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Chapter Table Of Contents 874 Retreat
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Wind Island.
    When Zhou Yuan came back, Yi Qiushui also came up for the first time and reported to him: "Fire Pavilion, Mountain Pavilion, suddenly released the blockade of the Four Mother Patterns, allowing the Four Mother Patterns to be in the two pavilions. To sell."
    When Zhou Yuan heard this, his eyes flickered. He glanced at the charming face Yi Qiushui, who was a little happy, and said, "What do you think?"
    Yi Qiushui hesitated for a moment, and said: "Presumably the rebounding sound is too loud, and they can't hold it down.
    Zhou Yuan smiled and said, "I don't think this is the most important reason...because next month is the Chief Pavilion Lord battle. All the battles and results will appear there."
    Yi Qiushui charming face changed slightly and said: "You mean Lu Xiao no longer intends to use these little tricks. He wants to defeat you in the battle for the Chief Pavilion Lord. After obtaining the position of Chief Pavilion Lord, The entire four pavilions will be in his charge?"
    At that time, Lu Xiao could even ask Zhou Yuan to surrender the refining method of the Four Mother Patterns for various reasons. If Zhou Yuan refused, he might even be dismissed from the Wind Pavilion Pavilion Lord in the end!
    Ye Bingling's cold and charming face also became extremely dignified. Obviously, Lu Xiao's retreat at this time was not a retreat, but a punch for the next time, gathering more terrible strength.

    And this time, I am afraid it will be ruined.
    "He is very smart." Zhou Yuan calmly said.
    This choice of Lu Xiao is the most invulnerable, and a fatal blow, as long as he can really get the position of Chief Pavilion Lord, the previous headwinds are almost reversible in a hand.
    "What happened to Lu Xiao himself?" Zhou Yuan asked.
    Yi Qiushui shook his head and muttered: "It is said that Lu Xiao hasn't shown up much since Heavenly Flame Sacrifice. If I'm right, he should be preparing for the Chief Pavilion Lord dispute."
    "What to do?" Ye Bingling's beautiful eyes are full of worries. The pressure brought by Lu Xiao is not trivial. No matter how much advantage Wind Pavilion has in the recent clash with Fire Pavilion's, she knows very well in her heart that this is just Lu Xiao's Fire. The reason why Pavilion's strongest ace did not make a move.
    Although Zhou Yuan's current strength is also tyrannical, if he meets Lu Xiao, even Ye Bingling does not have much confidence in his heart.
    Lu Xiao's reputation in Heaven Abyss Territory's is not derived from Sky Spirit Sect.
    "There is nothing to worry about. I came to Wind Pavilion. The goal is not just Wind Pavilion Pavilion Lord." Zhou Yuan chuckled lightly, revealing his own ambition indifferently. Between him and Lu Xiao, there must be a need for real I've done it once.

    "From now on, the Wind Pavilion will be handed over to you, and I will start the Closure today."
    Zhou Yuan waved at the two women, and then walked out.
    Looking at his leaving back, Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling looked at each other, and they both saw the vibration in each other's eyes. It seems that Zhou Yuan came to the Chief Pavilion Lord from the beginning. This guy... .The appetite is really big.
    But immediately, they sighed secretly in their hearts. They naturally hope that Zhou Yuan can become the Chief Pavilion Lord, but Lu Xiao... is really a pinnacle stumbling block.
    And if Zhou Yuan loses at that time, Wind Pavilion's recent momentum may have to be severely suppressed.
    A touch of deeply worried and sick at heart appeared on the cheeks of the two women.
    the Closure room.
    In the central position, there is a bronze furnace standing quietly, and Zhou Yuan at this time is sitting cross-legged in the furnace.
    Inside the furnace, there are many ancient patterns inscribed, glittering with a faint luster, and a sense of blazing heat lingers in it, making the temperature in the furnace extremely high, where even the metal will be melted.
    Zhou Yuan is extremely satisfied with the environment here. This is the Closure room unique to Wind Pavilion Pavilion Lord, and the effect is far stronger than other the Closure rooms on Wind Island.

