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Chapter Table Of Contents 802 Interrupt
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    After Wind Level.
    Zhou Yuan's Divine Soul is shimmering, constantly glittering teleport back and forth, the kind of speed that has never been seen before, so Zhou Yuan enjoys sth and never tire of it.
    After a long time, he finally stopped, with excitement still remaining on his face.
    Divine Soul, which broke through to Transformation Realm, is far more powerful than Reality Realm.
    Moreover, it is more practical...
    The Transformation Realm Divine Soul is infinitely variable and can blend in with the void. If it is used for spying, even the Heavenly Sun Realm expert may not be able to easily discover it.
    The most important thing is that Transformation Realm Divine Soul can to congeal Soul Flame.
    This is the main attack method of Transformation Realm Divine Soul, and it can perfectly stack up with Zhou Yuan's own combat power, because Soul Flame can cover any existence including Origin Technique, forcibly adding mighty energy to it.
    Later, if Zhou Yuan used the Demon Sweeping Sword Pellet Technique, he would not only be able to use Heavenly Flood Dragon Qi as its boost, but also be able to cover the Soul Flame. That power should be stronger than the sword that defeated Jin Teng before.
    Zhou Yuan has worked hard for Divine Soul to break through to the Transformation Realm for a long time. His breakthrough is just a lack of opportunity. Today, the pure things that Spirit Sharpening pulled out have undoubtedly filled Zhou Yuan's last defect. .

    Zhou Yuan worked hard to calm the joy in his heart, and then he bent slightly towards the Spirit Sharpening in the distance, and said gratefully: "Thank you, Senior Spirit Sharpening."
    Because at this time he already knew that this Spirit Sharpening possessed spirituality.
    Perhaps, precisely because of this spirituality, it was able to sense Zhou Yuan who had cultivated Chaos Spirit Sharpening Visualization Art, and then attracted him and gave him an opportunity.
    The huge Spirit Sharpening trembled slightly in the chaotic void, seeming to respond.
    Upon seeing this, Zhou Yuan was immediately overjoyed and said more respectfully: "Senior Spirit Sharpening, if the younger generations in the Four Spirit Return to Origin Pagoda cultivation and get Divine Soul exhausted in this Four Spirit Return to Origin Pagoda, I wonder if seniors can reward some pure things? "
    That pure thing is crushed by the qi and blood of countless people and the power of Divine Soul, which is bringing great benefits to Divine Soul. Zhou Yuan has experienced its mystery before.
    If there is such help, Zhou Yuan feels that he does not have to worry about the exhaustion of Divine Soul in this Four Spirit Return to Origin Pagoda.
    So Zhou Yuan coveted the pure thing to the extreme.
    Hearing Zhou Yuan's words, the Spirit Sharpening in Chaos Void seemed to hesitate for a while, and finally reluctantly made a little shock.

    Zhou Yuan is overjoyed: "Senior Spirit Sharpening, you are such a good person. Since you are so generous, don't give me some origin marks, and help me directly to congeal Wind Spirit Pattern!"
    Spirit Sharpening shook violently and made a rumbling sound, and then Zhou Yuan Divine Soul suddenly felt the sky spins, the earth goes round, unexpectedly falling down sharply, and the surrounding wind whistled constantly.
    After a few dozen breaths, Zhou Yuan Divine Soul recovered, and was shocked to find that he was already under the dark azure Wind Level, and the ground below was already in the Wind Territory.
    Zhou Yuan raise one's head looking at the regaining violent dark azure Wind Level. Without the protection of Spirit Sharpening, he could feel the horror of Wind Level.
    Seems to be driven out by Spirit Sharpening?
    Zhou Yuan looked a little worried, and muttered: "I can't bear any origin marks?"
    Zhou Yuan sighed and felt extremely sorry. It seems that the Spirit Sharpening is not low in spirituality, and the original marks were not really rewarded by him. I think this should be a matter of principle... otherwise it will be destroyed. Fairness inside the tower.
    Fortunately, Zhou Yuan didn't have much expectations for this. After all, his ability to break through to the Transformation Realm this time was an unexpected gain.
    "Thanks to Senior Spirit Sharpening, the juniors in the past will have time to visit you again!" Zhou Yuan Divine Soul bends towards Wind Level, but there is no movement.

