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Chapter Table Of Contents 291 Ziyuan Cave House
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    The golden silk ribbon was wrapped around Zhou Yuan's waist, with complex and ancient patterns faintly discernible. The Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth around him was also swarming, and finally infiltrated into his body.
    Many disciples around are also looking with envy. They know that this golden ribbon not only brings great benefits to cultivation, but also represents identity and treatment.
    Zhou Yuan wrapped the golden belt and stood aside.
    At this time, the three elders Shen Taiyuan, Lu Song and Lu Hong suddenly looked at One Revolution and looked at the most moving shadow in the square.
    Naturally it is Yao Yao.
    Wearing a light azure dress, Yao Yao has a beautiful face. The delicate facial features are as if they were drawn. No flaws can be found, especially the pair of eyes. They are clear and ethereal. It makes people feel like they dare not blaspheme.
    When Yao Yao first appeared, there were many eyes cast quietly in this square, and some whispers were also passed on in secret.
    "This is too beautiful!"
    "The temperament is so outstanding, who is she? With such a face, she is one point better than Snow Lotus Peak's Senior Sister Li Qingchan!"
    "They are a bit similar, they are a bit cold..."

    "It's not the same, it's different. Although Senior Sister Li Qingchan is like an iceberg on weekdays, it is cold outside and hot inside, but the woman in front of me has a kind of indifference from the heart. She seems to be indifferent to everything. , It is impossible to reach at all."
    "Hey, it makes you understand very well..."
    But no matter how whispered, it is obvious that every look at Yao Yao is full of surprises, and even a girl who is quite confident in her appearance like Lu Yan is speechless.
    From then on, Yao Yao will take the position of Saint Origin Peak's first beauty.
    "Zhou Xiaoyao, your situation is special. The White Eyebrows Peak Lord has already sent someone to spread the word. You don't need to join my three-person discipline, but you can still live in Saint Origin Peak." Shen Taiyuan groaned, and finally said. .
    They obviously already knew Yao Yao, and they also knew that the Peak Lord of Spirit Pattern Peak placed her on her like never before.
    In fact, they didn't understand why Yao Yao insisted on coming to Saint Origin Peak. With her talent, if she went to Spirit Pattern Peak, the white eyebrows Peak Lord would really treat her as a Little Ancestor sect.
    I heard that she came because of Zhou Yuan, but this girl exudes a kind of alienation and indifference. Is it true that she really likes Zhou Yuan?

    They thought about it, but they couldn't get the answer.
    Yao Yao hearing this is indifferent and nodded. After all, she stayed in Saint Origin Peak just to protect Zhou Yuan, and the three elders in front of her, in her opinion, did not have the qualifications to teach her.
    And with Zhou Yuan, Yao Yao has already had results, and the remaining disciples also began to make choices. Most of them followed Zhou Yuan and entered Elder Shen and Elder Lu disciple.
    After this allocation, perhaps because Zhou Yuan took the lead, the number of Shen Taiyuan direct disciple was not much less than that of Lu Hong.
    So, when the last disciple was assigned, the disciple who entered the sect was completely shaved off.
    Of the three elders, Elder Lu Song has the least number of people, but this elder is indeed a lazy temperament, not much to fight for, obviously not high in fighting spirit.
    Elder Shen Taiyuan and Elder Lu Song are full of contests with each other. The two of them direct disciple and have the most numbers. Obviously, the quality of the disciple on Elder Lu Song is higher. After all, he comes from Sword Peak, background. Better than Elder Shen Taiyuan.
    After the disciples were assigned, Elder Lu Hong just got up, and did not intend to say anything to the two elders Shen Taiyuan and Lu Song, and was about to leave.

