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Chapter Table Of Contents 1061 The First Thousand And Fifty Chapters? Escape
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Hey, how did Zhou Yuan break the prison of Heaven and Earth?!"
    In the direction of the five major alliances, Hong Jiuyuan and other Law Domain experts looked at Zhou Yuan's sudden appearance. The complexion couldn't help but changed, and a thick appalled look emerged in his eyes.
    Before the emergence of the prison of Heaven and Earth, these Law Domain experts naturally noticed it and understood in their hearts that it was Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable.
    It's just that they didn't have time to be happy, they saw Zhou Yuan's figure appear, and landed on the Heaven Abyss Territory base camp without any hindrance.
    Obviously, Zhou Yuan came out of the prison of Heaven and Earth!
    But... how is this possible? !
    Even Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable could not capture this Zhou Yuan personally? Can a Heavenly Sun Realm be so perverted? !
    Returning Origin Mountain Lord frowned, he pondered for a moment, and said: "This can't be Zhou Yuan's ability. The Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth has become turbulent, maybe... other Great Venerable from Primordial Heaven intervened. Up."
    Others hearing this were also slightly silent. This time Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable personally took the shot. It was indeed a bit of a bad rule. Other Great Venerable would not be able to see it before, but it is not impossible.
    "This kid is really a good life!" Hong Jiuyuan sighed. This Zhou Yuan could actually save his life under Great Venerable's shot. Destiny is really strong.

    Other Law Domain experts are also nodded.
    At the same time, Zhou Yuan's figure fell from the Heaven Abyss Territory base camp. Suddenly, the cheers of topple the mountains and overturn the seas resounded again, and countless fierce eyes were projected.
    This kind of treatment is almost as different as sky and earth from the previous battle.
    Chi Jing, Mu Ni and other Law Domain experts quickly greeted them, their expressions were a little surprised, because they were extremely shocked at Zhou Yuan's ability to break out of the prison of Heaven and Earth.
    "Was that before?" Chi Jing asked in a low voice.
    Zhou Yuan lightly nods, and said: "Martial God Territory's Great Venerable is here to help."
    Chi Jing bit her lip, lightly nods, and only Great Venerable can save Zhou Yuan from the prison of Heaven and Earth.
    Mu Ni grabbed Zhou Yuan's fuzzy and blood broken ten fingers, and the Origin Qi filled with life aura permeated out, only to see the granulation on the broken fingers squirming quickly, just a few dozen breaths, and it was fully grown. come out.
    "It hurts your child," Mu Ni sighed.

    Facing Great Venerable's shots, even those Law Domain experts like them would have fear in their hearts. It is hard to imagine what kind of fear Zhou Yuan was in before. It is also due to his tenacity. If he is an ordinary person, he will be saved. After coming out, there will be a huge shadow in the heart, and even affect the path of cultivation in the future.
    Zhou Yuan hearing this, he smiled, and said: "It is my honor to be able to force Great Venerable to take action on my little Heavenly Sun Realm in person."
    He found joy in sorrows, after all, such treatment, looking at Primordial Heaven, is indeed an extremely rare thing.
    Sect Master Xuan Kun took a look at Zhou Yuan. Even if he had a slight grudge against the latter in the past, but at this time, he still had to say: "You brave brat is really among the best I have seen... No wonder Great Venerable will favor you."
    Patriarch Bian Chang also said with a strong voice: "I think if given enough time, my Heaven Abyss Territory may not have another Law Domain."
    This is a very high evaluation.
    After all, the Law Domain Expert is already the strongest existence in Heaven and Earth second only to Great Venerable, enough to become a party authority and make people awe.
    Zhou Yuan smiled, his heart never revealed, because Law Domain is not enough. Whether it is going back to Blue Profound Heaven for revenge, or looking for Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable in the future to reclaim today's place, it is not what Law Domain can do. .

    It's just that these thoughts are not easy for Sect Master Xuan Kun and the others to know, otherwise, they will directly spit out the word lunatic.
    This kind of strength of Heavenly Sun Realm, dare to remember the arrogant people who hate Great Venerable, I am afraid that even the experienced and knowledgeable them are unheard of.
    Zhou Yuan handed the blood-stained crystal ball to Chi Jing, and smiled: "Fortunately, I saved it."
    Chi Jing took it over seriously, and wiped off the blood. It can be seen that she was completely relieved at this time. After all, this thing is related to the survival of Heaven Abyss Territory's, so she can't help but ignore it.
    "In this two-tower battle, we have one win and one loss, and there is still a wondrous item that fell into the opponent's hands."
    Chi Jing looked at Zhou Yuan with indescribable relief: "Speaking of which, two of the three wondrous items were reclaimed by Little Junior Brother."
    The Heavenly Fire Tree King and this Wind and Rain Lake’s wondrous item are indeed because of Zhou Yuan. Otherwise, maybe the opponent already has three wondrous items in his hand, and it is easy to destroy the Heaven Abyss' Heavenly Cave.
    Zhou Yuan didn't mean to claim credit, but instead he had some worry in his eyes. He whispered softly: "Now that the other party still has a wondrous item in his hand, I am afraid that Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable will not give up."
    As soon as this remark came out, the atmosphere became heavy again.

    The Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable is simply a big mountain, so Chi Jing and the others are extremely hard to breathe.
    "What do you do next?" Zhou Yuan asked.
    Chi Jing took a deep breath and said: "The other side's picture is already obvious, that is, we want to destroy Heaven Abyss' Heavenly Cave. Next, our Heaven Abyss Territory will adopt a full power defense strategy, and the five of us will return to Heaven. Abyss' Heavenly Cave, guard at all times, and bring two wondrous items back to Heavenly Cave at the same time to avoid a new branch grows out of a knot."
    "In Heaven Abyss' Heavenly Cave, we will be more secure with the power of sacred treasure."
    "...Although Zhou Yuan's existence broke his plan this time, I have a hunch that he won't stop, so his next shot will inevitably be even more fierce and deadly."
    She bit her lip and said with cold eyes: "The next time he makes a shot, I'm afraid it won't be too long."
    Several Law Domain experts have a heavy look. This time Myriad Ancestors' plan almost caused them to be defeated. What is the next more fierce offensive?
    Being stared at by such a Great Venerable really makes people unable to rest or eat in peace.

    Zhou Yuan also sighed in his heart. He could feel the powerlessness in Chi Jing and their hearts. As long as they don’t have a Great Venerable oversee in Heaven Abyss Territory, they will always be passive in the face of the plans of Myriad Ancestors. in.
    In the distance, the people of the five major alliances have already begun to retreat, but Zhou Yuan can feel the playful gaze cast by the other Law Domain experts when they leave.
    Zhou Yuan was silent for a while, then looked at the many experts in the Heaven Abyss Territory who were celebrating at the rear. At this time, they may not know that this extremely reluctant victory is not the end, but it may become irritating. The introduction of the Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable...
    Heaven Abyss Territory Next, perhaps there will be an even more violent storm.
    And even Zhou Yuan doesn’t know whether Heaven Abyss Territory can withstand this time...
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