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Chapter Table Of Contents 354 Origin Star Dan
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Saint Origin Peak, Path Seeking Palace.
    In today’s morning class, many eyes are constantly looking at the figure sitting in the golden praying mat. It is the first seat of the golden belt disciple. Originally, this position belonged to Tong Long, but since the same day, Cave Exam Later, this position was replaced by Zhou Yuan.
    Therefore, Zhou Yuan is now the first disciple of the golden belt of Shen Taiyuan One Vein.
    In this regard, even Tong Long had no objection, because at the Cave Exam that day, if Zhou Yuan hadn't come forward at last and pull strongly against a crazy tide, I am afraid that his face would have been lost now.
    Zhou Yuan's strength on the Cave Exam is after all because the town served other Senior and Junior Brothers.
    And those whispers in Path Seeking Palace today are because they know that Zhou Yuan will participate in the purple belt selection.
    "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, although you performed well on the Cave Exam, but now you are going to participate in the purple belt selection, I am afraid it is still too early."
    Then Zhang Yan like a smile yet not a smile looked over, meaningful and heartfelt words said: "The disciples who participated in the purple belt selection, but not someone who is easy to deal with, are only stronger than Wei Youxuan, You are so foolish, don’t ruin the reputation of Cave Exam that you finally won."

    Because of the pull strongly against a crazy tide on Cave Exam, Zhou Yuan’s reputation in Shen Taiyuan One Vein has risen recently. Many other Senior and Junior Brothers were originally dissatisfied with Shen Taiyuan’s emphasis on Zhou Yuan, but now, That kind of dissatisfaction has almost disappeared. After all, Zhou Yuan's strength and talent demonstrated are enough to make others shut up.
    So even Zhang Yan has been a bit more honest recently. Only today, after knowing that Zhou Yuan is going to participate in the purple belt selection, this has a reason.
    After all, Zhou Yuan's participation in the purple belt selection has spread throughout the Blue Profound Sect, and it has also caused a lot of discussion.
    Some other disciples hearing this also lightly clicked nods, apparently thinking that Zhou Yuan also underestimated this purple belt selection.
    When Zhou Tai saw this, he spoke for Zhou Yuan and said: "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan just wants to see the purple belt selection and make some preparations for the future. Even if he loses, no one can say anything. After all, Who has never failed the purple belt selection?"
    Zhang Yan smiled and said, "I'm afraid other people won't think so."
    At the top of the hall, Shen Taiyuan opened his eyes. He ignored the dispute between the two sides. He just looked at Zhou Yuan and said: "Since you have been recommended to you, it is useless to think about it, so you can concentrate on it for 2 months The preparation for the selection of the later purple belt is that as for the result, you don’t need to care about it, just take it for a long time."

    It can be heard that Shen Taiyuan did not have much expectations for this. More often, he wanted Zhou Yuan to try it. First, get familiar with the purple belt selection. After next year, he will be able to formally sprint.
    Shen Taiyuan's voice paused, with a rare smile, and said: "I heard that in this purple belt selection, the winner will be rewarded with an Origin Star Pill in the sect."
    "Origin Star Pill?!"
    And as soon as this statement came out, there was an uproar in the hall, and many disciples couldn't help rolling their throats, and their eyes were full of hot colors.
    Even Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and other purple belt disciples are all salivating.
    Zhou Yuan is also slightly moved. The so-called Origin Star Pill is an extremely precious medicinal pill. It is extremely difficult to refine, and its function is very simple and real. As the name suggests, it can increase the number of Origin Qi Stars in Qi Palace. , Enhance the background.
    And this kind of medicinal pill, Absolute Beginning Realm can only swallow one, no matter how many it is, it loses its effectiveness, but once this one is swallowed, once it is refined, it will inevitably greatly enhance its background in Qi Palace.
    You know, in Absolute Beginning Realm, Origin Qi background is the most important, because it is necessary for the future evolution of Divine Palace. Only the stronger the background, the eventually evolved Divine Palace will be stronger.