    He stretched out his palm, and a crimson copper ball flashed out.
    Inside the red ball, golden flames burned, looking like golden magma flowing.
    "Heavenly Sun Flame..."
    Zhou Yuan's eyes were slightly hot, and he didn't hesitate immediately. With a move of Divine Soul, he opened the red ball directly. The next instant, countless golden flames roared out, flooding the entire furnace like a fire dragon.
    So the temperature in the furnace suddenly soared to a terrifying level.
    The clothes on Zhou Yuan's body instantly turned into nothingness. He closed his eyes slightly and inhaled hard, only to see that the golden Heavenly Sun Flame turned into a line of fire, whizzing in from his breath.
    When the billowing Heavenly Sun Flame poured into the body, even with the strength of Zhou Yuan's fleshly body, it trembled fiercely, and an indescribable burning pain spread from the body, as if it was going to him. The body burned into nothingness.
    Zhou Yuan's face was twisted, his eyes crimson, but he was clenching his teeth tightly, and he didn't even make a muffled groan.
    He guided the Heavenly Sun Flame in his body to circulate, and finally rushed into the Divine Palace.
    Inside the Divine Palace, the 6-layer Divine Palace runs through. Inside the Divine Palace, tens of millions of Origin Qi Star glittering, the majestic Origin Qi billowing.

    And when the Heavenly Sun Flame rushed into the Divine Palace, it was like a flame rushing into the oil drum. At that moment, the heavenly Sun Flame's crazy skyrocket turned into a sea of flames, directly facing the tens of millions. Origin Qi Star pounced.
    The golden flames burned the Origin Qi Star, and a faint mist of mist radiated from it.
    The volume of Origin Qi Star seems to have begun to shrink.
    However, under this shrinkage, Zhou Yuan could see that the radiance erupted from the Origin Qi Star is becoming more and more intense and bright.
    That feeling, as if the Origin Qi contained in it, under the scorching of Heavenly Sun Flame, it quenched some imperceptible impurities contained in it...
    "Is this the effect of Heavenly Sun Flame? It's amazing."
    Feeling the change of Origin Qi Star, Zhou Yuan felt a sense of wonder in his heart. At the same time, he also had some longing for the Heavenly Sun Realm. After all, as long as he broke through to the Heavenly Sun Realm, he would be able to spontaneously give birth to a Heavenly Sun Flame. , Refine and temper Origin Qi day and night.
    In this kind of refine and temper, Origin Qi cultivation by Heavenly Sun Realm expert, in terms of rank and quality, I am afraid that the natural one is more advanced than the Origin Qi cultivation by those below it...

    Moreover, as the Heavenly Sun Flame wreak havoc in the Divine Palace, Zhou Yuan also discovered that the Divine Palace barrier leading to the 7th layer Divine Palace seemed to have begun to show slight signs of melting at this time...
    This surprises Zhou Yuan even more. As long as the Divine Palace barrier is broken, he will be able to get through the 7th layer Divine Palace and enter the Divine Palace Realm late stage thoroughly!
    As for how much the Origin Qi background will grow after going through the 7th layer Divine Palace, Zhou Yuan's is also looking forward to it.
    "No wonder Heavenly Flame Sacrifice can become one of the two major benefits of Heaven Abyss Territory's soliciting supreme talent from all parties..."
    Zhou Yuan sighed inwardly. Even if Xuan is Shen Ningxin, he knows that this kind of refine and temper will inevitably last for a long time, but he is not in a hurry. In the next month, he has enough time...
    At this time, Lu Xiao, Han Yuan, and Mu Liu are probably trying to improve their strengths as much as possible from time to time to prepare for the Chief Pavilion Lord battle. Naturally, he cannot fall behind.
    Once he penetrates the 7th layer Divine Palace and enters the Divine Palace Realm late stage, Zhou Yuan is confident and will never be much worse than the three of them.
    Thinking of the battle for the Chief Pavilion Lord after a month, Zhou Yuan's heart was filled with a raging fight intent.

    For this day, he has been working hard since he came to Heaven Abyss Territory. Now all the obstacles before him have been removed by him. Therefore, he must step through this last level anyway.
    Don't try to stop him!
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