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Chapter Table Of Contents 1001 Declare War
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Five Law Domain experts stood in the air. Behind them, there was a Law Domain faintly discernible, exuding horrible fluctuations.
    The entire Heaven and Earth seems to be stagnant at this moment.
    On the void, Chi Jing's cheeks did not have any expressions, she just stared at the Hong Jiuyuan and the Returning Origin Mountain Lord of the Three Mountains Union and others, slowly said: "Are you sure you want to declare war on my Heaven Abyss Territory? ?"
    "I am here to solemnly tell you that this will be regarded as my war against Heaven Abyss Territory."
    Chi Jing's calm voice contained the chill and murderousness of make people's palpitations.
    If Five Great Top Influences really want to jointly challenge the Heaven Abyss Territory, then this is the real war, and the scale of strength will be the strongest Primordial Heaven in a thousand years, because after so many years, it is the first time that it has the power to dare to challenge Nine Territories.
    Hong Jiuyuan laughed and said: "Honored Elder Chi Jing, Heaven Abyss Territory controls 800 provinces and occupies countless cultivation resources. This is really unfair to us."
    The Returning Origin Mountain Lord of Three Mountains Union said: "If Honored Elder Chi Jing is willing to come out in 500 provinces, I will naturally not dare to offend again."
    Chi Jing's lips curled up with irony, and slowly said, "Okay, very good. If Master returns, I should admire your courage after seeing this scene."

    Hearing this, Hong Jiuyuan, Returning Origin Mountain Lord and the five Law Domain expert complexions are all slightly unnatural. There is a trace of fear in the eyes, which is the fear of Heaven Abyss Territory Great Venerable Cang Yuan's. After all, that one is one of Primordial Heaven's most formidable existence.
    Had it not been for the disappearance of Cang Yuan these years, the constant decline of Heaven Abyss Territory, and the support of Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable, I am afraid they would really dare not come to scratch the tiger's beard.
    "Hehe, if Great Venerable Cang Yuan could easily return to Primordial Heaven, how could Heaven Abyss Territory pay no heed to these years?" Zhao Xiansun said with a faint smile.
    Chi Jing stared at Zhao Xiansun with cold eyes. How could she not see that Five Great Top Influences declared war on Heaven Abyss Territory this time. Behind it is the black hand Myriad Ancestors Territory, apparently in order to drive this Five Great Top Influences to work hard. Myriad Ancestors Territory also promised great benefits.
    For this day, Myriad Ancestors Territory has been preparing for a long time.
    Myriad Ancestors Territory can’t do it personally, because once Myriad Ancestors Territory does it personally, the concept is different. It will be the internal battle of Nine Territories. Other Great Venerables will not sit back and watch this happen, but now, Myriad Ancestors Territory did not take action, but it drove and controlled Five Great Top Influences to jointly attack the Heaven Abyss Territory. Once Heaven Abyss Territory was really defeated, then Myriad Ancestors Territory had enough reasons to kick Heaven Abyss Territory out of the Nine Territories.
    Sometimes, superficial articles are also important.

    Of course, Chi Jing knew that the plans of the Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable were ultimately just to force Cang Yuan... and the Great Venerable with this plan may not be the only one of Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable.
    The strength of the previous years seems to be too weak. Cang Yuan hasn't appeared for a long time. Now Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable is starting to be impatient. Naturally, he will start to destroy Heaven Abyss Territory as a bargaining chip, forcing Cang Yuan to appear in Primordial Heaven!
    However, Zhao Xiansun saw Chi Jing’s gaze full of killing intents unheard of. He looked at the Law Domain experts of the other six domains and smiled and said: "Everyone, Heaven Abyss Territory is facing a challenge now. If it is finally overthrown, it will be impossible. Can it still be listed in Nine Territories?"
    "If you can, hehe, I'm afraid that the Primordial Heaven countless forces are going to be uncomfortable and cause chaos when the time comes. This is not a good thing for my Primordial Heaven, right?"
    The Law Domain experts of the other six domains are silent. Nine Territories can be regarded as the ruler of Primordial Heaven's, so Nine Territories should maintain its own formidable. If any domain is extremely declining, or even surpassed by latecomers, it can indeed only be blamed. Because of its own problems.
    Seeing their silence, Zhao Xiansun smiled more deeply. He turned his gaze to Chi Jing and said slowly: "So, if Heaven Abyss Territory is overturned, then naturally it won’t be considered Nine Territories, then... Of course Heaven Abyss Territory Nor does it have the qualifications to be in charge of Ancestral Dragon Lantern."

