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Chapter Table Of Contents 496 Domineering
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When Zhou Yuan focused again, the surrounding environment had changed drastically.
    The misty mountain road disappeared and replaced by an invisible yellow sand desert. At this time, he is standing on a sand dune, and the high temperature is permeating between Heaven and Earth, even Heaven and Earth Origin Qi Extraordinarily hot.
    Above that high altitude, there is a round of golden sun hanging, and golden sun light pouring down.
    "Is this the second level of the trial?" Zhou Yuan muttered to himself as he looked at the yellow desert.
    "What is the test of this level?"
    As Zhou Yuan was talking to himself, the golden sunlight pouring down from the sky also fell on the body, but when the sunlight fell, there was no movement in the fleshly body and the Origin Qi inside.
    "Not acting on fleshly body and Origin Qi..."
    Before the sound fell, Zhou Yuan's eyes narrowed slightly, because he noticed that the Divine Soul between the eyebrows had a burning tingling sensation at this time, as if in a furnace.
    "This level turned out to be for Divine Soul..."
    Zhou Yuan's eyes condensed, and he immediately sat down, his hands forming a seal, and Origin Qi surged, forming protection around his body, trying to resist the golden sunlight.

    But this is obviously useless. Golden sunlight completely ignores Origin Qi's defenses, as if penetrating the fleshly body, directly shining on the Divine Soul between the eyebrows.
    So Zhou Yuan dispersed to Origin Qi and did not do this useless work, and then began to concentrate his mind, full power urged Divine Soul, and then his Divine Soul rose from between the eyebrows and floated in the sky.
    Zhou Yuan's Divine Soul, because it has stepped into the Reality Realm middle stage, it seems to be no doubt with Taoist Master, just drifting and slightly misty.
    Divine Soul sits cross-legged in the air, full power runs, power of Divine Soul radiates, guarding itself.
    The golden sunlight is pouring continuously, and with the passage of time, it seems to become more and more hot, and the burning pain felt by Zhou Yuan Divine Soul is gradually intensifying.
    After that, even the surface of Divine Soul began to ripple.
    Zhou Yuan's expression is extremely solemn. This situation is extremely dangerous. If Divine Soul cannot bear it, it may be burned directly. In that case, this fleshly body will also become a useless skin.
    And his Zhou Yuan, will also dissipate within Heaven and Earth.
    After all the previous events, Zhou Yuan already knew that this trial is full of dangers. If one is not careful, he may suffer unbearable losses.

    "The golden Sun in the sky is gradually shrinking as time goes by..."
    While suffering from the burning pain of Divine Soul, Zhou Yuan was still paying attention to the changes between Heaven and Earth, and then he noticed that the round of golden Sun was gradually shrinking.
    "This round of trials is to continue to withstand, until that round of golden Sun shrinks to disappear?"
    Zhou Yuan pondered slightly, and finally took a deep breath. In that case, he could only fight to the end.
    Around Zhou Yuan's Divine Soul, a circle of invisible light radiated, which was transformed by the power of Divine Soul, constantly colliding with the golden sunlight, and then being melted by the sunlight...
    However, just when Zhou Yuan was about to endure it like this, he suddenly felt Divine Soul violently oscillate.
    "What's the matter?!" Zhou Yuan was startled. Could it be that Divine Soul couldn't hold on so quickly? How could it be possible that his Divine Soul also reached the Reality Realm middle stage anyway!
    Zhou Yuan quickly concentrated, and then he felt the mysterious radiance glittering between the eyebrows of Divine Soul, and the magnificent voice came out like nothing.
    Just like the sound of a great mill.
    In between the eyebrows of Zhou Yuan Divine Soul, a mark appeared faintly, just like the shape of Spirit Sharpening.
    "It's the Spirit Sharpening Imprint left to me by Master Cang Yuan..."

    It is precisely because of the existence of this mark that Zhou Yuan was able to cultivation Chaos Spirit Sharpening Visualization Art, but at the moment, Zhou Yuan does not have the idea of operating the view. How did this mark appear uncontrollably?
    Hum! Hum!
    Between the eyebrows Spirit Sharpening Imprint shook violently, and a ray of light burst out, the aperture swept across Heaven and Earth, yellow sand wreak havoc, and then Zhou Yuan discovered that Heaven and Earth had changed drastically.
    The desert began to disappear, and it was replaced by the endless starry sky.
    It's just that, above the starry sky, the golden Sun is still floating, exuding golden sunlight shining down.
    hōng hōng!
    Zhou Yuan's Divine Soul stood in the starry sky, behind the dark(ness), there was a loud noise, and then, the boundless shadow filled in, Chaos Spirit Sharpening, with no end in sight, slowly appeared with boundless pressure .
    But this time, Chaos Spirit Sharpening did not rush towards Zhou Yuan, but pointed directly at that round of Golden Sun.
    That kind of feeling is like a giant dragon entrenched, discovering a beast that has broken into his territory, and is about to launch an offensive to drive the opponent out.
    Zhou Yuan Weiwei became silent, and immediately couldn't help scratching his head.
    This Golden Sun seems to anger Spirit Sharpening Imprint?
    Chaos Spirit Sharpening slowly turned from the starry sky, and smashed directly against the golden Sun.

    And Golden Sun seemed to have sensed the provocation. The golden sunlight suddenly soared, and even formed a golden flame, burning away at Chaos Spirit Sharpening.
    Facing the golden flame, Zhou Yuan's Divine Soul felt the danger aura.
    However, Chaos Spirit Sharpening was not afraid of it, and slowly rolled over, letting the golden flame burn, the mottled grind, not move a single jot, and finally when the grind turned, the golden flames were all extinguished.
    Zhou Yuan opened his mouth. This Spirit Sharpening Imprint is really powerful. Even the golden Sun in this trial ground can't help him. The latter is what Old Ancestor Cang Xuan left behind...
    Chaos Spirit Sharpening slowly rolled over from the void, directly before Golden Sun, Spirit Sharpening turned, and two wondrous items collided severely.
    In the void, there seemed to be violent fluctuations erupting.
    The entire endless starry sky is showing a broken posture.
    However, the golden sun, the golden light is getting bleak, obviously some can't bear the crush of Spirit Sharpening. In the end, after a stalemate between the two sides, when Spirit Sharpening fell, the golden Sun was shattered...
    The starry sky and Spirit Sharpening began to dissipate.
    The Yellow Sand Desert once again appeared around Zhou Yuan.

    Zhou Yuan looked at the sky in a daze. The golden Sun there was broken and no longer emitting hot golden sunlight...
    He scratched his head and muttered to himself in a dazed tone: "This... is it a pass?"
    This level was originally used to test the endurance of the Divine Soul of the trespasser, but even Zhou Yuan didn’t expect that the Spirit Sharpening Imprint in his Divine Soul would be so violent and domineering. golden Sun was crushed...
    Now that the golden Sun is gone, the test still continues to code?
    Zhou Yuan looked at the empty sky, feeling a little at a loss for a while.
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