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Chapter Table Of Contents 544 All Holy Wars
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    The gigantic giant beast is coming across the waves. The Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth seems to be boiling at this time. An indescribable violent feeling swept out of the water beast like a storm, stirring the waves .
    When Countless looked at the ten thousand zhang water beast, he was shocked.
    Compared with this, even those thousands of water beasts that have made many disciples unattainable in the past, at this time, they seem to be a little inadequate...
    The water beast is as transparent as a crystal, and the body is huge as a mountain, with huge six arms, just like a straight six-armed beast, so fierce as in the extreme.
    "Is this the horrible water beast..."
    Zhou Yuan, who was leading the elite team to encircle the thousands of water beasts, took time to raise one's head. He looked at the giant shadow and took a breath, his face became extremely solemn.
    Obviously, I also sensed the strength of the water beast.
    And even he is like this, not to mention the other disciples, each complexion is a little pale, and for a while, the courage is shocked, and they are killed by many water beasts.
    On the other hand, those water beasts are because of the emergence of the ten thousand zhang water beast, which seems to have been blessed by some kind of blessing, and it becomes more and more crazy.
    The situation around him became extremely chaotic at this time.

    At the highest point of the island, Li Qingchan and other Saint Child also noticed such a change, and their eyes condensed immediately.
    "Everyone, get ready to shoot." Li Qingchan took a deep breath and said.
    Others are also complexion solemn nodded. Their shots are the most important part of the whole situation. If they can't beat this ten thousand zhang water beast, then the Qifeng disciple will definitely lose.
    Eleven figures turned into streamers and rose into the sky. Tun Tun was held in Yao Yao's arms. They fanned out and appeared directly in front of the Wanzhang water beast.
    Without any hesitation, the surging Origin Qi in Li Qingchan and others erupted. Origin Qi ascended like a wolf smoke, soaring into the sky, which can be called the magnificent billows.
    Once the top ten Saint Child shot, it revealed the Origin Qi background far surpassing the chief disciple of the peaks.
    The powerful Origin Qi coercion radiated from Heaven and Earth, and for a while, it resisted the violent aura that originated in the water beast.
    Looking at the dozens of silhouettes blocking the front, the water beast also made a roar, waving his six arms, and suddenly blasted on the surface of the sea.

    The sea surface seemed to be torn apart, countless water columns shoot out like huge long spears, hiding the sky and covering the earth against dozens of silhouettes in the sky, and in every water column, there are Contains violent power.
    Saint Child has the majestic Origin Qi swept out in the body, turned into Origin Qi torrent, and firmly resists together with the whizzing water column. Suddenly, the loud sound resounded, and the rain pours like attention within Heaven and Earth, even the line of sight It becomes blurred.
    Above the heads of Saint Child, Origin Qi forms a celebration cloud with radiance hanging down to protect them.
    Their gazes were coldly locked on the water beast, the vigorous Origin Qi, tumbling like a torrent in the body.
    The Origin Pattern Brush in the hands of Yao Yao and Ye Ge quickly fell from the void, one after another complex and obscure Origin Pattern took shape, and finally turned into a light stream and whizzed out, falling on the bodies of other Saint Child.
    The Origin Pattern is like a living thing, circulating on the surface of other Saint Child's bodies, constantly absorbing Heaven and Earth Origin Qi.
    These are some high-grade auxiliary Origin Patterns, which can increase Origin Qi offensive and defense, and can also absorb Heaven and Earth Origin Qi to supplement its own consumption.
    When Origin Pattern possessed, Li Qingchan, Chu Qing and other Saint Child suddenly violently shoots out. In the next moment, the fierce offensive that moved the countless disciple complexion is hiding the sky and covering the earth. beast whizzed away.

    Then every offensive contains amazing power.
    In the face of Saint Child’s offensive, the six-armed water beast severely hit the chest, making a deep and loud noise, and the invisible air wave shook away. The next moment, its six-arms waved, and the giant fist was full of extreme violent. Origin Qi directly met all Saint Children head-on, without fear of crowds.
    boom! Boom!
    When the two Fang Zheng met, the movement was really overturning seas and rivers. This sea surface was constantly collapsing at this time. The huge waves formed in the aftermath of the battle, and they rushed away frantically in all directions.
    Some unlucky disciples and water beasts were all involved.
    Zhou Yuan watched this level of battle from a distance, and he could clearly feel that the strength of these Saint Child was indeed far superior to their chief disciple.
    Although many chiefs have the faint ability to step into 9-layer Heaven, when it comes to 9-layer Heaven, the original Qi background is more important.
    Today, the Origin Qi Star in Zhou Yuan's body is about five thousand.
    And similar to Baili Che, at most it is about 6,000.
    But these Saint Child in front of them, according to Zhou Yuan's estimation, even Zhao Zhu, who is ranked tenth, probably has an Origin Qi background far more than 10,000.
    This is the background of these Saint Child.

    In the face of such a fierce Saint Child, even Zhou Yuan had to admit that at this time, even if he was facing the tenth ranked Zhao Zhu, it would be very difficult for him to win a few points.
    Unless he relies on the power of "silver shadow", perhaps it is possible to fight head-on.
    Because the two sides are on the Origin Qi background, the gap is really too big.
    "I still have some way to go..." Zhou Yuan took a deep breath. It seems that even if he is now a chief disciple, he cannot relax because of it.
    These Saint Child can have this background, but after a lot of painstaking practice, he wants to catch up, and it takes a lot of effort.
    "If this original pond festival can get the baptism of Nine Dragons... then the Origin Qi background should be greatly improved." Zhou Yuan licked his lips, a glow of heat flashed in his eyes.
    However, such an idea can only be thought of for the time being, because the Nine Dragons baptism is not only his coveting, even these Saint Child are also unusually longing.
    It may not be easy to score enough to support the origin of the Nine Dragons baptism.
    boom! boom!
    And when Zhou Yuan's mind turned, the battle on the sea in the distance became more and more violent, and the fighting power of that tens of thousands of feet of water beast was really terrifying, even in the face of the siege of all Saint Children, it still didn't lose the slightest bit.

