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Chapter Table Of Contents 956 Yuan Kun
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Heaven and Earth is green and full of vitality.
    The range upon range of mountains spread from the plain, and when seen from a distance, it looks like a barrier standing within Heaven and Earth.
    At this time, Zhou Yuan led the team and landed on a giant peak. When the others fell, the exclamation and ecstasy of up here, down there burst out.
    Because they found a lot of inspirations inside this mountain!
    Zhou Yuan is also a little lamented. The Heaven and Earth Origin Qi in this space is too rich, and even the birth of the inspiration is far beyond those previously encountered. You know, this place is only when scouts are exploring at will. What was discovered, it can be imagined that in other places, there must be more clever ideas.
    However, this space is also wider than those before.
    "In this mountain range, there should be a lot of ideas. Scouts are scattered, so let's search and locate first." Zhou Yuan looked at Shang Xiaoling and said.
    Shang Xiaoling nodded, immediately turned around and ordered.
    Standing beside Zhou Yuan, Yi Qiushui stood on tiptoe and looked over, saying: "The Heaven and Earth Origin Qi of this space is so rich, it may be the birth of Innate Internal Spirit."
    She paused and said, "This also means that we may meet the main teams of the other eight domains."
    "Even, there may be more than one."

    Zhou Yuan's expression was also slightly solemn, but he didn't have much fear, and said, "It doesn't matter, no matter who is here, you can fight, if you can't fight, then run."
    With a cry of Yi Qiushui pū chī, he couldn't help but give him a blank look, thinking he was going to say something encouraging, but didn't expect so simply.
    Zhou Yuan smiled, but didn't have any burden, and said: "The strength is not as good as the others, and the temporary retreat is not a shame. Therefore, before I penetrate the 9th layer Divine Palace, I don't plan to face the top four."
    Yi Qiushui tch tch said: "What do you say, how can I hear some arrogance? Are you saying that when you meet the next four, you are sure to pull your wrists with them?"
    You know, the top eight in the Divine Palace Ranking are truly supreme talents. They are the fresh blood cultivated by the eight domains with full power. Their talents and resources are enough to make supreme talents of the top powers see only the other rider's dust and have no hope of catching up.
    Therefore, Zhou Yuan has defeated many supreme talents such as Lu Hai, Zhao Yunxiao, Liu Qingshu, etc., but compared with the eight, there is a huge gap between them.
    According to Yi Qiushui, even if Zhou Yuan is not better than those eight, it is not shameful, but Zhou Yuan's words obviously only think that he will temporarily retreat when he meets the first four, but the last four. , But still can't make him retreat.

    In a sense, this is more arrogant.
    Zhou Yuan smiled. He didn't say much, but closed his eyes slightly. He was in Tranquil Mind feeling the strange wave between Heaven and Earth that made the Divine Palace tremble in his body.
    That is Innate Internal Spirit.
    Unfortunately, although he could sense the Innate Internal Spirit in this space, he couldn't find out its location.
    It seems that this can only be explored a little bit slowly.
    After a while, Zhou Yuan opened his eyes, just about to speak, his expression suddenly changed, his gaze looked sharply at the other direction of the mountain range, because there suddenly came a violent Origin Qi collision.
    "Send a warning, the scout met other teams!"
    Yi Qiushui hearing this was also shocked, and immediately turned around and issued orders.
    In the mountain, everyone in the Heaven Abyss Territory who was gathering inspirations was hearing this, and they immediately rose up and gathered on the top of the mountain. Origin Qi surged, watching the direction coming from the Origin Qi collision.
    Amidst everyone's guard, the sound of breaking wind swiftly sounded in a distant place, and dozens of figures rushed in anxiously.
    These are scouts sent out.

