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Chapter Table Of Contents 436 Consummation
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When Yang Xuan was defeated, it was obvious that the situation of the Flame Marrow Veins dispute was reversed like a Heaven and Earth.
    The strength of the disciples sent by Saint Palace and Blue Profound Sect this time is not much different. Only Yang Xuan is an anomaly, breaking the balance, but everyone didn't expect. Although Yang Xuan is an anomaly, he Not the only...
    Because Zhou Yuan, which has been ignored from beginning to end, is a bigger anomaly.
    So Yang Xuan was defeated. When Zhou Yuan led Bai Li, Qin Hai and other Blue Profound Sect's disciples to fight against the other Saint Palace disciples, the latter and others collapsed immediately, their morale fell to the bottom, and they retreated steadily.
    The sites that were previously occupied by them were also lost at this time, and were recaptured one by one by Zhou Yuan and others.
    In the end, the core area of Flame Marrow Veins, a full range of eight hundred miles, became the Blue Profound Sect's trophy, and the defeated Saint Palace disciples finally left only three hundred miles, which was not too fertile.
    It was a fiasco.
    This scene fell in the eyes of the two Saint Palace Saint Child, Wang Li and Cao Jinzhu. They were so angry that their eyes spit fire, and the complexion fought against Li Qingchan and Zhao Zhu.
    The battle between Saint Child was far more fierce than Zhou Yuan and Yang Xuan. One after another Origin Qi rushed into the void like an angry dragon, causing Heaven and Earth to vibrate slightly.

    However, this kind of battle is destined to be fruitless, because neither side is desperate, and the strength is not much different, so this kind of battle eventually turned into a stalemate.
    But anyone can tell that Saint Palace is completely miscalculated in today's Flame Marrow Veins dispute.
    In the distant sky, Saint Child Feng Ying of Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace and Saint Child of Northern Sea Dragon Suppressing Palace looked at the distant areas covered by radiance, and when they looked at each other, they could see each other’s eyes. The color of consternation.
    The situation has evolved into this appearance, which is also beyond their expectation.
    "This Zhou Yuan is really interesting..." Feng Ying murmured to herself. In fact, for Zhou Yuan, she had always thought that she was just a rookie disciple who came to experience the gangsters, and vaguely impressed him, it was because of him. The reason for being friends with Zuoqiu Qingyu.
    But how could she have imagined that Zhou Yuan, who did not have any sense of presence in the Blue Profound Sect team, eventually, with her own strength, forcibly turned the dumping situation back.
    Such strength and courage is really amazing.
    "It seems that Boundless Continent, this time there are really some characters." Feng Ying sighed, not mentioning Zhou Yuan, even Zuoqiu Qingyu and Lu Luo, after entering the Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace, they all performed extraordinary. In time, they will definitely be the best in their Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace.

    "Well, we have a disciple in Northern Sea Dragon Suppressing Palace, named Ning Zhan, who is also from Boundless Continent, but he is very talented. In order to fight for him as disciple, several elders in the palace even fought hard." The Northern Sea Dragon Suppressing Saint Child of Palace also said.
    Feng Ying hearing this was a little surprised. In previous years, remote continents like Boundless Continent did not appear originally until half a person. Didn’t expect this time, a swarm of people swarmed out unexpectedly.
    "This Boundless Continent, this time I got a little Destiny."
    She sighed, and then gradually withdrew her eyes from the battle in the distance. At this point, the situation was basically determined. Blue Profound Sect occupies the top bonanza of 800 miles, which can be called the Flame Marrow Veins this time. The biggest winner of the competition.
    However, Saint Palace, which originally came in an imposing manner, fell a big somersault and was squeezed by Blue Profound Sect to only three hundred miles, but it lost a lot of face.
    What surprised Feng Ying the most was that in this Flame Marrow Veins dispute, it was not their Saint Child who made limelight, but an ordinary disciple with the name of Blue Profound Sect not found in the classics...
    "It seems it's time to finish work..." She patted her hands, lazily said.

