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Chapter Table Of Contents 576 Eye For Eye
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Among the mountains, many gazes with strong appalled looks, looking at the top of the mountain in the distance, where Ning Mo, who was originally unstoppable, was kneeling heavily at this moment...
    "Why... how could this happen?!"
    They opened their mouths wide, and there was a paste in their minds, as if there was a hum echoing.
    Because the scene before them is really beyond their imagination. Originally, in their opinion, the leader of Blue Profound Sect, who is no more powerful than 7-layer Heaven, should have no resistance in the hands of Ning Mo, but now In the case of, Ning Mo, who had the absolute upper hand dozens of breaths ago, was directly hit by Zhou Yuan and knelt on the ground...
    At this moment, even anyone who is stupid knows that the Blue Profound Sect chief who looks only 7-layer Heaven in front of him is pretending to be a pig and a tiger.
    In the valley, when Jin Zhang and other Blue Profound Sect's disciples saw this scene, they were quietly relieved. They were not as shocked and inexplicably as outsiders. After all, in Blue Profound Sect, they had seen Zhou Yuan more than once. Terrifying combat power.
    And among the many shocked gazes, Ning Mo, who was knocked on the ground with a punch by Zhou Yuan, finally understood what was happening after a few breaths of lag, and immediately his pair of eye pupils had The bloodshot crazily climbed out.

    The violent crimson Origin Qi, at this moment, madly erupted from his body, forming a crimson barrier on his shoulders, and resisting Zhou Yuan's falling heavy fists.
    His palm slammed the ground, the ground collapsed, and his figure appeared in the air.
    Ning Mo’s face at this time was gloomy frightening. He stared at Zhou Yuan blood-red, and stretched out his palm to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth. The killing intent contained in the sound that popped out of his teeth, It almost becomes real.
    "Okay, okay... didn't expect my Ning Mo to be tricked by others too!"
    "Is this your method? Deliberately showing weakness, paralyzed me, take the opportunity to hurt me heavy?" Ning Mo touched his shoulder, at this moment his right arm was in a broken posture, obviously he was punched by Zhou Yuan before. Interrupted.
    "Ning Mo, if you can't, let me come, don't lose our Saint Palace's face!" Not far away, Wang Yuan looked at this scene, his indifferent eyes became cold, locked like a falcon. Called Zhou Yuan.
    "This kid is not as simple as it seems on the surface."
    "No need!" Ning Mo gritted his teeth, took a deep breath, suppressed the tyrannical killing intent in his heart, and said: "I was careless just now. Don't worry, I will skin him to wash away the previous shame!"

    Although Zhou Yuan's punch was amazing, Ning Mo didn't feel that Origin Qi was too tyrannical. If it weren't for his carelessness, that punch could be completely resisted.
    Ning Mo stood high up in the sky, the Origin Qi of crimson surged wildly, and the temperature of the entire mountain forest gradually increased at this time.
    The Origin Qi of crimson rises up, faintly, it turns into a flaming star bucket behind Ning Mo.
    In the distance, all the forces from all sides burst out in exclamation when they saw this scene.
    Origin Qi Transformation Star Dou!
    That is a vision that can only appear when the number of Origin Qi Stars in Qi Palace exceeds 10,000.
    Obviously, in order to wash away the shame of the previous Saint Palace's chief, he no longer dared to have the slightest reservation. He directly exploded his strongest Origin Qi.
    Ning Mo live high and look down at Zhou Yuan standing on the top of the mountain with crimson in his eyes. At this time, he was like a god of fire, exuding the oppressive feeling of make people palpitation.
    This time, he didn't say any more nonsense, his hands suddenly closed, forming a Dharma Seal.

    The Origin Qi of crimson roared out, hiding the sky and covering the earth, and between the tumbling, a huge flame giant of thousands of feet was formed. Between the giant hands, there seems to be something like nothing. The hideous face and the sharp roar came from it.
    A wave of violent, devastating waves spread out.
    In the mountain forest, the various forces looked at the giant flame hand in the sky, and the complexion was a bit solemn, and there was a strong fear of the consequences in their eyes.
    "That is... the Flame Demon Burning Sea Hand! It is said that this is one of the strongest Origin Techniques in the Flame Temple, one of the ten Saint Palace halls!"
    "It seems that after the loss just now, Ning Mo is going to be really cruel!"
    Watching this scene, Wang Yuan also slightly clicked the nods. Fortunately, Ning Mo was not stupid enough to continue playing with Zhou Yuan, and directly used his strongest Origin Technique.
    Facing Ning Mo's offensive, even he did not dare to resist easily.
    Presumably, even if Zhou Yuan hides his strength, this offensive is enough to tell the winner.
    The giant flame hand takes shape, Ning Mo locks Zhou Yuan with cold eyes, and closes his hands. The next moment, the giant flame hand whizzes down directly hiding the sky and covering the earth, penetrating the void, severely covering the place where Zhou Yuan is. Come down.
    The ancient trees covering the mountains and the plains burned at this time and turned into a raging fire.

