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Chapter Table Of Contents 423 Fifth Pattern: Broken Source
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    On the earth, huge pits emerged. Inside the huge pits, the life and death of the five figures are unknown. No one can imagine. Before that ten breaths, they were five expert(s) with the strength of Absolute Beginning Realm 6-layer Heaven.. .
    However, at this time, they were directly solved by a pen.
    Zhou Yuan looked at the Heaven Primal Brush suspended in front of him. Although his face was calm, there was a hint of wonder and joy in his eyes.
    Obviously, the mighty energy displayed by Heaven Primal Brush was beyond his imagination.
    Zhou Yuan stretched out his palm and slowly held the body of the Heaven Primal Brush, his eyes were slightly hot. This handle of Saint Origin Weapon, which had been in his hands for several years, is now finally beginning to show its crescendo. Up.
    With this thing, for him, it is undoubtedly like a tiger that has grown wings.
    In mid-air, Su Duan looked at the five people who acted recklessly. His eyelids throbbed, and he was silent for a moment. Finally, he cast his sorrowful gaze on Zhou Yuan. He didn't expect Zhou Yuan. Everything went wrong. This is true. It made him feel evil.
    "I don't believe it, I'm dignified Flame Cauldron Sect Young Sect Master, today I can't subdue you as an ordinary disciple of Blue Profound Sect's!"
    When Su Duan's cold shout sounded, the vigorous Origin Qi rose from his crown like a wolf smoke. The Origin Qi coercion was indeed far more powerful than the previous few people.

    Su Duan complexion is cold and stern, hands slowly close.
    The fiery and violent Origin Qi crazily compressed and condensed between its palms, and finally formed a fireball about the size of a human head. Inside the fireball, there seemed to be a faint shadow of a tripod.
    "Flame Cauldron Technique!"
    The fireball rose into the air and exploded abruptly. Among them, the burning Flame Cauldron rose up against the storm and turned into a hundred meters or so. It was mixed with violent force, and severely suppressed Zhou Yuan below.
    This Su Duan shot without mercy. This Flame Cauldron Technique is the high rank Lesser Heaven Origin Technique that their Flame Cauldron Sect is famous for.
    Flame Cauldron whizzed down with blazing heat, Zhou Yuan's eyes didn't fluctuate. He held the Heaven Primal Brush in his hand, and the white nib suddenly appeared with a little nether black pattern at this time.
    After just a few breaths, the original white nib became pitch black as ink.
    Zhou Yuan held the Heaven Primal Brush and the pen body shook. The long spear was like a dragon. The tip of the lacquer black brush brought a deep light through the air. He directly chose the strongest posture and hit the Flame Cauldron together.
    A crisp voice resounded.
    Su Duan saw a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and his handprint changed: "Blast!"

    Above Flame Cauldron, there was a sudden wave of extreme violent blooms.
    However, at the moment Flame Cauldron was about to explode, it was as if there was a black light passing by, and then, the sneer at the corner of Su Duan's mouth was directly frozen, because he saw that when the black brush in Zhou Yuan's hand fell, The suppressed Flame Cauldron turned out to be one divides into two sides, raw by the nether black tip...
    "How is it possible..." Su Duan's pupils shrank and he was amazed. His Flame Cauldron was transformed with pure Origin Qi. It was extremely violent, and if it collided slightly, it would explode, causing more destructive power.
    But right now, how could Zhou Yuan be cut apart?
    That kind of feeling, like the Flame Cauldron he had transformed from Origin Qi, under the nib of Zhou Yuan, extremely fragile...
    "I do not believe!"
    Su Duan's face was twisted, a severe shout, hands folded, only crimson Origin Qi swept out, and four Flame Cauldrons were formed in front of him, and each Flame Cauldron was exuding violent waves.
    "Smash him for me!"
    The four Flame Cauldrons whizzed down one after another, and before they fell, the ground had cracked with one after another crack, showing the fierce offensive of Su Duan.
    The hot wind shook Zhou Yuan's hair.

