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Chapter Table Of Contents 928 Meet Su Youwei Again
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Chapter Ninety Seventeen
    Xu Ming stood on the big tree, looking down at Zhou Yuan with indifferent eyes.
    And when his words came out, the complexion of the Heaven Abyss Territory's four pavilions members present changed, and there was anger surging in his eyes. This Xu Ming was really as the rumors said, arrogant to the limit.
    Zhou Yuan is the Heaven Abyss Territory Chief Pavilion Lord, and his status is extremely high, and Qiu Jiu is just an unknown person in the Monster Puppet Territory, how can he stand Zhou Yuan's apology!
    Xu Ming's words are simply humiliating them Heaven Abyss Territory.
    And Zhou Yuan's eyes narrowed slightly. He stared at Xu Ming, who was dressed in black, and said, "Are you finally willing to show up? Then you have occupied my Heaven Abyss Territory for no reason. You should also talk about it. ?"
    Xu Ming tilted his head slightly, staring at Zhou Yuan coldly, and said, "Do you not understand me? I said, let you release and apologize."
    Zhou Yuan shook his head: "It seems that your Excellency does not intend to solve this problem."
    "Tank it, at the gate of Diaocheng." Zhou Yuan waved his hand, his tone faint.
    The Heaven Abyss Territory disciples who captured Qiu Jiu's several people were hearing this, and immediately began to strip their clothes, while Qiu Jiu and others' complexion changed drastically and hurriedly shouted for help. Up.

    Xu Ming had a cold light bursting out of his eyes, and said sorrowfully: "Shame on your face, grab someone back from me!"
    He gave an order, and the figure behind that Bai Lai Dao was begin to stir.
    "Everyone in Heaven Abyss Territory listened to the order, set up, who dares to come forward and kill!" Zhou Yuan shouted sharply.
    Two thousand Heaven Abyss Territory forces hearing this suddenly yelled in response. In the next moment, the majestic and majestic Origin Qi burst out, staring fiercely at those Monster Puppet Territory's people.
    And being stared at by two thousand people like this, the Monster Puppet Territory's people were also taken aback, and some didn't dare to move, because if the other party really made a move, even Xu Ming would not be able to stop the offensive of two thousand people. This time, I only brought a hundred people.
    In the City of Fallen, the sound of countless inhaling air-conditioning sounded.
    Everyone didn't expect Heaven Abyss Territory's Zhou Yuan to be so fierce. Is he planning to fight directly?
    Xu Ming watched this scene with fierce glittering in his eyes, and said, "It seems that Heaven Abyss Territory intends to have a game with me Monster Puppet Territory before the Nine Territories Conference starts? It’s not that I look down on you, you guys. This force is probably not my Monster Puppet Territory's opponent!"
    Three thousand people came to their Monster Puppet Territory this time, and their overall strength is stronger than Heaven Abyss Territory. If they really want to fight, they must have the upper hand.

    Zhou Yuan indifferently said: "It's okay, don't think about it for us, it's nothing more than both sides suffer. My Heaven Abyss Territory was at the bottom of the last Nine Territories Conference, and my results will not be worse than before."
    "So if you can drag your Monster Puppet Territory together, it would be a bit of gain."
    The countless people's eyelids trembled. This Heaven Abyss Territory's Chief Pavilion Lord has a really big temper, but there is some truth to that. After all, Heaven Abyss Territory is the last one. Where can it go? This is the barefooted people are not afraid of those who wear shoes.
    Monster Puppet Territory's is indeed stronger, but if it really fights against Heaven Abyss Territory here, even if Monster Puppet Territory can win, it will suffer heavy losses, and it may even be impossible to pass the next three levels...
    That way, for no reason, the top powers are cheaper.
    In the City of Fallen, some of the top forces’ forces have their eyes shining brightly at this time, and they are constantly shouting in their hearts, go, go!
    Xu Ming stared at Zhou Yuan's eyes, getting colder and colder. Obviously he didn't expect, Zhou Yuan dared to threaten him like this!
    If he is alone at this time, he will clean up Zhou Yuan no matter what today, but he still bears a heavy responsibility now, he doesn't know if Zhou Yuan really dare to go shopping with them here, but he can't Gamble, because once a large-scale battle really breaks out, losses will be inevitable at that time, and you can't stop it if you want to stop.

    That will only allow others to reap the benefits of the fisherman.
    However, if you stop it, it will appear weak. Who is Xu Ming? He is the top supreme talent on the Primordial Heaven Divine Palace Ranking, with outstanding accomplishments, but what about Zhou Yuan? But just defeated Chen Xuandong, how could it be compared with him?
    Originally, he thought that Zhou Yuan would inevitably lower his posture when he came forward, but he didn't expect this newly promoted Divine Palace Ranking ninth, dare to be so tough in front of him, which made Xu Ming feel like a shock. Irritated.
    This ignorant thing!
    Xu Ming took a deep breath and raised his palm to stop the Monster Puppet Territory expert who was ready to go behind.
    Seeing his actions like this, some regrets suddenly sounded in the City of Fallen. In the end, Xu Ming remained sensible and did not go crazy with Zhou Yuan.
    Xu Ming stared at Zhou Yuan, with a hint of contempt at the corner of his mouth, and said: "Zhou Yuan, we are all shouldering heavy responsibilities, and you should not make such a barefoot posture to scare people."
    "If you really have a temper, then you and I will play together."
    "If you lose, let them go and then apologize."
    "If I lose, I will return Building No. 6 to you Heaven Abyss Territory today."
    "How about? Dare?!"

