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    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
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    Half a month after Struggle for Chief ended, the shock of the reopening of the Saint Origin Peak gate gradually subsided.
    However, in this huge sect, there will always be more and more emerge wonderful things appearing, attracting the attention of many disciples, just like the origin pond festival that is gradually coming.
    The origin pond festival is quite special in Blue Profound Sect, because the origin pond festival is not a form of single competition, but the peaks as a whole, and the seven peaks compete with each other.
    Obviously, the sect high-level set up this way to improve the competitiveness of each peak, so that they can feel the pressure, catch up with each other, and develop soundly.
    It is precisely because the Origin Pond Festival can affect all the disciples of Qifeng, so if you want to talk about the scale, it can be said to be the largest among the many issues of Blue Profound Sect.
    Moreover, it is also the competition that most affects the mood of many disciples.
    After all, in the past, whether it was purple belt selection or Struggle for Chief, those who could actually benefit from it were always those very few outstanding disciples, and most of the disciples could only watch outside with envy.
    But the Origin Pond Festival is different. All Qifeng disciples can participate. As long as they put their own power into it, they will be able to determine what the peak can achieve in the end.
    This undoubtedly gave many disciples a strong sense of participation.

    So if you want to ask most ordinary disciples what they are most looking forward to for Blue Profound Sect, then I am afraid it is the origin pond festival.
    Therefore, the disciples of each peak in the Blue Profound Sect stepped up their cultivation, and at the same time they were constantly listening to the news of other peaks. After all, at this origin pond festival, the peaks were also considered as competing opponents.
    All kinds of information are conveyed in the sect. The most noticeable is the unconcealed hostility of Sword Peak. That kind of hostility went straight to Saint Origin Peak, which just opened the mountain gate. Away.
    As for the resentment and hostility of Sword Peak that pervades the entire peak, the disciples of other peaks are not too surprised. Everyone knows that Sword Peak has lost because of Lu Hong One Vein's failure to win the position of Saint Origin Peak chief. A lot of cultivation resources.
    And now, Lu Hong One Vein was directly driven back to Sword Peak by Elder Shen Taiyuan by exercising the right to be the Peak Lord, which made Sword Peak even more faceless.
    All these are not to blame for Sword Peak's resentment.
    And Sword Peak did not conceal this at all, stating that it would take advantage of this origin pond festival to severely clean up Saint Origin Peak, and give out this bad breath.
    In this regard, all peak disciples expressed sympathy for Saint Origin Peak.

    But that's all. After all, in the Origin Pond Festival, everyone is competing for opponent. Sword Peak and Saint Origin Peak are torn apart, which is a good thing for other peaks.
    Although in the eyes of more disciples, the roots of Saint Origin Peak originally pose no threat to Sword Peak.
    Even though Saint Origin Peak now has a chief disciple like Zhou Yuan, it is still far behind the strong lineup of Sword Peak.
    Regarding the resentment of Sword Peak's, even the Headmaster knew about it, and they were somewhat helpless. They secretly persuaded Peak Lord Ling Jun, but Peak Lord Ling Jun pushed it one and all, saying that it was just the thoughts of the following disciple. For the Peak Lord, we can't force the disciple.
    This is clearly the rhetoric of Peak Lord Ling Jun, but even Headmaster Qing Yang is helpless. Sword Peak has suffered a heavy loss this time. It is indeed a grievance, and they are the beneficiaries. If Peak Lord Ling Jun refuses to listen, They really have nothing to do.
    In this case of turmoil, the list of disciples of each peak participating in the Origin Pond Festival was also reported one after another, and was finally announced.
    Not surprisingly, the list of each peak was so miserable that Saint Origin Peak was in the extreme. There were no more than 500 disciples participating in the entire peak, and even one-tenth of the other peaks had not reached...

    However, what surprised people a little was that there was an extra name of Zhou Xiaoyao on the list of Saint Origin Peak's disciples...
    This has aroused the interest of many people. After all, the Blue Profound Sect nowadays, Yao Yao is quite special. She is the only person who does not have the name of Saint Child but has the strength of Saint Child.
    And with her joining in Saint Origin Peak's Origin Pond Festival this time, it is indeed able to strengthen a lot of strength.
    "I just said that Zhou Yuan was so emboldened a while ago. I dare to invite this person out?" Sword Peak, in a courtyard, Baili Che looked at the list in his hand, then smiled, but the smile was hanging on his face. An arc of sarcasm.
    In front of him, sitting Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu, both of whom have seen the list, the latter frowned slightly and said: "This Zhou Xiaoyao is a bit thorny."
    Kong Sheng indifferently said: "Last year, in the origin pond, she broke me once. She is really good. Although her Origin Qi is weak, but the Origin Pattern attainments, I am afraid that even Ye Ge can't compare to her. "
    Zhao Zhu slowly said: "If she also participates, then you have to be careful of the little beast next to her."
    Naturally, what he said was Tun Tun. He had fought against Tun Tun before, knowing that this seemingly cute little beast that only knows how to eat all day, actually has terrible power.

    Baili Che also tucked away the corners of his mouth and ridiculed Zhou Yuan, saying: "If this is the case, this Saint Origin Peak is almost equivalent to two more Saint Children for no reason."
    Kong Sheng had no billows on his handsome face, and said: "Saint Origin Peak has a very weak foundation. There are only a few hundred disciples, even if Zhou Xiaoyao helps, what can they change?"
    "Then Zhou Yuan, I still think too naively."
    He looked at Zhao Zhu and said, "In that original pond festival, if the mysterious little beast participates in the battle, may Junior Brother Zhao Zhu stop it?"
    Zhao Zhu nodded, sneered: "It's just a little bastard. Last time I just caught unprepared. If it dares to come again this time, see if I don't pluck out its hair!"
    Kong Sheng smiled slightly and said, "In that case, Zhou Xiaoyao, let me deal with it."
    "Before, she did my good deeds in the origin pond. I always remember this account. I have to let her return this time."
    "Senior Brother Kong Sheng is sure? That Zhou Xiaoyao is really something I can't see through." Zhao Zhu pondered.
    Kong Sheng smiled faintly and said: "Don't worry, all her methods are almost Origin Pattern, I will be prepared."
    Zhao Zhu hearing this, then rest assured.

    Kong Sheng turned his gaze to Baili Che again, saying: "In Saint Origin Peak, as long as Zhou Xiaoyao and He Xiaozhu are constrained, the rest are no more than chickens and dogs. When that happens, I will hand it to is you."
    Baili Che smiled at the corner of his mouth and nods gently.
    He knew that what Kong Sheng said was actually referring to Zhou Yuan.
    "Senior Brother, please rest assured, I will let this Junior Brother know at that time, his full chief disciple, in my Blue Profound Sect, I am afraid that there is nothing to be on the table..."
    "Hehe, I really want to see. If his just-appointed chief loses directly, would Saint Origin Peak's disciple support him so much?"
    "At that time, maybe he should become the most embarrassed chief in Blue Profound Sect's history, right?"
    (One more today.)
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