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Chapter Table Of Contents 873 Chapter 862? Prepare For Battle
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    In a secluded courtyard.
    Chi Jing was lying on a bamboo chair with her legs folded on the horizontal rail in front of her. She was surprisingly slender. She was holding a roll of ancient book in her hand and flipping through it casually until Zhou Yuan walked in. Raised his eyes.
    "Senior Sister." Zhou Yuan glanced at Senior Sister's extraordinarily slender legs, and then not to glance sideways.
    Chi Jing has a long and light body. Today, she is wearing a loose-fitting exercise suit. Her chest seems to be plain, her long legs are straight, and her short burgundy shoulder-length hair is matched. She is indescribably heroic and has a unique flavor. .
    Chi Jing said with a smile: "Little Junior Brother has performed very well these months."
    After she sent Zhou Yuan into Wind Pavilion, Wind Pavilion had the upper hand in several encounters with Fire Pavilion's, which was enough to show Zhou Yuan's ability.
    "If there is no Senior Sister backing, how can I have this kind of achievement?" Zhou Yuan smiled. This is not a compliment. Behind Fire Pavilion's is Sky Spirit Sect. If he is a person without background, I am afraid he would have suffered. I don’t know how many dark hands.
    At least the time Palace Lord Xi Guang assassinated him, he might have difficulty avoiding it.
    Chi Jing placed a plain white hand, then flicked his finger, a scarlet light fell in front of Zhou Yuan.

    It was a crimson copper ball. The surface of the copper ball was engraved with mysterious lines, and inside it was a blazing golden flame.
    "This is the Heavenly Sun Flame that you should have divided up from the Heavenly Flame Sacrifice. There are 240,000 in total. I have sealed it for you. When you need to use it, you only need to control it with Divine Soul." Chi Jing said.
    Zhou Yuan took it, his eyes were a little fiery, and he finally got his hands. These days he has been waiting for the assignment of Heavenly Sun Flame.
    "In addition... we have received news that the various domains are already discussing the Nine Territories Conference."
    Hearing Chi Jing's words, Zhou Yuan's face suddenly became solemn, he did not forget that he came to Heaven Abyss Territory's mission.
    "Are you sure of the time?" he asked hastily.
    Chi Jing shook his head and said: "It is not yet certain, but if not unexpected, it should be within a year."
    "Within a year..."
    Zhou Yuan pondered slightly and said, "It seems that I have to take the position of Chief Pavilion Lord as soon as possible and integrate the four pavilions."
    "So confident of defeating Lu Xiao?" Chi Jing asked with her slender eyebrows raised slightly.
    "Because I can't fail." Zhou Yuan calmly said.

    Ancestral Dragon Lantern is related to Yao Yao's recovery. No matter how difficult it is, he cannot give up. If he wants to win Ancestral Dragon Lantern, the first step is to become the Chief Pavilion Lord of the Heaven Abyss Territory four pavilions and integrate the four pavilions. force.
    Chi Jing glanced at him and said seriously: "But even if you really defeat Lu Xiao, there is still a long way to go before you want to win the Ancestral Dragon Lantern."
    "Lu Xiao's strength is ranked ninth in the Primordial Heaven Divine Palace Ranking... But to be honest, this position is somewhat dependent on the face of our Heaven Abyss Territory's Nine Territories, if we really want to talk about strength If he does, he may have to drop a few places."
    Zhou Yuan is really a little surprised this time. What is Lu Xiao's strength. Although he hasn't really played against him yet, the dangerous aura given to him by the latter can never be faked. If he doesn't take advantage of this, he can't make a breakthrough right now. By the Divine Palace Realm late stage, he may not be able to beat Lu Xiao, but now Chi Jing actually told him that Lu Xiao's ninth place in the Divine Palace Ranking is still a little bit moist.
    This shows how terrifying the guys at the top of the Divine Palace Ranking are.
    Is this Primordial Heaven so terrible? No wonder it has the confidence to call it the best of all heavens.
    "Wu Yao, ranked second and Su Youwei ranked third, how strong are they?" Zhou Yuan asked suddenly.

