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Chapter Table Of Contents 998 Chapter 987: Full Of Harvest
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Zhou Yuan lay down on his back on the head of the much-anticipated ancient stone statue, and his eyes gradually closed, because it was time for him to truly enjoy the final result.
    In the depths of the stone statue, there is an attraction exuding.
    Zhou Yuan's mind fell, and when he was focused, he found that he was outside a huge light group. In the light group, by the thousands and tens of thousands, the streamer of the swimming fish rose slowly. , And finally transformed into everything, fish, birds and beasts, flowers, birds, and cordyceps...
    It's like a world.
    Zhou Yuan looked at the light of those changing things, but his heart was hot, because these are all Innate Internal Spirit!
    The number of this Innate Internal Spirit is many times more than the inside of the first stone statue he was in before.
    Zhou Yuan's heart moved, with Origin Qi forming a vortex in front of him, and the Innate Internal Spirit by the thousands and tens of thousands suddenly flooded from all directions, and finally flooded into Origin Qi vortex...
    During this period, there was no hindrance.
    It took about a Shi-Chen (two hours) time before Zhou Yuan collected all the Innate Internal Spirit here. That kind of harvest made him feel a little emotional. No wonder everyone broke the scalp. Everyone wants to compete for this place, so harvesting is indeed difficult to control.

    Taking the Innate Internal Spirit perfectly contented, Zhou Yuan's gaze is cast to the huge light group ahead.
    He could vaguely sense that in the deepest part of the light group, there was a body sitting in a cross-legged posture, and an indescribable sense of oppression was exuding, causing the void to tremble slightly.
    That is the legacy of the Law Domain expert.
    Zhou Yuan is a little eager in his heart. Law Domain expert stands at the top of Heaven and Earth, second only to Saint, the legacy of a Law Domain expert. It is extremely rare. For some experts of Heavenly Sun Realm and Nascent Origin Realm The legacy of Law Domain expert is obviously more attractive than Innate Internal Spirit.
    Zhou Yuan slowly approached the huge light group, and as he got deeper into the light group, Zhou Yuan also saw that there was a mysterious light cover about ten zhang in the whole body. Within the light cover, there are thousands of dollars. The light stream moves, and every golden light radiates fluctuations that make Zhou Yuan's heart palpitating.
    Those golden lights seem to possess some kind of wonderful spirituality.
    Zhou Yuan was only reflected by some golden light, and he felt that there was a feeling of murky darkness suddenly opens, anoint your head with the purest cream, and some of the blockage on Origin Technique cultivation was resolved like an epiphany. Come.
    Zhou Yuan's heart was shocked, his eyes almost greedily looked at the thousands of golden lights, he knew what it was, this was Law Domain Origin!

    This kind of Law Domain Origin is the core of the Law Domain expert. Even Chi Jing and their Law Domain experts are extremely rare for their own Law Domain Origin. However, right now, there are thousands of golden lights in the light cover. It should be this Law Domain expert who died after the Law Domain broke, and the source was leaked.
    This is the real good thing!
    If he gets this, Zhou Yuan feels that if he cultivates Origin Technique and Lesser Saint Technique in the future, he will undoubtedly have the effect of half the work, twice the effect, and even... maybe he can use this to repair Blue Profound Seven Techniques as much as possible. To the great accomplishment, the true Blue Profound Saint Technique is blended out!
    And more contact with this kind of Law Domain Origin can also help him set foot in Law Domain in the future and learn more about it.
    So if this thing is released, I am afraid that even those Law Domain experts who are overseeing outside will fight for it.
    Zhou Yuan led a trace of Origin Qi and gradually approached the light cover, but when the distance was still half a meter, a golden light suddenly refracted, instantly turning that trace of Origin Qi into nothingness, that moment, connected to space They are all faintly torn apart.
    And after the golden light evaporates Origin Qi, it seems to have some reaction, and it is aimed at Zhou Yuan again.
    Zhou Yuan's body was covered with hairs at this moment, and the body transformed by Divine Soul hurriedly backed away, and then the golden light slowly returned to the light cover.

    Seeing this scene, Zhou Yuan became a little depressed. It seems that the root of Law Domain Origin is not originally something he can touch at this time. It is just the golden light that makes him feel a fatal crisis. With all the surgings of the Tao, he might be evaporated in an instant, not a trace of body left.
    "It's no wonder that I have never heard that the first person at the Nine Territories Conference has obtained Law Domain Origin. It turns out that it is so difficult to collect."
    Zhou Yuan is embarrassed. Is it true that he can only charge some Innate Internal Spirit and stop?
    But I am not reconciled!
    Baoshan is right in front of you, how can you come back empty-handed?
    But these Law Domain Origin feel like tiger tails, and they will explode as soon as they touch them.
    Just as Zhou Yuan was hesitating, there was a shock in his body Divine Palace, and then he was surprised to feel that a ray of light ball flew out of the Divine Palace, a glittering room, directly Came to the depths of the stone statue.
    "It's Saint Pattern light ball!"
    Zhou Yuan Divine Soul looked at the light ball that appeared in front of him. On the surface of the light ball, four mysterious Saint Patterns circulated slowly.
    The Saint Pattern light ball floated, and then floated directly to the ray of light cover in Zhou Yuan's surprised gaze.

