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Chapter Table Of Contents 416 Taiyi First Appeared
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When the third day came, the entire Black Fire City was also caught in a certain kind of restlessness. Today, I don’t know how many Black Flame Province forces have gathered here, and they are obviously here for the Flame Marrow Veins. .
    Although this Flame Marrow Veins is only a level 6 vein in the Blue Profound Sect's assessment, it is only relative to the big gatekeepers such as Blue Profound Sect. If it is replaced by Flame Cauldron Sect, the top power in the Black Flame Province. , Just this one mineral vein can eat and support them several times.
    Normally, once this kind of vein has a giant sect to intervene, their ordinary forces are originally not eligible to dip a finger, but the situation is different this time, because this Flame Marrow Veins is not under the jurisdiction of any giant sect. It belongs to no owner, and because the four giant sect checks and balances with each other, no one wants to let each other take advantage of each other, so they are cheaper than their ordinary forces. Otherwise, under the four giant sect, they really have a lot of water. Nothing to drink.
    But even so, the Flame Marrow Veins, the most affluent area, is already occupied by the four giants sect.
    But it doesn't matter, they can take the second place, as long as they can occupy some of the outer Flame Marrow Veins, it is also a great harvest for them.

    Therefore, in just three days, almost 90% of the forces in the Black Flame Province sent their elite forces to the Black Fire City, waiting for the day when the Flame Marrow Veins battle started...
    In the room.
    Zhou Yuan sits cross-legged on the bed, his body not move a single jot, in front of him, between the palms of the top and bottom, the mottled and deep wooden beads slowly rotate, strands of pure Second Wood Qi constantly Was sucked out and poured into Zhou Yuan's body.
    On the surface of Zhou Yuan's body, green spots of light flashed continuously. Upon closer inspection, you can find that these spots of light exist in the depths of flesh and blood, which are quite mysterious.
    Sisi aura rises, full of the smell of life.
    Suddenly, there was a faint cracking sound, and there were cracks in the wooden beads between Zhou Yuan's palms, and then the radiance began to dim quickly, and finally they turned into powder...
    That's because the Second Wood Qi contained in it has been completely absorbed.
    When these wooden beads turned into powder, Zhou Yuan's closed eyes slowly opened at this time.
    He looked at the powder that was falling down, and his eyes were filled with regret. As the Second Wood Qi in it was absorbed by him, this Origin Treasure was obviously also scrapped.

    However, fortunately, it is not for no reason loss...
    Zhou Yuan bowed his head and looked at his body. Only half of his body was covered with green spots of light that were faintly discernible. At this moment, these spots of light echoed each other, and as the light spread, they actually linked all of them. stand up.
    Faintly, it seemed to be an extremely old and obscure pattern.
    It just doesn't look complete.
    "Taiyi Pattern, half perfected..."
    Zhou Yuan is a pity and a surprise. It is a pity that even if he absorbs the bracelets made from ancient wood for thousands of years, he still has not completely perfected the Taiyi Pattern, but the surprise is that even if it is only half of the perfection, this "Taiyi "Azure Wood Marks" seems to have begun to show its mystery.
    At this time, Zhou Yuan could clearly feel the life aura surging in the body. Under the infection of that aura, every part of the body was shooting huge vitality.
    Even the Origin Qi in the body has become longer.
    Zhou Yuan's left hand, covered by half of the Taiyi Pattern, slowly clenched, his eyes flickered, and he took out a sharp dagger, and the cold light slowly wandered past the blade.
    The cold light passed by, with blood stains.
    A hideous bloodstain appeared directly on Zhou Yuan's arm. The bones were deeply visible and blood was flowing out.

    However, as soon as the blood stains appeared, Zhou Yuan flesh and blood flashed with green light spots, and the rich life aura was passed on, and Zhou Yuan saw that the blood was stopped in an instant.
    And the deep scar is slowly creeping, and the granulation is growing, but it takes only a few minutes to repair the scar...
    Watching this scene, Zhou Yuan couldn't hide the joy in his eyes.
    This "Taiyi Azure Wood Marks" even though the Taiyi Pattern has not been completely perfected yet, but its capabilities have begun to be revealed. At least for now, Zhou Yuan's fleshly body's recovery ability is probably no better than those who specialize in Origin Qi to nurture the fleshly body. Outer refinement is bad.
    When the Taiyi Pattern is completely perfected, this resilience will surely skyrocket again.
    The most terrifying thing is that this is just the beginning... Because only when the Taiyi Pattern takes shape, Zhou Yuan can completely turn the absorbed Second Wood Qi into "Taiyi Azure Wood Marks".
    When this technique is truly great accomplishment in the future, I am afraid that Zhou Yuan will really have an...Undying Body.
    At that time, as long as it wasn't for the devastating attack that was frustrated, no matter how severe the injury, Zhou Yuan would be able to gradually recover...
    This will undoubtedly give him a huge advantage in the battle against life and death.

