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Chapter Table Of Contents 711 Wu Yao
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Many years ago, King Wu usurped Zhou and Great Zhou collapsed.
    Zhou Qing, the king of Great Zhou, led the remnants to retreat steadily, and was finally forced into the desolate and remote northern region. Since then, the Great Zhou Dynasty that once powerfully shocked the Boundless Continent broke down. King Wu founded the Great Wu Dynasty and replaced it as Boundless. The top dynasty on Continent.
    King Wu designed and captured the Great Zhou Crown Prince Zhou Yuan's “Saint Dragon Destiny” and poured it into the male and female twin babies born in King Wu's Wife on the same day of the same month. Therefore, the Great Wu Dynasty was protected by the “Dragon Phoenix Qi Yun” to suppress it. National Destiny.
    In these years, Great Wu National Destiny has flourished, such as the Huanghuang Sun standing on this Boundless Continent, the nations come to pay tribute, and the weather has become a reality.
    Great Wu Royal Palace, Houyuan.
    In a clearing, several sturdy bodyguards surrounded a little boy in a bright yellow shirt. The little boy stood with his hands. The arrogance in the eyes seemed to radiate from his bones, just like the king of Innate.
    And the surrounding guards, glare like a tiger watching his prey, rushed out violently after a while, fists and feet broke the wind, and afterimage slammed at the little boy fiercely.
    Seeing everyone attacking, a smile appeared on the corner of the little boy's mouth, with a hint of fierceness in his smile.

    Not only did he not retreat, but instead shot straight out, rushing directly into the offensive, only to see a faint Origin Qi surge on his small fist. The seemingly small fist contained something. Heavy force.
    boom! boom!
    Whenever his fist fell on the body of a guard, the latter shook his body, his chest seemed to collapse, and a mouthful of blood mist sprayed out.
    The little boy acted ruthlessly and mercilessly. When his figure passed through, the several guards all flew out, rolling all over the ground, covered in blood.
    This result seems to be somewhat unexpected.
    "Haha, okay, it's my Wu Family dragon!" When the battle fell, there was a loud laugh from the stone steps on the side, and the surrounding guards and court ladies hurriedly knelt down.
    I saw there, a tall middle-aged man with a smile on his face, his appearance was firm, his brows were full of majesty, and a sense of oppression radiated from his body, making people trembling with fear.
    Surprisingly, it is your Majesty Great Wu Dynasty's King Wu now.
    The little boy he can call the dragon of Wu Family is naturally Great Wu Dynasty's Crown Prince - Wu Huang.

    Next to King Wu, an old man in black smiled and said: "Crown Prince Your Highness is really a wizard of heaven. He just got involved in cultivation two years ago, but now he has opened Seven Veins. Such a speed is truly unpredictable. Shuo Jin."
    King Wu smiled nodded, and looked at Wu Huang's eyes with satisfaction. With such a dragon, he is the Great Wu Dynasty, so why not be prosperous.
    While smiling, when he looked in the other direction of Hou Yuan, his brow wrinkled uncontrollably.
    I saw that in the garden, a little girl in a small skirt was sitting cross-legged, in her arms, she seemed to be holding a bird with a broken leg, she was wrapping the bird in a cautious and solemn Injured the leg.
    Although the little girl is still young, her small face already shows the contours of a peerless beauty, her fair skin, like white jade, glowing in the sun.
    The little girl's name is Wu Yao, and she is also this Great Wu Dynasty's little princess.
    King Wu looked at Wu Yao, frowning. Originally, he had high hopes for Wu Yao. After all, the Great Zhou Crown Prince Zhou Yuan's Saint Dragon Destiny was swallowed by Wu Huang and Wu Yao.
    But now in the past few years, Wu Huang has completely awakened the Saint Dragon Destiny and turned it into his own. He started cultivation two years ago and his speed has increased by leaps and bounds. Now he has opened Seven Veins.