    Zhou Yuan was taken aback by the actions of Saint Pattern light ball, but there was no way to stop it. He could only prepare to retreat, because that kind of power was beyond his ability to contend.
    Under Zhou Yuan's extremely tense gaze, the Saint Pattern light ball penetrated directly when it touched the light cover.
    However, the golden light origin that gave Zhou Yuan an incomparable fear of the consequences, when I saw this Saint Pattern light ball, it fled like a rabbit seeing a hungry wolf.
    But the Saint Pattern light ball is spinning, with a burst of suction, which directly pulls the origin of the thousands of golden light, one after another, into the light ball...
    When Zhou Yuan dumbstruck saw this scene, those terrifying golden light origins, absorbed by this Saint Pattern light ball, seemed to dare not even resist.
    However, it is normal to think about it right away. After all, these four Saint Patterns are born out of the "Blue Profound Saint Seal", which is an innate sacred treasure that only Saints are qualified to touch, and their power can be said to be enough to split heaven and earth apart.. .
    In just a few dozen breaths of time, the thousands of golden light sources in the light cover were completely absorbed by the Saint Pattern light ball.
    Then the Saint Pattern light ball shook and disappeared out of thin air, but Zhou Yuan could feel the movement inside the Divine Palace. Obviously, the Saint Pattern light ball returned directly to the Divine Palace.

    As a result, Zhou Yuan looked at the empty light cover blankly. As the golden light source was sucked away, the light cover was shrinking at a slow speed. There are signs of collapse.
    Obviously, after losing the protection of Law Domain Origin, the remains will gradually become nothingness.
    From then on, I am afraid there will be no more Innate Internal Spirit here.
    Zhou Yuan felt a little guilty of doing a bad thing, and then he bowed to the dead body. Divine Soul One Revolution quickly returned to his body and dared not stay.
    Abyss of Fallen outside.
    In the void, all Law Domain experts looked at the dust has settled under the starry sky, and there was also a moment of silence. Their eyes changed, revealing their inner unrest and billows.
    This result obviously exceeded everyone's expectations.
    Everyone didn't expect that the person who eventually occupied the oldest stone statue would turn out to be Heaven Abyss Territory's Zhou Yuan...
    He defeated Zhao Mushen.
    This result is undoubtedly shocking.
    Among the mountains, there are countless forces rushing here. They also learned the final result from the huge light mirror in the void. For a time, the shocking sound of up here, down there sounded in the mountains.

    "This Heaven Abyss Territory's Zhou Yuan is really black to the end... It's horrible."
    "Tch tch, if this incident comes out, I am afraid that the entire Primordial Heaven will have to churn. From now on, the Divine Palace Realm king should be Zhou Yuan."
    "Yeah, who would have thought that he could actually break through the Divine Palace Realm limit...100 million Origin Qi Star! I really can't imagine it."
    "The Divine Palace I'm waiting for can have a background of tens of millions of Origin Qi Star, that is enough to be considered strong, but compared with others, it is simply fireflies and moon..."
    Such a sound has not stopped for a long time, which shows how much shock and fright the final result of this Nine Territories Conference has brought them.
    In that place, Monster Puppet Territory's Xu Ming complexion is green, his eyes are full of jealousy. This person, who was originally not in his eyes before the Nine Territories Conference, is now stepping directly on top of his head. Became the king of Divine Palace Realm.
    What's more, what makes him feel desperate is Zhou Yuan's Origin Qi background now.
    If the two now fight again, I am afraid that he will not be able to support a round in Zhou Yuan's...
    So no matter how unwilling and angry Xu Ming is, he understands that the gap between him and Zhou Yuan is probably hard to make up.

    But to Xu Ming's relief a little bit, Zhao Mushen was also eliminated, which will undoubtedly share a lot of pressure for him.
    "Huh, Zhou Yuan, don't you proud, this time you ordered Myriad Ancestors Territory for one's face to reach rock bottom, they will definitely not give up with you!" Xu Ming sneered, Zhou Yuan sounded like the king of Divine Palace Realm Quite bluffing, but in the eyes of Myriad Ancestors Territory's, it is still just ants.
    At that time, just send an expert on the Heavenly Sun Ranking, and you will be able to clean it up.
    In the shock and sigh of the countless between Heaven and Earth, time passed, and finally everyone saw that the void outside Abyss of Fallen suddenly began to twist, and the void twisted into a vortex, forming a space channel.
    The atmosphere between Heaven and Earth is faintly boiling.
    This is a sign that the supreme talent forces of all parties will come out.
    The Nine Territories Conference will also have a thorough result at this time.
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