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Chapter Table Of Contents 598 Reward
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    On the Six-colored Lake.
    Zhou Yuan, Jin Zhang, Tang Xiaoyan and others are all around the treasure tree, with some fiery eyes looking at the gem-like glittering and translucent hanging on the treasure tree, but they exude gorgeousness. Glorious fruit, or...Divine Establishment Rare Treasure.
    "There are four five-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasures, seven four-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasures, and thirty-eight three-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasures." Jin Zhang counted them carefully, and then said.
    As soon as this statement came out, even Zhou Yuan took a breath and was obviously shocked. You know, they worked so hard to gather for so long before, and now of the two teams, Zhou Yuan and Jin Zhang to congeal are also out. four-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure.
    And the other disciples, those who can reach three-colored, are just a very few, basically most of them are two-color Divine Establishment Rare Treasure.
    It can be seen that in order to congeal the Divine Establishment Rare Treasure, what a huge Profound Origin Essence is needed. However, at the moment, on this treasure tree, nearly fifty Divine Establishment Rare Treasures have been condensed. And know how shocked Zhou Yuan and others are about this.
    "It is indeed Six-colored Treasure Land." Zhou Yuan sighed. He finally understood. In this Profound Origin Heavenly Cave, the fastest and most efficient way to get a high-rank Divine Establishment Rare Treasure is that It is to find treasure land.

    If you want to congeal simply by collecting Profound Origin Essence, the speed is too slow...
    "It seems that if I want to congeal the seven-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure, then I will pay more attention to some of these treasure lands." Zhou Yuan muttered in his heart.
    Jin Zhang looked at Zhou Yuan and asked, "How should these be distributed?"
    Tang Xiaoyan also moved her scorching gaze from the treasure tree to Zhou Yuan. She smiled and said: "Chief Zhou Yuan, in this battle for the guarantee, your contribution is the most. It's up to you to decide how to distribute it."
    She is also a very thoughtful person, not at this time the voice of the guest overwhelms that of the host, and made a posture headed by Zhou Yuan.
    And I have to say that Tang Xiaoyan is much smarter than Zhao Ru, and it makes people feel extremely comfortable in the world. Even Zhou Yuan has a slight preference for him.
    However, he did not pretend to refuse. After all, he is now the leader of the two teams of Blue Profound Sect. Many disciples are desperate for his orders, and he is also obliged to fight for their interests.
    He stared at the treasure tree, pondered slightly, and said: "Four five-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure, we want three, and the other one belongs to Tang Xiaoyan chief, how about?"

    Although Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace has two chiefs, Zhao Ru did not make any contribution in this battle, so Zhou Yuan does not think she is qualified to get a five-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure.
    Tang Xiaoyan hearing this, the white teeth bit his red lips lightly, and was silent for a while, and finally the small head nodded.
    She also knew in her heart that Zhao Ru had such a bad attitude towards Zhou Yuan before, and the latter certainly did not have any good senses for her. More importantly, Zhao Ru did not make any contribution in the previous battle, but because of his own carelessness. Almost put them all in danger.
    So Zhou Yuan didn't share the five-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure with them, she understood.
    Zhou Yuan heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this. If Tang Xiaoyan disagreed, it would be really troublesome. After all, he would rather fight Fan Yao than Hundred Flowers Immortal for some benefit. A group of women from Palace fight and scheme against each other.
    "There are seven four-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure, four of my Blue Profound Sect, and three belong to Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace."
    "There are thirty-eight three-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure, twenty-three for my Blue Profound Sect, and fifteen for Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace."
    "And the Profound Origin Essence contained in Six-colored Lake, Blue Profound Sect 60%, Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace 40%." Zhou Yuan said all the rest of the distribution in one breath.

    After listening, Tang Xiaoyan made a careful calculation, and immediately her ruddy little mouth raised a slight smile, and Liu Brows softly said: "Then I will be the Junior Sisters of Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace, thank you in advance. Chief Zhou Yuan is here."
    She is also a smart person, and she knows that Zhou Yuan has given them a lot of benefits from the Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace. Generally speaking, it can be regarded as giving them nearly 40% of the distribution.
    This is a very high share. If Fan Yao is here, it might even give them 20% or even 10%...
    Zhou Yuan smiled, and glanced at Jin Zhang on the side, and both exclaimed. Tang Xiaoyan is a powerful character, seemingly gentle and indisputable, but he can always get the most benefit.
    If it were Zhao Ru to negotiate here, Zhou Yuan felt that he would give up to 30% at most, but facing Tang Xiaoyan, Zhou Yuan could not use the means too much.
    This is undoubtedly Tang Xiaoyan's strength.
    But it’s okay to retreat a little bit, just as a gesture to Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace. In the long run, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will suffer.
    "Since the distribution is done, let's pick them all first." Zhou Yuan said.