    On the other hand, Wu Yao didn't move. There was no difference from the Saint Dragon Destiny that had been swallowed. Even the cultivation was quite slow, just like ordinary people.
    Obviously, she did not awaken Saint Dragon Destiny in her body.
    This made King Wu, who had high hopes for her, looked extremely disappointed.
    "Could it be that Wu Yao's body is not suitable for Saint Dragon Qi?" King Wu's eyes were slightly glittering.
    He was silent for a moment, and slowly said: "Tomorrow Wu Huang and Wu Yao will both be eight years old..."
    "Go and ask people to prepare for tomorrow's baptism. I hope that this time, Wu Yao can awaken Saint Dragon Destiny in her body and start cultivation. Otherwise, Saint Dragon Destiny would be too wasteful for her."
    King Wu's face has no expression, it seems a bit cold, indifferently said: "If she is really not suitable, then find a way to deprive her of Saint Dragon Destiny, and infuse it into Wu Huang."
    "Only in this way can Wu Huang be able to fully display Saint Dragon Destiny and protect my Great Wu, which will last for thousands of years."
    The black-clothed old man on the side was hearing this, suddenly startled, and said in a low voice: "Your Majesty, if you deprive the little princess of Saint Dragon Qi, I'm afraid it will seriously hurt her vitality, and you may not be able to cultivation in the future. "

    King Wu was silent for a moment, then glanced at him indifferently, and said: "Even if I can't cultivation, she is still my Great Wu's princess. This King will not treat her badly. She is a royal daughter. She is superior since she was a child, so she should naturally be Great Wu do something."
    The black-clothed old man was silent, looked at the little girl in the garden, and sighed in his heart. No one knows the whole Great Wu, this little princess Your Highness is weak and kind in heart. It is a pity that in the royal family, kindness is scary. It is the least needed.
    Hope that tomorrow, the little princess Your Highness can awaken Saint Dragon Destiny in her body.
    While they were talking, Wu Yao in the flowers held the little bird that was entangled in the wounded leg with cutious and solemn hands, with an innocent smile on his small face.
    "Hey, this bird is dying, what else can I do to save it? Let me roast it and eat it!" But at this moment, a voice suddenly rang out, and then there was a palm stretched out. Grab the bird in Wu Yao's hand.
    Wu Yao turn pale with fright, hurriedly guarding the little bird in his arms.
    The palm of his hand slapped Wu Yao's arm, the strength was not small, and she suddenly fell to the ground, a painful look appeared on her small face, and a bruise appeared directly on that arm.
    "Wu Huang, you!" She angrily looked at the little boy in front of him, precisely Wu Huang.

    Wu Huang licked his mouth, stretched out his hand to grab it, and said, "It's just a bird, give it to me."
    At the same time, he suddenly said angrily: "Where are these things worthy of your care and protection?"
    He stared at the panicked bird in Wu Yao's arms, and his heart became more and more angry for some reason, and there was even a hint of killing intent for the innocent bird in his eyes.
    An insignificant little bastard, is it worthy of her caring?
    Even when facing him, she didn't care so much, did she?
    An indescribable jealousy rose in his heart.
    Facing Wu Huang's pull, Wu Yao defended him desperately, but Wu Huang was so strong that tears of anger were circling in the narrow eyes.
    "Wu Huang!"
    But fortunately, a stern woman shouted at this moment.
    I saw a woman with a palace-dress and phoenix crown walking quickly, surrounded by a group of palace ladies. The woman was thin, with extremely pale and weak cheeks. She was supported by the palace ladies and glared at Wu Huang, saying: "Don't bully Wu Yao! "
    Wu Huang could only hum his hand back, clasp his fist and said, "Royal Mother."
    Wu Yao quickly got up, hid behind the palace-dress phoenix crown woman, and said aggrieved: "Royal Mother."
    This phoenix-crowned woman, precisely now the Queen of Great Wu's, is also the mother of Wu Yao and Wu Huang's.

    The queen pamperedly touched Wu Yao's head, then looked at Wu Huang and said in a deep voice: "Didn't you tell you that you are not allowed to bully Wu Yao with your strength? Hurry up and apologize to her."
    Wu Huang hearing this, raised her head immediately, and said dissatisfied: "She is too weak."
    "You!" the queen glared.
    "Hehe, okay, okay, it's just kidding, queen, why take it seriously." There was a laughter from behind, and King Wu strode forward and smiled at the queen.
    "It's you, don't you run around if you are in poor health, take a good rest."
    Seeing King Wu sheltering Wu Huang like this, the queen also smiled helplessly, coughing violently, and she felt a wave of weakness emanating from her body. This was how King Wu used the means to make her forcibly born. The repercussions left over by the delay for three years.
    King Wu patted Wu Huang's shoulder, then looked at Wu Yao who was hiding behind the queen, smiled slightly, and said: "Wu Yao, tomorrow is your eight-year-old baptism. This time, you must awaken Saint in your body. Dragon Destiny, you must never fail again, you know?"
    His voice was quite harsh, causing Wu Yao to tremble slightly.
    After King Wu finished speaking, he stopped staying, pulled Wu Huang around and turned away, and did not look at Wu Yao again.

