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Chapter Table Of Contents 532 Sky Frost Confinement
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    The strong Origin Qi that burst out of Baili Che's body is silver, and it exudes extreme coldness, and at the same time it carries a sharp aura.
    That is Sword Peak's Origin Qi.
    Sword Qi is like frost, cold to the bone, if it is invaded, the frost and sharpness will erupt at the same time, thorny is very thorny.
    The temperature of the entire Heaven and Earth seems to be lowering at this time.
    And Zhou Yuan stood high up in the sky, the Golden Heavenspan Profound Flood Dragon Qi soared from the crown into the sky, like a huge golden canopy, in which there is a phantom like a golden flood dragon, screaming from the sky, exuding a domineering aura.
    Countless eyes all gathered here, staring at these two figures.
    Over the years, Saint Origin Peak has declined in Blue Profound Sect. Even if the chief appeared occasionally in the past, there is still a big gap compared with the chiefs of other peaks.
    Therefore, in the past, Saint Origin Peak's chief seemed a bit weak in front of other peak chiefs.
    Because of this, Baili Che is extremely dissatisfied with Zhou Yuan's attitude. In his opinion, the latter should remain humble and interesting in front of them, just like those chiefs before Saint Origin Peak.
    But unfortunately... Zhou Yuan doesn't seem to think so.

    That’s why Baili Che thought Zhou Yuan unable to tell good from bad. If so... Then you can only use the most cruel reality to get this Saint Origin Peak's chief and understand that his Saint Origin Peak chief is in Blue Profound. Real status within Sect.
    Baili Che sneered at the corner of his mouth, cold light flashed across his eyes, and his palms suddenly closed!
    A silver frost-like Origin Qi torrent whizzed out, like a snow mountain collapsed, the torrent rolled down, and the ice cold air filled the space between Heaven and Earth. I saw that the air quickly condensed into ice at this time.
    The strength of Origin Qi is indeed several points stronger than Yuan Hong of the day!
    Zhou Yuan has no billows on his face, and the golden Origin Qi is also roaring out, turning into an Origin Qi torrent, just like the roar of a golden flood dragon, facing the silver frost-like Origin Qi, severely colliding together.
    Today, there are more than 5,000 Origin Qi Stars in his Qi Palace. He is also stronger than when he defeated Yuan Hong that day.
    So facing Baili Che's Origin Qi offensive, he didn't have much fear.
    Two Origin Qi torrents, one silver and one gold, pierced through the void. The next moment, it was severely colliding together. Two waves of Origin Qi torrents continuously corrosion each other and obliterate each other.

    "This guy turned out to be stronger than when he fought Yuan Hong." During the Corrosion of Origin Qi, Baili Che also noticed the strength of Zhou Yuan Origin Qi, which caused his brows to frown slightly, and the coldness in his eyes became even worse. .
    "Frost Burst!"
    He knotted his hands and suddenly shouted.
    When his voice fell, the color Origin Qi torrent suddenly exploded, and a silver ring of light took shape, spreading at an astonishing speed.
    The spread of the silver ring of light is like an extremely sharp aura. It actually divides the golden torrent into two sides. At the same time, it screams at Zhou Yuan at lightning speed.
    This Baili Che's use of Origin Qi is obviously quite profound.
    The silver ring of light rapidly enlarged in Zhou Yuan's eyes. His eyes narrowed, and the Heaven Primal Brush flashed out with his palms, and the white brush bristles quickly turned into black paint.
    The black brush in his hand was suddenly cut off, and the black light passed by, as if torn the void into a trace.
    The black brush cuts off, and a touch of black light touches the silver ring of light.
    When the black light falls, the ice cold sharp silver ring of light actually directly one divides into two sides, and the end is just like the golden Origin Qi torrent that was divided by it before...

