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Chapter Table Of Contents 342 Come Down
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    "This Wei Youxuan is worthy of being Elder Lu Hong disciple's strongest golden belt disciple, didn't expect wordless and silent, has already stepped into 6-layer Heaven..."
    "Such strength is enough to participate in the purple belt selection. If successful, you can take off the golden belt and become a true purple belt disciple.
    "Awesome, no wonder you dare to be so mad, you have such an ability."
    "Now, that Elder Shen Taiyuan One Vein is completely out of play, and that Tong Long and Pan Song are the first and second seats of its disciple golden belt disciples, and now even both of them lose..."
    "Haha, what anxious, don't they still have a genius disciple who can rival Senior Brother Chu Qing in the future? Maybe they can rely on him to pull strongly against a crazy tide."
    Whispers continue to sound from all directions, but more of them are expressing the shock of Wei Youxuan's strength. After all, the strength of Absolute Beginning Realm 6-layer Heaven, even if it is placed in the entire Blue Profound Sect Among the many disciples, they are all truly elite.
    Shen Taiyuan was quiet around the stone pavilion. He sat in the stone pavilion with no expression on his face, but his dry palms on the table couldn't help but clenched tightly.

    On the side, Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan, and other purple belt disciples, are complexion gloomy, staring at the arrogant Wei Youxuan in the scene, wishing to clean them up directly.
    But this is Cave Exam, with its own rules, except for those who are out of the battle, none of them can intervene.
    But today, if Wei Youxuan is really allowed to beat the three of their One Vein players, it will be a big blow to their One Vein's reputation.
    They can already imagine how much ridicule they will meet afterwards.
    Compared with the dull atmosphere on their side, the Lu Hong One Vein is cheered, and its direct disciple is constantly projecting sarcasm.
    Lu Hong sits in the stone pavilion, holding a tea cup with a smile on his face.
    "Wei Youxuan Senior Brother deserves to be the strongest golden belt disciple of Uncle Hong's disciple. If you want to pass the purple belt selection, you will be able to become a true purple belt disciple." At Lu Hong behind, Lu Xuanyin chuckled lightly on her pretty cheek , Full of comfort.
    At the same time, her playful and playful gaze cast on Zhou Yuan's figure in the court. At this time, Tong Long and Pan Song were defeated. Presumably the latter at this time is completely messed up, right?

    Although Zhou Yuan won the first place in the selecting mountain ceremony, he can only perform among the disciples of the outer mountain, but now that he enters the inner mountain, he has the ability to be arrogant.
    "Wait until the Wei Youxuan Senior Brother will clean up you, I think how much face you can have?" Lu Xuanyin is full of joy, and the sulking breath that has been held in his heart for a month seems to be able to be vomited out at this time.
    In her opinion, both Tong Long and Pan Song have been defeated, and Zhou Yuan may not even have the qualifications to face Wei Youxuan.
    Today, her purpose of coming here has been achieved.
    "This time, Oldman Shen was pitted again." Lu Song looked in front of him and sighed.
    Obviously, it is not a day or two for Wei Youxuan to step into 6-layer Heaven, but Lu Hong deliberately did not reveal his true strength. That way, he would not be selected for the purple belt for the time being, but continue to use the golden belt. Participate in this Cave Exam as a disciple.
    In this way, with 6-layer Heaven's strength against some 5-layer Heaven golden belt disciples, Lu Hong is naturally unlikely to lose.
    Lu Yan on the side also frowned. Even Tong Long and Pan Song lost. The ending of this Cave Exam is already clear.

    She glanced at Zhou Yuan's figure, her red lips curled, and said, "It's all to blame for this guy for making such a big movement in the origin pond. Now a Cave Exam has attracted so many disciples from other peaks. Until the result of the Cave Exam today is announced, Elder Shen One Vein is really embarrassed."
    In the past Cave Exam, their Saint Origin Peak's disciples came to join in the fun. Whatever the result, they couldn't reach other peaks, but today is different. There are so many disciples from other peaks, and the news can't be stopped.
    Lu Song sighed secretly, waved his hand, a little weakly leaning against the back of the chair, the result was doomed, it seems that after today, this Lu Hong is acting in Saint Origin Peak, afraid that he will be arrogant again.
    In the countless eyes with different eyes, on the stone platform, Wei Youxuan also raised the head with a smile, looking directly in the direction of Zhou Yuan, and gently said: "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, it's yours. "
    "Why don't you take the initiative to challenge me, let's not waste time?"
    According to the Cave Exam rules, one person can take the initiative to challenge two games. Even if the two games are all won, the opponent will choose the opponent in the third game. Speaking of which, it can be regarded as to prevent this situation from being beaten by the other person. Completely let the other party lose face.
    Therefore, after Wei Youxuan won two games in a row, Zhou Yuan had to take the initiative to choose opponent for the third game.

