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Chapter Table Of Contents 971 Soft Persimmon
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When Zhao Mushen’s Origin Qi was overwhelming, the countless eyes in this starry sky looked terrified. After all, Zhao Mushen’s prestige in the Primordial Heaven Divine Palace generation was too high. If he wants to If you want to shoot someone, it will inevitably have a huge impact on the current situation.
    However, when many people were secretly relieved, Zhao Mushen's coercion was actually directed at Heaven Abyss Territory's Zhou Yuan...
    This surprised many people, after all, they have never heard of Zhou Yuan and Zhao Mushen's enmity...
    But these are irrelevant. Some people think of taking joy in calamity and delight in disaster. Seeing that the highlight of the Nine Territories Conference is right in front of them, if Zhou Yuan is eliminated here, then I really don’t know how much it will be in his mind. The aggrieved.
    Xu Ming watched this scene with a ridiculous smile at the corner of his mouth. He shook his head. It seems that Zhou Yuan is not his turn to clean up...
    Beast Controlling Territory's Yuan Kun touched his white and fat face, and couldn't help sighing, facing the murderous person like Zhao Mushen, even he would be extremely afraid of the consequences. If Zhao Mushen is going to deal with Zhou Yuan here, he is also impossible to help however much one would like to.
    After all, he has to be responsible for the Beast Controlling Territory, offending Zhao Mushen and Myriad Ancestors Territory, which is extremely unwise.

    Jiu Gong's expression is a bit regretful. After previous contact, she can feel Zhou Yuan's potential. If he waits for him to get through the 9th layer Divine Palace, his combat power may be able to enter the top four.
    At that time, even if Zhao Mushen had to deal with him, he would have to spend some effort.
    It's a pity... Zhao Mushen doesn't seem to intend to give him a chance to continue to grow.
    However, losing to Zhao Mushen is not a shame.
    For Zhao Mushen's combat effectiveness, even if it is as proud as her, deep in one's heart also has the meaning of appreciation.
    Zhou Yuan may be able to compete with Zhao Mushen in the future, but not now... But when Zhou Yuan goes further, Zhao Mushen may have broken through to Heavenly Sun Realm, and the gap will be even greater at that time.
    The path of cultivation, originally, is one step slow, slow step by step, it is not easy to catch up.
    At the Martial God Territory, Wu Yao wears a bright red dress, stern and majestic, her arms folded, her phoenix eyes squinted lightly, and her light stream moves, not knowing what she is thinking.
    And in her behind, that Lan Ting and Zhao Yunxiao are side by side, Zhao Yunxiao complexion is pale at this time, his eyes are severely staring at Zhou Yuan's figure, before in that small space, he was almost really killed by Zhou Yuan. .

    However, there was still a trace of fear flowing deep in his eyes, Zhou Yuan's strength had made him understand that the two sides were no longer on the same level.
    The young man who was not valued by him in the Great Wu capital, now... has left him far behind.
    Although unwilling, Zhao Yunxiao had to admit this cruel reality.
    Lan Ting on the side also remained silent. He also knew what happened to Zhao Yunxiao. His strength was comparable to that of Zhao Yunxiao. Zhou Yuan could almost kill the latter with one punch. Then he met, and it must be the same result. .
    Before the two conferences, they were full of self-confidence, and now they no longer have that arrogance.
    Wu Yao pupil light glanced at the two of them imperceptibly, and shook their heads secretly. This frustration caused the two to lose their fighting spirit. With such a toughness, they still looked down upon Zhou Yuan a lot at the beginning. On this point, they and Zhou Compared with Yuan, the gap is countless.
    If the setbacks experienced by Zhou Yuan are placed on them, I am afraid that neither of these two can withstand them, let alone rise again in the Jedi?
    However, if Zhao Mushen wants to deal with Zhou Yuan's right now, it is really a huge trouble for the latter.

