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Chapter Table Of Contents 599 Bottom Of The Lake
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Deep in Six-colored Lake.
    A golden light shadow swept across the water, Zhou Yuan's glanced around. In this Six-colored Lake, the eyes are full of brilliant colors, and make people feel a little be dazzled and stunned.
    However, there is not much life in the lake, and it is even quite cold. It seems that before here, only the Spirit Ghost Python survived here.
    Zhou Yuan's between the eyebrows, Divine Soul vibrated, and Divine Soul perception continued to spread, detecting and passing in the depths of this Six-colored Lake.
    He wanted to detect whether there was anything hidden in Six-colored Lake.
    However, Zhou Yuan did not feel any unusual fluctuations when he probed this way.
    If it weren't for Zhou Yuan's use of Barrier Breaking Saint Pattern before, he felt some slight fluctuations when the treasure tree dissipated, I am afraid he would have noticed it.
    "Is it impossible to detect even Divine Soul perception?" Zhou Yuan's eyes flickered slightly. In that case, he can only rely on the power of Barrier Breaking Saint Pattern.
    "Barrier Breaking Saint Pattern!"
    There was a low drink in his heart, and deep in his pupils, the ancient Saint Pattern suddenly revolved, and the world in front of Zhou Yuan suddenly changed again.
    The brilliant colors fade away, and everything becomes void transformation.
    Zhou Yuan's figure flicked across Six-colored Lake quickly, and his pupils kept scanning past.

    So until a certain moment, his figure slammed, his eyes locked somewhere on the bottom of Six-colored Lake. With Barrier Breaking Saint Pattern, Zhou Yuan finally "sees", in that place, there is a trace of subtlety. Volatility emanates,
    Looking at there, Zhou Yuan's heart suddenly lifted. The bottom of Six-colored Lake is really different!
    But this is too hidden to be perfect. If he doesn't own the Barrier Breaking Saint Pattern, I am afraid that if he turns this Six-colored Lake to the bottom, it will be difficult to find it.
    He was a little curious about what was hidden at the bottom of Six-colored Lake.
    His figure fell on the bottom of the lake, and with a wave of his sleeves, a wave of Origin Qi rolled out and rolled up the silt. However, he found that there was nothing unusual in it, and he was immediately a little stunned.
    Is Barrier Breaking Saint Pattern wrong?
    He frowned, his eyes fixed on there, after such a long time, his eyes flashed suddenly, because he saw the space there, it seemed to fluctuate slightly.
    There was a bewildered look in Zhou Yuan's eyes. Could it be that there is another small space in the bottom of the lake?
    If this is the case, it will be troublesome. It is not easy to break such a small space... Moreover, the movement when it is broken is so great that it will inevitably be discovered by others.

    But Zhou Yuan did not want to expose this secret.
    After all, there are too many people here...Of course, the more important thing is that he is not willing to give this secret to the Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace. After all, he has already made concessions before.
    And when Zhou Yuan's thoughts flashed in his mind, he suddenly raised the head, only to see that there were several ray of light shadows coming through the lake, such as precisely Jin Zhang, Tang Xiaoyan and others.
    "Chief Zhou Yuan, can you perceive anything unusual?" Tang Xiaoyan approached, Meimu glanced at the place previously opened by Zhou Yuan with Origin Qi, and asked.
    Zhou Yuan shook his head calmly, not worrying about what Tang Xiaoyan would find. After all, even he relied on Barrier Breaking Saint Pattern to find out.
    Sure enough, Tang Xiaoyan's beautiful eyes turned towards Zhou Yuan after turning a circle, and said with some regret: "We have also explored everywhere before, and nothing was found."
    Zhou Yuan nodded, said: "With that treasure tree, this treasure land is already a worthwhile trip."
    Tang Xiaoyan is a little embarrassed small head nodded, she is indeed a little greedy.

