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Chapter Table Of Contents 309 Long Yuansui
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Standing on the mountain peak, Zhou Yuan and others looked up at the front of them. The Jade Dragon-like river was winding and winding, passing through the giant peaks, and finally into the vast ocean.
    Wang Yang can't see the end, and there are also sky-like giant peaks. These giant peaks separate the ocean, and when the mist is covered, it is like a maze.
    Zhou Tai pointed to the invisible end of the misty ocean and said, "This is the origin pond, and Origin Marrow Baptism is here, but although it is a "pool", it is extremely vast. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the sea. "
    Zhou Yuan looked at the so-called "origin pond", but the complexion was quite solemn, because he could feel that there was a certain sense of oppression in the ocean, which made people feel terrified and did not dare to enter it.
    He knew that this should be because of the Origin Dragon Veins, which was born of Heaven and Earth, and gathered Heaven and Earth Origin Qi, and naturally possessed a certain power of Heaven and Earth.
    When he raised the head, he was able to see a huge Origin Pattern barrier that was faintly discernible, falling from the sky like a bowl, covering the entire "origin pond" in it.
    This is the place of Blue Profound Sect, which is naturally tightly protected.
    At this time, around the "origin pond", the cloud of countless Origin Qi fell, apparently a disciple from several other peaks.
    However, Zhou Yuan was surprised that more of his disciples' waists were not purple belts.

    "The Heaven and Earth Origin Qi is very strong around the origin pond. Although other disciples are not qualified to enter the origin pond, they can cultivation on the edge of the origin pond, which is quite helpful." Zhou Tai explained.
    "Senior Brother Zhou Tai, should you tell me exactly what Origin Marrow Baptism is?" Zhou Yuan asked with a smile.
    Zhou Tai nodded, pointing to the origin pond, said: "Origin Marrow Baptism, the most important thing is "Dragon Origin Marrow". Dragon Origin Marrow is the condensation of Dragon Qi emitted by Origin Dragon Veins, which is mysterious and abnormal."
    "Dragon Origin Marrow? Where can I get it?" Zhou Yuan was startled.
    "Hehe, Dragon Origin Marrow certainly exists in the origin pond, but according to the rules, the disciples of Dragon Origin Marrow who need to be baptized rely on their own power to search in the origin pond."
    "Origin pond is transformed by Origin Dragon Veins. It is full of oppression. Wandering in it requires continuous operation of Origin Qi to resist, so it consumes a lot of Origin Qi."
    "Besides, don’t look at the surface of the origin pond being calm, but underneath it is danger lurks on every side, just because the Origin Dragon Veins is full of vitality, and the overflowing Dragon Qi will form many water beasts. Meeting it will make people extremely headache."
    "However, these water beasts are made by Dragon Qi. If they are hunted, Dragon Origin Marrow can be obtained from their bodies, and the larger the water beast, the more refined the Dragon Origin Marrow."

    "Otherwise, why do you think the origin pond will open for ten days every time? That's because everyone has been searching for Dragon Origin Marrow for almost nine days. On the last day, it was Origin Marrow Baptism." Zhou Tai laughed.
    "Today is considered a bi-monthly event for our Blue Profound Sect. Basically, most of the purple belt disciples in the sect will come to Origin Pond to search for Dragon Origin Marrow for Origin Marrow Baptism. After all, this is only for purple belt disciples. No one wants to give up the treatment he enjoys easily."
    He stretched out his finger and pointed to the sky above the origin pond. Zhou Yuan looked along and saw that there was an island floating there. The island looked like an altar. On it, there were ancient and rugged stone pillars. Stand upright.
    "This is the baptistery, and the stone pillars above are for the baptismal column. On the tenth day, many disciples will go to the baptistery and use the power of the baptismal column to inspire Dragon Origin Marrow, and finally be able to complete the baptism."
    Zhou Yuan looked at the huge altar in the sky with great interest.
    "Origin Marrow Baptism also has levels, because baptism will inspire Dragon Origin Marrow, will appear dragon shadow-ridden vision, so the number of dragon shadows is used to distinguish the level of baptism."
    "For example, if a dragon shadow appears, it is a dragon baptism, which is the lowest level."

    "The highest is Nine Dragons baptism, which will appear nine dragon shadows."
    "The higher the level of baptism, the greater the benefits will naturally be."
    "So, if you want to get a higher level of baptism, you should search for Dragon Origin Marrow harder, because the number of Dragon Origin Marrow determines the level of the final baptism." Zhou Tai said.
    "Nine Dragons baptism..." Zhou Yuan flashed intense interest in his eyes, and said, "What level of baptism does Senior Brother Zhou Tai usually do?"
    Zhou Tai scratched his head a little embarrassedly, and said: "My strength is Blue Profound Sect. Among the many purple belt disciples, it is not too prominent. I can't stay in the origin pond for too long. The Dragon Origin Marrow I can find is also limited. So the past baptisms were only Four Dragons level."
    "Some more powerful purple belt disciples may be able to reach Five Dragons. It is said that Yuan Hong of Elder Lu Hong disciple, and every Origin Marrow Baptism, can reach the level of Five Dragons."
    "And if you want the baptism of Six Dragons level, I am afraid that only the level of other six peaks chief disciple can do it."
    Zhou Yuan eyes flash, said: "What about the top ten Saint Child?"