    Zhou Yuan was satisfied with the nodded, and the Closure in these three days was a reward.
    "Da da."
    At this time, there was a knock on the door, Zhou Yuan got out of bed and opened the door.
    At the door, Li Qingchan stood pretty, with a stunning charming face just as in the past as cold as ice and frost (idiom, usually of woman), she glanced at Zhou Yuan who opened the door, indifferently said: "If you are If we don’t come out, we’re going to leave."
    Although her tone was weak, it was not difficult to hear the slight dissatisfaction in it.
    After all, since coming to Black Fire City, Zhou Yuan has not only played a stone bet, but has been hiding in the room without coming out. This attitude is really very negative.
    This time Zhou Yuan's quota was guaranteed by her, but now even Elder Wu has a lot of criticism about it. If it weren't for her Saint Child's face, she might have been reprimanded.
    Zhou Yuan hearing this was also a bit embarrassed and could only apologize quickly.
    He also knows that although he said it was in the Closure, I am afraid that in the eyes of others, this is nothing more than an excuse. After all, how much improvement can be achieved in three days? But only temporarily clasp the Buddha's feet (without ever having burned incense).
    And he would never expose the "Taiyi Azure Wood Marks", so he just apologized without giving too much explanation.

    When Li Qingchan heard Zhou Yuan's apologize, he sighed slightly and shook his head: "Let's go, the battle for Flame Marrow Veins is about to begin, and we have to leave."
    "In addition, although you are only assigned outside the core circle this time, don't have any complaints. Taking down the area assigned to you is also worth a bit of credit." Li Qingchan warned.
    The so-called core circle is naturally the most affluent area in Flame Marrow Veins. The competition there is extremely fierce, and it is also the place where the four giants sect compete.
    However, Zhou Yuan was not arranged to enter, but was arranged outside the core circle by Elder Wu. The area here is where the Black Flame Province forces compete, and the intensity is naturally not as intense as in the core circle.
    Of course, when discussing the gong at the end, naturally it will not compare with others.
    Zhou Yuan hearing this is also Weiwei's nods, and his expression is quite calm.
    When Li Qingchan saw this, he stopped talking and turned away.
    Zhou Yuan followed closely.
    On the top floor of that floor, when Zhou Yuan and Li Qingchan arrived here, they saw Elder Wu, Zhao Zhu, Bai Li and others waiting here.
    "Hehe, Junior Brother Zhou Yuan the Closure for three days, it must have been a big gain, right?" Then Qin Hai looked at Zhou Yuan with a smile, teasingly said.
    Zhou Yuan glanced at him and ignored it.

    Elder Wu's gaze stayed on Zhou Yuan for a while, and he couldn't help sighing. Thinking about it, he also felt a little headache for Zhou Yuan's existence.
    Because Zhou Yuan is placed outside the core circle, it means that they have to give up an area within the core circle.
    But there is no way, Zhou Yuan's strength is not qualified to compete with other people.
    Elder Wu's sleeves flicked, and ten ray of light dots flew out and fell towards Zhou Yuan and others.
    Zhou Yuan and others all took it, only to see that it was a small jade stone the size of a thumb. The jade stone was glittering and had an Origin Pattern faintly discernible on it.
    "This is a sound transmission stone, which can be used for a short period of time within a thousand miles. You can wear one each and enter the Flame Marrow Veins. You can use this to contact each other to know each other's situation." Elder Wu said.
    Li Qingchan and Zhao Zhu are all nodded, and then put jade stone in their ears.
    Upon seeing Elder Wu, he waved his sleeve robe and saw Origin Qi emanating from his feet, like clouds, including Li Qingchan, Zhao Zhu, Zhou Yuan and others.
    "Let's go."
    When the sound fell, Origin Qi clouds were already carrying everyone into the sky.
    At the same time, in the huge Black Fire City, only the countless Origin Qi light shadow soared into the sky, like a locust, hiding the sky and covering the earth against the distant Black Flame Mountain Range whizzing away.

    The battle for Flame Marrow Veins, which spread to the entire Black Flame Province, finally kicked off.
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