    The water beast swung his six arms, and two giant palms slammed a huge Origin Qi light ball between the two giant palms. With a flick of the light ball, the void was torn apart, and Li Qingchan exploded away severely.
    But when the light ball was about to hit Li Qingchan, a figure appeared in front of him, precisely Shang Chunqiu.
    I saw him crossing his arms in front of him, drunk violently, and there were crystal jade lights blooming on his skin. Those jade lights seemed to form strange lines on the surface of the skin.
    In its body, there is also a superb silver light emerging.
    Surprisingly, it is a real Profound Saint Body that is even more tyrannical than Zhou Yuan's Lesser Profound Saint Body!
    Blue Profound Sect's strongest fleshly body!
    The violent Origin Qi light ball hit Shang Chunqiu, the storm wreak havoc, the sea below was torn apart, and the figure of Shang Chunqiu was like a cannonball smashing into the sea one after another huge craters.
    However, when he stopped, his clothes were only broken, and he was not hurt by heavy injury. His anti-beating ability made him amazed by the countless disciples.
    However, when he fought a hard blow, the other Saint Child took the opportunity to burst out a fierce offensive, hiding the sky and covering the earth on the huge body of the water beast, causing ripples to bloom on the surface of his body.
    The defense of this unbelievable water beast is equally astonishing.

    At the same time, there was a fierce and incomparable beast roar resounding, a dark gold radiance tore through the void, and the fierce Tun Tun formidable figure appeared behind it. On the sharp claws, the black arc of light flashed and released. With extremely dangerous fluctuations.
    Its sharp claws tore off, and the weird black light seemed to have cracked the void.
    The claws swept across the body of the water beast, and it actually tore a huge crack. The black light glittering seemed to have some swallow-like power, and the constant corrosion caused the Origin Qi in the water beast.
    Tun Tun's blow was fierce, and the water beast also made a harsh roar. He swung his six arms, his fist was as heavy as a mountain, and he shot Tun Tun upside down with one punch.
    "Join hands and attack the place Tun Tun ripped apart!" Yao Yao yelled softly.
    Li Qingchan, they heard this, and they did not hesitate to shoot, one after another surging Origin Qi offensive quickly condensed and took shape. In the next instant, ten Origin Qi torrents swept across the sky like meteors, setting off a torrent of waves, and all of them hit The place where Tun Tun's claws were torn previously.
    That kind of offensive power is really terrifying, even with this ten-thousand-meter water beast, it is wailing loudly, and the huge body draws long traces on the surface of the sea.

    Many disciples watched this scene and suddenly cheered.
    This time, it is clear that all Saint Children has caused a lot of trauma to the Wanzhang water beast.
    However, compared with the cheering excitedly of other disciples, Li Qingchan and others stared dignifiedly at the distant water beast. If this big guy would be defeated so easily, the Qifeng disciples of the generation a hundred years ago would not Will eventually be eliminated by all groups...
    On the sea, the water beast was roaring, and its six huge arms slammed into the origin pond, and the sea suddenly formed a huge cover, covering it, and everyone could feel it. At this moment, it seems that the origin Origin Qi in the pond is madly gathering towards it.
    Li Qingchan and others tried to attack, but found that they were all blocked by the water cover.
    "This terrific water beast seems to be real..." Li Qingchan grimly said.
    Chu Qing habitually touched his sleek head, and said: "I have read a classic within sect before, but it mentioned some of these ten thousand zhang water beasts. It is said that this thing can derive a lot of powerful methods. Among them, the most troublesome one is called "Dragon Saliva True Water", which is transformed by the source of Dragon Qi. This water is not only indestructible, but also connected to the origin pond, making the extremely inexhaustible Origin of the water beast. Qi, extremely thorny."

    "Then what does Dragon Saliva True Water look like?" someone asked.
    Chu Qing said casually: "It seems to be a dark yellow color, but if you want to derive such a method from the water beast, it depends on luck, and we don't necessarily have such bad luck, don't worry!"
    When the sound fell, he felt that his surroundings seemed a lot quieter.
    So he raised one's head suspiciously, but saw Li Qingchan and their complexion staring at the front with a little ugly, his sight also disappeared, and then the smile on his face became stiff.
    At this moment, on the surface of the sea, the tens of thousands of water beasts screamed up to the sky, and on its huge body, the original crystal color gradually turned into a dark yellow color.
    The dark yellow color is like a dragon's saliva, flowing on its surface, faintly, making a deep dragon roar sound.
    Origin pond boiling, a steady flow of Origin Qi came, and only saw that the wound on the body of the water beast that had been torn apart by the crowd began to repair at a speed visible to the naked eye.
    An even more shocking wave radiated from his body.
    High in the sky, everyone was silent, and then the one after another gaze was coldly looking at Chu Qing.
    This crow's mouth!
    Chu Qing was shivered by everyone's angry eyes, and muttered embarrassingly: "Isn't it?"
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