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Chapter Table Of Contents 374 Hunting
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Outside the misty mountains, the atmosphere is boiling, countless disciples are complexion looking at the sky with excitement at the one after another Origin Qi light mirror. At this time, every ray of light in the mirror is full of fierce battles. .
    Almost all those who are eligible to participate in the purple belt selection are considered to be the best among the golden belt disciples in Blue Profound Sect, and their status is not low on weekdays, so when they gather together to compete, the scene can be so exciting that many disciples I can't remove my eyes.
    Puff! Puff!
    And in the winding river outside the mountains, there are constantly disciples being rolled up and thrown down by a light glow, those disciples who have been eliminated in the mountains.
    "Wow, Blue Profound Peak's Senior Sister Su Wan is amazing. It's just a stick of incense, and it's already five marks!"
    "Snow Lotus Peak's Mu Chun Senior Brother Lei also has five marks."
    "There are also Sword Peak's Senior Brother Le Tian, Spirit Pattern Peak's Little Senior Sister Xia Yu …tch tch. They are indeed the first person in the golden belt of all peaks and veins. The accomplishments are amazing."
    "They are indeed very strong, and the other disciples are still a bit worse than them."
    Many disciples looked into those Origin Qi light mirrors, discussing spiritedly.

    There were also disciples watching Zhou Yuan. When they looked at the Origin Qi light mirror, they suddenly exclaimed: "That is Sword Peak's Luo Dao Senior Brother? He actually met Zhou Yuan first!"
    When the sound came out, a lot of amazed's eyes were immediately attracted.
    Many disciples looked at the two facing each other in the Origin Qi light mirror, and they all erupted in whispers.
    "I actually met Luo Dao Senior Brother, this Zhou Yuan is really unlucky."
    "Yes, Luo Dao Senior Brother can also be ranked in the top three among the disciples of the golden belt of Sword Peak. It is by no means an ordinary generation."
    "Well, I saw the Luo Dao Senior Brother fight before, and three disciples have already been defeated by him."
    "Hehe, Zhou Yuan defeated the fourth place, right? But now, I finally met a difficult person."
    The confrontation between Zhou Yuan and Luo Dao is obviously quite interesting. It attracted more and more disciples' attention for a while, and it spread to a lot of people.
    And Gu Hongyi also saw this scene, Liu Mei frowned. Naturally, she had heard of Luo Dao. She was indeed not weak. Didn't expect Zhou Yuan to meet the first Sword Peak disciple he met.
    "This Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, luck is not so good." Beside Gu Hongyi, the Senior Brother Qin Lan narrowed his eyes, said with a faint smile.

    "And the most important thing is that now Le Tian, Lu Xuanyin and other Sword Peak's disciples are all rushing in that direction. If Zhou Yuan is entangled by Luo Dao, I am afraid that it will not be long before you find that there is no way to go. ."
    Gu Hongyi glanced at him coldly. He didn't speak, but his jade hand couldn't help but clenched tightly. The current Zhou Yuan is indeed not so good.
    Zhou Yuan, be careful!
    "Oh, do you want to do it?" Qin Lan stared at the Origin Qi light mirror and smiled suddenly.
    "Hehe, I'm so courageous, how dare to hold Luo Dao's sword with his palm? Doesn't he know that the Origin Qi of Sword Peak disciple is the sharpest of our Blue Profound Sect?" Qin Lan's mouth raised a touch. Ridicule.
    Because he saw Zhou Yuan stretch out his palm and grabbed it towards the sword light.
    Many disciples around also broke out low exclamations, and some female disciples couldn't help closing their eyes, as if Zhou Yuan's palm would be cut off in the next moment.
    Gu Hongyi is also a charming face slightly white.
    Only the ridicule at the corner of Qin Lan's mouth became more and more prosperous. He stared firmly into the Origin Qi light mirror, as if he wanted to see the extremely embarrassed side of Zhou Yuan next.
    And staring at him like this, all the disciples saw Zhou Yuan's palm that instantly turned into a golden palm, holding the sword light and striding across it, bringing up a dazzling spark.

    There is no splash of blood.
    Then Zhou Yuan bullied Luo Dao in an instant, and the punch containing gravity hit the latter's lower abdomen.
    Fight with a grunting sound it stops.
    The faces of many disciples solidified at this time, and it was incredible to see the figure of Luo Dao slowly collapsing...
    Just a punch.
    Luo Dao, who ranked third among the disciples of the golden belt of Sword Peak, lost like this?
    The sound of swallowing saliva sounded.
    This seems completely different from the imagined situation!
    The ridicule of Qin Lan's mouth was also a little stiff at this time, and immediately the corners of his mouth twitched, and said: "How is it possible?! How can he use the palm of Luo Dao's Sword Qi?"
    With Luo Dao's strength, even Wei Youxuan and other capable people would only have their palms cut off if they were picked up with a flesh palm. And Zhou Yuan, but with the strength of 3-layer Heaven, how could it be possible?
    Gu Hongyi on the side breathed a sigh of relief as if relieved from a burden, and then gave him a faint glance. Although he didn't speak, the contempt in his eyes made Qin Lan's face instantly hot.
    He was still taunting here before, but in a blink of an eye, all the previous words were slapped back.