    When Zhou Yuan specifically pointed out these two people, Chi Jing gave him a surprised look, and asked with interest: "Do you know them?"
    Zhou Yuan did not deny, and said frankly: "They are all from Blue Profound Heaven, Wu Yao is my adversary, and Su Youwei is my friend."
    Hearing this answer, even Chi Jing was stunned and couldn't help but said, "You and Wu Yao are right? Su Youwei is your friend?"
    Immediately she chuckled and said, "These two people are the two most dazzling jewels of Primordial Heaven today. They have something to do with you. It seems that there are some stories in it?"
    "Tch tch, if this news goes out, I feel that at least half of the people in the top 20 of the Divine Palace Ranking want to learn from you."
    Seeing Chi Jing's curious gaze, Zhou Yuan's mouth twitched slightly, Senior Sister, why are you interested in this kind of eight-trigram!
    Chi Jing smiled, and immediately said: "But at the Nine Territories Conference, Wu Yao and Su Youwei, I am afraid they will become the two mountains in front of you. No matter what stories you have with them before, you have to be careful."
    "They are very strong now."
    "If Lu Xiao confronts them... Apart from being beaten up, there is no second way."

    Zhou Yuan nodded, but there was a sigh in his heart. When he was in the Great Wu Dynasty imperial capital, he fought roughly with Wu Yao and was suppressed almost the whole time. If Yao Yao didn't come in time, I am afraid that he would only have to escape in the end. For Wu Yao's strength, he had already expected it.
    But what he sighs now is Su Youwei...
    The little girl who used to be behind him, Your Highness Your Highness called a non-stop, has become so formidable after so many years.
    "I don't know if we meet again, will she still remember the Great Zhou Dynasty's Your Highness back then?" Zhou Yuan was slightly melancholy. Today's Su Youwei is obviously no longer the unreliable little girl back then. With her current vision In her eyes, Great Zhou Dynasty may be like a small mud puddle, the so-called Your Highness, or it may be even more of a joke.
    When a person becomes a shining jewel that has attracted much attention, will he still think of the tumbling and rolling in that mud puddle? That should be a bad memory, right?
    Zhou Yuan shook her head, abandoning the thoughts in her mind. Su Youwei was able to achieve what she is today, but she also worked hard on her own. No matter what choice she might make, Zhou Yuan would not blame her, just go on separate ways. It's just their own way.

    "I know that Nine Territories Conference is not easy, but I also believe that as long as I am given time, I will not be weaker than anyone." Zhou Yuan looked at Chi Jing in front of him, his eyes firm and full of high confidence.
    In the face of Zhou Yuan's confident eyes, Chi Jing also admired it extremely, lightly nods, and said: "With courage, it's no wonder that Master will look after you."
    "By the way, the materials you mentioned before are quite special. I'm searching for you. It shouldn't be a big problem. It just takes some time."
    Zhou Yuan nodded, he asked Chi Jing to help him find those materials, precisely for the things needed for the evolution of the silver shadow, he collected some of them, but some of them are quite special and rare.
    Chi Jing's voice fell, and with a wave of his hand, a jade box appeared in front of him. The jade box opened, revealing four beast soul crystals of different colors, and a violent roar was heard inside each beast soul crystal. Caused the air to vibrate.
    "This is the beast soul crystal you want, all of them at the 6th Rank level."
    With that, she glanced at Zhou Yuan thoughtfully, and said, "You awakened Heaven Primal Brush to Devouring the Soul?"
    Zhou Yuan smiled and said, "Senior Sister is wise."
    Chi Jing's eyes were a little nostalgic, and then she was a little jealous: "I begged Master for a long time, but he refused to give me Heaven Primal Brush. As a result, it was cheaper for you kid."

    Zhou Yuan gave a dry laugh, not daring to speak.
    "But it is indeed good for you to do more preparation. Sky Spirit Sect has been planning for the position of Chief Pavilion Lord for many years. With the character of the old guy Xuan Kun, he will inevitably give Lu Xiao some help as much as possible. Worried, because he didn't dare to go too far." Chi Jing reminded.
    "Senior Sister, don't worry, I will start the Closure in the next period of time."
    Zhou Yuan grasped the crimson copper ball on the right, feeling the hot temperature emanating from it, and his eyes became more and more ice cold.
    He knew that Lu Xiao was only the first more difficult obstacle in the fight for Ancestral Dragon Lantern, but no matter who the opponent was, as long as he prevented him from recovering Yao Yao, Zhou Yuan could only... beat him. burst!
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