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Chapter Table Of Contents 820 Chapter 809? Mu Liu
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Sky Spirit Sect Sect Master, Xuan Kun?"
    When there was a countless horror between Heaven and Earth, Zhou Yuan also looked at the stone pillar not far away with some surprise, only to see a figure standing there with his hands behind.
    It was an old man with a thin body. The old man was wearing a large moon-white robe. The robe seemed to be engraved with layers of moiré. Under the moiré, the eyes of a giant beast looked particularly mysterious.
    His face is as calm as a pool, and his eyes are like an abyss, deep and unmeasurable.
    He just stood there, and there was no Origin Qi fluctuations around his body, but it seemed that the entire Heaven and Earth was subdued under it.
    "Well, that is indeed Sect Master Xuan Kun."
    Beside him, Ye Bingling whispered: "Don't you look at his body is old and thin, but Sect Master Xuan Kun is famous in Primordial Heaven's, but it is his almost sanctified super fleshly body, one's every movement, but Split the universe."
    Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed with shock, and he was shocked. He obviously didn't expect that this old man, who seemed to be dry and thin, had such a scary fleshly body.
    "Sect Master Xuan Kun's Wankun Law Domain can transform thousands of gods, once the gods are incorporated into the body, that kind of power can move a continent!"

    Zhou Yuan's scalp numb, move a continent? What kind of terrifying force is that? No wonder that as soon as Master Cang Yuan disappeared, Senior Sister Chi Jing was a little unable to suppress Sky Spirit Sect. This old guy simply exploded in combat power.
    He sighed in his heart, Zhou Yuan's gaze was again on the stone pillar beside Xuan Kun, where a slender figure stood beautifully, with short burgundy shoulder-length hair blowing in the wind, with an indescribable heroic appearance, which attracted the countless young woman between Heaven and Earth. Starlight is glittering in my eyes, and I admire very much.
    That is naturally Chi Jing.
    The top five honored elders, two of them came today. Such specifications are not uncommon.
    And amidst the greets, Chi Jing and Sect Master Xuan Kun gently nods, and then Chi Jing's clear voice sounded: "Don't be polite."
    She cast her eyes on the Wind Pavilion, and then glanced over Zhou Yuan's, saying: "Today, Wind Pavilion is opening the Pavilion Lord dispute, which has been vacant for many years, and I hope you wait for the full power to do it. Don't let people disappointed. "
    All the disciples of Wind Pavilion are respectful.
    Chi Jing waved her sleeves, Heaven and Earth Origin Qi came together, and she formed a throne with Sect Master Xuan Kun behind her. She stretched out her hand and smiled lightly: "Didn't expect Sect Master Xuan Kun to meet Wind The dispute over Pavilion Lord of the Pavilion is so intense that I can come in person."

    Sect Master Xuan Kun sat down on the throne and leisurely said: "It's a pleasure to come and see these juniors."
    Chi Jing hearing this, but there was a sneer in her heart. This old guy came this time, I am afraid that if she loses, she will find an excuse to deny today's Pavilion Lord dispute. After all, this Sky Spirit Sect covets Wind Pavilion is not twice a day. Oh my god.
    "When Master was there, Sect Master Xuan Kun was not as enthusiastic as he is now." Chi Jing said.
    Sect Master Xuan Kun smiled and said: "If Great Venerable Cang Yuan is there, it is enough to crush the world, and all affairs are under his control. Where does the old man need to have many hands and feet? Now Great Venerable is gone, in order not to make Heaven Abyss Territory In the event of trouble, the old man can only be nosy, otherwise, if Great Venerable returns someday, the old man will not be able to explain."
    At this point, he suddenly stopped and said: "I don't know if Honored Elder Chi Jing has any news about Great Venerable recently?"
    Chi Jing looked down on billows and said: "Master, his old man's appearance and disappear unpredictably like a spirit or a ghost, he will naturally return when it's time to return."
    Xuan Kun smiled and didn't say more. With those eyes like an abyss, make people couldn't see the slightest thoughts in their hearts.
    At this time, with the presence of the two giants Chi Jing and Sect Master Xuan Kun, the battle for Wind Pavilion Pavilion Lord also kicked off among the much-anticipated.