    Standing on the top of the mountain, Zhou Yuan looked at the palm of fire that was rapidly expanding in his pupils. There was also a surprised look in his eyes. The strength of Ning Mo was indeed quite tyrannical.
    Not only has its own Origin Qi reached the top ten thousand, but it has also cultivated such a powerful Origin Technique. However, the ghost face on the palm of the fire is faintly discernible. Obviously, this technique Ning Mo is only a small accomplishment.
    "This Saint Palace's chief is indeed not weak..."
    However, in Zhou Yuan's eyes, there was no fear, and he didn't even show any signs of avoiding it. Instead, the complexion calmly looked at the roaring flame giant.
    The next moment, the sole of his foot suddenly stamped.
    The ground was cracking, and Zhou Yuan's figure soared into the sky amidst the many shocked gazes, and shot directly at the suppressed giant flame hand.
    Not only did he not retreat, but instead chose to face up!
    Under the giant flame hand, Zhou Yuan's figure is as small as an ant, giving people a sense of an ant trying to shake a big tree.
    "Act recklessly thing!" Ning Mo looked at this scene, his face suddenly turned ugly, his trump card killing strike, even the chief of Saint Palace who is similar to his strength, dare not be like Zhou Yuan. Choose from the direct hard resistance.
    Between Heaven and Earth, all eyes are gathered here.

    Some of the forces in the distance shook their heads unbearably, as if to see Zhou Yuan's figure being beaten to ashes by the giant flame demon...
    And in those gazes, when Zhou Yuan and the Balrog giant were about to come into contact, suddenly, the Golden Origin Qi hiding the sky and covering the earth burst out of his body.
    The golden light gathers behind it and turns into a golden star bucket.
    When Zhou Yuan's behind the golden star Dou appeared, there was a series of exclamations between Heaven and Earth, and the eyes of the one after another were filled with consternation.
    Ning Mo’s pupils also shrank slightly at this time, and the complexion appeared dignified. He had overestimated Zhou Yuan enough, but didn’t expect that the latter’s Origin Qi cultivation base had reached this level. .
    Not weaker than him.
    "It turns out that you are your real strength..."
    "However, you think you can take my "Blazing Demon Burning Sea Hand" with this, you can only say that you are too naive!" Ning Mo's face was stern, he was full of absolute confidence in his trump card.
    The golden light Origin Qi is wrapped around Zhou Yuan, like a giant python. The lightning imprints on his hands and the deep voice came from his mouth: "Extreme Profound Saint Spirit Technique!"

    The mysterious light shadow condensed and swooped down fiercely, covering Zhou Yuan's body.
    And it was at this moment that the two sides collided together.
    An indescribable loud sound resounded from the sky, followed by a violent Origin Qi storm, sweeping away, and the nearby mountains collapsed and shattered at this time.
    That collision made countless people's scalp numb.
    However, everyone was staring at the collision place, where the violent Origin Qi distorted the space. After a while, it gradually calmed down...
    Ning Mo's gaze also looked there without blinking.
    "This act recklessly thing should be burned to ashes?" He gnashing one's teeth said.
    However, just as his voice fell, among the mountains, there was a countless voice of air-conditioning resounding.
    Ning Mo's pupils also shrank suddenly.
    Because at this moment, he saw, in the void, a figure shrouded in Golden Origin Qi, standing quietly suspended, besides Zhou Yuan, who else could it be? !
    He actually resisted the giant flame demon hand
    "How is it possible?!" Ning Mo's face gradually solidified.

    But the next moment, a chill came up from the soles of his feet, making a deep fear flood his heart.
    Because in the sky, the golden light figure's indifferent gaze was projected.
    Ning Mo was cold all over, and in the next instant, he violently shoots back without hesitation, and at the same time a sharp voice rang out from his mouth: "Wang Yuan!"
    The moment his figure just moved, the golden light figure disappeared into the void, and when it reappeared, it appeared directly in front of Ning Mo. The faces of the two faced each other, and their breathing seemed to be audible.
    "You...killed my Blue Profound Sect's disciple, didn't you?" A short distance away, Ning Mo heard a low voice from Zhou Yuan's mouth.
    "In that case, then, a debt of blood must be paid in blood..."
    Ning Mo was horrified, crimson Origin Qi gushed out like a crystal layer on the body.
    Zhou Yuan blasted out with a punch, and the snow-white brush bristles poured out from his body, wrapped around his fist, his skin appeared jade light, and the bones in his body bloomed with silver glow.
    With this punch, the force urged the pinnacle.
    "Origin Break!"
    In the whisper, the snow-white brush bristles entwining Zhou Yuan's fist quickly turned into nether black color.
    With a punch, the killing intent was revealed.

    "No!" Ning Mo screamed as the death crisis came to his mind.
    However, Zhou Yuan did not pay any attention to it. The fist light whizzed out. The space was shattered and cracked at this time, and finally it was like lightning howling in the sky, in that one after another horrified gaze, he mercilessly blasted Above Ning Mo's body.
    In the next moment, Ning Mo's body turned into a scarlet light and flew out. Along the way, the peaks burst open, and the forest was torn apart with hideous traces...
    In the end, Ning Mo's body shot into a large mountain, and the rock collapsed and buried it directly.
    The entire Heaven and Earth space became deadly silent at this time.
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