    The silver ring of light one divides into two sides shot away from a long distance, and finally turned into a light spot in the sky.
    Cut off the silver ring, Zhou Yuan's figure quickly voided transformation, running the Void Transformation Technique, his figure flashed out like a black shadow, appeared directly above Baili Che, the Heaven Primal Brush whizzed and turned into Countless's sharp brush shadow, hiding the sky and covering the earth, shrouded the vital part of his body.
    Under the Heaven Primal Brush running "Origin Break", every brush shadow is unmatched.
    Moreover, today’s Heaven Primal Brush is a genuine Heaven Origin Weapon.
    Seeing Zhou Yuan attacking, Baili Che's eyes were dark. Although he always didn't like Zhou Yuan, he was able to become Sword Peak's chief, indicating that he was not an arrogant fool.
    Therefore, he has made a clear investigation of Zhou Yuan's many methods. Naturally, he understands that the Heaven Primal Brush in Zhou Yuan's hand seems to have the miraculous effect of restraining Origin Qi.
    Facing Zhou Yuan's Heaven Primal Brush, if you try to use pure Origin Qi as a means of attack, the effect will be greatly reduced.
    The nether black brush shadow brought the unparalleled Origin Qi wind screaming down, but as he approached Baili Che's full range of feet, suddenly there was a sword cry like heaven shaking.
    sword light Suddenly, the cold air condenses into the void.

    The sword shadow swept out like a torrential rain, and it was extremely precise with that one after another brush shadow. The hard touch together, the crisp gold and iron sound resounded endlessly. In just a few dozen breaths, it actually touched hundreds of times .
    Every time there is a collision, there is an amazing Origin Qi wave erupting into a wreak havoc, shaking the void.
    clang! clang! clang!
    In the sight of the countless amazed, the collision of brush shadow and sword shadow hiding the sky and covering the earth, finally the sword shadow brush shadow disappeared at the same time, and the two figures also disappeared at once...
    Zhou Yuan steadied his figure, with Heaven Primal Brush in his hand pointing diagonally, and the golden Origin Qi surging around his body, like gilt gold, at this moment, his eyes were slightly concentrated and looked forward.
    There, Baili Che sneered. In his hand, there was a long sword. On top of the long sword, it was covered with scales. The color had nothing in common with each other. The scales wrapped the blade, which was slightly strange.
    The long sword vibrated slightly, constantly absorbing the Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth, and on the sword edge, it swallowed the sword glow of make people's palpitations.
    "That's...Sword Peak's Nine Scales Sword?!"
    In the distant sky, there were some exclamation sounds, obviously recognizing this scale sword.
    "Nine Scales Sword..." Zhou Yuan squinted his eyes slightly. This sword is well-known in Sword Peak. It is also a low rank Heaven Origin Weapon, and in the low rank, quality is considered high.

    With such a divine weapon, it's no wonder that Baili Che is originally not afraid of the consequences and his Heaven Primal Brush.
    "If you want to take advantage of a Heaven Origin Weapon, I'm afraid you too underestimated my Sword Peak's property." Baili Che said indifferently, and the Nine Scales Sword in his hand let out a low groan.
    Zhou Yuan had no billows and said: "Chief Baili said he wanted to teach me, but at the moment, it seems that it is not enough... In addition, I have to remind Chief Baili that you will be dragged by me here for a while, I'm afraid Sword Peak's disciples will be eliminated more and more."
    "Since you are anxious to claim defeat, let you do it."
    Baili Che's mouth made a cold arc. He stared at Zhou Yuan and said, "Do you really think I was just warming up with you before?"
    The Nine Scales Sword in his hand stomped fiercely, and suddenly there was a wave of waves.
    Where the ripples pass, there are silver rays of light faintly discernible in the void. Those rays of light are spread out at some unknown time, intertwined with each other, and unknowingly, they actually fill the void.
    The silver light is dense, and when you look closely, it is faint, as if it is a silver light ball.
    The figures of Zhou Yuan and Baili Che are actually inside this silver light ball.
    The faintly discernible silver light ball, there is a faint fluctuation of make people's heart palpitations.

    Baili Che stared at Zhou Yuan sarcastically and said, "Chief Zhou Yuan, do you know this technique?"
    "This is my Sword Peak's unique Origin Technique, Heaven Frost Forbidden Technique..."
    "After this technique loses flesh, the Origin Qi inside the body will be condensed and banned, which is extremely difficult to resolve."
    Baili Che said with a smile: "And when Origin Qi was banned, what did you use to fight me?"
    The sound fell, his figure suddenly retreated, the silver light split a trace, just to allow him to pass, and then quickly recovered...
    Baili Che looked at Zhou Yuan who was trapped in the light ball, sneered and stretched out his fingers to volley.
    In the next moment, the silver light ball began to shrink suddenly!
    Heaven Frost Forbidden Technique, come!
    The Sword Peak's chief finally began to show his fangs at this time.
    Between Heaven and Earth, countless tense gazes were also projected at this time.
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