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Chapter Table Of Contents 386 Yuan Qi Fight
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    A round of azure crescent moon drop from the sky, where the azure light passes, it seems that even the sky has been cut apart.
    The crescent moon fell, terrifying.
    Zhou Yuan also raised the head, and the complexion looked very solemnly at the azure crescent moon falling from the sky. He could faintly see that there was a sword shadow in the crescent moon.
    The shape of the crescent moon around the sword shadow is actually transformed by the sword gang.
    Facing this meniscus offensive, Zhou Yuan knew that if he resisted harder, he would still be divided into two sides instantly even with heavy protection.
    Under this crescent moon, even many good players of Absolute Beginning Realm 7-layer Heaven can only hide as far away as possible.
    Outside the mountain range, many regrets sounded. When Xu Yan displayed such an offensive in disregard of his face, the battle must have come to fruition.
    Because they really didn't know how Zhou Yuan could receive such a terrible attack.
    And among the many regretful sighs, many disciples saw that in the Origin Qi light mirror, Zhou Yuan suddenly folded his hands. In his body, there seemed to be hot waves radiating, and the ground under his feet was even on the ground. At this point it began to melt.
    crimson's aura rises from Zhou Yuan's body.

    Zhou Yuan's feet stretched out slowly, his cheeks suddenly bulged, everyone could see, his face suddenly reddened at this moment, like coals of fire.
    Even his pupils became crimson.
    Zhou Yuan's hands, with lightning-like seals, the Origin Qi inside his body is also rolling like boiling water.
    Looking at Zhou Yuan's change, the countless disciple's eyes were uncertain, but the disciple who had a sharp vision immediately discerned something, and immediately lost his voice: "Zhou Yuan is also using Heaven Origin Technique!"
    "This kind of surgery looks like... if it is expected, it should be "Heavenly Sun Divine Record"!"
    "It is said that when Zhou Yuan won the first place in the selecting mountain ceremony, he was indeed awarded a low rank Heaven Origin Technique by sect, which is "Heavenly Sun Divine Record"!"
    Those exclamations spread, causing the countless disciple complexion to shake a bit. In other words, Zhou Yuan actually gave the "Heavenly Sun Divine Record" to cultivate successfully? !
    This guy is really an evildoer!
    In the exclamation of the disciple covering the mountains and the plains, Zhou Yuan's cheeks bulged to the pinnacle on the top of the peak. The next moment, his mouth suddenly opened, as if there was a low voice, coming from it.
    "Heavenly Sun Divine Record, Heavenly Sun Fire!"

    With the sound, there was a white fireball about several hundred feet away. The fireball spewed out, and the air between Heaven and Earth seemed to be burned in an instant, and the gravel square under my feet began to melt.
    This fire is enough to melt a big mountain.
    Domineering to pinnacle!
    The white flame soared into the sky, and finally collided with the azure crescent moon that quickly fell down in the shocking gaze of the countless way.
    The violent Origin Qi wreak havoc opens.
    Under the frantic burning of the white flame, the azure crescent is shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eye, but the blue light sword aura that it emits is also dissolving the white flame.
    The two madly corrosion against each other.
    After just a few dozen breaths, the white flames of hundreds of meters were wiped out, and the round of azure meniscus was also reduced to less than a meter...
    The azure crescent thrust down violently, and the sharp point pointed directly at Zhou Yuan below.
    The Heavenly Python Scale emerged on Zhou Yuan's hands. He clasped the Heaven Primal Brush tightly and sipped in a low voice. The Heavenspan Profound Python Qi surged and wrapped around the pen body, as if it turned into a giant python and entangled in it, and finally roared towards it. Zhang Xu Crescent Moon, heavily smashed down.
    "Myriad Whale Pattern!"

    The Heaven Primal Brush collided with the crescent moon together, and a crisp sound rang, and then a shock wave burst out. The ground on the top of the peak seemed to have been impacted at this time and was plowed again.
    The ground was torn.
    Zhou Yuan's figure bears the brunt of the brunt, with his feet touching the ground and shooting backwards, making deep marks. The Heaven Primal Brush slashes across the ground forcefully, bringing up hot sparks.
    The smoke fell, and the ground was messed up.
    Countless projected away with a nervous sight.
    I saw Zhou Yuan's figure appearing on the edge of the cliff on the top of the peak, almost being shaken off the top of the peak.
    The Heaven Primal Brush penetrated deeply into the ground in front of him. On Zhou Yuan's palms, blood was dripping. The Heavenly Flood Dragon Scale was all shattered. Obviously, it was caused by the previous hard collision with the azure crescent.
    However, although a little embarrassed, anyone can tell that Zhou Yuan actually took the terrifying offensive of Xu Yan forcibly!
    Everyone didn't expect, Zhou Yuan used the offensive against the offensive, and also displayed a Heaven Origin Technique, which consumed nearly 80% of the strength of the azure crescent. In the end, he made a decisive move and completely broke this offensive.
    Such an old fighting experience makes people gasp in amazement.

