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Chapter Table Of Contents 611 Holy Child Out
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When Zhao Jing's sturdy body collapsed to the ground, a low voice swayed away. The entire square seemed to trembled at this time. Of course, it trembled with it, as well as the hearts of the countless onlookers.
    All eyes were at this moment with a deep astonishment, looking at Zhao Jing, whose right arm exploded into blood foam, who didn't know the life or death.
    Above the pavilion.
    The Heavenly Ghost Palace Liu Fu chief who was holding a teacup, free and unconstrained waiting for Blue Profound Sect to be ugly, at this time the complexion solidified together, and the horror and fear in his eyes almost could not be concealed.
    kā chā.
    The tea cup in his hand was even more squeezed by the slap.
    "How could it be..." He swallowed, some with difficulty said.
    But at this time, no one upstairs was in the mood to laugh at him, because the chiefs of the other sects were also complexion staring at this scene in shock.
    The scene where Zhou Yuan and Zhao Jing walked past, and then Zhao Jing's right arm burst into blood, it was too shocking.
    Everyone didn't expect, Zhao Jing, who had always had an absolute advantage in the previous battle, was completely defeated by Zhou Yuan just in that instant.

    Then Zhao Jing is not a nameless person, but the chief ranked second in Saint Palace!
    Among all the chiefs of Blue Profound Heaven, this is definitely one of the top five existences!
    The complex gazes of the chiefs cast their eyes on the young figure of Blue Profound Sect. Compared with other chiefs, Zhou Yuan, Saint Origin Peak's chief, seems to be in the seven chiefs of Blue Profound Sect in terms of fame and qualifications. Ranked last in the rankings.
    This has also led to the fact that the chiefs of each case do not pay too much attention to him. Even though they have heard of Zhou Yuan's accomplishments before, they still hold some suspicions.
    But at this time, when the cruel reality was in front of them, they had to put away that frivolous mentality, and replaced it with dignity and the fear of the consequences, and even a trace of fear.
    The youngest chief disciple of Blue Profound Sect has proved everything with his strength.
    The female chief of Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace also let out a long sigh of relief, then looked at Zuoqiu Qingyu on the side and sighed: "Qingyu, your friend, is really too fierce."
    It is indeed too fierce, directly in the most positive posture, forcibly blasting Zhao Jing's arm apart.

    Zuoqiu Qingyu blinked the attractive eyes like a peach blossom. In fact, her heart was not less shocked than others at this time, because although she had confidence in Zhou Yuan, she actually believed that the latter could compete with Zhao Jing. Regardless of top and bottom.
    But in this scene, Zhao Jing was obviously almost beaten to death by Zhou Yuan.
    "This guy, how come he is so much stronger than when I met last time!" She muttered in her heart, and then she looked at the Liu Fu chief of Heavenly Ghost Palace and said, "Huh, no one doubts Zhou Yuan anymore. Right?"
    Liu Fu lowered his head and quietly cleaned up the water stains on his body. He looked a little embarrassed. He didn't dare to accept Zuoqiu Qingyu's words, because he was also shocked by Zhou Yuan's fierceness at this time.
    He doesn't want to get into such troublesome people, so for now, it's better to talk less.
    Seeing his appearance, Zuoqiu Qingyu was also very relieved, and then ignored him, just cast a pair of beautiful eyes on the square that became the slender figure that countless eyes focused on.
    At the railing, Lu Chunjun and Ning Zhan also stared down, and the complexion of the two seemed extremely solemn.
    "A very powerful punch."
    Ning Zhan slowly said: "His fleshly body has been cultivated to a very high level. Even Zhao Jing can't compare to him."

    Their Northern Sea Dragon Suppressing Palace also has a method of fleshly body cultivation, but among the many chiefs of the Northern Sea Dragon Suppressing Palace, no one can reach the level of Zhou Yuan.
    Perhaps it can only be found in Saint Child.
    Although Lu Chunjun couldn't see with his eyes, he could feel the collision of the previous two amazing forces. The stronger one should belong to Zhou Yuan.
    "That punch..."
    Lu Chunjun estimated it in his mind, and finally said slowly: "He walked in front of us again."
    Ning Zhan scratched his head, helplessly said: "It's really a pervert. I originally thought that this meeting would be a shame! But looking like this, even if I fight another game, I can't beat it completely."
    Lu Chunjun's lips moved, and he seemed to smile. He gently stroked the heavy sword he was carrying, and said hoarsely: "It's good to have a goal ahead. He will give me the motivation to chase. "
    "Do you know... In that sword prison cultivation, whenever I can't hold on to it, I think of him."
    Ning Zhan was silent for a while, and said, "Although you are blind, you can't ruin yourself so much, right?"
    A sharp Sword Qi violently shoots from Lu Chunjun's fingertips, like a crescent moon, severely shot at Ning Zhan.

