave of their sleeves, the Origin Qi cloud layer was carrying them into the torn void.
    As soon as they entered it, everyone felt an abundance of Heaven and Earth Origin Qi, which made people calm and peaceful, and the Origin Qi in the body became much more active.
    Obviously, the strength of Heaven and Earth Origin Qi here is far stronger than that of outer mountain.

    "Huh, what is that?"
    Suddenly, there were many commotions from among themselves. Zhou Yuan followed those voices raised the head and looked into the distance. Only in the sky there was a mountain standing tall in a thick Cloud of Origin Qi.
    The mountain has a smooth, mirror-like wall, and the wall is glittering with a dazzling luster. At this time, at the top of the wall, the three golden light characters seem to exude a kind of majesty, attracting everyone's attention.
    "Saint Child Peak!"
    "This is Saint Child Peak?!" The disciple exclaimed with feverish eyes.
    "What is Saint Child Peak?" More people asked questioningly.
    "In our Blue Profound Sect, each generation of disciples will compete to select the ten strongest people, and they, also known as the Blue Profound Sect Top Ten Saint Child, stand at the top of all disciples."
    "In order to inspire other disciples, Blue Profound Sect established Saint Child Peak, engraving the name of the top ten Saint Child on it, and enjoying the worship and respect of many disciples."
    "It can be said that becoming the top ten Saint Child, leaving the name Saint Child Peak, is the lifelong dream and pursuit of every Blue Profound Sect disciple."
    After listening to this, many disciples were shocked, and then, the one after another gaze was with awe and respect, and fell on the so-called Saint Child Peak.

    Zhou Yuan also had a surprised look on his face, looking at the smooth mountain wall.
    His gaze is from bottom to top.
    "Zhao Zhu, the top ten Saint Child, ranked tenth, from Sword Peak."
    "Ye Ge, ranked ninth, from Spirit Pattern Peak."
    Zhou Yuan's gaze jumped one by one, and he could feel that every name seemed to contain weight, and make people did not dare to underestimate it.
    "Shang Chunqiu, ranked fourth, from Great Cliff Peak."
    "Li Qingchan, ranked third, from Snow Lotus Peak."
    "Kong Sheng, ranked second, from Sword Peak."
    "Chu Qing, ranked first, from Blue Profound Peak."
    Many disciples are crow and peacock make no sound, their eyes are a little hot and respectful looking at the names of the top ten engraved on the mountain wall.
    Zhou Yuan is also glittering with binoculars. He knows that these ten people are probably the most excel the common among the contemporary disciples of Blue Profound Sect.
    However, he found that none of the top ten Saint Child came from Saint Origin Peak...
    He scratched his head and couldn't help but smile helplessly.
    It seems that Saint Origin Peak is indeed a bit miserable...
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