    The countless eyes all converged on Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling at this time. As for Zhou Yuan, even though it was the Vice Pavilion Lord, but at a time the attention was few. I don’t even think about it today. What does it matter...
    Chen Beifeng was enjoying the feeling of attention, and then he turned his head, sneered at Zhou Yuan and Ye Bingling, and stomped the soles of his feet suddenly.
    The stone pillar under his feet cracked and cracked, and his figure was violently shoots out, heavily landed on the azure stone plaza floating in the middle of the lake. The fierce power caused ripples to bloom on the lake.
    "Wind Pavilion Vice Pavilion Lord, Chen Beifeng!"
    Chen Beifeng yelled like thunder, his eyes locked on Ye Bingling like a knife, and said: "Please enlighten me here!"
    Ye Bingling charming face Bing Han, the beautiful body also rushed out, and landed on the azure stone square, with a cold voice: "Wind Pavilion Vice Pavilion Lord, Ye Bingling!"
    When these two people appeared on the square on the lake, the atmosphere between Heaven and Earth suddenly became fierce, and countless eyes gathered on the two with interest, because in the eyes of those present, this is today. The battle of the Pavilion Lord mainly depends on the two players on the court.

    In the direction not far away, there are a large number of people gathered. They belong to the Forest Pavilion. In a sense, the relationship between Forest Pavilion and Wind Pavilion is closer, because Chi Jing and Wood Race are also some kind of alliances. , To compete with Sky Spirit Sect, Profound Crystal Clan, Bai Clan.
    At this time, in the front of everyone in the Forest Pavilion, several figures were staring at Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling in the field.
    "Boss, who did you say that Wind Pavilion Pavilion Lord Conference fell into? If it's Chen Beifeng, wouldn't it be bad for Chi Jing adults?" A burly man's voice was muffled as he spoke. , Mouth splashing, like snowflakes dancing.
    In front of the burly man, there was a young man with a crisp face. The young man had a tall body and a blue shirt untainted by even a speck of dust. The whole person had an indescribable sense of cleanliness.
    At this time, when the youth looked at the water stains on the burly man talking, the corners of his eyes twitched slightly, and then resisted the urge to change clothes on the spot, and said with a gentle smile: "Manzi, I can hear you. See you talking, so you don't have to be so close to me."
    "Oh, but if the Wind Pavilion Pavilion Lord is Chen Beifeng, then in the future our Forest Pavilion will have to deal with the three? We are afraid that we can't beat it." The burly man named Manzi, nodded, said that A few drops of water splashed on the young man's shoulders.
    The youth trembled all over.

    The burly man finally noticed that he immediately showed a simple smile and said, "I'm sorry Boss, I'll help you paint."
    He quickly stretched out his big black hand and brushed it on the young man's shoulder.
    Looking at the big black hand that came over, Qing Jun's youth jumped with blue veins on his forehead, and finally couldn't bear it. He threw out his kick like an electric light, and kicked the burly man to the lake with one kick before the black hand fell. in.
    "You bastard, I've told you ten thousand times. Just talk and don't spit at me! Do you want to piss me off and inherit my Pavilion Lord position?!" The young man said angrily.
    When many Forest Pavilion members saw this, they couldn't help but smile, and did not dare to show it.
    Because of the young people in front of them, they are precisely the Pavilion Lord, Mu Liu of the Forest Pavilion.
    Beside Mu Liu, a young girl in a light green dress smiled undisguisedly. She has a beautiful face, wicker-like slender waist, and elegant temperament.
    Her name is Mu Qingyan, and she is the second person in the Forest Pavilion, and the burly man who was kicked off by the youth is the third person in the Forest Pavilion, named Jiang Man.

    Everyone in Forest Pavilion knows that their pavilion Lord usually has no fear even in the face of Fire Pavilion's Lu Xiao, but the only flaw is that he is super clean, and he cannot tolerate any uncleanness on his body. local.
    Once he provokes this point, his always excellent self-cultivation breaks directly, jumping and cursing like a shrew.
    Mu Qingyan looked at Mu Liu, who had a dark face, took out a handkerchief and put on his clothes, and smiled: "Then who do you think can win?"
    After Mu Liu cleaned up his clothes, his expression returned to his usual calmness again. He glanced at Chen Beifeng and Ye Bingling in the field. After a while, he frowned slightly, his eyes slowly turning. At the forefront of the Wind Pavilion, Zhou Yuan's figure.
    He pondered for a while and said, "How do I feel that guy is a little dangerous?"
    Mu Qingyan was startled slightly, Meimu also turned to Zhou Yuan, and said with some playfulness: "That Wind Pavilion's new Vice Pavilion Lord? Divine Palace Realm middle stage? Are you sure the feeling is not wrong this time?"
    She knows that Mu Liu is extremely sensitive to dangerous aura for some reason, but is it really correct this time?

    Mu Liu said solemnly: "Although that guy looks gentle like a rabbit, harmless to humans and animals, he is full of insidious auras. He certainly does not pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger. This kind of person is the most cunning and cannot be revealed. On the surface."
    Immediately he shrugged and said: "I feel like telling me this way, I don't know if there is any mistake."
    "Look at anyway, if I don't feel wrong, he will definitely take action today, because..."
    He looked at the two confronting figures on the square in the center of the lake and sighed slightly.
    "Ye Bingling is not Chen Beifeng's opponent."
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