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Chapter Table Of Contents 903 Chapter 892? Wanshu Palace
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    "It seems that the situation is under control."
    When Zhou Yuan received the changes in the Fire Pavilion and Mountain Pavilion reported by Yi Qiushui, he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief and smiled.
    Go to war this time, he looks fierce, but in fact he is also a little worried. If there is too much backlash and movement, it will inevitably cause him a little trouble. After all, the Sky Spirit Sect at this time must be right. He was very upset.
    But fortunately, the worst situation did not appear. Under his division, even Lu Xiao within the Fire Pavilion could hardly integrate all the voices, and it would be even more impossible to treat him as the Chief. What threat does Pavilion Lord pose.
    Yi Qiushui on the side was also lightly nods, and then she was a little Doubfully said: "But this time, Fire Pavilion's Lu Xiao, there was nothing unusual, otherwise, our plan didn't go so smoothly. Could it be that he was scared by you ?"
    Zhou Yuan smiled and said, "Then Lu Xiao is not so timid and fragile."
    He actually has the answer in his mind, so Lu Xiao will adopt this attitude of not supporting or disapproving, probably because of the Chief Pavilion Lord dispute, he eventually broke up the Nine-headed Python bloodline in his body.

    Because the Nine-headed Python bloodline at that time has been integrated into his body, it will have a great impact on Lu Xiao's mentality in the future, and eventually even turn into an irrational Snake Demon.
    Fortunately, his Residful Dragon Qi contains a more formidable coercion than the Nine-headed Python bloodline. So at the last moment, Lu Xiao was injured by his heavy injury, but it was still a profit from a disaster. The repercussions of the Nine-headed Python bloodline are expelled.
    In a sense, this is a great favor.
    Of course, Lu Xiao certainly couldn't really take this as a kind of gratitude, so he finally chose not to support or not to oppose it in Zhou Yuan's go to war this time.
    But if it weren't for his attitude, Zhou Yuan's desire to differentiate the Fire Pavilion would not be so easy. After all, Lu Xiao's prestige in the Fire Pavilion over the years would not be swept away by a single failure.
    "The next thing about the four pavilions, I will trouble Qiushui you to pay more attention." Zhou Yuan got up and smiled flatteringly at Yi Qiushui.
    After he was promoted to Chief Pavilion Lord, he immediately transferred Yi Qiushui from Wind Pavilion to his side. After all, Chief Pavilion Lord’s affairs are far more complicated than in Wind Pavilion. Without Yi Qiushui's assistance, he would probably be headed. Will be blown up by busyness.

    Yi Qiushui saw his look, knowing that he was going to be lazy again, and immediately ill-humoredly said, "Why do you want to go again?"
    Zhou Yuan bitterly said, "I won the position of Chief Pavilion Lord, can I still go to Myriad Techniques Hall to get a Lesser Saint Technique? The other day was too busy for a while, and now the four pavilions have finally settled down, of course. I have to go there quickly."
    Hearing that his reason was quite valid, Yi Qiushui couldn't say much, so he could only let him go with a hum.
    Upon seeing this, Zhou Yuan rushed out the door, Origin Qi surged, and his figure rose into the air, stepping on Origin Qi, turning into a stream of light and galloping in the direction of Myriad Techniques Hall.
    Myriad Techniques Hall is located in the core area of Heaven Abyss' Heavenly Cave, which is the center of Heaven Abyss' Heavenly Cave, and ordinary people cannot approach it.
    However, Zhou Yuan was holding the token given by Chi Jing. Although he was stopped by two waves of patrol guards twice along the way, he finally came to the Myriad Techniques Hall smoothly.
    On the floating island where Myriad Techniques Hall is located, there is only a huge hall in it. The huge hall presents an ancient charm. I don't know how long it has been standing here.