    He raised one's head and looked at Flame Cauldron, which was falling rapidly. His expression still had no billows. The Heaven Primal Brush in his hand was drenched with cold light, and the brush bristles on the nib were pitch black and deep, glittering with strange lines.
    clang! clang!
    The Heaven Primal Brush scratched the black glow as if it had turned into four afterimages. At almost the same time, the heavy spot was still on the four Flame Cauldrons that were whizzing down.
    Chī! Chī!
    The four Flame Cauldron roaring down seemed to be stagnant at this moment.
    Then, the black nib, with glittering black glow, pierced straight through the Flame Cauldron, and the black glow spread like an electric current. At this moment, the four Flame Cauldrons quietly decomposed and cracked. ..
    Zuoqiu Qingyu at the back looked at this scene and couldn’t help covering her small mouth. She also didn’t expect that Su Duan’s violent Origin Technique offensive, but in front of Zhou Yuan’s, it was as fragile as paper. general.
    I don't know why, Zhou Yuan seems to have a unique destructive power to these Origin Qi offensives.
    In midair, Su Duan's eyes were a little sluggish. Obviously, his be intensely proud of sth offensive was cracked so easily by Zhou Yuan, and it was a big blow to him.
    "How could this be?!" He murmured. In the past, no one dared to touch his Flame Cauldron up close, because the most terrifying thing about Flame Cauldron Technique was the final explosion.

    But when Flame Cauldron collided with Zhou Yuan before, it seemed that there was a strange force, which directly suppressed the violent Origin Qi, and finally resolved it quietly.
    "It's the black brush!" Su Duan's heart shook, staring at the Heaven Primal Brush in Zhou Yuan's hand. On that nib, there was a weird black glow glittering.
    It seems that these black glow accurately tear apart his Origin Qi offensive.
    Zhou Yuan raise one's head, he looked at the complexion iron-green Su Duan, smiled faintly, his palm suddenly shook, the Heaven Primal Brush in his hand turned into a stream of light and rose into the sky.
    The Heaven Primal Brush turned into a black glow, thrusting away at Su Duan violently like lightning. The speed was so fast that it only left a seemingly afterimage in the void.
    The sharp and unparalleled wind rushed in, Su Duan's mouth slammed, and the next moment, I saw crimson Origin Qi spit out like a billowing flame, quickly forming a thick Origin Qi shield in front of him.
    The pitch-black pen nib, heavily hitting the Origin Qi shield, black glow glittering, and then, Su Duan's pupils were shrunk to see, under that black glow, his Origin Qi defense was actually like being corrosioned Generally, it gradually breaks apart.
    It seems that black glow, in the face of any Origin Qi, has a special destructive power.

    Such thoughts flashed through his heart like lightning, and Su Duan immediately slapped his scalp, and his figure retreated like lightning, but at this moment, the shield of Origin Qi burst open.
    The black brush around Zhang Xu quickly shrank and turned into a normal form, but its speed was approaching an extremely astonishing level at this time. Even Su Duan could only see a vague shadow passing by. .
    "Fast speed!"
    Su Duan was so horrified that his speed was so fast that it exceeded his perception.
    In the next instant, before he had any reaction, he felt a cold air rushing into his throat, his retreating figure instantly solidified, and he did not dare to move any more.
    Cold sweat ran down from his forehead, because at this time, half an inch in front of his throat, a slender black brush was quietly suspended, with a black glow faintly discernible at the tip of the pen.
    As long as the next moment, this black brush will be able to penetrate his throat.
    The dead aura haunts my mind.
    Su Duan swallowed, with a dry smile on his face, and trembling slightly: "You have won, this is your territory, we will withdraw immediately."

    He looked at the slender figure below with a slight fear. At this time, he didn't understand where he was. The Zhou Yuan who looked like 4-layer Heaven in front of him was actually a wolf in sheep's clothing!
    That 4-layer Heaven, but only for fool people!
    Hearing Su Duan's words, Zhou Yuan also showed a gentle smile. With a stroke of his palm, Heaven Primal Brush shot back and fell into his hand.
    He gently rubbed the mottled body of the Heaven Primal Brush with his fingers, and finally stroked the fifth ancient Origin Pattern with a stunning look in his eyes.
    All Su Duan's Origin Technique offensives were eventually broken by him. The main reason was the existence of this fifth Origin Pattern.
    Heaven Primal Brush, 5th pattern...
    Number: Origin Break!
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