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Chapter Table Of Contents 329 Get It
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Huā Lā!
    In the origin pond, the sea water broke open.
    A Real Taoist shadow stepped on the golden light Origin Qi and rushed past the water, and behind it, a huge water beast came with a shadow, and the greedy beast pupil locked Zhou Yuan's figure firmly.
    And behind the Qianzhang water beast, there are many other water beasts of different sizes.
    Tun Tun roared at the many water beasts behind Zhou Yuan's shoulders. He seemed to think that being chased in this way would damage its face, and it meant turning around and fighting them.
    "Do not impulse!"
    Zhou Yuan hurriedly stopped Tun Tun. If he did not design the Qianzhang water beast first, even if he defeated it, he would be able to escape by the water and would be difficult to hunt down.
    Stopped by Zhou Yuan, Tun Tun was a bit dissatisfied, but finally quieted down.
    Zhou Yuan breathed a sigh of relief and glanced at the water beast that was constantly chasing behind him. The golden light Origin Qi under his feet suddenly accelerated.
    "There is still no movement in the origin pond." In the stone pavilion on the top of the mountain, Li Qingchan looked at the calm sea with beautiful eyes, and then looked suspiciously at Yao Yao. The latter asked her to prepare, but now, there is still nothing. Change.

    However, Yao Yao didn't pay much attention to her doubts, just holding the jasper Origin Pattern Brush, volleying it out, and finally forming one after another Origin Pattern, flying out and blending into the sea.
    "It depends on what you do in dress up as God and play the devil." Li Qingchan hugged his arms in front of his chest, ill-humoredly said.
    However, as soon as her voice fell, one after another violent wave burst out in this original pond, and the originally calm sea instantly boiled.
    Such a change caused Li Qingchan to be shocked. Then she noticed the movement in the depths of the origin pond. Destiny turned her beautiful eyes. Then she saw Zhou Yuan whizzing past the bottom of the sea. Behind it, a dark mass. The countless water beast is catching up.
    "So many water beasts?!" Li Qingchan charming face changed slightly, her eyes were a little unbelievable, especially when she saw the thousand-foot-long water beast at the front of the many Origin Beasts, the charming face covered in frost on weekdays was also Moved.
    "This guy actually found a thousand-foot water beast?!"
    At this time, even Li Qingchan was a little uncomfortable, because she knew very well how difficult it is to find a Qianzhang water beast. After more than half a year, they only noticed the trace of a Qianzhang water beast.

    But now, Zhou Yuan found the Qianzhang water beast in just a few days after he was in the water. How could Li Qingchan not be shocked at such a speed.
    "What the hell did this guy do, why these water beasts can't wait to eat him..." Li Qingchan was a little dumbfounded, she also noticed the crazy appearance of those water beasts.
    When she was shocked, the sea was broken open and Zhou Yuan soared into the sky.
    "Sister Yao Yao, do it!" he shouted violently.
    At this time, behind it, the sea was torn apart, and thousands of zhang water beasts and many water beasts were violently shot out, and the giant mouth bit towards Zhou Yuan, carrying the violent Origin Qi fluctuations.
    In the stone pavilion, the Origin Pattern Brush in Yao Yao's hand is a little volley, and the writing seems to have ripples.
    And in that seawater, there were countless ancient light patterns that lit up at this time. In the next instant, the radiance burst out suddenly, and then hiding the sky and covering the earth spread.
    In just a few dozen breaths, a huge light ball appeared on the sea, mostly submerged in the sea.
    And inside the light ball, the precise water beast on the other end.

    The light ball is filled with light patterns, constantly absorbing the Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth. The seemingly thin light cover has extremely formidable defensive power, and the light ball keeps rolling, so that Qianzhang water beast can't get close to the light wall, shattering it...
    Obviously, this is the Origin Pattern barrier arranged by Yao Yao.
    In terms of sophistication, it is obviously far better than the water prison barrier set by Ye Ge before.
    The barrier didn't stop Zhou Yuan, but let him pass through. He stood in the air with his foot on Origin Qi and glanced at the other water beasts in the sea that were frantically attacking the water cover.
    "I can go now. I will leave those to you." He shook Tun Tun on his shoulders and pointed to the countless water beast.
    Tun Tun couldn't bear it for a long time. Upon hearing this, he immediately roared and turned into a majestic battle form, rushing into the sea, directly rushing into the group of countless water beasts, and fighting.
    Zhou Yuan didn't care about it, and moved on to the top of the mountain.
    At this time, Yao Yao and Li Qingchan also came to the cliff. The latter looked at Zhou Yuan with beautiful eyes, as if they had seen something inconceivable.
    "How did you do it?" Li Qingchan couldn't help asking.

    Qianzhang water beast is too rare, and it is extremely difficult to find it. Otherwise, Chu Qing would not be able to hunt and kill successfully by himself over the years to achieve the baptism of Eight Dragons.
    But this kind of problem seems to be nothing in front of Zhou Yuan.
    Zhou Yuan smiled and shrugged, naturally not going to elaborate, because this kind of thing spreads out, I'm afraid the other Saint Child will look at him.
    Seeing this, Li Qingchan also knew a little abruptly, this should be regarded as Zhou Yuan's secret, and immediately stopped asking more, just looking at Zhou Yuan's eyes, it is inevitable that surprises surfaced.
    This Zhou Yuan is obviously just an ordinary golden belt disciple, but it is repeatedly unexpected, as if under that young face, there are many hidden means hidden.
    For some reason, she has a hunch. The Zhou Yuan in front of her is now only a disciple of the golden belt. I am afraid that in the future, she will become the influential figure in the Blue Profound Sect. One place...
    As Li Qingchan's inner thoughts turned, Zhou Yuan pointed to the Qianzhang water beast trapped in the huge light cover, and smiled: "Next, it's up to Senior Sister Li to fulfill the promise."
    The two agreed that Zhou Yuan would be responsible for searching Qianzhang water beast, and the beheading mission had to be handed over to Li Qingchan.

