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Chapter Table Of Contents 501 Sapphire Ancestor Statue
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Nine Rings..."
    When Zhou Yuan stepped out of the bronze gate, he also heard the melodious ancient bell that resounded from the mountain, and immediately opened his mouth slightly, and a color of vibration emerged in his eyes.
    Obviously, even he didn't expect it, and his results this time can reach the level of nine rings.
    "Is it because Spirit Sharpening crushed the golden Sun? That's why the evaluation is so high..." Zhou Yuan scratched his head. He didn't have much ambition. After all, as long as he reached Qiqiang, his goal would be achieved.
    Of course, if he could get two extra hits, he naturally did not resist, after all, this was a recognition of his breakthrough.
    However, knowing the result also made him let out a long breath, as if relieved from a burden, when the bell rang, it meant that he had truly passed the three trials.
    Suppressing the surging in the heart, Zhou Yuan raised the head, only to see a mountain road paved with azure stone in front of it, winding up continuously, and streams and waterfalls can be seen on both sides of the mountain road.
    The fog disappeared here. Obviously, Zhou Yuan had penetrated into the main peak.
    And along the mountain road, I must be able to reach the destination.
    Zhou Yuan licked his lips, stopped hesitating, and walked straight forward, walking slowly along the mountain road.

    After about ten minutes, his footsteps slowed down, because the mountain road in front had an end, and on the top of the majestic main peak, an ancient hall stood quietly among the clouds.
    The main hall is extraordinarily simple, with mottled traces of time all over it.
    This hall, precisely Saint Origin Peak's main hall!
    Zhou Yuan stood in front of the main hall, looking at it with fiery eyes. His second Saint Pattern of the year for sth even in one's dreams should be hidden in this main hall.
    He looked around and wanted to step out, but the next moment he stopped abruptly, staring at the front with a little amazed eyes, only to see that the space outside the hall was faintly broken and fragmented.
    An unspeakable danger aura radiated.
    "Outside the main hall, there is such a terrifying seal?" Zhou Yuan complexion solemnly, the danger that this seal gives him is simply more terrifying than those outside the mountain.
    He has no doubt that with his current strength, if he touches the aftermath of this seal a little, I am afraid it is not a trace of body left, and even the expert of Heavenly Sun Realm is a general end.
    Obviously, this seal is the last layer of protection to protect the main hall.

    Zhou Yuan complexion has made it difficult, and finally passed the three trials, thinking that the journey is smooth, how come another seal appears? Do you want to go out and ask Headmaster them? But he is worried that if Headmaster is allowed to come in at this time, he might find the existence of Saint Pattern...
    Zhou Yuan pondered slightly, suddenly the spiritual light flashed, patted his head and said, "I have forgotten it."
    He slapped the universe bag on his waist, and a ray of light rose from the palm of his palm. It was a token like a white jade. It was the seal left by Old Ancestor Cang Xuan to Zhou Yuan's in Saint Vestige Land. .
    Old Ancestor Cang Xuan said that with this seal, the seal can be broken.
    "I can only try..." Although I am not sure that this thing will work, Zhou Yuan has no other way.
    He raised his palm, and the white jade token slowly rose, and then gradually came into contact with the seal outside the main hall.
    Zhou Yuan watched extremely nervously, fully guarded, and planned to slip away if he found something was wrong.
    On the white jade token, there is a gentle radiance radiating out. Where the radiance spreads, only the extremely terrifying seal can be seen, just as if snow meets lava, it melts quickly.
    In just a few minutes, the seal shrouded outside the main hall, accompanied by a light breeze, disappeared.

    The distorted space gradually recovered.
    "So easy..."
    Zhou Yuan was stunned, and immediately couldn't help but slap his tongue. Fortunately, Old Ancestor left him a seal, otherwise, with his strength, he would not be able to break the seal even if he broke his head.
    He stretched out his palm, and the white jade token fell back into his hand.
    His gaze looked forward again. At this time, outside the main hall, there were no obstacles at all, so he no longer hesitated, and quickly stepped forward, closing the door of the main hall tightly. Push away.
    The door swayed open, and the ancient aura rushed towards his face.
    The hall is spacious, there is still an altar lamp burning day and night, and the azure stone ground is smooth as a mirror, without staining.
    Zhou Yuan's gaze is directly at the center of the hall, where there is an azure jade stone statue. The stone statue is a handsome and mysterious youngster. It looks like that. Zhou Yuan is no stranger to it. It is the Old one he had seen in Saint Vestige Land Ancestor Cang Xuan.
    azure jade Old Ancestor is like vivid and lifelike, with deep and gentle eyes, exuding a sense of mystery, and at the same time possessing an indescribable sense of majesty.
    As the number one expert of Blue Profound Heaven's, even if it is just an azure jade statue, it obviously has some kind of mighty energy.
    "Old Ancestor, let's meet again..."

    Zhou Yuan looked at the azure jade image, sighed, and said to himself.
    If he hadn't met Old Ancestor Cang Xuan's afterimage in Saint Vestige Land, maybe he would not have come to Blue Profound Sect, but from now on, he would be very grateful to Old Ancestor for his guidance...
    He bowed to azure jade like a bow, then raised the head and said tentatively: "Old Ancestor, I am here, what about the second Saint Pattern?"
    azure jade looked like Zhou Yuan without any movement. His gentle and deep gaze stared at Zhou Yuan.
    Zhou Yuan smiled awkwardly and said, "Then I can find it myself?"
    After speaking, he got up and wandered around in this hall, but there was nothing to gain. Finally, he came to the azure jade statue, where he saw a jade seal.
    The jade seal exudes a simple light, Zhou Yuan picked it up, it was extremely heavy, only saw the jade seal with the word "Sheng Yuan".
    "Could it be that this is Saint Origin Peak's Peak Lord Seal?" Zhou Yuan thoughtfully, their Saint Origin Peak precisely because they did not have this seal, so all these years, no Peak Lord appeared.
    However, the Peak Lord Seal is expensive, but Zhou Yuan is not interested, so he put it back.
    He looked around, but never found the existence of the second Saint Pattern.

    This makes Zhou Yuan a little anxious. He has been tossing for so long, and what he did is not the second Saint Pattern. As a result, when he arrived at his destination, he couldn't find Saint Pattern.
    "Old Ancestor, you won't tease me?"
    Zhou Yuan murmured, and immediately he sat cross-legged on the praying mat in front of the azure jade image, looking anxiously at the azure jade image.
    One person and one jade statue looked at each other together.
    At that moment, Zhou Yuan seemed to feel that the eyes of the jade statue were glittering.
    Zhou Yuan was startled slightly, his heart faintly understood, so he held his breath, and deep in his pupils, the Barrier Breaking Saint Pattern flowed slowly, and a low drink sounded from his heart.
    "Barrier Breaking Saint Pattern!"
    The Saint Pattern turned, the azure jade image in front of him seemed to change a little, the jade stone gradually became transparent, Zhou Yuan's eyes moved slowly, and finally stayed on the palm of the jade image.
    I saw there, deep in the jade stone, an ancient and mysterious light pattern, quietly entrenched, exuding a reckless air.
    Looking at the ancient mysterious light pattern, Zhou Yuan's heart was beating violently, like the sound of drums, and there was also excitement on that face.
    The second Saint Pattern is really here!
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