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Chapter Table Of Contents 315 Battle Of The Sons
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Above the origin pond as far as the eye can see, the mist drifts.
    A beautiful shadow in a white dress dropped from the sky on a Heaven Holding Giant Peak protruding from the water. Her eyes scanned the surroundings as if she was searching for something.
    The light breeze is blowing in, lifting the skirt with lotus pattern, and outlines the moving curve.
    Amazingly, it was Li Qingchan.
    Suddenly, her eyes narrowed slightly, and a cold voice sounded: "Dignified Spirit Pattern Peak's Saint Child, what does hide the head and show the tail do?"
    As her voice spread, the fog in the rear disappeared, and a young man wearing a robes stepped over the water, precisely Ye Ge, ranked ninth among the top ten Saint Child.
    He looked at Li Qingchan, scratching his head helplessly, and said: "Senior Sister Qingchan's perception is really keen."
    Li Qingchan glanced at him beautifully, a faint chill lingered in her eyes, she unemotionally said: "Ye Ge, what are you doing with me?"
    Ye Ge smiled and said: "Senior Sister Qingchan, follow you, just want to discuss with you..."
    "What to discuss?" Li Qingchan said indifferently.
    "This time the water beast is a thousand feet away, can you give up?" Ye Ge said with a dry smile.

    Li Qingchan's beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, and the chill radiating from her body became stronger and stronger, and even the mist around her was frozen.
    She stared at Ye Ge coldly and said, "Ye Ge, do you think you are qualified to say this to me?"
    The purpose of her trip is for the water beast of the thousand zhang zhang. If it can be hunted, she can get the baptism of Eight Dragons, which will undoubtedly increase her strength.
    Looking at Li Qingchan’s cold gaze, Ye Ge also stepped back two steps, and said, "Senior Sister Qingchan, I will definitely not be able to stop you... But, I’m here, too. It’s just to pay back the favor."
    Li Qingchan frowned, immediately understood something, and immediately charming face said slightly coldly: "Is it Kong Sheng?"
    The timing of the Qianzhang water beast's appearance was very clever. It happened to be when the other Saint Child was either out of the mission or the Closure. In the entire sect, only her, Kong Sheng and Ye Ge were three Saint Child, so it was much easier to compete. Otherwise, waiting for Chu Qing to come back, I'm afraid he won't let such good things go.
    After all, Qianzhang water beasts are hidden in the extreme depths of the origin pond. In that kind of place, even Saint Child like them can hardly find them.
    Nowadays, it is hard to find a water beast showing signs of a thousand feet, and the Saint Child of them was naturally dispatched immediately.

    Ye Ge shrugged helplessly. In fact, he didn't want to get involved with this kind of thing, but he owed Kong Sheng a favor, and now people ask him for help, he can't refuse.
    Li Qingchan charming face is getting colder and colder, and his eyes are staring at Ye Ge a little bit unkindly. Since this guy wants to help Kong Sheng, he just put it down here now.
    However, when Li Qingchan's thoughts were just beginning, she noticed that a sharp Sword Qi rose from the distant fog, like a flood dragon lurking in the dark, locking it in.
    "Kong Sheng!"
    Li Qingchan turned his charming face and looked at that direction. Beautiful eyes are cold. This Sword Qi is obviously Kong Sheng. That guy, not far from here, is obviously also preventing her from taking the lead against Ye Ge.
    "Senior Sister Qingchan, let Kong Sheng this opportunity, anyway, there is a chance next time." Ye Ge persuaded.
    There was a trace of annoyance in Li Qingchan's beautiful eyes. She originally thought Ye Ge was also coming for the Qianzhang water beast, but Kong Sheng invited him to didn't expect, and the relationships in the door are okay with her. Saint Child is not here now.
    With her strength, she is at best as good as Kong Sheng. If you add another Ye Ge who is also the top ten Saint Child, she will be invincible.
    The top ten Saint Child is ranked in order, but the overall strength is not too far away.

    Therefore, if Kong Sheng and Ye Ge join forces, she will indeed have no chance this time.
    But let her give up like this, and she is really unwilling to give up.
    Li Qingchan's eyes changed, and the coldness around his body became more and more ice cold.
    When Ye Ge saw it, he stepped back and swung his sleeves. The space around his body was a little distorted. The complicated Origin Patterns on the robes also showed radiance at this time, which can be activated at any time.
    In the depths of the mist, the Sword Qi became more and more fierce, and there was a vague sword cry.
    A battle between Saint Child seems to be about to break out.
    However, when the atmosphere with swords drawn and bows bent reached its extreme, the Origin Qi fluctuations emitted from Li Qingchan's body suddenly weakened. Her charming face took a look at Ye Ge and the depths of the mist, and finally Coldly snorted, turned around and walked away.
    "Kong Sheng, Ye Ge, you remembered it for me!"
    Obviously, she finally wisely chose to give up.
    After all, with one enemy and two, she will suffer in the end.
    Watching Li Qingchan retreat, Ye Ge was also relieved. After all, Li Qingchan is very popular in sect. Among the top ten Saint Child, there are also a few guys who have a little admiration for her. If you move with her here I am afraid that I will be a little troublesome in the future.

    However, looking at this now, she should still be offended.
    Ye Ge gave a wry smile, then looked into the depths of the mist, and said, "Even if the favor is returned to you this time, the two will not owe each other."
    In the depths of the mist, a sword cry sounded, seeming to answer.
    In the sea, a group of huge water beasts hissed, violent fluctuations swept away, rolling up huge waves.
    At this time, in the group of water beasts, two ray of light shadows violently shoots out, wherever they pass, one huge water beast keeps exploding...
    Those two ray of light shadows are naturally Zhou Yuan and Tun Tun.
    Since Tun Tun assisted in the battle, Zhou Yuan has no more fears of the consequences, and has continued to move forward, attracting many water beasts, but in the end, these water beasts have all become Dragon Origin Marrow Crystals. Yuan and Tun Tun share...
    In just a few minutes, the fierce battle is over.
    Zhou Yuan quickly cleaned the battlefield, and he obtained dozens of Dragon Origin Marrow Crystals, and the quality was not low.
    "Not bad."

    Zhou Yuan be full of praise, the Dragon Origin Marrow Crystal in his hand now, the baptism of Six Dragons is enough and to spare, but it is not enough to achieve the baptism of Seven Dragons, because according to Senior Brother Zhou Tai, the baptism of Seven Dragons is already It is not that the number can be piled up, but the Dragon Origin Marrow Crystal in the water beast with a volume of about seven hundred feet is needed as an introduction.
    Faced with this level of water beast, even most of the purple belt disciples, I am afraid they can only temporarily avoid the sharp point.
    But this is not a big problem for Zhou Yuan, because beside him, there is a more terrifying existence than Absolute Beginning Realm 7-layer Heaven...
    "But it's hard to find a water beast about seven hundred meters away. I've never encountered it before coming this way..." Zhou Yuan murmured.
    And when Zhou Yuan was talking to himself, Tun Tun, who turned into a combat form and stood in front of him, suddenly let out a low growl.
    Zhou Yuan was startled, and suddenly lowered his head, looking into the depths of the deep origin pond.
    It was there, and the sea suddenly roared, as if there was a huge wave coming, and then Zhou Yuan saw a huge water beast slowly rising.
    That size is beyond seven hundred feet, about eight hundred feet!
    Looking at the huge water beast, Zhou Yuan couldn't help but swallowed, then he slowly backed away, and the complexion said solemnly: "Tun Tun, go up and fuck it!"
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