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Chapter Table Of Contents 681 Shadow Fairy And Sword Maru
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Snow Lotus Peak.
    Li Qingchan stared at the young figure in front of him, then his beautiful eyes dropped slightly, and he whispered softly: "My Snow Lotus Peak technique, called "Shadow Immortal Technique", is a first-class concealed movement technique. It is good at assassination. If you miss it, you will retreat thousands of miles, no one can chase."
    Zhou Yuan's eyes were a little surprised. Obviously he didn't expect. The Origin Technique that Li Qingchan is best at turned out to be an assassination. He had never seen it perform this Origin Technique.
    "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, if you can find out where I am, you will win this game."
    Li Qingchan's red lips slightly opened. The next moment, she sits on the azure stone, and she swayed slightly, which is like a demon disappearing out of thin air.
    Zhou Yuan's gaze narrowed, because the moment Li Qingchan disappeared, he couldn't even notice how the latter disappeared.
    On the top of the peak at this time, there are sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces, there are giant pine winding and stretching, the rocks protruding, and the continuous shadows are reflected on the ground, silent.
    But in this silence, there seems to be a killing intent hidden.
    Zhou Yuan frowned slightly, because in his perception, on the top of the peak at this time, he was the only person whose Origin Qi fluctuated. If he hadn’t known the special situation at this time, I’m afraid Zhou Yuan would really think that Li Qingchan would directly Quietly left the summit, leaving him here alone.

    The vigorous Origin Qi whizzed out from Zhou Yuan's body, and then spread out, sensing many subtle movements.
    But after a while, Zhou Yuan still did not find any trace of Li Qingchan.
    He pondered slightly, the power of Divine Soul between the eyebrows also spread, searching inch by inch.
    After a while, Zhou Yuan discovered that even Divine Soul could not detect Li Qingchan's trace. This made his heart start to surprise. The concealment of the Shadow Immortal Technique is so formidable?
    "Sure enough, Blue Profound Seven Techniques are all extraordinary."
    Zhou Yuan sighed in his heart, and then his eyes closed slightly. The next moment, when he opened again, the ancient Saint Pattern quietly circulated in the depths of the eyes.
    Barrier Breaking Saint Pattern!
    When the Barrier Breaking Saint Pattern appeared, the Heaven and Earth in front of Zhou Yuan suddenly changed. Even the subtle flow of Heaven and Earth Origin Qi can be clearly seen with the naked eye.
    All obstacles are seen through by him.
    "Since it is the Shadow Immortal Technique, then shadow is naturally the medium."
    Zhou Yuan's stared sharply at the diffuse shadows on the top of the peak. As far as his vision was, even the shadow could not be hidden.
    However, after Zhou Yuan watched all the shadows on the summit, there was still no result. This time, Zhou Yuan's complexion finally changed slightly.

    "How is it possible?! Can't even find the Barrier Breaking Saint Pattern?"
    Immediately he shook his head secretly. He didn't believe that even the Barrier Breaking Saint Pattern could not be found. Otherwise, the Shadow Immortal Technique would definitely be more than the high rank Heaven Origin Technique...
    "But the shadow on the top of the mountain has been explored by me..."
    Thinking of this, Zhou Yuan's eye pupils suddenly shrank, and then he slowly lowered his head, looking at the shadow under his feet. At this moment, in the depths of his pupils, the ancient Saint Pattern flowed directly in his shadow. , Found an unusual trace.
    "It turned out to be hiding in my shadow!"
    There was a wave in Zhou Yuan's heart, but he didn't move slowly, his feet stomped suddenly, and the majestic Origin Qi shook away directly at the shadow where he was severely.
    At the same time, he stretched out his palm and grabbed the shadow somewhere.
    The palm of his hand seemed to plunge into the void, and when he pulled it out again, a piece of white jade-like wrist appeared out of thin air, and then, a beautiful figure appeared in front of Zhou Yuan's.
    That beautiful shadow is naturally Li Qingchan.
    At this time, her charming face was also full of consternation, and she even ignored Zhou Yuan's grasping the palm of her bright wrist, a pair of bright eyes and suspicious looks at Zhou Yuan, obviously didn't expect the latter to do this. Quickly crack her Shadow Immortal Technique.

    "How did you do it?" Li Qingchan couldn't help asking.
    Zhou Yuan smiled apologetically and said, "Senior Sister Qingchan, I am offended."
    He released his palm.
    Li Qingchan saw a circle of marks on Zhou Yuan's slender wrist. White teeth bit his red lips. Then Zhou Yuan took a deep look and threw out a jade slip.
    "You won," she said.
    Zhou Yuan caught the jade slip and played with it in his hand. In his heart, he became very interested in this Shadow Immortal Technique. Compared with the Void Transformation Technique, I don’t know how tyrannical the Shadow Immortal Technique is. If it succeeds, it will be an extremely formidable life-saving technique.
    Even if you encounter a strong enemy, you can hide and escape with the help of shadow.
    And the enemy wants to detect it, it should take some time, after all, even he is forced to use Barrier Breaking Saint Pattern to discover where Li Qingchan's hiding is.
    "You let me win." Zhou Yuan clasped his fists and smiled, then without stopping, he turned and slashed towards Sword Peak in Li Qingchan's slightly complicated pupil light.
    Between Heaven and Earth, the countless Blue Profound Sect disciples watched Sword Peak's Zhou Yuan and couldn’t help but slap their tongues secretly. In less than a Shi-Chen (two hours) time, Zhou Yuan was losing streak. The Four Peaks, gather the art of the Four Peaks in one hand.