    "Senior Brother Qin Lan, if you want to see it, just be quiet, accumulate some morals, it will not hurt you." Gu Hongyi calmly said, but his words were extremely sharp and did not give Qin Lan half a face.
    Qin Lan's face alternated with blue and white, but she didn't dare to do anything to Gu Hongyi, so she could only hold her anger in her heart, gloomy glanced at Zhou Yuan's figure in the Origin Qi light mirror, and said inwardly, "What's so great Proud, when Le Tian shows up, it looks good with you!"
    And on the mountain where the Shen Taiyuan One Vein disciples are, many Senior and Junior Brothers also burst into applause when they saw this scene. They were also worried about Zhou Yuan before.
    On the edge of the cliff, Li Qingchan retracted his gaze and said, "Zhou Yuan is really a bit decisive. Facing the Sword Peak's disciple, he dared to use his palm to pick him up. Such courage is not small.
    Yao Yao said carelessly: "It's just a little girl."
    Li Qingchan hearing this, that charming face as cold as ice and frost (idiom, usually of woman) can’t help being stunned, and then some ill-humoredly said: “For you, it’s really a little girl. , But Zhou Yuan is afraid that he is not as capable as this. Luo Dao probably didn't expect him to do this before, otherwise, he may not be defeated by one move."

    "Also... Although he defeated Luo Dao, he was contaminated by the "Jade Bewildering Aroma" worn by Luo Dao. That is the unique fragrance of Sword Peak, so I am afraid that Sword Peak's disciples will follow him."
    "At that time, for him, it will be the most troublesome time."
    "Tch tch, with one person, select disciples against Yifeng in the purple belt. This has never appeared in Blue Profound Sect..."
    Yao Yao thought for a while, and then seriously said: "Then next, it will appear."
    Li Qingchan paused, her beautiful eyes looked at the rapidly passing young figure in the Origin Qi light mirror, and she was silent for a moment, and said, "I hope he won't let you down."
    In the dense forest, Zhou Yuan's figure is like a wisp of blue smoke, passing by, faintly seeing afterimage emerge from mid-air.
    He used the speed to pinnacle.
    Although he could not smell the scent from his body, he was able to detect a subtle odor entanglement. The smell was extremely stubborn, which made it difficult for him to eradicate it for a while.
    His eyes swept around.
    I am afraid that at this time, Sword Peak's disciple is besieging him from all directions.

    His gaze was slightly glittering, and he said to himself: "Since you want to hunt me around, then find a good place to prepare a big gift for you."
    When the sound fell, his figure flashed out and disappeared into the dense forest.
    Shortly after Zhou Yuan's figure disappeared, there was a sound of breaking wind, and then the two figures fell on a thick tree trunk.
    Two figures, a male and a female, impressively Sword Peak's Le Tian and Lu Xuanyin.
    "It's really fast." Lu Xuanyin said with a cold, charming face.
    Le Tian still smiled and said: "It seems that he is also aware of it."
    Lu Xuanyin frowned and said: "This kid is now at full speed and is on the run desperately. It is really troublesome to chase.
    Le Tian casually said: "When the beast is frightened, it will flee desperately, but when it can't escape, then it can only get trampled on. The other disciples of Sword Peak have formed a network of encirclement in this area, and he can't escape. Out."
    Le Tian touched his face and sighed: "Just to deal with a Zhou Yuan, asking me so many outstanding disciples from Sword Peak to encircle and suppress, it is really detrimental to face."
    "However, I have never liked surprises when I do things, so I feel that if I do, I have to put an end to all accidents and completely kill all his hopes."

    Lu Xuanyin on the side also felt the same way: "This kid is indeed very evil, and it is always unexpected."
    She looked at Le Tian with bright eyes, and said with a smile: "It's a pity that he met Senior Brother Le Tian this time."
    She also quite agrees with Le Tian's dripping way of doing things. After all, if their Sword Peak so many disciples could not solve Zhou Yuan, it would be a big blow to their Sword Peak's reputation.
    Le Tian smiled reservedly, then narrowed his eyes to look at the direction of Zhou Yuan's disappearance, waved his hand, and smiled playfully.
    "Preparing to accept the Internet cafe..."
    "Next, it's time for this Junior Brother Zhou Yuan to see our Sword Peak's method..."
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