    So this Origin Star Pill, also known as Absolute Beginning divine pill, means that for the people of Absolute Beginning Realm, this pill is extremely wonderful.
    In the Blue Profound Sect, it is said that the top ten Saint Child has the treatment of swallowing this pill. The other disciples are in sight but unattainable. Didn’t expect this purple belt selection. Origin Star Pill comes as a reward.
    This kind of treatment made the other purple belt disciples in the hall jealous. When they passed the purple belt selection, although they were rewarded, they were far inferior to the Origin Star Pill.
    Zhou Yuan licked his lips, and his heart was also a little hot. Obviously, the reward of this purple belt selection was extremely exciting for him. If he could get this pill, he would save him a lot of hard cultivation.
    For the Struggle for Chief at the end of the year, I can also be a little more sure about it.
    In front of that, Zhang Yan glanced at him and said a little bit of take joy in calamity and delight in disaster: "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan is really lucky, but unfortunately, this purple belt selection is an expert(s) Like clouds."
    "That Blue Profound Peak's Su Wan, Great Cliff Peak's Wu Yue, Snow Lotus Peak's Mu Chunlei, Sword Peak's Le Tian, Thunder Prison Peak's Wang Chen, Spirit Pattern Peak's Xia Yu... These people are the golden belts of the Peak Lords. For the first seat, Origin Star Pill was the temptation this time. Presumably the position of the leader must come from among them."

    The Peak Lord One Vein of each peak is called each Peak Lord Vein, which is the strongest One Vein of each peak.
    For example, Sword Peak's Le Tian. When Lu Hong One Vein was still in Sword Peak, Wei Youxuan would have to bow his head and call Senior Brother when Wei Youxuan saw this Le Tian. One can imagine how strong the background of these guys is.
    In the hall, the other disciples hearing this also looked at Zhou Yuan with some pity. Obviously, they felt that with these powerful characters, Zhou Yuan might really have no chance.
    Regarding the tone of Zhang Yan take joy in calamity and delight in disaster, Zhou Yuan looked calm. From the information Shen Wanjin helped him get, he already knew about these people. They were indeed the hottest spot in the purple belt selection. Candidate.
    However, although opponent is not simple, he Zhou Yuan, the opponent he has met in recent years, has never been simpler, even when he had not opened Veins cultivation back then, Wu Huang was already known as Boundless Continent, but in the end, he was the last person to stand. , But it's not Wu Huang.
    With the huge gap at the beginning, Zhou Yuan could make a comeback, let alone now?
    On the high platform, Shen Taiyuan glanced at Zhang Yan. When Zhang Yan saw this, he also closed his mouth in an indecency, but he was a little unconcerned in his heart, and muttered to himself: "This kid is even winning Wei Youxuan, but he can follow these Compared with people, they are already a lot worse. Is it possible to wait for a miracle to happen?"

    Shen Taiyuan didn’t say anything, but once again told Zhou Yuan: “The position of the leader is quite difficult. You can retreat and look for the second best. Don’t expect the leader. As long as you can make the top ten, you can promote purple belt ."
    Zhou Yuan nods should be, it's just the eyes that hang down slightly, but it's a little glittering.
    Without the Origin Star Pill, he wouldn't have the slightest interest in the leader, but now that Origin Star Pill comes out, it makes him a little begin to stir, this kind of Absolute Beginning divine pill, he is also extremely coveted.
    This is an opportunity, if you can grasp it, you can make its background strengthen again.
    And Path of Cultivation, isn't it just to see whether you can grasp the opportunities that appear in front of you? This is how Zhou Yuan broke through these years. Otherwise, how could he get this far?
    Zhou Yuan took a deep breath, and the flame deep in his eyes gradually converged.
    He knows that in these two months, he wants Tranquil Mind closed-door cultivation to prepare for the purple belt selection that will attract the attention of the entire Blue Profound Sect two months later.
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