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Chapter Table Of Contents 295 Please Ying
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Zhou Yuan turned a blind eye to that one after another, full of scrutiny and questioning. As for the gloomy-faced Cao Shi, he didn't pay much attention to it. He stepped forward and finally sat on the golden praying mat in the third seat. Come down.
    And seeing Zhou Yuan being so rude, some disciples frowned slightly, obviously thinking that this new disciple was a little arrogant.
    In this way, even if Master Shen valued him extremely, it was just that he valued his possible potential. As for now, in their opinion, Zhou Yuan of Absolute Beginning Realm 2-layer Heaven did not sit there at all. Eligibility for the position.
    However, after all, this was Master Shen's arrangement, so even if they were dissatisfied, they still endured it and just looked at Zhou Yuan coldly.
    Cao Shi also took a deep breath, suppressing the anger in his heart, but the look in Zhou Yuan's eyes became more and more gloomy.
    As a result, the atmosphere in the entire hall was strangely depressed.
    Shen Taiyuan, who lives on a high place, was naturally aware of this atmosphere and frowned slightly. How he didn't know that he valued Zhou Yuan so much, it would inevitably cause some disciples to be unbalanced.
    But he hasn’t had much to do. Saint Origin Peak hasn’t won a disciple in the selecting mountain ceremony for many years. Now that he has finally met one, Shen Taiyuan can only give it a try.

    How he didn't know how difficult it would be to meet a peerless chosen child like that Chu Qing again, but he had no other choice when he had no way out.
    As a result, Shen Taiyuan quickly strengthened his mind, glanced away, and said solemnly: "After a month, it will be the Cave Exam with Lu Hong One Vein. This is related to the last Purple Origin Cave Dwelling, so there is no room for loss. "
    "Because the purple belt disciples have already taken action, so this time, the golden belt disciples will be sent out."
    "Tong Long, Pan Song, Cao Shi."
    "I want to send you three out."
    Tong Long, Pan Song, and precisely, now the golden belt disciples are the first and second, and Cao Shi is the fourth, and they are considered to be the strongest three of the golden belt disciples.
    Shen Taiyuan’s voice fell, but there was no immediate response. Tong Long and Pan Song were a little glittering, while Cao Shi gave them a vague look, then took a deep breath and said, " Master Shen, I'm willing to wait."
    Shen Taiyuan's stale face was slightly loose.
    But before he could speak, Cao Shi said again: "I just don't know if I wait for luck to win, how should I allocate this Purple Origin Cave Dwelling?"

    Shen Taiyuan frowned. Three days ago, his meaning became obvious. The Purple Origin Cave Dwelling was prepared for Zhou Yuan. Now Cao Shi knows why he asks...
    "I intend to bestow Zhou Yuan." Shen Taiyuan said indifferently.
    Cao Shi's eyes twitched, and gritted his teeth, "Although it is a bit disrespectful, Master Shen's move is a bit too unfair. I waited so hard to play, why did Zhou Yuan benefit?"
    "According to the rules, the attribution of Purple Origin Cave Dwelling should be chosen from the three who went out. How can there be any reason for outsiders to reap where one has not sown?"
    As soon as Cao Shi's words came out, some disciples secretly nods.
    Shen Taiyuan's complexion is slightly ugly, and he said in a deep voice, "Are you questioning me?"
    Cao Shi hurriedly clasped his fists and said: "The disciple dare not, but I have done a lot of hard work for Saint Origin Peak. We also know the pressure of Master Shen, so if someone can provoke the main beam, we will naturally support it with full power. Some people may not be able to shoulder the heavy responsibility of Master Shen, for no reason wasted a lot of the hope of Senior and Junior Brothers."
    His voice was righteous, but he alluded that Zhou Yuan did not have the qualifications and patience that Shen Taiyuan valued so much.
    Shen Taiyuan complexion is getting heavier and heavier.

