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Chapter Table Of Contents 668 The Results Are Shocking
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Above the turbulent sea, there are many figures with formidable Origin Qi fluctuations all over the body, stove high up in the sky, and the majestic Origin Qi whistling, causing the space to appear distorted.
    The waves outside are surging to the sky, but on their surface, it is as calm as a pool of stagnant water.
    On a ark, Peak Lord Lianyi wearing a palace-dress sits quietly in a slender posture. At this moment, she is looking at the void in front of her with bright eyes, and there is a nervous look in the depths of her eyes.
    She knew that after months of fighting, the Profound Origin Heavenly Cave this time was about to come to an end, and right now, disciples of various sects would come out one after another.
    I just don't know, how did Blue Profound Sect gain this time? How are the casualties?
    Peak Lord Lianyi knew that every time the Profound Origin Heavenly Cave was opened, their Blue Profound Sect had a Saint Child die. The worst of them was nearly half of the top ten Saint Child die. The chief of each peak also suffered heavy casualties.
    And for this result, Saint Palace is criminal ringleader, main offender.
    This time, the Saint Palace’s disciples’ overall strength is still stronger than their Blue Profound Sect. With their grievances, they will inevitably fight in it. So Peak Lord Lianyi doesn’t know that the Blue Profound Sect’s disciples will again What is the price?
    "The Saint Palace of deserves death!"
    Peak Lord Lianyi clenched his silver teeth, this Saint Palace was really hateful to pinnacle.

    "Haha, Peak Lord Lianyi, this One's ears are not deaf yet, do you need such publicly insulting?" When Peak Lord Lianyi's voice fell, a faint laughter came from the sky.
    Peak Lord Lianyi looked at it coldly, and in the void not far away, there stood a mountain like Origin Qi. On the top of the mountain, a figure sat cross-legged, exuding terrifying pressure.
    Precisely Saint Palace's four Hall Master, Qin Ling.
    "What about scolding?" Peak Lord Lianyi sneered.
    Then Qin Ling smiled faintly, and said: "Peak Lord Lianyi will only take advantage of his tongue, but you are so angry now. Later, if you see your Blue Profound Sect and those ruined army, defeated general come out, wouldn’t it be true? Blow up your own energy?"
    Peak Lord Lianyi coldly said: "Maybe it was your Saint Palace who died so few people were left."
    Qin Ling curled the corners of her mouth slightly and said mockingly: "Do you believe this Peak Lord Lianyi?
    Peak Lord Lianyi's eyes are cold, but she didn't say anything, because she knew it was just her angry words. The Saint Palace disciples are powerful, and they are led by Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing, Jin Chanzi and the three Saint Child, Blue Profound Sect. Although it is not weak here, it is still weaker than the other side.

    Qin Ling saw that Peak Lord Lianyi did not speak, and the ridicule on the corners of his mouth was even worse. The anger of the loser was the most ridiculous. When the result appeared, he really wanted to see how much Peak Lord Lianyi's face would be. Ugly?
    Over the years, every time the Profound Origin Heavenly Cave has ended, it has become a pleasure for the Hall Masters of Saint Palace to appreciate the ugly complexion of Blue Profound Sect.
    Most of the other senior officials shook their heads secretly, and then took a sympathetic look at Peak Lord Lianyi. From past experience, Blue Profound Sect has not turned over from Saint Palace's for many years. If I want to come this time, I don’t. No exception...
    Thinking about it is also booing. The first case of Blue Profound Heaven was once, but now it was overwhelmed by Saint Palace.
    And just as the thoughts surging in the hearts of the high-levels of all parties, this piece of Heaven and Earth suddenly burst into chaotic spatial fluctuations, the space began to twist, and then torn open one after another channel.
    The high-level leaders of all parties hurriedly waited. These disciples are all the elites carefully cultivated in their sect. If they suffer too much here, it will also be a great loss to their sect.
    Under the tense gaze of high-level officials from all sides, one after another space channel continued to appear, and finally there was a countless ray of light shadow from which violently shoots out.
    The entire sea surface became noisy and boiling at this time.

    Peak Lord Lianyi's eyes were staring at a spatial channel not far away, and she was able to sense the Origin Qi fluctuations of some Blue Profound Sect disciples from it.
    Shuā! Shuā!
    Under her tight gaze, the space channel there suddenly shook, and then a ray of light swiftly shot out.
    "Chu Qing, Qingchan, Kong Sheng, Ye Ge, Zhou Yuan..."
    As soon as those light shadows came out of the spatial passage, they were clearly discerned by Peak Lord Lianyi. She quickly swept across them, and the beautiful cheeks suddenly appeared with joy.
    Because she found that the top ten Saint Child and chief of Blue Profound Sect's were all there, and there was no damage.
    "How is it possible?" But then, she was stunned by this result, because these years, their Blue Profound Sect's disciples entered the Profound Origin Heavenly Cave, and Saint Child hadn't appeared yet, and the chief didn't die once.
    At this moment, even Peak Lord Lianyi wondered if she had read it wrong, so she scanned it again, and finally put the big stone in her heart completely down.
    "Hehe, your Blue Profound Sect's disciples are hiding in the outer area and haven't gotten deep into the Profound Origin Heavenly Cave?" Not far away, the Qin Ling Hall Master also discovered the situation here, and immediately sneered.

