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Chapter Table Of Contents 960 Chapter Ninth And Forty-ninth Chapter?
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Under the mountain foot of the iceberg.
    Yuan Kun looked at the Zhou Yuan's figure who had been turning around the golden light barrier for a long time, constantly rubbing the sweat on his round face with his sleeves, and there was some worry in his thin eyes.
    Although his accomplishments in Origin Pattern are extremely poor, he still has some insights, and he has personally experienced the power of this Meridian Golden Light Barrier before. Once he is caught in it, even with his strength, he will be photographed. Divine Soul was dizzy. If it weren't for his own Origin Qi, he might actually be planted in it.
    This barrier is a proud work of Jiu Gong.
    So he is not sure whether Zhou Yuan can really break this golden light barrier.
    If you can’t do it, I’m afraid I’ll have to try hard in the end...
    "Hey, Jiu Gong, this little lady, is too much to want to eat alone!" Yuan Kun grinned, cursing a little uncomfortably.
    And when his cursing just fell, a ray of light dropped from the sky, precisely Zhou Yuan.
    Upon seeing this, Yuan Kun quickly asked, "Brother Zhou Yuan, how?"
    Zhou Yuan chuckled lightly and said, "There should be some certainty, let's try it first."
    Yuan Kun hearing this was overjoyed and gave a thumbs up: "Brother Zhou Yuan is reliable."

    Although he doesn't know what Zhou Yuan's success rate is, it is better than clueless.
    "Let me make some preparations." Zhou Yuan said, he sat down there, waved his sleeves, took out many jade slips, while holding the Heaven Primal Brush, the nib dropped, turning into one after another Origin Pattern. Incorporate into jade slip.
    Looking at Yuan Kun, for his Origin Pattern idiot, Zhou Yuan's behavior felt unclear and violent, so he was nodded and commented to the Beast Controlling Territory's people beside him: "Professional."
    After half-stick of incense, Zhou Yuan will prepare everything in order.
    He and Yuan Kun also mobilized the teams from both sides.
    "Of the two forces, send the strongest elite, a group of ten, and follow me into the golden light barrier."
    As his voice fell, the two forces commotion a little bit, and then soon there were figures standing out one after another, quickly forming a team.
    With a wave of Zhou Yuan's sleeves, the jade slips that had been prepared flew out and hovered in front of each team.
    "You hold the jade slip, and after entering the barrier, close your Divine Soul, otherwise you will be swept by the golden light and the Divine Soul will be held. You can only let others knead it." Zhou Yuan ordered.

    Hearing this, the elites glanced at each other and said hesitantly: "If Divine Soul is closed, our perception of the outside world will become extremely dull. If we encounter a sneak attack, it will be difficult to detect."
    Zhou Yuan waved his hand and said, "It's okay. Everything is under my direction."
    Everyone at Heaven Abyss Territory's is naturally nods and has no objection. After all, Zhou Yuan's prestige is still sufficient in their hearts. On the contrary, the elites of Beast Controlling Territory's are a little hesitant. After all, they don't understand Zhou Yuan at all. The behavior of the other party seemed to them to be very disturbing.
    Yuan Kun saw the hesitation of his forces, and the complexion was a bit unsustainable. Severely glared at them and said, "A bunch of melons, then Jiu Gong can't help her with this tortoise shell, but she doesn't want to really offend us, otherwise. If we don’t leave, we just stay here, and their team won’t be able to go anywhere."
    What he meant was that everyone in Beast Controlling Territory's should not worry too much, because this is just a battle to break the formation, and the other party does not dare to tear their skin, so the means will not be too sinister.
    After being reprimanded by Yuan Kun, the elites of Beast Controlling Territory's smiled and dared not say anything.
    Zhou Yuan smiled at Yuan Kun, thanking him for his trust.
    Yuan Kun said, "Don't you need me to go in?"

    Zhou Yuan pondered slightly, and said: "You said just now, this is just a break, it's not really going to fight Jiu Gong, if you go in, the effect is not great, but maybe it will make Jiu Gong feel that we are fighting. There are only a lot of people, and even if it breaks by then, she won't recognize it.
    He could feel that Jiu Gong let them pass the barrier. Besides, it was more aimed at him.
    Although he did not know why this unmasked Profound Principle Territory supreme talent would be a bit provocative towards him, but he was not afraid of this kind of challenge. Regarding the Origin Pattern attainments, he did not believe that the other party could outperform him. he.
    Although Yuan Kun looks chubby, his mind is quite delicate. He also feels this way, so he didn't say much. He just patted Zhou Yuan on the shoulder and said, "Show the little ladies a little bit of color. "
    Zhou Yuan smiled and didn't say much. His figure moved and came before the golden light barrier. Behind it, dozens of teams followed.
    Zhou Yuan opened his palm, with Origin Qi light filaments extending from them. One end of the light filaments connected to the teams, and the other end fell in the direction of the golden light barrier.
    "You follow the light and enter the barrier. After entering, don't act blindly without thinking, hold the jade slip in your hand. Everything is under my command and cannot be crossed." Zhou Yuan solemnly reminded again.

    Dozens of teams are hearing this, and they are also nodded. Immediately after their silhouettes moved, the sound of breaking the wind rang, and one team was directly submerged in the golden light barrier.
    Zhou Yuan raised the head and looked at the golden light barrier in front of him. The golden light was reflected in his eyes. He seemed to see that in the depths, there was a cold and proud shadow staring at him. Provocation and scrutiny.
    "Want to weigh my level..."
    "Then have fun with you."
    He smiled, no longer hesitating, stepped forward, stepped into the golden light, and then his figure was swallowed by the golden light under the gaze of Yuan Kun, Yi Qiushui and others behind him.
    "Finally come in..."
    Among the golden light barrier, Xue Jingtao looked at somewhere, this golden light barrier, Jiu Gong also gave him some control rights, so when Zhou Yuan intends to break the formation, he has to pass Xue Jingtao first.
    Xue Jingtao flashed a cold color in his eyes, and said: "Listen to everyone, run the golden light barrier to inspire the "Scattering Soul Golden Light"! I want to turn them all into dumb geese, let me take care of it!"
    His voice, through the barrier, was directly transmitted to the Purple Firmament Territory teams guarding various nodes in an instant.
    There are many responses from all over the golden light barrier.

    In the next moment, the entire huge golden light barrier burst out with bright radiance, and Heaven and Earth Origin Qi also became violent at this time.
    The top of the iceberg.
    Jiu Gong sat cross-legged elegantly. In front of her, there was a light curtain forming, among which many light spots were glittering. She stared at one of them, and said to herself: "You didn't even let Yuan Kun go out?"
    "This temper and courage are not small, but are you not afraid of overconfidence?"
    She put her elbows on her knees, her cheeks resting on her palms, and she looked lazy.
    "It seems that Xue Jingtao is not pleasing to Zhou Yuan. Is this trying to borrow my golden light barrier to give him a good look?"
    "Oh, don't worry, just watch a good show first."
    "Zhou Yuan ah Zhou Yuan, if you can't even play this Xue Jingtao... Then Su Youwei knows, I'm afraid there will be some how can this be endured! Right?"
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