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Chapter Table Of Contents 934 Draw Lots
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When Zhao Xiansun's voice echoed within Heaven and Earth, he could only wave his sleeves. On a huge square in the center of Die City, the earth shook and the ground began to bulge rapidly.
    The ground cracked, and in just a few dozen breaths, a stone platform about a hundred feet high suddenly appeared.
    In die city, countless fiery gazes are projected toward the stone platform.
    Zhao Xiansun pointed a little bit. On the stone platform, Origin Qi radiance converged. Origin Qi encased the soil, and in an instant it turned into a mud bucket. In the mud bucket, there are eight mud sticks. There is radiance surging on it, and make people can't snoop.
    "Myriad Ancestors Territory is the leader of the last Nine Territories Conference. According to the rules, no lottery is allowed, and first-class roads are assigned directly." Zhao Xiansun said.
    And for this, everyone has already known, so they are all nods.
    And no one thinks this is bad luck for Myriad Ancestors Territory. Even if the top forces blocking the first-class road are the strongest, it is still difficult to threaten Myriad Ancestors Territory.
    What's more, Myriad Ancestors Territory also has strong men like Zhao Mushen.
    With his oversee, the experts of other top forces have not yet played against them, they are already afraid of three points.
    "It is said that on that first class road, a total of six top forces have joined forces, but it is a pity that they met Myriad Ancestors Territory and Zhao Mushen..."

    "Yes, Myriad Ancestors Territory has become more and more powerful over the years, and there are even signs of being the leader of Nine Territories. Although the top six powers are extraordinary, they are still far from Myriad Ancestors Territory."
    "Hehe, I think this time I am afraid that Myriad Ancestors Territory will pass the first-class road in less than a stick of incense time."
    There are many voices whispering in the city of die, but it can be seen that no one feels the slightest danger to Myriad Ancestors Territory.
    After all, the strength lies there.
    On the void, Zhao Xiansun smiled lightly: "Other leaders of the eight domains, come on stage."
    As soon as his voice fell, on top of the several tall buildings of Nine Territories Manor, one after another figure shot out and fell on the towering stone platform.
    And with their appearance, there were bursts of cheers and cheers broke out between Heaven and Earth.
    "Chief Pavilion Lord, I have better luck. It's better to get to the number six. It will be easier to break through that way." Han Yuan looked at Zhou Yuan and said with a smile.
    "You are too emboldened. Even if I get ahead, what fear do I have in Heaven Abyss Territory?" Mu Liu curled his lips and said.

    Han Yuan chuckled and said: "We have two thousand people in Heaven Abyss Territory this year. If it is before Route 4, it will be the top three powers uniting, and the number will be twice as high as ours. It is said that those top powers This time I tried to hold back the means, I'm afraid I'm waiting for our Heaven Abyss Territory."
    "At that time, maybe even people of Chen Xuandong's level will keep popping up."
    Mu Liu frowned, but in the end he didn't say anything. If it was Chen Xuandong's strength, even if he met him, it would be a little unpleasant. Now they can deal with that level, probably only Zhou Yuan and Lu Xiao. Up.
    After all, in the past two months, Lu Xiao's strength has also improved.
    Zhou Yuan heard what they were saying, smiled, and said, "Do your best and obey the fate."
    Immediately, he didn't say any more, as the figure moved, he stepped on Origin Qi and rose into the sky, and finally landed on the stone platform.
    At this time, eight figures as rivers Jing and Wei separate clearly stood on the stone platform, attracting the countless eyes of die in the city.
    When Zhou Yuan fell on the stone platform, he could feel that the other seven people present were all projecting sights containing inexplicable emotions onto him.
    In those sights, there is hostility, curiosity, joy, and playfulness.

    Zhou Yuan had no billows on his face. First, his eyes were right with Su Youwei. The latter's beautiful cheeks suddenly showed a smile at him, like the warm winter sun, which can relieve the tension of people's hearts.
    Zhou Yuan lightly nods at her, and glances over Wu Yao, who is ten steps away. The latter is still in a bright red dress, with unparalleled appearance and aggressive and domineering temperament like that Empress.
    But at this time, Wu Yao didn't look at Zhou Yuan anymore, only the phoenix eyes were slightly drooping.
    Not far from Wu Yao, Zhou Yuan saw a tall young man with extremely dazzling blood-red hair. He had a fair face and a harmless smile on his face.
    But when Zhou Yuan saw him, he felt some dangerous aura in his heart.
    Blood Sea Territory, Wang Xi.
    At this time, Wang Xi also looks at Zhou Yuan and smiled at him, but his smile made people feel a kind of chill.
    After Wang Xi, he was a man in white. The man looked handsome and his face was also exceptionally handsome. He held a folding fan like a scholar.
    Saint Pattern Territory, Li Tongshen.
    Zhou Yuan glanced at him more, because Saint Pattern Territory is a domain specializing in Origin Pattern in Nine Territories. It is somewhat similar to Blue Profound Sect's Spirit Pattern Peak, but obviously the former is far from comparable in size to Spirit Pattern Peak.

    Presumably, the Divine Soul realm and Origin Pattern of Li Tongshen are quite terrifying.
    Zhou Yuan suddenly felt that someone was staring at him. He immediately looked at One Revolution and saw a woman with a beautiful face. The woman was wearing a mysterious robe, but even the large mysterious robe could not cover her that overbearing to the extreme. The slim figure.
    Her eyes seemed to be full of scrutiny.
    Profound Principle Territory, Jiu Gong.
    When Jiu Gong saw Zhou Yuan, his beautiful eyes glanced at him faintly, and he turned back leisurely, and didn't have any eye contact with Zhou Yuan.
    Zhou Yuan didn't care about her attitude either, and kept watching.
    Monster Puppet Territory's Xu Ming, who had been in contact yesterday, when the two of them met each other, their hostility was rising.
    And Beast Controlling Territory's Yuan Kun is a big white fat man with a greasy face, constantly rubbing the sweat on his face with a handkerchief, his round body is like a ball.
    He looked at Zhou Yuan with an expression of admiration, and then gave Su Youwei and Wu Yao a short glance.
    Zhou Yuan looked back. Although it was just a quick glance, he could feel the danger aura of these seven people. None of these people are simple. If they fight against each other, Zhou Yuan knows that, maybe half of them, even if It is hard to win even if he exhausts his full power.

    Unless he runs through the 9th layer Divine Palace.
    "Get ready to draw lots."
    On the void, Zhao Xiansun's voice came.
    So the seven people present all stepped forward one after another, stretched out their palms, and took out a clay lot from the clay pot.
    In the die city, countless eyes seemed to be a bit quiet for a while.
    Zhou Yuan also stared at the mud lottery in his hand. The rich Origin Qi radiance on it gradually disappeared, and a number on it began to become clear.
    When the number appeared completely, Zhou Yuan's pupils shrank slightly.
    I saw a "two" on it, clearly visible.
    Actually, so unlucky to get a lottery that is second only to the first-class difficulty? !
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