    Tang Xiaoyan nodded voluntarily stepped forward, the source qi stream was flowing, kā chā kā chā picked up all the Divine Establishment Rare Treasures above, and then lifted them with Origin Qi and sent them to Zhou Yuan's.
    Zhou Yuan first took two five-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasures and handed them to Jin Zhang and Tang Xiaoyan, and the two of them took them over with unbearable joy.
    "Five-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure..." Jin Zhang complexion rejoices. With this thing, when he breaks through to the Divine Palace Realm, he will be able to open up Five Divine Palaces, which is quite considerable for him. It's rare.
    It can be said that his basic goal of entering Profound Origin Heavenly Cave this time is considered to have been achieved.
    "It seems that following Chief Zhou Yuan, there is indeed meat to eat. In this Profound Origin Heavenly Cave, as long as you don't meet Saint Child, there must be no chief who can compete with Chief Zhou Yuan." Tang Xiaoyan said with a smile, Xiaoxiao Zhou Yuan's flattery.
    Of course, it is actually true. Although Fan Yao is only ranked third in Saint Palace, according to Tang Xiaoyan's guess, with Fan Yao's last state, even facing Saint Palace's first and second chief, I'm afraid All have the power to contend.
    However, Fan Yao in that state was still completely wiped out by Zhou Yuan, and even the corpse was not left... One can imagine how powerful Zhou Yuan had hidden.

    Therefore, as long as you don't meet Saint Child, Zhou Yuan's strength is enough to walk sideways outside of Profound Origin Heavenly Cave.
    Zhou Yuan smiled, and also took out the remaining two five-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasures, and said, "I will accept these two."
    Jin Zhang has no objection to this. With Zhou Yuan's contribution in this battle, one person eats two five-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure, and no one will have an opinion.
    "The rest of these Divine Establishment Rare Treasures are allocated to the disciples who have contributed the most." Zhou Yuan allocated the remaining Divine Establishment Rare Treasures to Jin Zhang and Tang Xiaoyan.
    The two nods took it.
    And when they allocated the Divine Establishment Rare Treasure, they found that the treasure tree that grew in the lake water began to wither at this time, and finally melted quickly, completely integrated into the lake water, and dissipated.
    Obviously, with the departure of Divine Establishment Rare Treasure, the Depot tree also lost all its vitality and could no longer absorb Origin Qi to grow.
    However, as the treasure tree dissipated, Zhou Yuan and the others were aware that the resistance emanating from Six-colored Lake gradually dissipated at this time. In this way, other disciples could obviously enter.
    "The Profound Origin Essence in Six-colored Lake, according to the previous distribution, the two disciples entered into the collection together..." Zhou Yuan said.
    "Chief Zhou Yuan, there are still many forces coveting here." Tang Xiaoyan suddenly whispered.

    Zhou Yuan's gaze is also looking away. As the resistance of Six-colored Lake dissipates, some forces begin to begin to stir. Although he knows that there are two forces here, the temptation of Six-colored Lake is too great. .
    "Do you want to drive them all away?" Jin Zhang asked.
    Zhou Yuan groaned slightly, shook his head, and said, "It's too much trouble. Let a small corner come out in Six-colored Lake and let the various forces distribute it by themselves. How to fight is their business. Whoever interferes with us, Just take it back, I think, they will be happy to maintain order for us."
    Tang Xiaoyan's beautiful eyes are shining, Zhou Yuan's move saves too much trouble. Although their giant sect is not afraid of the consequences of the various parties, once more flies become harassed, it is also very annoying.
    And Zhou Yuan throws out a small piece of pie, it solves the problem cleanly, and can also reap a lot of goodwill, of course, the most important thing is that it can save them too much energy.
    So both of them retreated first and arranged for the disciples of the two cases.
    Standing on the lake, Zhou Yuan looked at the place where the treasure tree had melted in Six-colored Lake, but his eyes were slightly glittering.

    Perhaps in the view of Jin Zhang and Tang Xiaoyan, the treasure tree turned into nothingness because the Divine Establishment Rare Treasure was picked, but the Barrier Breaking Saint Pattern flowing deep in Zhou Yuan's eye pupils made him notice something strange .
    "This Six-colored Lake, is there another mystery?"
    He groaned for a moment, and with a sudden movement of his figure, he swept into this huge Six-colored Lake with a thud.
    Anyway, check it out first.
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