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Chapter Table Of Contents 1056 The First Thousand And Forty-five Chapters? Shocking
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When Zhou Yuan swallowed the rune light ball, the countless eyes of the outside world were filled with horror and horror. Everyone didn't expect Zhou Yuan to be so crazy...
    Looking for death is not such a way of death!
    In the direction of Heaven Abyss Territory, Qin Lian's face was even paler, and she was trembling all over. She tremblingly murmured: "Zhou Yuan, you crazy man! Crazy man!"
    From her point of view, Zhou Yuan's act of taking the initiative to meet and swallowing the rune light ball in one bite seemed too strong, and it seemed to be the final counterattack in despair.
    But is it really necessary? !
    With his talent, even if the Heaven Abyss Territory is truly destroyed, there may not be a chance to stand up in the future. There is no need to pay the price of life here!
    Qin Lian stared at the black tower blankly, his mind was blank.
    Yi Qiushui at the back covered her mouth and her heels were soft. If Ye Bingling hadn't held her tightly, she would have been sitting on the ground. But even so, her eyes were flushed and she made a low voice. Low crying.
    Because they saw the explosive power of the previous rune light balls, it was impossible to resist even the iron tower erected by Great Venerable Cang Yuan, and Zhou Yuan, a Heavenly Sun Realm initial stage, under that terrifying force, What can it be?

    Although Zhou Yuan has repeatedly performed miracles before, it is still at a similar level, but the rune light ball clearly far exceeds the power that Heavenly Sun Realm can achieve.
    Therefore, Zhou Yuan at this time, everything bodes ill, no positive signs.
    Chi Jing watched this scene blankly, her short burgundy hair fluttering lightly, and in those bright eyes, there was a monstrous killing intent surging, she whispered: "Little Junior Brother, if you die here, I Let the other party a Law Domain go to bury you."
    Sect Master Xuan Kun They all had their faces sinking like water and did not speak. They knew that Chi Jing seemed calm at this time, and they were probably on the verge of exploding in their hearts.
    "Hey, that's not right... why didn't it explode?"
    Suddenly, Sect Master Xuan Kun felt something wrong and said fiercely.
    As soon as this statement came out, even Chi Jing was stunned, with a trace of doubt passing by in his eyes, yes, why the rune light ball hasn't exploded yet?
    This situation, also after a few breaths, was noticed by the experts of the other parties, and immediately appeared astonishment on the originally shocked faces, and then they whispered to each other.
    "What's the matter? Why didn't the rune light ball explode?"
    "This... is there something wrong?"
    "Will it be resolved by Zhou Yuan?"

    "How is it possible! The power of the rune light ball may not even be blocked by the Nascent Origin Realm expert. How can it be resolved if he is a Heavenly Sun Realm initial stage?!"
    "Then why didn't it break out?"
    Everyone had a look of uncertainty on their faces, but they didn't understand why the rune light ball suddenly became dumb.
    The five major leagues, which had been calm and composed, were also in a commotion at this time.
    Then Hong Jiuyuan and other Law Domain experts watched this scene with frowning brows. The previous rune light balls had successfully achieved results. Why did this last time fail? So what did Zhou Yuan do?
    azure jade battle platform.
    Lu Qing, who was originally laughing, suddenly stopped the laughter, and the complexion looked at Zhou Yuan in surprise.
    At this time Zhou Yuan, his eyes closed tightly, standing quietly in place.
    However, the rune light ball previously swallowed by him was like a cannonball of dumb fire, without a sound.
    "What's the matter?" Lu Qing was full of doubts, but he didn't dare to approach him. If the rune light ball only delayed the explosion, then he would also harm the pond fish if he got too close.