    Zhou Tai hearing this couldn’t help but smile, and said: "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, your ambition is not small...but the top ten Saint Child doesn’t need to work hard to search for Dragon Origin Marrow in Tianchi, because when they become Saint Child’s At that time, sect will give a small area in the origin pond, which is considered to be their exclusive place. This area can be accessed at any time, and the Dragon Origin Marrow produced there is more than other places."
    "As expected of the top ten Saint Child, this treatment..."
    Zhou Yuan was startled, and immediately couldn't help but sigh. The advantages of the top ten Saint Child are so enviable that even the origin pond can be divided into a small piece. Compared with other disciples, they are obviously the real ones. Obtained full power training of sect.
    But they, who revealed one's talent among so many disciples, do have such qualifications.
    Zhou Tai also lamented nodded and said, "So they don’t need to bother to find Dragon Origin Marrow. Their baptism can easily reach the Seven Dragons level, but if they want a higher level of baptism, they need their own Go to the depths of the origin pond to hunt down water beasts with a scale of thousands of meters and seize the Dragon Origin Marrow in them, so that they can be promoted to the Eight Dragons baptism."

    In this origin pond, most of the water beasts are about 100 feet long. It is said that the larger the water beast, the more pure the Dragon Origin Marrow is. When the baptism reaches the level of Seven Dragons, I want to improve it. It is necessary to have the Dragon Origin Marrow in the water beast of this thousand-zhang level.
    "What is the strength of the water beast with a scale of thousands of meters?" Zhou Yuan pondered slightly.
    Zhang Yan on the side hearing this, smiled faintly, and said: "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, don't think too much about it. Even if we meet, we can only turn around and run away. Over the years, I have only I have seen one of our Blue Profound Sect hunt and kill a thousand zhang water beast and enjoy the baptism of Eight Dragons treatment."
    "Oh, who is it?" Zhou Yuan didn't care about the thorns in Zhang Yan's words, and smiled lightly.
    "Who else, except for the top ten Chief of Saint Children, who has such a capability?" Zhang Yan slowly said.
    "Chu Qing..."
    Zhou Yuan's eyes moved slightly. This name, even his new disciple who entered the inner mountain, is like thunder piercing the ear.
    This Senior Brother Chu Qing has left a lot of legends in Blue Profound Sect.

    However, he was able to elevate Origin Marrow Baptism to the Eight Dragons level. It seems that Chu Qing is really capable of enduring. Although Zhou Yuan has not touched those water beasts, he can make other Saint Child have one's hands. The bound and be unable to do anything about it’s Qianzhang water beast is obviously not easy to deal with.
    "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, although you only have this chance for the time being, you still have to take advantage of it. If you can get a Five Dragons baptism, you won't lose money." Zhou Tai calmed down.
    Zhou Yuan hearing this is also nodded with a smile.
    And just as they were talking, a commotion between Heaven and Earth suddenly spread, and the countless male disciple looked into the distance with excitement and excitement.
    Zhou Yuan and the others were also affected, and immediately raised the head in doubt, and then they saw an Origin Qi cloud drop from the sky, landing on a mountain in the distance.
    On the Origin Qi clouds, the colorful skirts fluttered, with beautiful sound of orioles and swallows coming out, crisp and delicate, actually many young girls.
    And at the foremost place, a woman in a white skirt was seen standing pretty, blowing her hair in a light breeze, revealing a beautiful cheek in the light of that day.
    On the edge of her skirt, there is a lotus-like pattern spreading.

    Her face is also extremely delicate, with a graceful posture. Between the eyebrows, there is a lotus light pattern, which makes her seem to have a trace of holiness.
    However, what makes people a little concerned is that the woman in the white skirt is exuding a chill that rejects others, like a goddess of ice and snow, which makes people difficult to approach.
    But even so, her radiance is very dazzling, even if the many girls around her are pretty, but beside her, she is covered with brilliance and looks dim.
    Zhou Yuan looked at her with a touch of surprise in his eyes, because in terms of looks and temperament, the woman in white dress in front of him was not much weaker than Yao Yao.
    And both of them are somewhat similar, both of them are coldly indifferent and repulsive.
    Zhou Yuan looked at this country-like white woman and guessed her identity in his heart. In this Blue Profound Sect, being able to make many male disciples so enthusiastic and excited as soon as they appeared on the stage...
    Except for Li Qingchan, who is ranked third among the top ten Saint Child, who else is there?
    (One more today.)
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