    Wu Yao flicked the slender jade finger, her eyes glittering, she didn't want to see Zhou Yuan being eliminated by Zhao Mushen here, because this Nine Territories Conference was also her best chance to get back the piece of Saint Dragon Qi in Zhou Yuan's body.
    Zhao Mushen, this person is really bad.
    Do you want to stop it?
    Star space, many eyes gathered here, they want to wait for a good show to be performed.
    In the eyes of those who take joy in calamity and delight in disaster, Zhou Yuan’s expression has no billows, but an extremely ruthless look in the depths of the eyes, his face is expressionless, and the silver liquid emerges from the palm of his sleeve. , Gradually covering the arm.
    However, at the moment the Origin Qi surged in his body, this star space suddenly had an extremely formidable Origin Qi pressure slowly emerging.
    Countless looked suspiciously.
    Then they saw that Purple Firmament Territory's Su Youwei took a step forward. The space around her was slightly oscillating, and the pressure was no less inferior to Zhao Mushen, and her aura locked Zhao Mushen.
    She not say a word, Origin Qi is surging, but not expressing.
    This is a warning.
    This warning tells Zhao Mushen that if he wants to act here, then she will also intervene.

    An uproar with vibration sounded lowly, and then spread like a wave.
    All the experts were shocked. They all didn't expect, Su Youwei would come forward at this time and face Zhao Mushen for Zhou Yuan!
    What is the relationship between these two people? !
    Although in the City of Fallen, they saw Su Youwei retreating Xu Ming for Zhou Yuan, but how can Xu Ming compare with Zhao Mushen?
    Behind Su Youwei, Xue Jingtao also changed the complexion. He had already told Su Youwei about what Zhou Yuan's had done before, but he didn't expect Su Youwei to make a statement at this time, and he was still targeting Zhao Mushen!
    "Junior Sister Youwei! What are you doing? Why do you want to offend Zhao Mushen for a Zhou Yuan?" Xue Jingtao said sharply.
    "Don't forget your identity!"
    Su Youwei glanced at him faintly and said, "That's because your eyesight is too short. Zhao Mushen is our enemy, and Zhou Yuan's stay will pose a huge threat to him."
    Xue Jingtao laughed extremely angry, what's the joke? Can Zhou Yuan pose a threat to Zhao Mushen? What is he? !
    "I am the Purple Firmament Territory's Captain. If you don't obey the order, then immediately withdraw from the Nine Territories Conference." Su Youwei said coldly, his words colder than ever.

    Xue Jingtao clenched his palms tightly, his face was a little twisted, and finally he backed away bitterly, and said, "Okay, just go crazy, it depends on what you do when you go back!"
    In all the uproar, Zhao Mushen's eyes condensed slightly at this time. He turned his head and looked at the direction Su Youwei was. Slowly said, "Su Youwei, are you going to declare war on me?"
    Su Youwei said, "If you think so, then so be it."
    Zhao Mushen said quietly, "Do you know that this is not the best place and time for us to fight?"
    Su Youwei whispered: "So I hope you can be more sensible."
    Zhao Mushen became silent, and immediately he chuckled and raised his hand. The Origin Qi coercion emanating from his body gradually dissipated, saying: "Well, as you wish, but Su Youwei, you can't keep it his."
    Su Youwei deserves his disadvantage of the consequences, and, besides Su Youwei, he also vaguely felt a vague aura locked him, facing this situation, even Zhao Mushen could only choose to back down.
    Su Youwei shook his head and said, "When he gets through the Nine Divine Palaces, you should probably consider whether you can keep yourself."
    Zhao Mushen smiled and said, "Do you look at him so well? Then I will wipe one's eyes and wait."

    He does not underestimate Zhou Yuan, nor does he underestimate Zhou Yuan's potential after penetrating Nine Divine Palaces, but he has absolute self-confidence in himself.
    As the two people's Origin Qi coercion converged, the atmosphere of with swords drawn and bows bent in the starry sky disappeared immediately, and many eyes shook their heads regretfully, but unfortunately, they didn't fight.
    Then Xu Ming like a smile yet not a smile, saying: "Chief Pavilion Lord Zhou Yuan is really a blessing."
    There is irony and ridicule in the words.
    Some look at Zhou Yuan's with a little joke, and deep in the jealousy, there is jealousy and envy.
    After all, it is unacceptable to be able to make Su Youwei so full of power!
    The silver liquid on Zhou Yuan's arm in his sleeve gradually receded. He raised one's head and looked at Xu Ming in the distance, saying: "Nine statues, no matter which one you are looking at, I will have them."
    Although Zhao Mushen will be placed behind for the time being, Xu Ming can be used as an easy target first.
    The lion will be beating, the jackal will be killed now!
    Xu Ming hearing this, his eyes suddenly became cold and sharp.
    The people who had just turned off the fire broke out again in an uproar. Zhou Yuan's words were undoubtedly a direct declaration of war on Xu Ming...
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