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Chapter Table Of Contents 322 Entangled
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Saint Origin Peak, Zhou Xiaoyao?"
    Kong Sheng and Ye Ge bewildered look at Yao Yao's figure. The former frowned. Obviously, they had never heard of this character, and...Saint Origin Peak? Hasn't that fallen to the pinnacle peak? When did these characters come out?
    Compared with Kong Sheng's doubts, Ye Ge is eyes flash, with a surprised look in his eyes.
    "It turns out that you are the Zhou Xiaoyao who makes Master Bai value so much that even the position of Peak Lord is willing to pass it to you in the future..." Ye Ge's broad robe swayed with the wind, he looked at Yao Yao, slowly said.
    Kong Sheng hearing this, only a touch of surprise passed through the black stone-like eyes. He had also vaguely heard of this, but he didn't feel too much. Now it seems that it is true?
    The girl in front of me is as beautiful as Li Qingchan, and even has a winning girl in terms of temperament. She has the talent that even the white eyebrows Peak Lord can marvel at in terms of Origin Pattern accomplishments?
    Kong Sheng frowned. If that was the case, it would be a bit troublesome today.
    This time within sect's top ten Saint Child, the rest are either in the mission or in the Closure. Only the three Saint Child of them are free, so they will unite Ye Ge to resist Li Qingchan.

    However, he didn't expect it. Although there were no other Saint Child, Li Qingchan still found a helper who seemed quite thorny...
    Judging from the fact that Yao Yao broke the Origin Pattern barrier that Ye Ge had prepared for a long time, it is obvious that Yao Yao's strength is not inferior to their Saint Child.
    Kong Sheng looked at Yao Yao and gave a faint smile, a gentle smile appeared on the handsome face like a knife, and said: "This Junior Sister, this is between us and Li Junior Sister Qingchan, why should you mix up? If Li Junior Sister Qingchan has promised you any benefits, I can actually discuss it."
    I have to say that Kong Sheng is indeed quite attractive, not only handsome, but also quite temperamental, so in this Blue Profound Sect, I don't know how many young girl disciples admire him.
    If the average girl is here, I am afraid it is really difficult to evade his charm.
    It's just a pity that he met Yao Yao and faced his handsome demeanor. There was no ripple on the latter's beautiful and charming face.
    "Don't talk nonsense. If you want this Dragon Origin Marrow Crystal with a thousand feet of water beast, you should do it directly." Yao Yao looked at Kong Sheng with a slightly indifferent voice, and his voice was clear and flat.
    Seeing Yao Yao so direct, the smile on Kong Sheng's face was slightly stagnant, a bit embarrassing.

    Li Qingchan also stepped forward, the powerful Origin Qi entrenched above her head, like a huge snow storm, her eyes coldly looked at Kong Sheng, and said: "Kong Sheng, don't play with your methods. , Let me see how much your "Dark Monster Sword Qi" has grown."
    Kong Sheng frowned and said: "Li Qingchan, you and I are fighting each other. I am afraid that no one will get much benefit. When the time comes, they will let the water beast go."
    "Why don't you let me once, and I'll take your own favor."
    Li Qingchan sneered and said: "Then you should let me, and I will accept your favor."
    When the two oppose each other with equal harshness and neither of them is willing to give in, Yao Yao suddenly said: "Don't worry, there will be someone to deal with the water beast."
    Kong Sheng and Ye Ge hearing this are all slightly shocked, do Li Qingchan still have great helpers?
    But Li Qingchan seemed to have thought of something, and the charming face was a little unnatural immediately.
    Yao Yao ignored them, but turned his head slightly to the rear and said, "You are a man, what are you going to do after running? The water beast is left to you."
    Kong Sheng, Ye Ge's sharp gaze cast away immediately, wanting to see who it is. Could it be that Blue Profound Sect has appeared silently recently with so many capable people?