    And just as he was about to scold Cao Shi, a voice suddenly sounded again: "Master Shen, don’t get angry. Although Junior Brother Cao Shi is reckless and offends Master Shen, it is not malicious. Junior Brother Zhou Yuan is the part of the selecting mountain ceremony. It’s true, but after all, it’s still a little immature. If you wait for another year or two, you may be able to bear the expectations of Master Shen. Presumably at that time, no one has any objections..."
    Shen Taiyuan followed and saw that Zhou Tai was beside the man, and a man spoke sincerely.
    This person is named Zhang Yan, and he is the second seat of the purple belt disciple, second only to Zhou Tai.
    Zhou Yuan also glanced at Zhang Yan calmly. Although the latter was pretty good, but the underlying meaning was also obvious, that is, he is not qualified to own Purple Origin Cave Dwelling.
    He undoubtedly also supports Cao Shi.
    And Zhang Yan obviously had prestige among the One Vein disciples, so when he spoke, some other disciples suddenly agreed, and the hall was quite lively.
    Especially in addition to Zhang Yan, there are also two or three purple belt disciples who also expressed their approval. In this way, the opposition is even louder.
    Behind the hall, Shen Wanjin, the newly entered the sect disciples, had a worried look in their eyes. They looked far ahead at Zhou Yuan's figure. They also didn't expect, so there would be so many disciples opposed.

    If things are not done well today, I am afraid that Zhou Yuan's reputation will be damaged.
    However, they also know that on this occasion, their new disciples who entered the sect originally have no right to speak.
    Not only them, even Shen Taiyuan frowned when facing this scene.
    He can overwhelm everyone, but when the time comes, he will rely on the three Cao Shis. If they are not here, there is not much chance of winning. For no reason, the Purple Origin Cave Dwelling bow and give way.
    In the hall, Shen Taiyuan was silent for a while, then he slowly looked at Zhou Yuan and said, "Zhou Yuan, what do you think?"
    When Cao Shi heard this, the corner of his mouth was a hint of imperceptible pride. Obviously, Shen Taiyuan could not ignore the opposition of so many disciples. His previous insistence began to relax.
    So he sneered at Zhou Yuan from the corner of his eye.
    This kid is still too tender. I really think that Master Shen values you, so can you not understand the rules?
    If you want to get rid of you, it's just a matter of turning over the palm of your hand.
    All this today is obviously driven by his means.
    Under the gathering of many gazes, Zhou Yuan's face was always quite calm, especially Cao Shi's hostile gaze, he was also keenly aware of it.

    In fact, he was really interested in that Purple Origin Cave Dwelling, but it was not necessary.
    However, Cao Shi's targeting and hostility caused him to frown slightly.
    He can guess that most of today's changes are guided by this Cao Shi. The so-called is to suppress him, the dark horse who has just entered the inner mountain.
    He turned his head and glanced at Cao Shi with a cold look.
    But when he noticed his gaze, Cao Shi's mouth was slightly contemptuous, indifferently said: "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, you have to eat one bite at a time, you have to walk step by step, reaching heaven in a single bound, after all The hidden danger is too great."
    "Listening to Senior Brother, you should cultivate for one or two years first, and then it might be easier to think about it."
    Hearing what Cao Shi said, Zhou Yuan smiled nonchalantly and said, "According to the rules, now I am the third seat and you are the fourth seat. In fact, I should be called Senior Brother."
    Cao Shi twitched his face and sneered sarcastically.
    Zhou Yuan ignored him, raised the head and said, "Master Shen, I think it might be good to follow the rules."
    The Zhang Yan hearing this suddenly smiled and said: "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan could think so, that would be great."

    Shen Taiyuan slowly said: "Then do you mean to give up this Purple Origin Cave Dwelling?"
    Cao Shi smiled openly. This Zhou Yuan seemed to be unable to withstand the pressure, knowing that he was not qualified to touch Purple Origin Cave Dwelling now.
    However, Zhou Yuan shook his head with a smile, and said: "Previously, Junior Brother Cao Shi didn't say that according to the rules, the ownership of Purple Origin Cave Dwelling should be selected from the three who came out."
    "If this is the case, then I will automatically ask Master Shen to allow me to play the Cave Exam as one of the three."
    Since this Cao Shi is aggressive, he doesn't need to show mercy anymore.
    As soon as Zhou Yuan's voice fell, there was an uproar in the entire hall.
    The smile on Cao Shi's face solidified slightly, and the contempt at the corners of his mouth widened. He stretched out his fingers and pointed at Zhou Yuan, and a sarcasm sounded.
    "Zhou Yuan, Zhou Yuan, you are so maddening!"
    "Do you think Cave Exam is the selecting mountain ceremony?"
    He shook his head and stared at Zhou Yuan with a cold look in his eyes.
    "Speaking of a bad thing, then Cave Exam, you are not eligible to participate, you want to be ashamed, but we don't want to!"
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