    He also knows very well that every time in Profound Origin Heavenly Cave, even their Saint Palace, they will appear Saint Child's death, and now, on the Blue Profound Sect side, are all the members safe?
    Is Profound Origin Heavenly Cave really going to play? !
    The only possibility is that the root of Blue Profound Sect didn't go deep, but it was spinning around!
    Peak Lord Lianyi frowned slightly.
    At this time, the high-levels of other forces also projected their eyes. If things are as Qin Ling said, then this time, Blue Profound Sect will become a big joke.
    At this time, many Blue Profound Sect disciples who came out were also aware of this scene, and immediately looked a little strange.
    Li Qingchan was the first to walk out. Meimu looked at Peak Lord Lianyi, clasped his fist and said: "Take Peak Lord, this trip to the Profound Origin Heavenly Cave, I won the eight-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure three ways, seven-colored Divine Establishment. There are dozens of Rare Treasure, and the rest of the level Divine Establishment Rare Treasure their number cannot be counted."
    As soon as this statement was made, the originally noisy sky suddenly fell silent.
    Those high-level officials from all sects are all shocked, the eight-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure three ways? ! In the past Profound Origin Heavenly Cave, sometimes it was difficult for even one to appear, but this time, Blue Profound Sect actually got three? !
    At this time, who would dare to say that the Blue Profound Sect disciples just walked around the periphery? !

    Qin Ling is also complexion slightly changed, and immediately gloomy said sinkingly: "It's ridiculous, really eight-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure is a roadside product? Do you say three things?!"
    Peak Lord Lianyi is also amazed by the beauty of her eyes. If Li Qingchan can say three seven-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure, she can really believe it, but can she have three eight-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasure? Is it too inconceivable?
    Li Qingchan charming face calmly continued: "In terms of killing the enemy, I killed Saint Palace Saint Child Lei Jun, Iron Demon, Jin Chanzi, and heavy injury Zhan Taiqing by Blue Profound Sect."
    If the previous words were a thunderstorm, then Li Qingchan's words were like a volcanic eruption, heaven shaking the ground, and even the high-ranking sects present were unable to bear it, with a horrified expression on their faces.
    Then Lei Jun and Iron Demon are not unknown people in Saint Palace Saint Child. Of course, they are the most shocked by Jin Chanzi and Zhan Taiqing, these two are among the three Saint Child of Saint Palace!
    But now, it turned out to be one dead and one injured? !
    Qin Ling suddenly got up, staring at Li Qingchan with gloomy eyes, coldly said: "Little girl, ranting, it is ridiculous. I have more Saint Palace Saint Child than you, and stronger than you. Your Blue Profound Sect Saint Child is not dead. How dare you say that even Jin Chanzi was beheaded at my Saint Palace? Zhan Taiqing was heavily injured?"
    "Why are you? Did you kill with your mouth?"

    He looked at Peak Lord Lianyi sternly and said with a sneer: "Do the disciples taught by your Blue Profound Sect now only know this kind of low-level lies?"
    "What's the matter with you?!" Peak Lord Lianyi looked beautiful and graceful, but his temper was quite hot and he blocked it directly.
    After that, she frowned slightly, looked at Li Qingchan, hesitated slightly, and said, "Qingchan, is what you said is true?"
    Li Qingchan's beautiful eyes looked at Zhou Yuan. The latter smiled and patted the universe bag on his waist with his palm. The next moment, many light balls rose up and surrounded him. In it, there were two radiance balls, exuding eight-colored brilliance, dazzling.
    At this moment, the sky was silent, even Qin Ling's eyes were uncertain, crazy glittering.
    "This time, in Profound Origin Heavenly Cave, there are so many eight-colored Divine Establishment Rare Treasures? Huh, forget it, I don’t bother to talk nonsense with them. Waiting for Jiang Taishen and the others to come out will naturally make their lies self-defeating. "Qin Ling gritted her teeth, but deep in one's heart, feeling a little uneasy.
    But at this moment, another spatial channel split, Qin Ling's spirit suddenly lifted, from which he sensed the Origin Qi fluctuations of the Saint Palace disciple.

    The high-level officials of other sects also cast their gazes at this time. The things Li Qingchan said before are true or false. When the Saint Palace disciples come out, they will naturally have accurate results.
    Shuā! Shuā!
    And under the gaze of those many gazes, a ray of light shadow shot out sharply in the space channel at this time.
    In just a few breaths, Saint Palace disciples appeared.
    Qin Ling's gaze swept away for the first time. In the next instant, his complexion gradually became gloomy, because he found that the imposing manners of these Saint Palace disciples who appeared were extremely sluggish and demoralized.
    And most importantly, he did not see Jin Chanzi, Lei Jun, Iron Demon, etc. from the Saint Palace's disciple team...
    Between Heaven and Earth, the other high-level sects were naturally aware of this situation, and immediately complexion couldn't help but became a little moved. When they looked at each other, they couldn't hide the vibration in their eyes.
    Looking at it this way, what Li Qingchan said turned out to be true!
    In this Profound Origin Heavenly Cave, Blue Profound Sect actually defeated Saint Palace! !
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