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Chapter Table Of Contents 863 Chapter 852? Red Bronze Umbrella, Juhuotai
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    On the crimson mountain top, Zhou Yuan Divine Soul sits cross-legged, and the power of Divine Soul radiates out, directly intercepting the golden Fire Lotus that drop from the sky, and then winds it with the power of Divine Soul, circling it. whole body.
    At this time, Zhou Yuan had as many as twenty Golden Fire Lotuses around him.
    However, this method of winding and pulling with Divine Soul is too troublesome. According to Zhou Yuan's estimation, his limit may only be able to pull about a hundred flowers. If it is more, it will be a little rushed, and it is difficult to worry about it.
    But fortunately, after a stick of incense, Yi Qiushui Divine Soul rushed over.
    "Scarlet Copper Umbrella is ready!" Yi Qiushui raised his hand, and a scarlet light flew towards Zhou Yuan.
    Zhou Yuan Divine Soul waved, and the scarlet light hovered in front of it. Looking at it, inside the scarlet light was a crimson umbrella. The surface of the umbrella was as smooth as a mirror. It was obviously made of wood, but it was like red copper.
    "Is this Scarlet Copper Umbrella?"
    Zhou Yuan was slightly curious. His thoughts moved. Divine Soul was wrapped around the Scarlet Copper Umbrella and directly propped it up. Suddenly a faint scarlet light spread down, covering his Divine Soul, so it was between Heaven and Earth. The hot air quickly weakened, as if covered by the scarlet light.

    Zhou Yuan held the umbrella, and then the umbrella faced the more than twenty golden Fire Lotus One Revolution floating around. The Fire Lotus suddenly rushed into Scarlet Copper Umbrella as if attracted by some kind of attraction, and turned into flames. , Circulates slowly on the edge of the umbrella surface, dazzling, and it is beautiful.
    When Zhou Yuan saw this, he couldn't help showing a smile of joy. Previously, he kept pulling these golden Fire Lotus with power of Divine Soul. Although Divine Soul did not consume a lot, it finally made him feel a little restrained. This Scarlet Copper Umbrella can easily take away the Fire Lotus.
    According to his estimation, this Scarlet Copper Umbrella should be able to contain hundreds of Golden Fire Lotus at one time.
    No wonder that this Scarlet Copper Umbrella is a must-have for Heavenly Flame Sacrifice, and it is indeed much more convenient.
    "How long will it take for all staff to be deployed?" Zhou Yuan asked.
    Only equipped with Scarlet Copper Umbrella can they come and go in this Heavenly Flame Cauldron. After all, the Heavenly Sun Flame in one place is limited. If they want to collect more, they must keep moving.
    Yi Qiushui said: "Now more than 300 have been manufactured, and it should take half a day for all staff to be deployed. In addition, Gathering Fire Altar is also being manufactured."
    Zhou Yuan followed her sight and saw that in the valley below, a huge scarlet platform was gradually taking shape. The material of the scarlet platform was also red copper tree and red stone. From a distance, it looked like a giant red ball. .

    precisely Gathering Fire Altar.
    Zhou Yuan nodded, said: "Go ahead, let the people equipped with Scarlet Copper Umbrella spread out, and collect the Heavenly Sun Flame first."
    "What about Fire Pavilion?" Yi Qiushui asked.
    Zhou Yuan said: "Let's watch the changes first. They are strong. We can only wait for them to take the initiative before we can find the flaws and break the enemy with one blow."
    The Fire Pavilion as a whole is stronger than their Wind Pavilion. If they take the initiative, they will have no advantage.
    Yi Qiushui small head nodded, not much to say, turned and swept down, and continued to urge everyone to speed up the production of Scarlet Copper Umbrella and Gathering Fire Altar.
    Zhou Yuan was raising one's head. Looking into the distance, his eyes narrowed slightly. The situation seemed calm right now, but under the calm, it was rainstorm approaching.
    In the next half day, no battle broke out in Heavenly Flame Cauldron, and on the Wind Pavilion side, more and more Scarlet Copper Umbrella were produced and fully staffed.
    "Pavilion Lord, Gathering Fire Altar is ready!"
    When he heard the joyous voice, Zhou Yuan also had a glimmer of joy in his eyes. As soon as his figure moved, he appeared in the valley. He looked forward and saw that there was a huge crimson ball about several tens of feet away. .
    "Pour the Heavenly Sun Flame into it." Zhou Yuan waved his hand.