    Now Zhou Yuan's skill has reached the five skills, and it is even with Chu Qing. If he wins next, then he will be the first person to achieve the six skills in a century.
    "Next, I will watch Sword Peak Senior Brother Kong Sheng's."
    Sword Peak.
    Kong Sheng bears behind with one hand, his face is plain, one hand stretched out, and at this moment, in his palm, there is a round azure Sword Pellet quietly floating.
    The Sword Pellet is round in color, just like made by azure jade.
    "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan must have seen the Demon Sweeping Sword Pellet Technique performed by Baili Che at the original pond festival. However, his Sword Pellet was only formed with great effort, and it was difficult to exert a bit of mighty energy."
    "Today, if Junior Brother Zhou Yuan can take me a sword, I will offer Sword Peak's Demon Sweeping Sword Pellet Technique." Kong Sheng rests his hands on Sword Pellet, his eyes are as sharp as a sword edge, and his imposing manner is amazing.
    Zhou Yuan squinted his eyes slightly: "Please."
    Kong Sheng waved his sleeves, and the Sword Pellet in his hand slowly rose. I saw the majestic Sword Qi whizzing out from it. Those Sword Qi condensed outside of the Sword Pellet, and the sword light took shape, forming a three-handed sword. The azure sword shadow around the ruler.
    The azure sword shadow is formed, and the void is slightly trembling, and it seems that some traces have been torn apart by Sword Qi.

    The ground around it had already been torn apart by countless sword marks under the whistling of Sword Qi.
    Kong Sheng stared at the azure sword shadow and flicked his fingers.
    The sword cry sounded through Heaven and Earth. At that moment, the azure light passed by, as if piercing through the void, pointing directly at Zhou Yuan.
    Zhou Yuan's eyes condensed slightly, and with a wave of his sleeves, a golden Origin Qi puppet roared out, like a golden flood dragon, carrying a fierce force, directly colliding with the azure sword light together.
    pēng pēng!
    The two collided, but the azure sword light shook between the vibrations, and it cut the Origin Qi training apart.
    Between Heaven and Earth, those Sword Peak disciples burst into cheers. This is the first time Zhou Yuan's attack has been blocked since the start of the Holy War today.
    Zhou Yuan looked at the azure sword light that slashed his Origin Qi training, his eyes flickered, but he still didn't choose to dodge, but his five fingers slowly stretched out.
    The Heaven Primal Brush in Qi Palace shook slightly, and snow-white brush bristles emerged from Zhou Yuan's palm, and finally condensed, like a snow-white glove, covering his palm.
    sword light whizzed.
    The ground was torn.
    "Origin Break!"
    There was a low voice in Zhou Yuan's heart.

    The snow-white fist instantly turned into jet black color.
    The Origin Qi in the body, at this moment, to hold nothing back erupted, and the fleshly body was also boiling along with it. Zhou Yuan's eyes were sharp, and he stuck out his palm. It was directly in the sight of the countless horror The azure sword light that came by violently plundering was caught in the hand.
    The violent Sword Qi exploded at this time, and the surrounding boulders were instantly torn into powder.
    Countless looked at the place full of smoke and dust, and saw Zhou Yuan's figure appear when the smoke and dust dissipated. He seemed to step back a few steps, but the azure sword light disappeared out of thin air at this time.
    "Where is Sword Pellet?" Sword Peak's disciple said in surprise.
    On the peak, Zhou Yuan sighed deeply. He stared at Kong Sheng in front of him. The glove made by the pitch-black brush bristles opened slowly, only to see an azure Sword Pellet in his palm. , Lie in it quietly.
    The black brush bristles disappeared quickly, and Zhou Yuan's exposed palm showed some sword marks, but these sword marks quickly healed under Zhou Yuan's tyrannical fleshly body.
    Between Heaven and Earth, countless disciples dumbstruck, especially those of Sword Peak's disciples, were shocked.
    Zhou Yuan forcibly grabbed Kong Sheng's Sword Pellet in his hands.

    In front of the many disciples of Sword Peak, Zhao Zhu and chief Baili Che looked at each other, and they all saw the bitterness in each other's eyes. Zhou Yuan's ability to break open the sword light with his bare hands and grab Sword Pellet was enough to prove how terrifying his current strength is. .
    They once felt that even being a chief has a lot of water as a newcomer, but now they have truly surpassed them.
    But this time, they were convinced.
    On the peak, Zhou Yuan released Sword Pellet. Sword Pellet shot backwards and was swallowed in his belly by Kong Sheng. At this time, his complexion was also a bit complicated. He was silent for a moment without saying anything, but just ejected the jade slip.
    "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, you won."
    "Go, as long as you defeat the last Chu Qing, then you will create a legend. Since the establishment of Blue Profound Sect, there has not been a disciple yet. I really rely on the Holy War to gather the seven arts..."
    Zhou Yuan took the jade slip, nodded, and then under the gaze of the countless eyes, raised the head, looking at the only remaining giant peak in the distance.
    On that peak, there was a figure sitting cross-legged, staring at him.
    The eyes of the two people met, and they all became solemn.
    And all the disciples of Blue Profound Sect also watched this scene with bated breath...
    One is the strongest disciple of Blue Profound Sect in the past...

    One is the strongest disciple of Blue Profound Sect now...
    Today's highly anticipated holy war has finally ushered in the final highlight.
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