    Just as Feng Ying said, when Zhou Yuan led Bai Li, Qin Hai and other Blue Profound Sect's disciples, each occupied a hundred miles, and finally reached a full eight hundred miles, the Flame Marrow Veins dispute was there. The result.
    Because the two Saint Children of Saint Palace's were entangled firmly by Li Qingchan and Zhao Zhu, they couldn't hold their bodies at all. Therefore, the other disciples of Saint Palace's, facing Zhou Yuan and others, had little power to contend. Can only retreat steadily, giving up the previously looted territory.
    In the end, when eight flags were inserted in the area of eight hundred miles, a huge radiance soared into the sky. That magnificent scene attracted all the forces of the Black Flame Province in Flame Marrow Veins, all with awe in their eyes.
    At this time, no one dared to challenge this 800-mile area.
    Therefore, when the time limit for contention gradually arrived, the battle of Saint Child in the distant sky also retreated.
    The complexion of Wang Li and Cao Jinzhu is extremely ugly. Before, they grabbed it and victory is assured, but who would have expected that the situation would reverse in an instant.
    The gazes of the two people projected from a distance, locking Zhou Yuan, and the chill of those gazes almost turned into substance, freezing Zhou Yuan.
    However, Zhou Yuan just smiled indifferently to their gaze.

    "Okay, Li Qingchan, you are lucky this time, but Saint Palace took note of this matter!" Wang Li gloomy looked at Li Qingchan, coldly said.
    "The words of the loser are not to be feared." Li Qingchan said indifferently.
    Wang Li sneered and said: "Don't say proud, this Flame Marrow Veins dispute is just a small fight. I hope you can laugh again when "Profound Origin Heavenly Cave" opens next time. "
    Li Qingchan's beautiful eyes condensed, and he said coldly: "If you meet in the "Profound Origin Heavenly Cave", I'm afraid it will be the time when you Wang Li is buried."
    Wang Li smiled sensibly and said, "Unfortunately, in Profound Origin Heavenly Cave, you have always died more for Blue Profound Sect's Saint Child in Profound Origin Heavenly Cave over the years!"
    There was a strong killing intent in the eyes of the two of them, and even the air became gloomy as they looked at each other.
    But in the end, both of them were coldly snorted, and Wang Li ran away and retreated, leaving the place with Cao Jinzhu.
    The figures of Li Qingchan and Zhao Zhu fell towards Zhou Yuan, where Bai Li and the others gathered.
    Seeing the two Saint Child falling down, Bai Li and Qin Hai also hurried to meet them.
    Li Qingchan’s cold beautiful eyes were directly directed at Zhou Yuan. On the charming face that has always been as cold as ice and frost (idiom, usually of woman), there was a very shallow smile, that smile, Like the snow lotus in full bloom in the extremely cold place, it is surprisingly beautiful.

    "Zhou Yuan, thanks to you this time." Li Qingchan's beautiful eyes were full of admiration, and said: "This mission, you should be the first merit."
    The Zhao Zhu complexion on the side was a little awkward. After all, their Sword Peak and Zhou Yuan were not very friendly, and immediately said dryly: "Senior Sister Li, first merit distribution, it has to be said by Elder Wu."
    In the past Heaven level missions, the first merit was basically divided by two Captains. Li Qingchan is so certain that even he can't get it?
    Bai Li hearing this on the side could not help but said: "If it weren't for Zhou Yuan before, our mission would have been a direct failure. What credit do you want?"
    Several other Sword Peak's disciples are also embarrassed by the complexion, and they can't deny the previous Zhou Yuan's credit, but they are Sword Peak's disciples after all, so it is not easy to participate in the comments.
    Li Qingchan indifferently said: "I will report this to Elder Wu, so Junior Brother Zhao won't bother."
    Zhao Zhu said nothing. Judging from the silence of the other disciples, he knew that Zhou Yuan had subdued people's hearts. Otherwise, according to the past, not to mention the first merit, even if it gets 10% more credit for Zhou Yuan, I am afraid it will be cited. Come criticize.
    He glanced at Zhou Yuan. The latter's calm appearance made him a little uncomfortable. Originally, in his opinion, Zhou Yuan's forced participation in the Heaven level mission this time was just self-inflicted humiliation.

    As a result, he became the first merit instead.
    It is conceivable that after this matter is passed back to within sect, it will be a sensation again.
    I didn't expect that this Heaven level mission actually achieved Zhou Yuan.
    When Zhou Yuan and the others were talking to each other, in this Flame Marrow Veins, a loud bell rang suddenly. Upon hearing the bell, the expressions of Zhou Yuan and others couldn't help but relax.
    Because this represents the end of the Flame Marrow Veins dispute.
    And obviously...
    Their Blue Profound Sect will become the biggest winner in this Flame Marrow Veins.
    Their Heaven level mission this time was truly perfect.
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