    When Wei Youxuan's words fell, there was also a roar of laughter from the surrounding cliffs, especially those disciples who came here to watch the lively Zhou Yuan, their voices were loud and loud.
    Regarding the laughter around Zhou Yuan's face, there was not much anger on Zhou Yuan's face. The surprise he looked at Wei Youxuan gradually reduced. He raised the head and looked at the direction of Shen Taiyuan's One Vein on the cliff.
    The direct disciple at this time are all with a sullen expression and a dull atmosphere. Even Shen Taiyuan in the stone pavilion is expressionless. Obviously, the failure of Tong Long and Pan Song is not a blow to this One Vein. small.
    Moreover, they don't think they still have a chance to comeback in this Cave Exam.
    Zhou Yuan smiled helplessly. With a move, he landed on the stone platform, looked at the smiling Wei Youxuan, and said with a serious expression: "Senior Brother Wei, you have two battles in a row. Origin Qi consumes a lot of money. Let’s take a break for two games, I don’t want to take advantage of you."
    As soon as he said this, not only Wei Youxuan was taken aback, but the many disciples around the cliff couldn't help but burst into laughter.
    "This kid is really scared and stupid. Just him, don't want to take advantage of Wei Youxuan?" Beside Lu Xuanyin, the red-haired young man named Xu Yan couldn't help laughing.
    Lu Xuanyin also sneered: "Grandstanding."

    The disciples of Shen Taiyuan One Vein also look at each other in dismay, and some feel embarrassed by the complexion. Zhou Yuan's method of reluctant to admit a mistake is indeed a bit embarrassing...
    "Cut, this guy behaved too horribly, just like that, to compare with Senior Brother Chu Qing, it's tarnishing him!" Lu Yan also couldn't help frowning, a little disdainful.
    On the stone platform, Wei Youxuan's stunned face lasted for a while, then smiled, and narrowed his eyes: "Are you serious?"
    Tong Long said the same thing before, but it turned out to be lying there. Now Zhou Yuan dare to come and say this to him? Is this guy really scared stupid?
    Zhou Yuan ignored Wei Youxuan and looked directly at Feng Yu and Cheng Ying standing on the opposite stone platform. He pointed at one person at random and said, "Just you."
    The person he pointed at was precisely Feng Yu.
    When Feng Yu saw this, he smiled and shrugged, and said to Wei Youxuan: "Senior Brother Wei, I'm really sorry, it seems there is no way for you to shine the limelight alone."
    Wei Youxuan smiled, and seemed to be a little helplessly said: "Forget it, leave it to you, this kind of opponent, even if I win, I will worry about it."
    Obviously, he was shocked when Zhou Yuan was frightened.
    He waved his hand and turned away.

    Feng Yu drifted down and landed on the opposite side of Zhou Yuan.
    "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, in your opinion, I am the easiest to deal with among the three?" Feng Yu put on a fake smile stared at Zhou Yuan, the chill in his eyes, but it meant that he had already taken the shot this time. With the thought of giving Zhou Yuan a lesson.
    On the opposite side, Zhou Yuan raised his eyelids and glanced at Feng Yu without any fluctuations in his eyes.
    In the next moment, the violent golden light Origin Qi, like a golden giant python, suddenly rose to the sky from the Zhou Yuan crown. Within the Qi Palace, more than 700 Origin Qi Stars bloomed at the same time.
    The Origin Qi is full of extremities and bones.
    A terrifying force burst out.
    The fierce Origin Qi swept across, and the ground under Zhou Yuan's feet instantly cracked and collapsed, and his figure was void transformation at that moment, violently shoots out, and afterimage emerged.
    The sound of the sonic boom resounded.
    His shot was sharp and fierce, without any hesitation.
    In a short while, the Zhou Yuan void transformation-like figure appeared in front of Feng Yu. At this time, the latter completely recovered. He immediately shouted, and the Origin Qi in the body also burst out. .

    "Things that act recklessly, dare to take the initiative to attack?!" Feng Yu complexion gloomy, Origin Qi gathered in the fists and blasted out severely.
    Although this punch does not have any Origin Technique, it has gathered a strong Origin Qi. Even in the face of Tong Long, Feng Yu is confident that this punch can knock it back.
    And Zhou Yuan also blasted out with a punch, and the air exploded under his punch.
    The two fists containing the tyrannical Origin Qi, without any fancy, are directly hitting together like this.
    At the moment of the impact, a violent shock wave wreak havoc opened up, and the surrounding ground continuously had cracks spreading out, and the wind was violent.
    However, the complexion of Feng Yu gloomy suddenly changed at the moment of contact, because he felt that under Zhou Yuan's punch, Origin Qi was violent and powerful, like a mountain torrent, enough to crack the mountain!
    The degree of violent violent surpassed him far!
    Feng Yu lost his voice in amazement, and his eyes were full of disbelief. He couldn't believe that Zhou Yuan from Absolute Beginning Realm 3-layer Heaven, possessing the strength of Origin Qi, surpassed him, the outstanding 5-layer Heaven!
    You know, the Origin Qi Star in his body has reached five hundred!

    However, no matter how turbulent waves are set off in his heart, Zhou Yuan's Origin Qi is already surging, and all of his own Origin Qi is destroyed in an instant.
    When his Origin Qi broke, Zhou Yuan's fist fell heavily on his chest.
    As a result, Feng Yu's body flew out, heavily hit the mountain wall directly, the whole person was embedded in, covered with blood, act recklessly...
    The match between the two can be described as a lightning flash moment.
    And when Feng Yu's body is inlaid on the mountain wall, the laughter from the surroundings at this time has not completely fallen...
    Wei Youxuan's leisurely figure has not even stepped out of the scope of the stone platform.
    But at this moment.
    With a grunting sound it stops.
    Wei Youxuan's walking back came to a halt.
    On the cliff, those faces gradually solidified at this time.
    Under the sunset, those faces looked a little funny.
    In the stone platform, Zhou Yuan’s fist was slowly retracted. His face still showed no fluctuations. He didn’t even pay attention to those gazes. He just looked at Cheng Ying, who had the same expression, without the calm voice of billows. Sounds from the cliffs.
    "It's up to you, come down."

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