    Ning Zhan hehe smiled and shook his palm. When Origin Qi surged, an earth-yellow Origin Qi dragon head was formed. One bite was to swallow the Sword Qi, and then the Origin Qi vibrated violently, and finally calmed down.
    "Just kidding."
    on the square.
    Tang Muxin, Baili Che and others were also dumbstruck looking at Zhao Jing, who was slowly collapsing. After a long while, they cast their inconceivable gaze on Zhou Yuan who came in front of him.
    "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, your strength has become stronger again!" Tang Muxin took a deep breath and couldn't help sighing.
    They were still puzzled because Zhou Yuan chose to face Zhao Jing head-on. However, at this time, the incomprehension was completely solved... because Zhao Jing, who was extremely violent in their eyes, was in Zhou Yuan. In his eyes, it was just like a paper tiger, which was broken with a poke.
    Other chiefs also have complicated eyes, especially Baili Che, whose complexion is alternately blue and white. He could scold Zhou Yuan as an idiot, but now he knows that it is not Zhou Yuan that is stupid, but that his eyesight is too low.
    Now, Zhou Yuan is much stronger than the last time they played against each other.
    So even if Baili Che is reluctant to admit it, he also knows that Zhou Yuan has completely stepped in front of him...

    Zhou Yuan looked at Tang Muxin and them, but smiled and clasped his fists: "Fortunately, I didn't miss, otherwise we would lose our Blue Profound Sect's face."
    "It's just that we have gone wrong again." Thunder Prison Peak Xie Yan chief slowly said.
    "Since this matter started from me, I naturally need to end it, but I didn't deliberately grab the limelight from Xie Yan Senior Brother." Zhou Yuan laughed.
    Xie Yan, who had always been unsmiling, moved the corners of his mouth, and then shook his head.
    "Be careful, then Huo Tian may be going crazy." Tang Muxin said suddenly.
    Zhou Yuan turned around and cast his gaze in the direction of Saint Palace's not far away. At this time, their chiefs also gradually recovered from the shock caused by the collapse of Zhao Jing.
    The leading Huo Tian, the complexion gloomy was terrifying, he slowly raised the head, and his cold eyes fixed on Zhou Yuan, with a cold voice like a cold wind, resounding in this manor.
    "Okay, what a Blue Profound Sect Saint Origin Peak's chief!"
    "I really missed you, it turns out that you are the one who hides the deepest..."
    "Since you are so good at Blue Profound Sect, I, Saint Palace today, come and learn about it!"
    When the sound fell, the other chief and all the Saint Palace disciples burst out with Origin Qi in their bodies, and their gloomy eyes locked on the Blue Profound Sect side.

    Upon seeing this, Zhou Yuan didn't look like billows, and said: "If you want to fight, then I will naturally follow the Blue Profound Sect to the end."
    He stretched out his palm and waved it gently.
    At the same time, behind the Saint Palace disciple, one after another Origin Qi suddenly rose into the sky, and hundreds of figures rushed to the sky, the leader, precisely Jin Zhang.
    The seven chiefs of Blue Profound Sect also gathered at this time.
    The team that appeared behind caused a slight commotion in Saint Palace. Huo Tian's complexion became more and more ugly. His eyes were fixed on Zhou Yuan. Originally, they had an absolute advantage in the situation here, but it was accompanied by the appearance of the latter. , All this has changed.
    The current situation puts them in an even more embarrassing situation.
    The strength of the two sides is in a balanced state. Once a war starts, heavy losses will inevitably occur. When the time comes, it will be the fisherman's benefit.
    So, under the prying eyes of the countless eyes in the manor, the two sides confronted each other, but obviously no one was willing to really provoke a dispute. For a while, the atmosphere was embarrassing.
    However, this awkward atmosphere did not last, and there was a loud noise between Heaven and Earth.

    The loud sound attracted all eyes, and then the countless people saw that in the distant mountains, the countless and violent Origin Qi Astral Wind was torn apart some gaps, and then there were many imposing manner tyrannical light shadow violently shoots. Out.
    The appearance of those light shadows caused the manor to boil.
    "Every Saint Child came out of it!"
    (One more today.)
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