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Chapter Table Of Contents 637 Trap
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When Zhou Yuan started the Closure, the huge natural barrier deep in the Great Profound Mountain Range, as one after another node began to be breached by various cases, more and more treasure lands appeared, and there were even seven- colored treasure land.
    This situation is also known to all sects. I am afraid that this huge barrier has not been able to support for too long, and the huge opportunity hidden in the deepest part is about to emerge.
    And because of the constant emergence of treasure land, Blue Profound Sect's forces have become busy, constantly dispatching people to seize treasure land. After all, no matter how much treasure land there is, there is no more than the many sects in the Great Profound Mountain Range today. In the case of many monks and not much gruel, if you don't send someone to guard it, it will inevitably attract covetousness.
    In front of the bamboo house on the summit.
    Yao Yao walked slowly, his body was slender and slender, his skin was like snow, and his beautiful jade face made some Blue Profound Sect male disciples who were passing by at this time unable to stop casting their secret glances. But because of her indifferent demeanor, no one dared to talk to her.
    "Yao Yao?" Li Qingchan walked out of the bamboo house at this time. She looked at Yao Yao, but she was slightly startled, and immediately smiled: "Did you complete the mission?"
    In the past few days, Yao Yao has been taking the initiative to accept the mission to defend the treasure land. That kind of initiative is completely different from the previous attitude.

    Yao Yao small head, light up, for Li Qingchan, she also has a lot of good feelings, so on that indifferent and beautiful face, there is also a slight smile.
    "Is there still Six-colored Treasure Land?" Yao Yao asked directly.
    Li Qingchan hearing this, a little surprised said: "You have only come back now, don't you plan to take a break?"
    Yao Yao shook his head.
    Li Qingchan glanced at the direction of Houshan, his ruddy little mouth fluttered lightly, and said: "I said that kid, is it worth your hard work?!"
    Why didn't she know that Yao Yao would complete change from the normal state and actively ask for the treasure land, which was not all for the debt that Zhou Yuan owed.
    But now that boy Zhou Yuan got the baby and went to the Closure cultivation with peace of mind, instead he asked Yao Yao to work hard here to help him pay off his debt!
    Thinking about it this way, Li Qingchan is really embarrassed for Yao Yao. Such a good person, even her heart is moved, but she doesn’t know what charm the boy Zhou Yuan has that can make Yao Yao who cares nothing about other things. I like it very much.
    "Lest he keep saying I cheated him." Yao Yao couldn't help but curl up slightly when he thought of Zhou Yuan's face when he heard a debt.
    Li Qingchan shook his head helplessly, and said, "Although there have been a lot of treasure land recently, other Saint Child have also taken action. Not many are free..."

    She took out a jade slip, infused with Origin Qi, and radiated out to form a map. She checked it for a while, then pointed to a ray of light spot somewhere, and said: "This is a Six- that has only appeared recently. Colored Treasure Land, here is no longer our Blue Profound Sect's range, it is closer to the Heavenly Ghost Palace, but there are also some treasure lands on the Heavenly Ghost Palace, and it seems that no one will pay attention to it for a while."
    "So if you can arrive as soon as possible and get rid of the guardian beasts, you should be able to obtain the Divine Establishment Rare Treasure and retreat smoothly."
    Yao Yao looked at it brightly, remembering the direction and position, and then the small head nodded: "Then be here."
    "Let's go first." She greeted Li Qingchan, then turned and floated away.
    Li Qingchan looked at the beautiful shadow of her quickly leaving, then turned his eyes to the back mountain, and couldn't help muttering again: "This kid Zhou Yuan, where is this blessing?"
    Immediately, she turned to the map in front of her, staring at the light spot there, frowning her eyebrows, and muttering to herself with some confusion.
    "This treasure land, why hasn't there been any news before?"
    Between a barren ridge.
    Yao Yao's figure drop from the sky, falling on the top of a pine tree, her pupil light, looking at a barren mountain not far away, where the precisely Six-colored Treasure Land is located.

    This area is not divided into the range of any sect, because it is relatively barren, so it is a bit surprising that a Six-colored Treasure Land can appear here.
    Yao Yao made a brief observation, and then the tender body floated out and fell straight into the barren mountain.
    Her figure fell, and she walked straight to the mountain.
    However, she didn't take a few steps, Liu Mei frowned, because she felt the earth began to shake, a strange wave emanating from the mountain.
    And under that peculiar fluctuation, Yao Yao found that even Divine Soul seemed to be suppressed in some way.
    Yao Yao lifted the charming face, only to see a ray of light shroud appeared in the sky, covering the barren mountains, and the large underground of the barren mountains began to have green aura rising up.
    That is highly toxic gas.
    Yao Yao stared at this scene blankly. This Six-colored Treasure Land turned out to be a trap.
    Her eyes are slightly glittering, which means she knows that this trap may not have anything to do with Saint Palace. It seems that her recent whereabouts have been secretly observed. This is Saint Palace's intention to make a mistake in the seven-colored treasure land earlier. Revenge to unfold?
    And for this goal, did she choose her?
    Beyond the barren hills.

    On the top of a mountain, two figures flashed out. One of them was wearing a silver robe and the other was a black robe. The whole body was full of powerful Origin Qi waves.
    On their robes, you can see Saint Palace's pattern.
    There are two Saint Palace's Saint Child.
    The silver-robed person is named Lei Jun, and the black-robed person is named Iron Demon.
    Both of them are ranked higher than Chai Ying in Saint Palace Saint Child's ranking.
    At this time, the two of them looked at the barren mountain, and said in a cold voice: "Didn't expect, as Big Senior Brother said, someone from Blue Profound Sect will come here."
    "I'm afraid that Blue Profound Sect's people would never think that this Six-colored Treasure Land is extraordinary. In this mountain, there are soul calming stones that can suppress Divine Soul. Then Zhou Xiaoyao Origin Qi is weak, relying on power of Divine Soul, and is now trapped Among them, Poison Qi is pervasive, and it must not last long."
    "The Poison Qi in there is set by the Jin Chanzi Senior Brother. His Innate poisonous blood, even if it is contaminated by Saint Child, is difficult to purify and difficult to entangle. If Zhou Xiaoyao is infected by Poison Qi, he will undoubtedly die."
    "Then Blue Profound Sect should be aware of it soon? If they send Saint Child to come, the two of us may not be able to withstand it." The Saint Palace Saint Child named Iron Demon frowned.
    "Big Senior Brother will let Blue Profound Sect's Saint Child not be able to intervene." Lei Jun smiled lightly.

    "That's good."
    Iron Demon lightly nods, he looked at the barren mountain, grinning grimly: "It's a pity that these beauties are going to end up like this."
    "Hehe, they really think that my Saint Palace is someone who is easy to deal with. The Blue Profound Sect before has damaged the face of my Saint Palace. If they don’t let them pay some price, others will really treat me as Saint Palace. The strongest sect is fake!"
    "Speaking of which, she is unlucky, she just happened to meet such a mountain of soul-relief."
    "Next, look at the Blue Profound Sect, how to deal with it..."
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