    The queen looked at Wu Wang Li's going figure, again with a violent cough, and the court ladies beside her also hurriedly supported.
    "Royal Mother, are you okay?" Wu Yao pulled the queen's robe, his little face full of worry.
    The queen smiled lovingly at her, knelt down, touched her little face, sighed, and said: "Yao'er, tomorrow's baptism, you can succeed, otherwise, what can you do in the future?"
    As a husband and wife, she knows King Wu too well. As a utilitarian person, he can do anything for Great Wu.
    Back then, he racked one's brains for schemes and only then took the Saint Dragon Destiny of the Crown Prince from Great Zhou and poured them into Wu Yao and Wu Huang respectively. Now Wu Yao shows no signs of awakening. Obviously King Wu will not sit back and watch. No matter, let her waste that share of Saint Dragon Destiny.
    Wu Yao hugged the queen's arm and said, "Royal Mother, don't worry, I will avoid Wu Huang when I see Wu Huang in the future. Besides, there is Royal Mother there."
    The queen gave a wry smile. She looked at Wu Yao, who was innocent and kind, with slightly red eyes and Yao'er. She was afraid that Royal Mother would not have much time to look at you when she grew up.
    "Yao'er, promise Royal Mother to wake up early...In this world, only your own power can you not be bullied by others. Royal Mother hopes that you can protect yourself." The queen looks at Wu Yao and said.

    Looking at the queen's earnest gaze, Wu Yao didn't dare to act like a baby anymore. He nodded his head and said, "Royal Mother, I know!"
    The queen smiled slightly and touched Wu Yao's head with relief. Then she raised the head, looking at Wu Wang Li's going figure, frowning her brows.
    The previous words of King Wu made her feel a little uneasy.
    Hope... it's her illusion.
    The next day.
    Great Wu Royal Palace, in a deep hall.
    In the main hall, there are two pools, but now, the pool water in the pool presents a boiling posture. The pool water is dark red and exudes a delicate fragrance. It is made by gathering many precious Origin Materials.
    Next to the two pools, King Wu stands with his hands behind him. In front of him, Wu Huang and Wu Yao are both dressed in single clothes, but they look at the boiling pool in front of them with completely different eyes.
    Wu Huang is passionate and urgent.
    But Wu Yao seemed a little scared.
    "Wu Huang, Wu Yao, get ready to go down." King Wu said in a deep voice, "These two pools of water consume a lot of precious Origin Materials, so they are most suitable for baptism."

    Wu Huang responded with excitement, and without hesitation, he jumped into the pool water with a thump. The boiling pool water made him grin, and then he sat in it and began to absorb the purity contained in the pool water. Origin Qi.
    But Wu Yao hesitated a little, a pair of big eyes looked at Queen behind King Wu with some help.
    Queen also looked distressed, but when she looked at the expressionless King Wu in front of her, she could only sigh secretly and shook her head at Wu Yao.
    When Wu Yao saw this, he could only bit his lip, with some mist in his big eyes, then clenched his teeth and walked into the boiling pool step by step. Suddenly, his small face was burnt hot and his whole body was white jade-like skin. , Are all red.
    But in the end she forcibly endured it and sat cross-legged in the pool.
    Inside the hall, it became quiet.
    King Wu's eyes were slightly nervous, and he kept turning back and forth between Wu Huang and Wu Yao.
    And this quiet lasted for about a stick of incense time. Suddenly, there was a low muffled sound in the pool where Wu Huang was located. The water waves were rolling, and Wu Huang's body contained Origin Qi fluctuations.
    His body seemed to have become stronger at this time.