    Following his order, many figures appeared outside the red ball. The umbrella of Scarlet Copper Umbrella in his hand slowly closed in front of the front, forming a pointed umbrella bud with golden flames jumping on it. Flowing out of the umbrella surface, it was finally poured into the Gathering Fire Altar.
    As more and more Heavenly Sun Flame poured in, there was a golden flame in the Gathering Fire Altar burning, burning the surrounding red copper, but because of the insulating properties of the red copper, the high temperature was difficult to emit.
    Zhou Yuan also stepped forward and poured dozens of Heavenly Sun Flames collected in his Scarlet Copper Umbrella into Gathering Fire Altar.
    Looking at the growing flames in the Gathering Fire Altar, not only Zhou Yuan, but also thousands of other Wind Pavilion members, they also expressed joy, because the more the Gathering Fire Altar flame is raging, they will be able to part with the Heavenly Sun Flame. And more.
    But at this moment, Zhou Yuan suddenly raised one's head, looking at the distant sky, waved his palm: "Alert!"
    Thousands of Divine Soul hearing this immediately became vigilant and formed a battle.
    In the void in the distance, there are thousands of Divine Soul whizzing, that is the Fire Pavilion's forces.
    And at the forefront, there is a fairly familiar figure, precisely Fire Pavilion's Vice Pavilion Lord, Wang Chen.

    Zhou Yuan Divine Soul gradually lifted into the sky, looking at Wang Chen with cold eyes, and said, "Is it possible that Fire Pavilion thought that with this little force, everyone in my Wind Pavilion could be eaten?"
    Wang Chen stared at Zhou Yuan with his eyes, and said: "Pavilion Lord Zhou Yuan thinks too much. I just come here by the order of the Pavilion Lord. We, the Pavilion Lord, are willing to give you another chance. If you Wind Pavilion this time, Heavenly Flame Sacrifice If I can hand in hundreds of thousands of Fire Lotus, my Fire Pavilion can give you a face in the Wind Pavilion."
    Hearing Wang Chen's arrogant talk, everyone in Wind Pavilion was angry and turned over hundreds of Fire Lotus. Fire Pavilion's appetite was a little too big. It was intended that Wind Pavilion would give them a slap in the face. Work?
    Zhou Yuan stared at Wang Chen, but didn't get angry. Instead, he smiled: "Vice Pavilion Lord Wang Chen, would you like to bring someone forward. Let's discuss it?"
    Wang Chen hearing this, sneered and said: "Pavilion Lord Zhou Yuan, don't be ignorant of praise, this is the last letter, otherwise the next time you come, I am afraid it will not be a force."
    Of course he won't really lean forward. With his thousand people, how could he be the opponent of Wind Pavilion. At this distance, it is the safest to advance and retreat.
    Zhou Yuan shook his head, his eyes scornful.

    When Wang Chen saw this, his expression was a little gloomy, but he finally resisted the anger. He knew that Zhou Yuan was deliberately irritating him. As long as he really dared to approach him, Zhou Yuan would directly eat them and weaken the power of Fire Pavilion's.
    Seeing that Wang Chen was not fooled, Zhou Yuan shook his head, too lazy to pay attention to him, looked at the Wind Pavilion members, and ordered: "Hurry up and collect Heavenly Sun Flame."
    He knew that Wang Chen should have been sent by Lu Xiao to stare at them. He originally thought that Lu Xiao would be impatient for their troubles, but from the point of view, Lu Xiao really calmed down, presumably Before he was fully equipped with Scarlet Copper Umbrella, he didn't want Guild Master to attack, lest he gave them a chance.
    However, Zhou Yuan is not afraid. He has made all kinds of preparations. Right now, soldiers are coming to cover the water and soil. In the end, who will be the biggest winner will have to fight to know after all.
    At the order of Zhou Yuan's, Wind Pavilion left a thousand Divine Souls staring at Wang Chen and others in the distance, while the rest quickly dispersed and collected Heavenly Sun Flame.
    Although there are still golden Fire Lotus floating down in the sky, under the wreak havoc of thousands of people, the Heavenly Sun Flame in the mountain is soon looted, and inside the red ball on the Gathering Fire Altar, golden The flame became more and more majestic and bright.

    After washing the Heavenly Sun Flame here, Zhou Yuan ignored Wang Chen and the others in the distance. With a wave of his hand, he took the people to move the position and continued to collect the Heavenly Sun Flame.
    As a result, thousands of people skimmed through the air holding Scarlet Copper Umbrella, and even the Gathering Fire Altar was arched by many Divine Souls, flying in the air.
    Wang Chen looked at the Wind Pavilion as if he was nothing, his eyes grew gloomy, and finally he waved his hand and a strange sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth: "Let me follow them, and always report the Pavilion Lord position."
    "Let them collect first, but it's just making wedding dresses for us."
    "Wait for the Pavilion Lord to calculate it, and then he will naturally cry when Zhou Yuan!"
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