    However, even at this time, he did not think that Zhou Yuan was really capable of resisting the explosion of the rune light ball. In his opinion, perhaps is because of some reasons that caused the delay of the rune light ball...
    "Zhou Yuan, no matter how you struggle, you can't change the ending!" Lu Qing's eyes were dark.
    However, at this moment, Zhou Yuan slowly opened his closed eyes.
    His eyes met Lu Qing together, and at that moment, the latter was obviously stiff for a while.
    Whether it is inside or outside the tower, the air seems to freeze at this time.
    one after another looked at Zhou Yuan almost dullly.
    Even those Law Domain experts can't keep calm, they all have inconceivable in their eyes.
    Because until this moment, they were finally able to determine that the rune light ball refined by Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable was really resolved by Zhou Yuan... This fact had an indescribable impact on them, after all. In any case, that is Great Venerable's handwriting!
    They really can’t understand why Zhou Yuan did this...
    Sect Master Xuan Kun and Patriarch Mu Ni are all staring wide-eyed and some are speechless. In the situation where the mountain road twists around each new peak, even Law Domain experts like them all have their heartbeat a little faster.

    Chi Jing was also stunned for a while, and then she saw Sect Master Xuan Kun and others' searching gazes, and she hesitated slightly: "It may be that the master left Zhou Yuan with some protective means, which can resolve the rune light ball."
    This reason is plausible. Everyone can see that Zhou Yuan's own power must not be used to dissolve the rune light ball, and to counter the Great Venerable's means, then there is only the Great Venerable of the same level...
    So Sect Master Xuan Kun suddenly nods, and immediately relieved as if relieved from a burden.
    At this time, in the Heaven Abyss Territory camp at the rear, there was already an earth shaking cheer.
    This transition from despair to hope is too ups and downs.
    Qin Lian, Mu Youlan and the others look at each other in dismay. If this scene hadn't happened before their eyes, they really couldn't believe it.
    "Sister Qin Lian, fortunately, you strongly supported Zhou Yuan's participation in the war, otherwise this time it will be really suspended." Mu Youlan patted his chest and said with joy.
    The Bai Yu complexion on the side was a little unnatural, and said, "It's just because Great Venerable left him with a means of protection."
    Bian Buji shook his head, and said, "No matter what means he hides, it's enough to admire him just because he has the courage to swallow that rune light ball into his body."

    He glanced at Bai Yu and said, "It's you, dare you swallow it?"
    Bai Yu becomes silent, the complexion changes, but it is somewhat unanswerable. They have all seen the power of the rune light ball, no matter what means they have, but swallowing it into the body is a huge bomb, a careless one. It is the end of the fly ash.
    With his cautious character, I am afraid that even if he had the means, he would not dare to do so.
    He was silent for a moment and said again: "But even if Zhou Yuan resolves the rune light ball, he may not be able to deal with Lu Qing's 1.6 billion Origin Qi background... I still said that, he got it temporarily with the help of external force. The 1.5 billion Origin Qi background, I’m afraid it’s not that safe."
    Upon hearing this, Qin Lian, Mu Youlan, and Bian Buji frowned slightly. Although Bai Yu's words are unpleasant, they are indeed true.
    Even if Zhou Yuan resolves the rune light ball, for him, Lu Qing is still a dangerous enemy...
    When the outside world set off the hustle and bustle of heaven shaking, the atmosphere on the azure jade battle platform was somewhat stagnant.
    The corners of Lu Qing's mouth were constantly twitching slightly. Obviously, the scene before him had a great impact on him. He also couldn't imagine how Zhou Yuan did it.

    "It seems that the means that Great Venerable prepared for you does not seem to be stable." Zhou Yuan twisted his neck slightly, then grinned at Lu Qing, revealing his white teeth.
    Lu Qing complexion alternated between blue and white, but in the end he took a deep breath to calm the shocked mood, and then stared at Zhou Yuan with gloomy eyes.
    "It really deserves to be personally passed on by Great Venerable. There are so many methods..."
    "But it doesn't matter if the rune light ball fails, as long as you solve it next, the result will still be the same."
    Behind him is a surge of Origin Qi, three rounds of Heavenly Sun faintly discernible, majestic pressure hiding the sky and covering the earth swept out.
    Although the situation is a bit out of control, Lu Qing did not really lose one's head out of fear, because after all, he is a genuine Heavenly Sun Realm late stage with 1.6 billion Origin Qi background, while Zhou Yuan is just relying on The external force barely reached a background of 1.5 billion.
    If you really want to fight by your own ability, Lu Qing believes that he still has the absolute certainty to win!
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