    Zhou Yuan's stared at the rear, only to see that between Heaven and Earth there, there seemed to be countless beast roars, ear-splitting, and then, hundreds of figures hiding the sky and covering the earth chased in the sky. .
    When Zhou Yuan saw those figures, he couldn't help but pass a surprised look in his eyes.
    Because those hundreds of figures are all riding various Origin Beasts, or birds or beasts. When they came, the beast roared to the sky, and it was really terrifying.
    "It's Beast Controlling Territory's team!" Yi Qiushui said immediately upon seeing this.
    In Nine Territories, only Beast Controlling Territory's people can drive so many Origin Beasts.
    "I just don't know who led this team? I hope it is not the main team, otherwise it will be in trouble." Yi Qiushui whispered.
    However, for her luck, Zhou Yuan directly poured cold water: "You guessed it, this is Beast Controlling Territory's main team."
    His gaze was fixed on the center of the Beast Controlling Territory team, where there was a dark yellow fat cow stepping on the earth quaked, the mountains shook, making a lazy moo, walking out leisurely, and On the sturdy body of the fat cow is carrying a chubby white fat man.
    Fat cow with fat man is funny.

    But when Yi Qiushui looked at this chubby white fat man, the complexion became extremely dignified, because they also recognized this precisely Beast Controlling Territory's No. 1 figure, Yuan Kun ranked eighth in the Divine Palace Ranking!
    "That's the Great Earth Divine Bull. It's powerful enough to walk on the back of the mountain. It is said that it can reach the 7th Rank after being fully mature, which is comparable to the Nascent Origin Realm expert." Yi Qiushui said in a low voice.
    Zhou Yuan nodded, then his figure floated slowly and stood in the air.
    "Heaven Abyss Territory Zhou Yuan, I have met Lord Yuan Kun." Zhou Yuan resounded loudly.
    Yuan Kun also cast his narrow eyes on the giant cow. He looked at Zhou Yuan with a simple smile and said, "Didn't expect it is the team led by Chief Pavilion Lord Zhou Yuan."
    Zhou Yuan smiled and said, "Your Excellency Yuan Kun, in this area, our Heaven Abyss Territory is here first. I wonder why your Excellency expelled our scout?"
    Yuan Kun hearing this, shook his head, and said, "Chief Pavilion Lord Zhou Yuan is wrong. The rules of the Nine Territories Conference are never first come first served."
    His gaze swept over Zhou Yuan's, and there was a hint of scrutiny in the eyes. In fact, when he found out that the Heaven Abyss Territory team was here, he didn't care too much, but directly drove them away.
    But he didn't expect this Heaven Abyss Territory's team to be led by Zhou Yuan.

    For Zhou Yuan, Yuan Kun didn't underestimate him, because despite his honest appearance, he was actually extra shrewd and cautious. In Zhou Yuan's, he vaguely sensed some dangerous smells.
    This person is not as weak as others thought.
    It was precisely because of this trace of caution that he didn't directly order the action.
    However, it is impossible for him to give up here. In the end, he still has to see what Zhou Yuan's can do. He needs to know whether this new talent of Heaven Abyss Territory's is qualified to compete with their veteran supreme talents. Sit on an equal footing.
    Zhou Yuan hearing this, there was a slight silence, and then said: "In that case, your Excellency Yuan Kun still intends to have a fight with us."
    He knows, don’t look at Yuan Kun who is white and fat, like a child of a rich family, but he can sit firmly as the first person in the Beast Controlling Territory Divine Palace Realm. If anyone really thinks that he is as simple as on the surface, That would be a fool.
    Zhou Yuan stretched out his palm and waved it gently.
    Behind it, hundreds of Heaven Abyss Territory's people directly burst out of the majestic Origin Qi.
    On the Beast Controlling Territory side, there was also some commotion, and the atmosphere gradually became with swords drawn and bows bent at this time.

    Yuan Kun was sitting on the back of the Great Earth Divine Bull. He stretched out his sleeve and wiped the oil on his face. He watched the situation, and then slapped Divine Bull. Divine Bull walked out leisurely.
    He came to a thousand feet in front of Zhou Yuan and said: "Chief Pavilion Lord Zhou Yuan, if the team is fighting, go to war will inevitably be damaged."
    "It's better..."
    He laughed, his eyes narrowed into a gap, harmless to humans and animals.
    "The two of us are here to play?"
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