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Chapter Table Of Contents 524 The Wrath Of Jianlaifeng
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When the sound of Zhou Yuan's declaration of war fell, the disciples of Sword Peak who were not far away in mid-air were all horrified. Although they had the advantage at this time, they still felt when Zhou Yuan stood here. To heart palpitations.
    Especially under the premise that even Zhong Yun was blown away by Zhou Yuan.
    "Go back to report the two Saint Child and chief!"
    Nearly a thousand Sword Peak disciples retired in a hurry.
    "Stop them!" Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan shouted simultaneously.
    Hundreds of other Saint Origin Peak's disciples also burst out roars, as if they were about to spit out all the previous suffocation, although in their opinion, Saint Origin Peak's declaration of war on Sword Peak is undoubtedly a strike a stone with egg , But they are not afraid. As long as Zhou Yuan, the chief, never retreats, they will naturally follow blindly.
    Hundreds of disciples roared out from all directions, and went straight to those Sword Peak's disciples.
    The sky was chaotic for a while.
    Zhou Yuan's looked at Tun Tun who was not far away again, glared at it, and said: "If you don't help, if you are lazy, you will be hungry for a few days!"

    Although he kept Tun Tun, he obviously underestimated the temper of this guy. After leaving him and Yao Yao, Zhou Tai and others couldn't make any move at all.
    Even if he shot sometimes, he seemed lazy, otherwise, forgive me that Zhong Yun and others would not dare to get so close.
    After being threatened by Zhou Yuan for a while, Tun Tun let out a low growl. He glanced at Zhou Yuan dissatisfiedly, then turned into a scarlet light violently shoots and rushed into Sword Peak among the thousand disciples.
    And wherever it went, Sword Peak disciples who had lost command routed one after another.
    So, but during the time of the half-stick of incense, Sword Peak's disciples were all captured nine out of ten, and only those who were quick to escape did luck escape.
    Zhou Yuan was just overseeing the command and did not take action, because he knew that Saint Origin Peak's morale was low now, and it needed a battle like this to restore the morale of the crowd.
    On the island, there was a mess. Many Saint Origin Peak's disciples guarded the captured Sword Peak disciples. Although the former and others were all wounded, they seemed extremely excited. The morale was a little bit different from before. different.

    When Zhou Tai, Lu Yan, and Zhang Yan saw this, they also sighed. The chief of Yifeng is indeed the backbone of all Yifeng's disciples. When Zhou Yuan is away, no matter how much they cheer up, they cannot cheer up these disciples.
    As soon as Zhou Yuan appeared, his morale began to rise.
    "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, what do these people do?" Zhou Tai asked.
    Zhou Yuan took a look and said separately: "Taking away the origin marrow in their hands, smashing the mark, and directly eliminating it."
    When every disciple enters the origin pond, he will be imprinted with the next imprint. This imprint will protect himself from a fatal attack, but once used, it will be automatically sent out of the origin pond.
    Zhou Tai hearing this is slightly shocked. By doing this, I will completely tear my face with Sword Peak.
    "Sword Peak no longer gives us a way out. If that's the case, let's have a clear fight." Zhou Yuan knew what he was thinking, calmly said.
    Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan, and Lu Yan looked at each other and gritted their teeth nodded. Indeed, Sword Peak made it clear that it was going to make a nasty breath on their Saint Origin Peak heads and would not give up easily.
    Since the other party was not merciful, they couldn't be more polite.
    So Zhou Tai and the others turned around and faced the many disciples of Saint Origin Peak severely nodded.

    The next moment, one after another Origin Qi erupted, and those Sword Peak's disciples exploded with angry curses, but to no avail, they were directly rolled up by a light glow and thrown directly out of the origin pond.
    Zhou Yuan looked at the ring of light. He looked at the complexion's excited Saint Origin Peak disciples, and slowly said: "This time we have caused Sword Peak to lose a lot, and then Sword Peak should exhaust its full power to encircle us."
    Many disciples calmed down, but their eyes were staring at Zhou Yuan scorchingly.
    "You guys, are you afraid?" Zhou Yuan asked.
    Many disciples looked at each other, and in the end they all grinned and said: "Our Saint Origin Peak was originally a broken jar. The barefooted people are not afraid of those who wear shoes. The original pond offering is not a big deal."
    They can think through it. Rather than tolerating everything and failing to get it well in the end, it is better to fight each other with one's heart's content, at least play blood and qi, and let other peaks know about it in the future. They are Saint Origin Peak. Even if it is weak, it cannot be bullied!
    When Zhou Yuan saw this, there was a hint of relief in his eyes, and he immediately clicked on nods.
    "Since we are not afraid, let's have a real touch with Sword Peak this time..."
    The huge island where Sword Peak is located.

    When Baili Che saw the hundred or so disciples who had fled back in embarrassment, he couldn't help being shocked. Then there was anger in his eyes, and angrily said: "What's the matter with you? What about Zhong Yun?!"
    "Chief, Zhou Yuan did it. Zhong Yun Senior Brother was also injured by him. The other Senior and Junior Brothers were all eliminated by them!" a disciple cried out.
    Baili Che complexion iron blue, with one punch, it burst the huge boulder on the side, and lost hundreds of disciples at once, which is not uncommon!
    "What does Zhong Yun do for food?! I just asked him to stare at Saint Origin Peak, how dare he approach easily?!" Baili Che angered. Although Saint Origin Peak is weak, it has Zhou Xiaoyao, Zhou Yuan and that. The mysterious little beast, Zhong Yun, who is only a thousand people, how dare to do this?
    "Then Zhou Yuan and Zhou Xiaoyao didn't show up for several days. Zhong Yun Senior Brother suspected that there was a problem, so he took the risk of investigating. Looking at it now, I am afraid it was Zhou Yuan's conspiracy!" the disciple replied.
    Baili Che's eyes were gloomy, and said: "This Zhou Yuan is really ruthless!"
    They knocked out their Sword Peak's disciple without hesitation, which clearly showed a torn face.
    At this time, there were also many Sword Peak's disciples rushing around, and it was obvious that they had also heard the news, and a group of people became angry.
    "Then Zhou Yuan is so bold!"

    "Saint Origin Peak is too arrogant, even our Sword Peak's disciples dare to weed out!"
    "They must be taught a severely lesson!"
    "Yes, I can't bear them anymore!"
    Sword Peak's disciples are very angry. These years, Sword Peak has been in Blue Profound Sect like the sun at noon. This has created a strong personality of many disciples. Right now, even a Saint Origin Peak dared to ride on them. Naturally, it is unbearable.
    Those disciples who fled back are even more gnashing one's teeth: "And that Zhou Yuan, let us bring a word back, saying that they Saint Origin Peak, from now on, declare war on our Sword Peak!"
    As soon as these words came out, all Sword Peak disciples laughed angrily.
    A small Saint Origin Peak, hundreds of disciples, dare to take the initiative to declare war on their Sword Peak, it is simply a big joke.
    Baili Che was also angrily smiling, and said sharply: "This Chief Zhou Yuan, it is really impossible to differentiate good from bad."
    "I originally wanted them to spend more time at Saint Origin Peak, but now it seems that since he shamelessly, don't blame me Sword Peak for not giving them face!"
    He took a deep breath with sharp eyes.
    "Immediately send a signal to notify the two Saint Child and other teams that are hunting for the origin."

    "Since he dare to declare war on Saint Origin Peak, then..."
    "Just let them all get out of the origin pond!"
    At the end of the talk, Baili Che's voice was already killing intent awe-inspiring.
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