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Chapter Table Of Contents 646 Mysterious Jade
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    The Origin Qi wave from the depths of the Great Profound Mountain Range was quickly noticed by all parties, and when they figured out the source, the entire Great Profound Mountain Range was boiling at this moment.
    All forces are looking eagerly at the depths of the mountains. They all know that the great opportunity in the depths of the mountains should be the last stop of this Profound Origin Heavenly Cave.
    If luck can get an opportunity, it will definitely make them reaching heaven in a single bound.
    Blue Profound Sect base camp.
    Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng and other Saint Children all gathered here, but at this time their eyes still stayed on Zhou Yuan's, because they also knew that Zhou Yuan had killed the two Saint Palace before. News from Saint Child.
    Faced with this shocking news, even they expressed great shock, and they looked at Zhou Yuan's with a deep dignity.
    And disciples like Gu Hongyi and the others, their eyes gleamed even more, each of them looked extremely excited and excited, and their gazes at Zhou Yuan's were full of admiration and awe.
    After all, since they entered the Profound Origin Heavenly Cave, their Blue Profound Sect and Saint Palace have also had a lot of friction, but more often, it was their side who suffered, so the disciples were also holding some sullen in their hearts.

    But at this moment, these stuffiness was swept away with Zhou Yuan's amazing accomplishments.
    At this time, they felt a kind of exuberance.
    It just made them feel a little unbelievable that this amazing accomplishments came from Zhou Yuan. You know, Zhou Yuan at this time is actually just their Saint Origin Peak's chief disciple.
    "Cough..." Chu Qing coughed lightly, pulled everyone's sights back, and smiled: "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan's strength in the Closure this time has improved by leaps and bounds, but it is our Blue Profound Sect's blessing."
    "But everyone should not underestimate Saint Palace because of this. Now that the last big opportunity is present, they will inevitably compete for full power and will no longer have the slightest reservation."
    Everyone hearing this is a complexion nodded. Although they hate Saint Palace extremely, they have to admit that Saint Palace like the sun at noon now has an ever-increasing strength. If you underestimate them, it’s just follow the path to one's. own doom.
    "Next, we are also going to leave and go directly to the depths of the mountains to see what the so-called big opportunity is!" Chu Qing raised his eye-catching eyes, looked at the depths of the mountain, and faced the big opportunity. In this world, even his lazy temperament has given birth to a little curiosity.
    Others hearing this, their eyes gradually heated up.

    The Blue Profound Sect's disciples were ready soon, and then led by Chu Qing, Kong Sheng, and Li Qingchan, hiding the sky and covering the earth, and finally drove Origin Qi, quickly facing the deep mountain range. Swept away.
    At the same time, there were waves of violently shoots everywhere in the Great Profound Mountain Range, coming from all directions, rushing to the depths of the mountain.
    The entire Great Profound Mountain Range became popular at this time.
    When Blue Profound Sect rushed to the depths of the Great Profound Mountain Range, it was able to meet many other forces. When the latter saw the mighty forces of Blue Profound Sect, they all chose to avoid them, and then many curious eyes were on After a glance, he finally stopped at Zhou Yuan's body.
    "I heard that Zhou Yuan previously beheaded the two Saint Children of Saint Palace!"
    "Huh? Impossible?"
    "Hey, Saint Palace designed to ambush the Blue Profound Sect's Zhou Xiaoyao. Zhou Yuan has a close relationship with him, so he made a big move. Saint Child, Iron Demon and Lei Jun, at Saint Palace, failed to get out."
    "Hey, this is too fierce, right? With one enemy and two, you can kill all the opponents?!"
    "Didn't expect Blue Profound Sect, apart from Chu Qing, Kong Sheng, and Li Qingchan, there are such cruel people!"

    All kinds of murmurs spread among the sects, and those who cast their sights on Zhou Yuan's, even Saint Child of other sects, have the meaning of "afraid of the consequences" in their eyes.
    Obviously, after this war, Zhou Yuan is completely famous.
    But for those eyes, Zhou Yuan is unheard of, because in his opinion, killing the two Saint Child ranked in the middle of Saint Palace is not a great skill.
    If he can, he hopes to behead that Saint Palace's Jin Chanzi.
    Poison Qi in the previous Soul Suppressing Mountain was said to have been arranged by Jin Chanzi. This is considered a grudge, and before entering the Great Profound Mountain Range, Jin Chanzi would attack and kill him, if not at his time. With the Dragon Saliva True Water bodyguard, it would really be a sneak attack by this guy, so this is another grudge.
    Zhou Yuan's character has always been clear about grievances and grievances. Since this Jin Chanzi has repeatedly shot, then this time, Zhou Yuan will cut his hand to life!
    And when Zhou Yuan's heart was turning, he suddenly felt a countless shocking uproar between Heaven and Earth, and the surrounding Blue Profound Sect Saint Child also screamed in exclamation.
    This made his heart jump, knowing that the highlight was finally here.

    So he raised the head, only to see that in the deepest part of the mountain, a towering ancient Boss mountain stood quietly, and the Origin Qi wave that caused the entire Great Profound Mountain Range boiling was caused by this.
    Zhou Yuan's gaze was staring at the top of this ancient Boss Mountain. Although it was covered by clouds and mist, it could not hide Zhou Yuan's sharp gaze.
    The top of the ancient mountain is full of brilliance.
    The shape of the ancient mountain is a bit like a huge stone tablet. At the highest point, there are seven giant peaks, one peak is higher than the other, majestic.
    And on the top of the peak, jade light blooms, and on each peak, there is an ancient jade wall, which stands quietly, blooming with monstrous jade light, mysterious and unfathomable.
    Among the jade bi, if you look closely, you can vaguely see some radiance hidden in it, as if something is gestating.
    Those radiances sometimes show a circle of brilliance.
    The most brilliance, even reached eight colors.
    When the Saint Child of each sect noticed the eight-color radiance, suddenly there was the sound of countless air-conditioning up here, down there.
    Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan and the others were also shocked. After a long while, they looked at each other and said a little gaffe: "What is in the jade?"

    Chu Qing touched his bare head, exclaimed: "Didn't you all guessed it..."
    Zhou Yuan on the side also couldn't help licking his lips. His eyes were also frozen on the mysterious jade bib, and he couldn't remove his eyes at all, because he also knew exactly what the colorful radiance meant... .
    That means that in that mysterious jade bi, there is an eight-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure, a wonderful item that only exists in the legend!
    The great opportunity in the depths of the Great Profound Mountain Range is indeed live up to expectations!
    I just don't know, what kind of bloody rain and foul winds will be experienced before I want to reach that jade bi.
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