    Zhou Yuan landed on the reception platform of the floating island. He glanced at the void around him, but his heart was dim, because he could feel that the sky and ground here were all covered with some extremely dangerous Origin Pattern barriers. If you run wild, once you fall into it, even the Nascent Origin Realm expert will be trapped.
    "These barriers here were arranged by Master himself."
    A familiar voice came from the front, Zhou Yuan raise one's head, when he saw Chi Jing standing in the front, looking at him with a smile.
    She watched Zhou Yuan look around, waved her hand, and said, "I have opened the Law Domain, and no one can know our conversation."
    Zhou Yuan hearing this was a little surprised, because he didn't feel that he had fallen into Chi Jing's Law Domain at all, which made him sigh that Law Domain Realm is too formidable, if Chi Jing at this time If there is a slight bit of maliciousness towards him, I am afraid that he will simply disappear if he can't even do any resistance.
    "Senior Sister Chi Jing." Zhou Yuan narrowed his mind and smiled.
    Chi Jing stepped forward with her long legs and said with a smile: "You are a little capable. You can integrate the four pavilions so quickly."
    Obviously, these days, she is always paying attention to the four pavilions. After all, Zhou Yuan is her Junior Brother. She doesn't want him to be messed up just after he took office.

    However, Zhou Yuan's method surprised her a bit, with a big stick in one hand and sweet jujube in the other, and it managed the Fire Pavilion and Mountain Pavilion well.
    Zhou Yuan smiled modestly.
    "But although you defeated Lu Xiao, but didn't expect Divine Palace Ranking to be ranked 14th, isn't it very angry?" Chi Jing teasingly said.
    Zhou Yuan shook his head indifferently, and said: "The rankings don't tell much. A low ranking is also good. If you encounter a strong enemy in the future, others will still be underestimated."
    "You think it's quite open." Chi Jing slightly nods, but then she snorted softly, and said: "But this is not good news for my Heaven Abyss Territory, the girl from the Profound Principle Territory, also It's really ignorant."
    She looked at Zhou Yuan and said, "If I meet the girl in the Nine Territories Conference in the Profound Principle Territory, teach her a lesson."
    Zhou Yuan was a little speechless. He knew that the girl Chi Jing was talking about should be Jiu Gong, who was ranked sixth in the Divine Palace Ranking. But you are a magnificent Law Domain Realm expert. Go and worry about something with a Divine Palace Realm...
    "Is the Nine Territories Conference confirmed?" Zhou Yuan asked.

    "Nine Territories are already under negotiation, and there should be a conclusion within two months." Chi Jing glanced at Zhou Yuan and smiled: "But you should pray for a longer period of time. Otherwise, with your current strength, I'm afraid It may not be possible to reveal one's talent in the Nine Territories Conference."
    "Then Lu Xiao's ranking on the Divine Palace Ranking should be clear to you, so defeating Lu Xiao does not mean that you can really compete with the top supreme talents."
    She gave Zhou Yuan a small blow.
    Zhou Yuan lightly nods. The change in the Divine Palace Ranking made him clearly understand his level, but he is not afraid. Those who rank before him almost always run through the 9-layer Divine. Palace, polishes the Divine Palace perfection, and he has only opened up the 7-layer Divine Palace now. If he waits for the remaining two Divine Palaces to pass through, he may not be weaker than those in the top rankings.
    "So, didn't this come down all at once, so hurry up to receive my reward?" Zhou Yuan laughed.
    He originally planned to get this volume of Lesser Saint Technique this time, and immediately started to comprehend it. If he had more time, he would focus on the Mountain Spirit Pattern, Forest Spirit Pattern and the last two Divine Palaces.
    After he has prepared all these things, he has the confidence to compete head-on with anyone in the Divine Palace Ranking.

    Chi Jing nodded, said: "This Myriad Techniques Hall was built by the teacher's father in the past. These Origin Pattern barriers were also arranged by him."
    With that, she turned to face the towering ancient hall in the distance.
    "Come with me, this Myriad Techniques Hall has been overseeed by Patriarch Mu Ni himself over the years. If you want to choose Lesser Saint Technique, you have to come through her..."
    She turned her head and smiled jokingly at Zhou Yuan, with a leisurely voice.
    "So you have to please her. If she is happy, you can get a good Lesser Saint Technique. After all, you have to know that even Lesser Saint Technique actually has a difference between superior and inferior."
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