    There was some uproar around him. Xu Ming was cunning. He wanted to force Zhou Yuan to take a shot. Although Zhou Yuan defeated Chen Xuandong before, no one really thought he had the same strength as Xu Ming. Nine Territories' top supreme talent competes.
    So if the two really fight each other, I am afraid Zhou Yuan will suffer a big loss.
    Countless cast his gaze to Zhou Yuan, wanting to see his statement.
    Under those gazes, Zhou Yuan's expression remained unchanged, just saying: "How do you want to play?"
    Xu Ming picked up the corner of his mouth, took off a string of white beads from his wrist, and flicked his fingers. Five white jade-like beads broke out. Only a bright radiance burst out of them. The beads rose against the storm. It turned into five white jade giant beasts about ten feet away.
    The body of the white jade giant beast is covered with Origin Pattern, which is extremely mysterious, with sharp claws, glittering cold light, and a violent aura emanating from it.
    The white jade giant beast roared, and the sound wave swept across, causing the void to vibrate slightly.
    Countless looking at the white jade giant beast, all eyes have changed a little, full of fears of the consequences.
    "This is Monster Puppet Territory's white jade puppet. It is said that the strength is comparable to the top Divine Palace Realm late stage. The Origin Qi background Divine Palace Realm is less than 18 million. It is not necessarily beatable!" Someone exclaimed.

    Xu Ming looked down at Zhou Yuan and said playfully: "As long as you can defeat my five white jade puppets during the half-stick of incense time, even if you win."
    As soon as this remark came out, there was an uproar.
    Mu Liu frowned and said in a low voice, "This white jade puppet is very powerful. If the five heads are together, the combat power will be stronger. I think even Chen Xuandong will be tossed by these five white jade puppets. "
    Yi Qiushui said: "Zhou Yuan, Monster Puppet Territory is the most powerful puppet, don't be fooled!"
    Zhou Yuan stared at the five vivid and lifelike beasts, the beast pupils glittering with the fierce white jade puppets, these puppets are indeed very strong, as Mu Liu said, I am afraid that Chen Xuandong will not be able to please the five white jade puppets The good thing is that now, he doesn't know how much he is better than when he played against Chen Xuandong.
    That Xu Ming was so proud that he didn't even want to fight him personally, but wanted to embarrass him with five puppet beasts.
    Really crazy...
    Xu Ming stared at Zhou Yuan, indifferently said: "How about, dare you?"
    Zhou Yuan looked calm and could not afford the billows, and then took a step forward.
    When Xu Ming saw this, the corners of his mouth suddenly stirred up a sneer. Does this idiot really think that the conditions he offered are so simple?

    Of course he can feel that Zhou Yuan seems to be stronger than Chen Xuandong. If full power is used, the five-headed white jade puppet may not be able to stop him, but it is a pity that his five-headed puppet is inside his body. Inscribed "dark spider web barrier", once confronted with the enemy, the opponent can be dragged into it and trapped for a long time.
    Therefore, this white jade puppet is not known for its combat power, but traps people!
    Although Zhou Yuan's strength is not weak, it is not difficult to trap him in the half-stick of incense.
    Xu Ming's eyes were mocking, Zhou Yuan was also a stupid person, and easily fell into his trap.
    He made a seal with one hand, and the five-headed white jade puppet beast immediately shot out violently.
    Upon seeing Zhou Yuan, there was a majestic Origin Qi rising above his body.
    However, at the moment he was about to shoot, his expression changed suddenly, because he felt an extremely formidable Origin Qi burst out between Heaven and Earth.
    A huge dark purple Origin Qi torrent suddenly dropped from the sky, like a purple waterfall.
    ? With the strength of Origin Qi torrent, even Zhou Yuan's pupils shrink slightly.

    However, the formidable Origin Qi torrent that shocked Zhou Yuan was not directed at him, but directly and accurately bombarded the heads of the five white jade puppets that were violently shots. So, In that short few breaths, five white jade puppet beasts burst out...
    Mantian fragments violently shoots out.
    This sudden scene stunned everyone.
    Five such powerful white jade puppets were killed in seconds!
    Even the two victims Zhou Yuan and Xu Ming were stunned, and immediately the latter complexion was green, and said sharply: "Who?!"
    In the next moment, Zhou Yuan and Xu Ming's eyes projected to a direction not far away almost at the same time, and then both of them were taken aback.
    Because they saw that at the top of a tall green tree there, a beautiful purple dress stood still, her slender figure, her clothes fluttering, as if she was going to rise in the wind, and her cheeks were as white as Jade, clear and beautiful, can be described as divine fragrance, national grace.
    That kind of facial expression had to make everyone's eyes shine brightly.
    But soon, the countless people recognized the beautiful shadow, and immediately an incredible voice rang out from countless people: "That's...Purple Firmament Territory's Su Youwei?!"

    There was a commotion in the city. You know, compared to Zhou Yuan, Su Youwei's reputation in Primordial Heaven's, I don't know how many times stronger it is.
    In the stunning eyes of the countless road, Su Youwei smiled, and then said apologetically to Xu Ming: "Ah, I'm so sorry, Origin Qi suddenly lost control..."
    Then, regardless of the complexion gloomy and uncertain Xu Ming, a pair of autumn-like eyes turned to Zhou Yuan, with her white teeth biting her red lips, and she was silent. The beautiful eyes were reflected by the setting sun in the distance, There seems to be some glittering.
    She is like that, quietly looks at him.
    Just like back then, in that Great Zhou City, at the time of separation.
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