    His gaze has sincerely said: "Honored Elder Chi Jing, it’s not that Myriad Ancestors Territory will not hand over the Ancestral Dragon Lantern to you, but we intend to wait for Heaven Abyss Territory to solve all the problems we will face, and completely settle down in Nine Territories Afterwards, this Ancestral Dragon Lantern, our Myriad Ancestors Territory will serve as our hands."
    "After all, Heaven Abyss Territory is more justified, isn't it?"
    Chi Jing looked at Zhao Xiansun coldly and said: "Silly Bird Zhao, Myriad Ancestors Territory's move today, I keep in mind the Heaven Abyss Territory, and there will be rewards in the future."
    Hearing the title of Chi Jing, Zhao Xiansun complexion also became gloomy, because the name Chi Jing was not the first person to call it. The first person to call it this way was Chi Jing's Senior Brother, the bastard named Zhuan Zhu!
    Chi Jing eyes turned to Hong Jiuyuan, Returning Origin Mountain Lord and other five Law Domain experts, saying: "If you really want to declare war on my Heaven Abyss Territory, then I will take it on behalf of Heaven Abyss Territory. From now on , Your five forces will all be included in my Heaven Abyss Territory hostile list, as long as your people dare to approach the Heaven Abyss Territory range...nothing to kill!"
    The last four words, killing intent is awe-inspiring.

    In this Five Great Top Influences combination, there are no fewer than eight Law Domain experts alone, but Chi Jing has no fear, because Hong Jiuyuan's Law Domain expert background is too shallow. If you really want to match it, Heaven Abyss Territory's Five Law Domain expert, each one is enough to fight one against two.
    So this Five Great Top Influences can certainly bring pressure to Heaven Abyss Territory, but if you want to shake the foundation of Heaven Abyss Territory's, Chi Jing will let them understand what a heavy price needs to be paid!
    As Chi Jing's voice fell, a stern aura filled the space between Heaven and Earth.
    When Chi Jing's voice fell, she shook her jade hand fiercely, and she saw that the behind Law Domain suddenly expanded. In the final volume of azure light, Zhou Yuan and all Heaven Abyss Territory's people draw in the Law Domain, and her figure gradually gradually It fades until it disappears completely.
    "If you want to fight, my Heaven Abyss Territory will stay with me to the end!"
    "Look at this time, is it your five powers disappearing, or my Heaven Abyss Territory collapsed!"
    Her cold voice, with a killing intent, echoed in Heaven and Earth.
    The entire Heaven and Earth is silent.
    Even Law Domain experts such as Hong Jiuyuan and Returning Origin Mountain Lord are slightly tight on the complexion.
    The Law Domain experts of the other six domains also took a deep look at them. Finally, with a wave of their sleeves, Law Domain expanded, directly turning the forces draw in Law Domain from each domain and disappearing.

    Hong Jiuyuan and the Returning Origin Mountain Lord five Law Domain experts cast their sights on Zhao Xiansun. The latter turned to their slight nods, and their figures faded away.
    Hong Jiuyuan, Returning Origin Mountain Lord, they looked at each other, they both took a deep breath, and their eyes gradually became ice cold. Now Heaven Abyss Territory is the weakest time, precisely they have the chance to take a bite, Moreover, Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable promised to them that as long as they complete the mission, they will even be guided to understand Saint in the future.
    What if even one of them becomes Saint and Cang Yuan returns by then? !
    Thinking of this, they did not hesitate anymore, and the figure One Revolution disappeared into the sky.
    With the departure of the Law Domain experts from all parties, the forces of the various forces in the mountains gradually awakened from the depressive atmosphere, and then all of them numbed their scalp and faced illnesses in all directions. Swept away.
    They knew that when this news spreads out, the entire Primordial Heaven will have a huge shock.
    Compared with that kind of shock, something like Nine Territories Conference is nothing...
    A super war involving Nine Territories, with a bloody aura, is unfolding.
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