    Zhou Yuan shook the palm of his hand, and the blood flew down, but his face remained unchanged, and he just muttered to himself: "Unfortunately, if I can reach Absolute Beginning Realm 4-layer Heaven at this time, I must say "Heavenly Sun Fire". Enough to completely burn that azure crescent moon."
    Previously, he was ultimately because Origin Qi was not as strong as the opponent, so Heavenly Sun Fire failed to do all of his work. In the end, he had to personally shoot and pay some price to break through the remaining strength of Azure Crescent Moon.
    Outside the mountain range, the many disciples looked at such results, it was the countless cheers of can't help, because Zhou Yuan's response this time was really extremely beautiful.
    Even in the case of an absolute disadvantage, he was still in danger and resolved the crisis at the least cost. Even some old-brand purple belt disciples were surprised by this ability.
    On the top of the peak, Xu Yan looked at Zhou Yuan, who looked embarrassed with blood in his hands, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. Zhou Yuan's was tenacious, and even he was a little moved.
    His previous offensives, even a disciple of 7-layer Heaven, might have been defeated, but Zhou Yuan clenched his teeth and persisted.
    With such a will, it is no wonder that it is able to rise to fame in the genius-like Blue Profound Sect.
    "This guy!" Xu Yan gritted his teeth, a little unwilling in his eyes.

    However, when Xu Yan was angry, Zhou Yuan's figure suddenly disappeared.
    "Huh!" Xu Yan was coldly snorted, turning his back and patted behind with a palm. Although the Origin Qi in the body was consumed because of the Heaven Origin Technique previously used, it was still not a problem to deal with Zhou Yuan.
    His palm was shot out by the wind, and there were slender palms protruding out of the void, like eagle claws, directly touching Xu Yan's palm, and then clasping his palms together.
    Xu Yan sneered, and the other palm was suddenly shot, Origin Qi billowed, and Sword Qi spread out on the palm.
    Zhou Yuan's other palm was also shot out, and his fingertips were pressed together, locking Xu Yan's palm.
    So, in that mid-air, the two of them clasped their palms together and looked at each other with a fierce light.
    This turned out to be a stronger posture of Origin Qi who is desperately using each other's fleshly bodies as the battlefield!
    Faced with this situation, even Xu Yan was startled for a while, and a grinning hideously appeared at the corner of his mouth, saying: "It's really a thing for death. You think I used a Heaven Origin Technique, you dare to compete with me Origin Is Qi gone?"
    "I will let you try, Absolute Beginning Realm 7-layer Heaven, how much better than you!"

    With a thought to his heart, the Origin Qi Stars in Qi Palace suddenly brightened, and the Origin Qi roared out, and finally followed the place where one palm touched, and went crazy toward the corrosion in Zhou Yuan's body.
    His Origin Qi is as sharp as a sword. It is the genuine 6th Rank Origin Qi. As soon as it enters Zhou Yuan's body, Sword Qi radiates, and it makes Zhou Yuan's body sting.
    However, facing the severe pain in the body, Zhou Yuan's eyes were cold, and he was unmoved. Heavenspan Profound Python Qi also roared and rushed into Xu Yan's body.
    Origin Qi of the two, crazy collision, corrosion.
    Many disciples watched this scene, they were all sucking in a cold breath, and everyone didn't expect that the two would choose such a tragic way of fighting against each other.
    "This kind of pure Origin Qi confrontation is obviously Xu Yan has more advantages..."
    "Yes, I don't know why Zhou Yuan forced Xu Yan Origin Qi to fight against each other..."
    "Most of it was previously suppressed by Xu Yan too embarrassed, I can't bear this tone..."
    "This is a bit reckless."
    Under the gaze of many suspicious gazes, above the peak, Zhou Yuan and Xu Yan's figures trembled fiercely, and the next moment they all shot backwards, their soles dēng dēng on the ground made countless deep footprints. .

    Xu Yan looked at Zhou Yuan with cold eyes, and said sarcastically: "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, you are still too reckless."
    "Now your arms have been injured by my Origin Qi. In a short time, I am afraid that you will be unable to move."
    Countless looked at Zhou Yuan's arms, and saw that there were many blood marks on the latter's arm, which seemed to have countless swords across it, and blood was constantly emerging, which looked extremely miserable.
    And if he temporarily loses his arms, Zhou Yuan obviously has no power to fight again.
    Obviously, in the previous Origin Qi matchup, as everyone expected, Xu Yan had the upper hand.
    Facing Xu Yan's sardonic gaze, Zhou Yuan glanced down at his extremely tragic arms, but to his surprise, there was no panic on his face.
    "Senior Brother Xu Yan..."
    He raised one's head and looked at Xu Yan, who seemed to be holding a winning ticket, and the corners of his mouth gradually lifted up with a touch of playfulness.
    "Does anyone tell you...fight against me, it is better not to fight with me on Origin Qi with fleshly body as the battlefield?"
    "Because of that, the cost is far beyond your imagination."

    Xu Yan's pupils shrank slightly. In the next instant, he seemed to perceive something suddenly and suddenly rolled up his sleeves. Then he saw that there were countless hideous blood lines on the skin of his arms. Emerging, those blood lines squirmed under his skin, and faintly, the sound of the spiteful dragon's roar came out.
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