    "Open Eight Veins!" King Wu was overjoyed when he saw this scene, and laughed up to the sky: "Okay, okay, I deserve to be the dragon of my Wu Family. In less than two years, I got through the Eight Veins!"
    Such a speed is quite outstanding.
    King Wu's face was full of joy, but when his eyes turned to the pool where Wu Yao was located, his smile was stagnant, because he saw Wu Yao still sitting in it, but without the fluctuation of Origin Qi.
    It seems that Wu Yao can't absorb the pure Origin Qi in the full pool at all.
    With the passage of time, the boiling in the pool gradually cooled, and the pure Origin Qi contained in it also dissipated. Wu Yao sat in it, and the icy pool water made her shiver.
    "Father... Royal Father, me, can I come out?" Wu Yao trembled and trembled.
    Queen on the side also looked at King Wu quickly.
    King Wu's face was overcast with clouds. He looked at Wu Yao's eyes and seemed extremely disappointed. In the end, he didn't say a word. With a wave of his sleeves, Coldly turned and left.
    Obviously, Wu Yao still did not awaken Saint Dragon Destiny during this baptism.
    In the pool, the clammy little girl looked at Wu Wang Li's back. When the latter left, her eyes full of disappointment and indifference made her originally cold body even more gloomy.

    "Yao'er, come out!"
    Only Queen was by the side, holding a thick blanket, said distressedly.
    Wu Yao stood up from the pool in a depressed mood, letting Queen wipe her away, and whispered: "Royal Mother, Royal Father seems very disappointed in me..."
    The Queen's hand stiffened, and smile reluctantly said: "Yao'er don't think too much, Royal Father is just anxious, and is not disappointed in you."
    Wu Yao hearing this, lightly nodded, but his expression obviously still looked a little depressed.
    Outside the hall.
    King Wu complexion gloomy walked out, and a black-robed old man followed him.
    King Wu held his hands behind behind and was silent for a long time. He slowly said, "Let's start preparing. Tonight, I will peel off the Saint Dragon Qi from Wu Yao and infuse everything in Wu Huang."
    "Since she can't awaken Saint Dragon Destiny, she can't let her continue to waste."
    The black-robed old man trembled slightly, and finally did not speak again, just gently nodded.
    Great Wu Above the capital city, thunderclouds gathered, and the roar of dark thunder echoed throughout the city.
    The entire Heaven and Earth is extremely depressing.

    In a corridor of the Royal Palace, King Wu walked slowly, beside him, Wu Huang blindly follow suit.
    "Royal Father, where are we going?" Wu Huang looked around and asked with some confusion.
    King Wu looked ahead, he was silent for a while, and slowly said: "Wu Huang, you are the Saint Dragon Destiny, you are the king of Innate, and you in the future will surely soar to Nine Heavens and be worshipped by thousands of people."
    Wu Huang smiled and said: "Royal Father, I am not surprised by this."
    Between words, there is strong self-confidence and arrogance.
    Because from the beginning of being sensible, he has gained the admiration of the countless people. No matter what he does, the achievements he has made have attracted the admiration of countless people.
    Those respectful gazes have already let him know how extraordinary he is.
    King Wu smiled and said again: "But Saint Dragon Destiny, you only have half of your body, and the other half is on Wu Yao's body. Today, I plan to give you the half of Saint Dragon Destiny in her body."
    Wu Huang was taken aback, but hesitantly hesitated, saying: "Royal Father, are you going to deprive Wu Yao of Saint Dragon Destiny? Will it harm her?"
    Although Wu Huang is young, his temperament far exceeds that of his peers.
    King Wu calmly said: "There may be a little thing, but it won't hurt your life."

    Wu Huang hearing this, some struggling colors appeared in the eyes.
    King Wu looks at Wu Huang, slowly said: "Wu Huang, do you think Wu Yao will marry in the future, can you accept it?"
    Wu Huang raised one's head fiercely, shook his head categorically, and said: "In this world, where is the other person worthy of Wu Yao?!"
    Wu Yao was born with his compatriots, and in the eyes of the proud Wu Huang, only their bloodline is the purest. Perhaps it is because both of them have Saint Dragon Destiny. Wu Huang has a difference with Wu Yao. Kind of intimacy from the heart.
    And this kind of closeness has gradually deteriorated in recent years, and it has turned into a certain desire for control. Therefore, whenever Wu Huang sees Wu Yao expressing his heart to exit the closure to those insignificant things, he will be extremely angry.
    Because in his opinion, apart from him, anything else is not worthy of Wu Yao's care.
    As for the future marriage of Wu Yao, this is even more impossible to accept in Wu Huang's view.
    King Wu smiled faintly at the corner of his mouth and said, "If Wu Yao doesn’t have Saint Dragon Destiny, she may not be able to cultivation. In the future, she can only stay in the Royal Palace, and you can always protect her. Then, She will listen to you everything."
    Wu Huang lowered his head and was silent for a while, and finally he lightly nodded nods.