    Their gazes cast their gazes on the fog behind, and saw the sound of water stepping in the fog, and then they saw a young figure coming out.
    When they saw the figure and felt the Origin Qi fluctuations in the latter's body, the expressions on their faces suddenly couldn't help but freeze.
    "Absolute Beginning Realm 2-layer Heaven?" Kong Sheng and Ye Ge looked at each other, and the corners of each other's mouth twitched.
    This kind of strength is basically the bottom-most existence in the inner mountain. So where did Yao Yao's courage make him deal with a thousand-foot-long water beast? Even though the Qianzhang water beast has been previously heavily injured by Kong Sheng, it still cannot be dealt with by a disciple of Absolute Beginning Realm 2-layer Heaven.
    Li Qingchan also couldn't help but gently covered her forehead with a jade hand. She seemed to feel a little embarrassed. She didn't understand why Yao Yao would point out Zhou Yuan... The strength of the latter, even the qualification to show up on this occasion None of them, forcibly participated, but took their own humiliation.
    Zhou Yuan saw the weird eyes of the three people present, and shrugged helplessly. On his shoulders, Tun Tun yawned lazily.
    "The big guy below has been handed over to you, is it okay?" Yao Yao still ignored them, but said to Zhou Yuan.
    "Try it."

    Zhou Yuan nodded, although the colossus underneath is a thousand-foot-long water beast, he still has Tun Tun to help him, and obviously, Tun Tun is the main force, he can at best beat the hand.
    When the sound fell, he didn't say much. He dived directly into the sea and slowly approached the trapped area of the Qianzhang water beast.
    "Are you really planning to let him go? Isn't that going to die!" Li Qingchan saw this and immediately looked at Yao Yao and couldn't help but said.
    "Didn't you want to kill him before? If he really died, wouldn't it be what you wanted?" Yao Yao smiled lightly.
    Li Qingchan paused, gritting his silver teeth and said: "I want to kill him, I will find a chance to clean him up, but I don't need him to feed the water beast."
    "Don't worry." Yao Yao explained more lazily, casually.
    While they were talking, Kong Sheng and Ye Ge were also a little surprised looking at Zhou Yuan who dived into the sea. They really didn't understand why Yao Yao dared to let Zhou Yuan provoke the Qianzhang water beast.
    This is undoubtedly no different from sending death.
    Kong Sheng's eyes glittering, but whether it is Yao Yao or Zhou Yuan, especially the latter, it seems that there is not much hesitation.

    "This person should be weird. Don't let him get close to the water beast." Kong Sheng is cautious by nature. After all, he hasn't ignored it because Zhou Yuan is just Absolute Beginning Realm 2-layer Heaven. He immediately waved his sleeves and saw only a black light. Sword's qi soared into the sky, and finally exploded in the sky, and a faintly piercing sword cry sounded.
    He looked at Li Qingchan and smiled lightly: "In this area, I also prepared some Sword Peak's disciples on standby. Although it is useless for you, it is always Preparedness averts peril."
    And shortly after his voice fell, there were dozens of Origin Qi radiances whizzing in the distance. Obviously all of them were Sword Peak's disciples, and their strength was not low. Most of them were even purple belt disciples.
    "Senior Brother Kong Sheng!" They saluted Kong Sheng from a distance.
    Kong Sheng nodded, reaching out to the sea, said: "You go and capture that person."
    "Yes!" The dozens of disciples swept their gazes, and they noticed Zhou Yuan's figure. They immediately responded with a very relaxed expression. After all, they also felt it. Zhou Yuan was just Absolute Beginning Realm 2-layer. Heaven is nothing more, they can easily be solved by anyone.
    Dozens of figures whizzed out at the same time, encircling Zhou Yuan.

    Upon seeing this scene, Kong Sheng was nodded, and then his face returned to indifferent, his eyes looked at Li Qingchan, and said: "Since you insist on doing bad things for me, then you and me today, don't even think about this Dragon Origin. Marrow Crystal."
    The black Origin Qi suddenly burst out of his body, violently cold.
    At the same time, Ye Ge also turned his gaze to Yao Yao, his broad sleeves swayed slightly, and said with interest: "This Junior Sister, Master Bai values you so much. To be honest, I also have a certain degree of disagreement in my heart. Convinced..."
    "I just happened to meet you today, so let me see what your Origin Pattern accomplishments are so impressive, right?"
    Facing Ye Ge's gaze, Yao Yao charming face still has no fluctuations, just a small head nodded.
    "it is good."
    (One more today.)
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