    "Let’s go, first collect the Profound Origin Essence contained in Six-colored Lake." Zhou Yuan said, and he no longer hesitated to swept across the lake. It seems that the secret of the lake bottom here has to be waited for. After Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace take different roads and urge the horses on, he took another chance to try.
    A group of people swept up the lake again, and at this time the disciples of the two schools had entered, and then distributed according to the area, happy and excited collecting the Profound Origin Essence in Six-colored Lake.
    The Profound Origin Essence here is of extremely high quality, far from comparable to those collected before. If it can be collected, it will obviously be of great help to them to congeal Divine Establishment Rare Treasure.
    After all, although some Divine Establishment Rare Treasure is condensed on the treasure tree, there are still a few that can be directly assigned to Divine Establishment Rare Treasure, so more disciples have to work hard to collect Profound Origin Essence.
    Of course, Zhou Yuan also gave some consideration to these disciples who were not assigned to Divine Establishment Rare Treasure. They will get more quotas when collecting Profound Origin Essence.
    When Zhou Yuan appeared, the disciples of the two schools gave him awe and grateful eyes, especially the young girls at Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace. The beautiful eyes swept around Zhou Yuan boldly, and then Minato together made a low frolic.
    It can be seen that they are extremely interested in Zhou Yuan, who played limelight in this battle.

    "You run to the hook finger now, I'm afraid that many little girls will follow you." A voice came from the side, and Gu Hongyi was holding his arms around his chest and stepping straight on the water with his long legs, pointing towards Zhou. Yuan said with a smile.
    Zhou Yuan hearing this, the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.
    "But you don't have the courage to will be in Yao Yao's ears, you are afraid it will be difficult to explain." Gu Hongyi red lips slightly lifted, teasingly said.
    Zhou Yuan glared at her, and said, "What is difficult to explain? I am afraid of her!"
    "Senior Brother Zhou Yuan..."
    Zhou Yuan behind suddenly heard a sweet and tender voice. He turned his head and saw that a young girl wearing a Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace dress was standing there beautifully. The young girl has delicate features and fair skin. Xue, is a rare little beauty embryo. At this time, she was looking at him with Lingling's big eyes, and said shyly: "Senior Brother Zhou Yuan, I wonder if I can trouble you, point me to collect Profound Origin Essence?"
    With such a delicate appearance of a young girl, any man who wants to come to see her will feel soft.
    However, Zhou Yuan did not hesitate to shook his head, and said in a serious tone: "I had a battle before, and I need to heal my injuries at this time. If Junior Sister needs it, I can introduce my other Blue Profound Sect disciples to you."

    The young girl's face was slightly stiff, and then she shook her head, seemingly disappointed: "Then I shouldn't bother other Senior Brothers."
    After speaking, he trot back.
    Zhou Yuan turned his head and saw Gu Hongyi's look like a smile yet not a smile, immediately coldly snorted and said: "I am really injured and need to adjust my breath!"
    "Hehe, I believe it." Gu Hongyi said with a smile, and then turned away leisurely, but the last look at Zhou Yuan's seemed to be sympathetic and pitiful.
    Zhou Yuan gritted his teeth with hate, but in the end he could only sit down on the surface of the water depressed and mumbled: "What is afraid of Yao Yao?! We respect each other! What do you know!
    He snorted and ignored Gu Hongyi, holding his palm, a fruit that was as bright as a jewel and exuded a five-colored halo appeared in his hand.
    The five-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure precisely assigned to him.
    He held the five-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure and looked around again. Today's Six-colored Lake is full of people and looks extremely lively. At this time, it is impossible to try to break the small space.
    Forget it, let’s refining the five-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure that you have obtained with peace of mind.
    After the Profound Origin Essence here is collected, he will calm down. Then, he will be able to look for opportunities...

    Thinking like this in his heart, Zhou Yuan also abandons distracting thoughts, and gradually closes his eyes. The five-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure in the palm of his palm begins to gush out wisps of five-colored qi stream, following Zhou Yuan's palm, a The steady flow of the influx...
    (One more today.)
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