    Upon seeing this, King Wu smiled with satisfaction and touched Wu Huang's head.
    "Good boy."
    There was thunderclouds between Heaven and Earth, and the thunder echoed. Wu Huang took Wu Huang through the corridor, and finally stopped in the depths of the Royal Palace, where an altar stood.
    On the stone bed at the top of the altar, there was a little girl lying on it, precisely Wu Yao, seemingly unconscious.
    Under the stone bed, there is a countless and weird Origin Pattern glittering.
    "Lie down." King Wu pointed to the stone bed beside Wu Yao.
    Wu Huang nodded, stepping onto the altar, he looks at Wu Yao who is lying quietly on the stone bed. After a while, he lay down beside her, and at the same time stretched out his palm to hold the latter's cold little hand.
    "Wu Yao, in this world, we are together..." He whispered.
    King Wu watched this scene, his palms rose slowly, and the Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth was rushing in quickly, only to see the countless weird Origin Pattern glittering on the altar.
    Those Origin Patterns began to wriggle as if they had life, and gradually climbed up, covering the bodies of Wu Yao and Wu Huang.

    Origin Pattern is like an awl, stinging Wu Yao's body, making her face a painful look even when she is in a coma. In her body, there seems to be a line of blood beginning to squirm, touching Wu Huang's palm along the way. The place he touched, facing the latter, surged in his body.
    Between Heaven and Earth, there seems to be a Dragon's roar ringing.
    King Wu complexion is solemn, manipulating the altar, not daring to be distracted, but his eyes are extremely enthusiastic. As long as he succeeds today, then Wu Huang will be able to enjoy Destiny exclusively, presumably future achievements, unlimited.
    At that time, their Great Wu Dynasty will not fail for ten thousand years.
    "Honorable King, what are you doing?!"
    And when King Wu concentrated on controlling the altar, suddenly, a sharp voice sounded from behind.
    King Wu frowned and glanced away, only to see the Queen complexion walking pale and quickly.
    "Queen, the matter here has nothing to do with you, go and rest." King Wu took a look and then retracted his gaze, indifferently spoke.
    Queen was staring at the two figures on the altar, and said miserably: "You, are you going to attack Wu Yao?! Honorable King, are you so cruel?!"
    King Wu indifferently said: "It's just to deprive Wu Yao of Saint Dragon Destiny in her body. At best, she will not be able to cultivation in the future and will not harm her life."

    Queen smiled miserably and said, "In your eyes, is anyone just using a tool?"
    "Back then, you tried your best to make me give birth three years late, just because of your strategy. Do you know how badly my vitality has been after that? Do you know how long I will live?"
    "But even so, I don't blame you. As long as I can give birth to Wu Yao and Wu Huang, I can bear it with my life."
    "But why, why, do you still treat Yao'er so cruelly?!"
    Queen rushed to King Wu, tearfully saying: "You let Yao'er go! Please!"
    She grabbed King Wu's arm.
    King Wu was concentrate one's attention completely to control the altar. When she was disturbed, he couldn't concentrate, and immediately said a little angrily: "scram!"
    An Origin Qi burst out from his body.
    Queen had never been cultivation and was weak. How could she withstand the impact of his Origin Qi. When she flew upside down, she hit the stone pillar with blood flowing.
    "Queen?" King Wu was also shocked when he saw this, and wanted to go and lift it up, but at the critical moment of the altar, he could only stomped his foot and turned his gaze away cruelly.