    But at this moment, Shen Taiyuan was silent for a while, and suddenly said: "Elder Lu, please stay."
    Lu Hong paused, turned his head and glanced at Shen Taiyuan, indifferently said, "What's wrong with Elder Shen?"
    Shen Taiyuan hesitated and said, "I want to discuss with Elder Lu about our last Purple Origin Cave Dwelling in Saint Origin Peak."
    Lu Hong narrowed his eyes, and immediately glanced at Zhou Yuan like a smile yet not a smile, and said ironically: "Elder Shen is really a lover, even Purple Origin Cave Dwelling wants to prepare him. "
    "However, he is a golden belt disciple who just entered the sect, is he worthy of such treatment?"
    Zhou Yuan hearing this was also startled for a moment, and looked at Shen Taiyuan with a little surprise.
    In the past few days, he has also learned a lot about inner mountain. All inner mountain disciples will be given a cave dwelling. This cave dwelling is just like a small building for outer mountain disciples.
    But cave dwelling is obviously more precious than small building.
    Every cave dwelling has a spring in which a steady flow of pure Origin Qi can emerge. In this cultivation, it can bring great benefits to the cultivation.
    The so-called cave dwelling is also divided into levels, which are equal to the level of the disciples. They are divided into the lowest Black Origin Cave Dwelling, Golden Origin Cave Dwelling and the highest level Purple Origin Cave Dwelling.

    According to normal circumstances, Purple Origin Cave Dwelling can only be enjoyed by purple belt disciples.
    So when Zhou Yuan heard that Shen Taiyuan was planning to reward him with a Purple Origin Cave Dwelling, he was also quite surprised.
    Shen Taiyuan slowly said: "Whether it's worthy, the old man has his own assessment."
    Lu Hong sneered, shook his head, and said, "Elder Shen, don't think about it. Our Saint Origin Peak main peak is sealed, and many Purple Origin Cave Dwellings cannot be opened. The number is limited. According to our rules, Three Veins The cave dwelling is divided by force. The previous nineteen seats have been allocated, and this last one is determined to win.
    "You One Vein, all purple belt disciples, have Purple Origin Cave Dwelling." Shen Taiyuan complexion said slightly.
    Lu Hong sneered: "Since you think that a disciple who has just entered the inner mountain is eligible to enjoy Purple Origin Cave Dwelling, isn't the disciple on my side eligible?"
    Shen Taiyuan complexion is ugly, but he still held back his anger and said: "The old man can exchange other conditions for this Purple Origin Cave Dwelling."
    However, Lu Hong waved his hand directly, rude said: "No, I have already said that this Purple Origin Cave Dwelling, I be determined to win."

    He glanced at Zhou Yuan's direction with a slight sneer. Of course he knew that Shen Taiyuan wanted to reward Zhou Yuan with this Purple Origin Cave Dwelling, but he didn't want Zhou Yuan to do so.
    Obviously, Zhou Yuan chose to invest in Shen Taiyuan disciple before. Although Lu Hong didn't show anything on the surface, he still had a bit of grudge.
    Moreover, Zhou Yuan is the number one in the ceremony after all, and has some potential threats. Therefore, if his cultivation resources can be reduced, it will also be able to reduce the threat intensity.
    Therefore, Lu Hong will never let this last Purple Origin Cave Dwelling fall into the hands of Zhou Yuan.
    Lu Hong sneered secretly. Since Shen Taiyuan values Zhou Yuan's words so much, then give him the Purple Origin Cave Dwelling of your other disciples. It's just that, see if you will chill the hearts of many disciples.
    Watching this scene, Zhou Yuan frowned. He had seen Lu Hong's heart.
    "Master Shen, Purple Origin Cave Dwelling is good, but you don't have to rush for a while, you will have a chance in the future." Zhou Yuan clasped his fist.
    However, Shen Taiyuan shook his head and said, "I have my own measures."
    Seeing this, he, who is stubborn, is obviously still unwilling to give up.

    Seeing that the atmosphere on both sides was not right, then Elder Lu Song had to stand up and say: "Since you don't want to let it go, then everything should follow the rules and cave dwelling by force."
    "One month later, it will be the Cave Exam. Whoever wins by that time, then the last Purple Origin Cave Dwelling will naturally go to whom."
    Upon hearing this, Lu Hong sneered and storm off in a huff directly.
    "Then see the real chapter after a month."
    However, when he left there, he cast a sneer at Zhou Yuan. Although he did not speak, Zhou Yuan could feel the meaning in his eyes.
    "That Purple Origin Cave Dwelling, you are not qualified to own it."
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