    "I will do what I promised." Li Qingchan said quietly.
    Although knowing that dealing with Qianzhang water beast is a hard thing, she did not show any dissatisfaction, a little bit of jade foot, only a rosette emerged from her feet, and then she rushed out and rushed into the light cover. Inside.
    hōng hōng!
    As soon as she entered the light cover, a heaven shaking battle broke out. Even with barriers, the aftermath still shook the nearby giant peaks one after another.
    Zhou Yuan glanced at it, nodded without worry, and then sat back in the stone pavilion with Yao Yao.
    Although Qianzhang water beast has the strength comparable to Absolute Beginning Realm 9-layer Heaven, it is ultimately lack of means and cannot really fight against Saint Child like Li Qingchan, so Zhou Yuan is not worried.
    Of course, if Li Qingchan wants to clean up the water beast, it won't be too easy.
    The two of them sat in the stone pavilion, tasting the fine wines, and seeing the fierce battle in the sea, they felt quite a bit of flavor.
    The battle like sky and the earth turning upside down lasted a full stick of incense time.
    A ray of light shadow came whizzing and fell outside the stone pavilion, standing pretty, precisely as cold as ice and frost (idiom, usually of woman) Li Qingchan.

    In front of her, there was a Dragon Origin Marrow Crystal suspended about half a meter, but the Li Qingchan charming face was slightly pale at this time, and Origin Qi was also a little sluggish. It was obviously a hard fight.
    And when she saw Zhou Yuan and Yao Yao sitting in the stone pavilion and drinking wine leisurely, the jade hand could not help clenching tightly, and a sulky air rose from her heart, making the plump chest There was a slight ups and downs.
    She was fighting desperately below, but these two guys were good, drinking and watching the show directly here!
    "Get it!" Angrily in his heart, Li Qingchan waved his sleeves, and the Dragon Origin Marrow Crystal was severely shot at Zhou Yuan.
    Zhou Yuan quickly took it, and smiled: "Senior Sister Li is truly Saint Child. Even the thousands of water beasts are stretch a hand and grab it."
    Li Qingchan coldly snorted and said: "From then on, you and I will not owe each other!"
    Zhou Yuan also knew that she was upset, and immediately smiled: "In order to celebrate Senior Sister Li's baptism of Eight Dragons tomorrow, how about having a couple of drinks together?"
    Li Qingchan hearing this, she was about to refuse immediately. She cultivated her character and had no interest in drinking.
    But she didn't wait to speak, Yao Yao was playing with the jade cup, lazily said: "With me here, how can she dare to drink at the same table with me?"

    Li Qingchan's beautiful eyes suddenly rounded, facing Yao Yao, she refused to give in half a step, how could she eat such irony, immediately walked into the stone pavilion, grabbed the jade cup on the table, and poured it into it. Red lips, drain the cup in one gulp.
    Li Qingchan also coughed quickly as the drink poured into his stomach.
    Zhou Yuan dumbstruck on the side, then couldn't help but said: "That's my wine glass..."
    But immediately Li Qingchan's coldly gaze was cast, causing him to swallow the words back quickly, but... Li Qingchan's gaze was a little fly into a rage out of humiliation.
    Her charming face, white as jade, is also a touch of ruddy.
    Li Qingchan stamped the jade cup heavily on the table, staring at Yao Yao coldly with beautiful eyes.
    Yao Yao's red lips were slightly bent, his jade hand patted the tabletop, and said, "Okay, it's a bit Saint Child style at all, but with this amount of alcohol, you dare to stand against the table with me?"
    With a wave of her jade hand, she saw a jar of fine wine appear beside her.
    Seeing the battle, Li Qingchan's charming face is also white, but it is impossible for her to bow her head in front of Yao Yao. It is impossible. She immediately gritted her teeth and said: "When I am Li Qingchan, I am afraid that you will not succeed?!"
    She took the lead in taking an altar, slapped the mud seal, and immediately started booze.

    Upon seeing this, Yao Yao had naturally taken the wine jar. His elegant and white neck was slightly raised, and he was drinking heroically.
    On the side, Zhou Yuan watched the two women blowing on the wine jar. The charming faces were all red and attractive, dumbstruck that couldn't help.
    Such a scene, if it falls into the eyes of other disciples, I am afraid that even the eyeballs will fall off... Who would have thought that Senior Sister Li Qingchan, who is usually as cold as an iceberg, has such a side...
    He shook his head, ignored the two women, reached out and touched the universe bag, the dragon Origin Marrow Crystal was already in the bag.
    A smile appeared at the corner of Zhou Yuan's mouth, and his eyes became more eager.
    Tomorrow, the origin pond will close, and it will be time for baptism.
    Eight Dragons baptism...
    But I really look forward to it.
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