    Queen slowly collapsed along the stone pillar, blood pouring down from her face, gradually covering her sight.
    She stretched out her palm weakly and grabbed it at the altar, seeming to want to grab the little person off, but in the end, her palm fell weakly.
    The sight is attributed to dark(ness).
    Yao'er, Royal Mother failed to protect you...Really, I'm sorry.
    Perhaps, she shouldn't have agreed to King Wu's request. If she left the two of them no later than three years later, perhaps, all these grievances would never happen again.
    This may be retribution...
    Between Heaven and Earth, thunder roars, and thunder is entrenched in the sky like a giant python, extremely hideous.
    Above the altar, Wu Yao's closed eyes suddenly opened at this moment, and she sat up directly on the stone bed, seeming to look under the altar in response.
    In the pool of blood beside the stone pillar, Queen's body gradually became cold.
    King Wu was shocked when he saw this scene. He didn't expect Wu Yao to wake up at this time.
    "Mother...Royal Mother?" Wu Yao said with a trembling voice, as she rolled down the stone bed.
    "Wu Yao?" Wu Huang also got up, grabbing Wu Yao's little hand forcefully, trying to stop her.

    However, when Wu Huang stood in front of Wu Yao, the extremely powerful Origin Qi suddenly burst out of Wu Yao's body, and Wu Yao punched it out.
    Puff Chī!
    That punch directly blasted Wu Huang upside down, a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out.
    He stared at Wu Yao, whose hair was gradually dying in front of him, with some horror. The power of that punch far surpassed him, and the Origin Qi radiating from Wu Yao's body was even more powerful than him. Strong!
    "Scram." Wu Yao murmured, and then staggered down the altar towards Queen in a pool of blood.
    King Wu was also staring at Wu Yao at this moment in a daze. After a while, a color of ecstasy emerged in his eyes.
    "It turned out to be Jiumai simultaneously opened!"
    "Wu Yao, you finally awakened Saint Dragon Destiny!"
    Facing King Wu's ecstatic gaze, Wu Yao was originally unaware of it. She came to Queen's corpse, slowly knelt down, stretched out her small hand forcefully, and hugged Queen in her arms.
    Thunder pierced the night sky.
    The heavy rain poured down at this time, and the rain covered Heaven and Earth.

    Wu Yao was holding Queen's corpse, her small body trembling, and finally she couldn't help raising one's head, her pale little face was covered with tears, heart-piercing cries resounded in the rain. .
    "Royal Mother!"
    "Royal Mother, wake up!"
    "I'm Yao'er, will you wake up okay?!"
    "Yao'er listens to you for everything!"
    When Wu Yao let out a heart-piercing cry, she didn't see it. Behind her, there seemed to be a flame rising, and in the flame, there seemed to be a fire phoenix, gradually emerging.
    Queen 薨, Great Wu sad.
    In front of a tall mausoleum, Wu Yao, wearing a white little filial dress, was quietly kneeling. She took the paper money and plunged her face into the flame numbly. Sometimes the flame burned her palms, and she was also indifferent.
    Behind her, there are still many court ladies kneeling.
    I don’t know how long I’ve been kneeling, Wu Yao’s eyes, without the slightest fluctuation, finally have some expressions. Her small face is extremely indifferent. The innocent smile of the past is like annihilated in the heavy rain of that day. .
    Looking at Wu Yao, who exudes a kind of indifferent aura, the palace ladies around are trembling, they feel that it seems that the little princess now is different from before...

    Wu Yao slowly raised the head and looked towards the Great Wu Royal Palace.
    Although it is the funeral of the Royal Mother, she knows that the Royal Palace is still celebrating, celebrating her awakening of Destiny. From then on, Great Wu has always been in prosperity.
    It's ironic.
    Wu Yao twitched her mouth slightly, the paper money in her hand was burning, then she lifted it up and placed it in front of her eyes.
    In the pair of long and narrow phoenix eyes, there seems to be a flame burning.
    The Royal Palace that make people hate, the city and people that make people hate, and the so-called Saint Dragon Destiny that make people hate...
    Royal Mother, you are right. In this world, only when you control your power can you prevent others from hurting you...
    In this case, from now on, I will become the strongest person in the world.
    Royal Mother, I know, in fact, you have never liked this Royal Palace...Perhaps, you don't even like this Great Wu Dynasty...
    In this case……
    If there is a chance in the future, I will use them to burn fireworks to pay homage to you...
    Wu Yao's eyes slowly closed.
    And when it opened again, the eyes that were once full of kindness and innocence were gradually covered by indifferent and ruthless frost.
    starting today--
    I am the new Wu Yao!

    In the future, the strongest person in this world!
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