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Chapter Table Of Contents 980 Chapter Ninth And Sixty-ninth?
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    On the plain, the monstrous Origin Qi shock wave is on the wreak havoc, and the entire Heaven and Earth seems to be shaking violently at this time.
    At the source of the shock wave, the three ray of light shadows interlaced like lightning. Every time they collided, they brought heaven shaking movements, and the countless people outside were breathing air-conditioning wildly.
    Although under the starry sky at this time, there is another battle circle with top supreme talents such as Li Tongshen, Yuan Kun, Jiu Gong, etc., but almost 90% of the sight is firmly drawn here.
    Because the battle here is too fierce.
    If someone who doesn’t know is here, I’m afraid they might even think that three Heavenly Sun Realm experts are clashing...
    The brilliance of the three people almost concealed everyone else.
    boom! boom!
    Origin Qi impacted like a huge wave, and heavily burst out.
    The three ray of light shadows are a slight lag of agreement by chance.
    Wu Yao's beautiful face is full of fierce and strong colors. In the previous melee, she had no defensive posture at all. She was constantly on the offensive. However, the Black Thunder she cultivated, if she wants to talk about pure destructive power If it is, it should be the most of the three.

    Such a fierce battle also caused Wu Yao's fight intent in the pair of phoenix eyes to become more and more hot. She can't remember how long she has not experienced this kind of one's heart's content battle.
    "Now that you have done it, let's use all of your skills!"
    Wu Yao screamed, and in the next instant, her jade hands were sealed like lightning, and boundless radiance burst out on her delicate body.
    "Martial God Art!"
    Wu Yao's imposing manner skyrocketed at this moment. Above the red skirt, radiance overflowed, and its Origin Qi Star was also rising at this time, directly from 74 million to 93 million!
    That's a full 19 million increase!
    Obviously, Wu Yao displayed Martial God Territory's secret method.
    Wu Yao shook his slender hand and saw two black Thunder drop from the sky, which directly penetrated the void and blasted towards Zhao Mushen and Su Youwei like lightning.
    Zhao Mushen looked at the thunder roaring like a black dragon, with a trace of caution on his face. He did not dare to neglect, his feet slammed into the air, and the air exploded, making a harsh sound.
    "Ancestral Soul Manual!"
    In Zhao Mushen's body, an illusory light shadow suddenly appeared out of thin air. The light shadow had no face, but it exuded an indescribable vastness, ancient aura.
    The light shadow swooped down and plunged directly into Zhao Mushen's between the eyebrows.

    In the next instant, Zhao Mushen's Origin Qi fluctuations also began to skyrocket. In just one breath, it skyrocketed from that 75 million to 95 million!
    Almost at the same time, Su Youwei's body also had a strong purple light burst out.
    "Purple Firmament Stars!"
    The purple light soars into the sky and turns into a sky full of stars, and the stars are reflected, actually forming a lot of Origin Qi Stars in Su Youwei's behind the void.
    Her 83 million Origin Qi Star also soared.
    Countless looked at her here, because many people wanted to know, with Su Youwei's Origin Qi background, if supplemented by the secret method, what kind of Origin Qi would she achieve?
    Will it break 100 million? !
    But I have never heard of anyone who can break the number of Origin Qi Star to 100 million in Divine Palace Realm, because that seems to be a limit, and even the amazing supreme talents are more and more surpassed.
    Origin Qi Star behind Su Youwei is constantly climbing under the sight of countless roads.
    However, just when the number of Origin Qi Star reached 98 million, the climb stopped abruptly, and the feeling seemed to be stopped by life.

    There is a countless sound of regret between Heaven and Earth. Sure enough, when the number of Origin Qi Stars is approaching the 100 million limit, it will become extremely difficult to increase. It seems to be the limit of Divine Palace Realm.
    However, this is the case. In the countless years of Primordial Heaven, people who can reach the Origin Qi background to nearly 100 million people at the Divine Palace Realm are also as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns. Su Youwei is enough to stay with it. Name history.
    And when everyone regrets, Zhao Mushen and Su Youwei have already shot at lightning speed, the majestic and powerful Origin Qi soaring into the sky, forcibly blocking the bombardment of the black dragon thunder.
    It seems that there are two Origin Qi mushroom clouds blooming above the head of the ancient stone statue.
    The shock wave hit the Origin Qi light film, causing continuous ripples on the light film.
    Outside the Origin Qi light film, Wang Xi sits volley in the air, his gradually blood-red eyes staring at the three people who have made heaven shaking, with unwillingness and longing deep in his eyes.
    He also wanted to participate in that kind of battle to prove himself.
    However, he knows that he is a little closer to maturity than those three, so he needs Cultivating Qi to cultivate the killing air. Over the years, he has gone through killings. The killing air is sealed in the Divine Palace. It's just this solution. The closure takes some time to brew.

    He believes that when he unblocks, he will definitely be able to participate!
    He wants to prove to everyone that the king of Primordial Heaven's Divine Palace Realm is more than the three of them!
    He Wang Xi is no weaker than anyone else!
    The huge Origin Qi mushroom cloud gradually subsided.
    Zhao Mushen stood high up in the sky, he looked at Su Youwei behind the dazzling 98 million Origin Qi Star, his eyes narrowed slightly, then his lips moved lightly, and a voice came into Wu Yao’s ears .
    "Wu Yao, Su Youwei Origin Qi background is extremely terrible. This kind of three-person melee continues to benefit her the most. There seems to be a gap between you and her, so you and I may be able to join forces temporarily to eliminate her first."
    Wu Yao phoenix eyes flickered slightly, and Origin Qi wrapped the voice and returned: "Yes."
    The two reached an agreement in an instant. In the next instant, their figures flashed, and they appeared directly in the front and back direction of Su Youwei's like a teleport.
    Their actions immediately caused a terrible uproar in the outside world. Everyone didn't expect to join forces first, but it would be Wu Yao and Zhao Mushen!
    Wu Yao's jade hand's lightning seal, her phoenix eyes are sharp, and the boundless Black Thunder gathers behind it, gradually forming a black thunder egg, and the cracks on the thunder egg spread rapidly.

    A clear and loud phoenix sound suddenly resounded.
    I saw a black Thunder Phoenix directly out of its shell, flapping its wings, and Black Thunder jumping, which directly caused the void to split.
    Lesser Saint Technique, Thunder Phoenix Descent!
    "go with!"
    She jade finger a little, the black Thunder Phoenix full of terror and destructive power suddenly shoots out violently, pointing directly at Su Youwei.
    And in front of Su Youwei's, Zhao Mushen screamed up to the sky, a huge golden light formation appeared behind him, the light formation revolved, and ancient sounds came out. The next moment, a blue-yellow mottled hand suddenly appeared. Poke out from it.
    That big hand was made by Origin Qi, but for some reason, it exudes a kind of aura that makes people palpitations.
    Lesser Saint Technique, Ancestral Soul's Hand!
    The ancient Boss directly scratched the void with his hand and severely grabbed it against Su Youwei. Even the space covered by the shadow was locked, making people nowhere to escape!
    Outside, the countless people were in an uproar. Zhao Mushen and Wu Yao instantly attacked the killer, and they displayed two Lesser Saint Techniques directly. This is definitely a trump card-like offensive!
    In the face of such a situation, even Su Youwei, a little careless, will be eliminated by heavy injury!

    Countless looked at the tiny shadow in the midst of two terrorist offensives with regret. Who could have imagined that Su Youwei would be the first to fall into a crisis in the blink of an eye!
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