    Zhou Yuan didn't care about it either. Divine Soul shook slightly, and it shrank quickly, turning into a fist-sized ball of light quickly descending and galloping in the direction of the fleshly body.
    This is the benefit of stepping into the Transformation Realm. Divine Soul can be changed at will, large or small.
    Returning this time, that speed can be described as swift and fast.
    In less than a hundred breaths of time, the valley where the fleshly body is located has fallen into the perception of Divine Soul.
    However, just as Zhou Yuan was about to face the valley, his eyes flashed, his eyes turned to the other direction, and his brows frowned slightly.
    As Divine Soul stepped into the Transformation Realm, his perception of Divine Soul has expanded tenfold compared to before the breakthrough, with a radius of hundreds of miles, as long as there are Origin Qi fluctuations, he will be aware of it.
    Zhou Yuan Divine Soul volleyed, his eyes projected away in one direction, only to see that there were a few Real Taoist shadows, and the perception spread, and the situation there was also imprinted in his heart, so his eyes suddenly surged with anger, and he immediately The figure quickly fell towards the valley where the fleshly body was located.
    An Origin Qi impact severely hit Liu Zhixuan's chest, his body flew upside down, heavily smashed against a rock, a mouthful of fresh blood spouted out, his expression wilted.

    "Liu Zhixuan, don't make it impossible to differentiate good from bad."
    Jin Teng stood with his hands behind, staring at Liu Zhixuan with cold eyes, and said, "Tell us which direction the kid Zhou Yuan is going. Our goal is not you."
    Liu Zhixuan wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, but a sneer appeared on that handsome face, but he didn't say a word.
    "Well, it's such a tough guy, a guy who just entered Wind Pavilion, dare to be stubborn with me?"
    When Jin Teng saw this, there was a sudden anger surge in his eyes, and said: "Since you don't know how to promote, don't blame me rude. Although you can't kill in the Wind Territory, it is common to break your hands and feet. You really think that Zhou Yuan. Can the Vice Pavilion Lord keep you?"
    "Break his hands and feet." He looked at Lin Zheng and Wu Dao.
    Lin Zheng and Wu Dao both showed hideous smiles, and they shot out violently.
    Liu Zhixuan Destiny turned around, and his body retreated violently.
    However, his strength is weaker than Lin Zheng, Wu Dao is weaker, so only ten breaths time, he was overtaken by two people, each of them left and right, the big hand directly pulled his arms, no matter what No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn't shake it.
    "Say or not?" The two coldly said.
    Liu Zhixuan spit out two mouthfuls of blood directly at the two of them, still not saying a word.

    Lin Zheng and Wu Dao were furious, Origin Qi surged, and the claws exploded with amazing strength, and Liu Zhixuan's arm was about to be crushed.
    However, at the moment when their power condensed, there was a loud sword cry between Heaven and Earth, and the sword light came through the void and pointed directly at the two of them.
    The sudden attack made Lin Zheng and Wu Dao startled. They felt the sharpness of Sword Qi. They didn't dare to neglect, kicked Liu Zhixuan on the chest and kicked it in the direction of that Sword Qi. past.
    When Sword Qi approached Liu Zhixuan, he dispersed out of thin air, and a demon-like figure appeared behind him, with his palms resting on his shoulders, stabilizing his body.
    Liu Zhixuan saw the person coming, but the complexion changed slightly, and said anxiously: "Zhou Yuan, go, go to Vice Pavilion Lord Ye!"
    That person, surprisingly, was Zhou Yuan who came here.
    However, Liu Zhixuan was a little uneasy. Although Zhou Yuan defeated Jin Teng yesterday, there are three of them at the moment. It looks like they are clearly prepared.
    Zhou Yuan complexion was calm, just patted Liu Zhixuan on the shoulder, and said, "You take a break first."
    Then he walked to Liu Zhixuan, looked at Jin Teng three people coldly, and said, "Are you here to find me?"

    "Oh, Vice Pavilion Lord Zhou still dare to appear?" Jin Teng watched Zhou Yuan appear, but his face was happy, and immediately said with a strange yin and yang.
    "Do you still dare to commit the crime?" Zhou Yuan looked at the three of them, indifferently said.
    Jin Teng smiled and said, "Brothers have run out of return to origin treasure coins. I just want to borrow some flowers from Vice Pavilion Lord Zhou."
    "In this way, you will give us all the return to origin treasure coins you received yesterday, and we will leave immediately, how about?"
    Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes and said, "Who gave you the courage to trouble me?"
    Jin Teng complexion condensed and sneered: "What are you, do you need someone to be brave?"
    Although the change in his eyes was subtle, it was still caught in Zhou Yuan's eyes, and his eyes flickered immediately.
    "Thinking that if you find two helpers, do you have the qualifications to provoke me? It seems that the lesson you taught you yesterday is not enough." Zhou Yuan's eyes were spoke indifferently.
    "Boast shamelessly!"
    Jin Teng laughed angrily, Lin Zheng and Wu Dao also showed sarcasm smiles. The three gradually surrounded Zhou Yuan in the center, and three powerful and powerful Origin Qi burst out.
    When Liu Zhixuan saw this scene, the complexion couldn't help but change slightly.

    However, Zhou Yuan has no billows on his face. He stretched out his palm with a Sword Pellet in his palm. The Heavenly Flood Dragon Qi formed fine azure scales on the Sword Pellet. The last strands of invisible inflammation were also Rise up at Sword Pellet.
    "Since you don't say...then interrupt your hands and feet first."
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