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Chapter Table Of Contents 1063 Quinta
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    Heaven Abyss' Heavenly Cave.
    On a small floating island, there is a secluded manor standing on it. Outside the manor, there are mountains and waters interdependent, and the island is inscribed with Origin Pattern barrier, which can swallow the majestic Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth outside, and then pass by Some refine and temper are poured into the island, thereby attracting the Heaven and Earth Origin Qi inside the island to be extraordinarily pure.
    This is an excellent cultivation place in Heaven Abyss' Heavenly Cave. Ordinary characters are not qualified to get it. Even the elders of Heaven Abyss Territory's lack some points.
    And here, the palace of precisely Zhou Yuan's cultivation.
    With his current position in Heaven Abyss Territory's, although he has not been listed as an honored elder, his identity as a Great Venerable direct disciple, even if many elders see him, they are very polite.
    In addition, Zhou Yuan has repeatedly established low merit for Heaven Abyss Territory, so after the wondrous item dispute, Chi Jing gave him this place.
    In the depths of the manor, on the top of a small hill, Zhou Yuan eyes closed sitting cross-legged, vomiting Heaven and Earth Origin Qi.
    In its behind, there is faintly platinum dragon shadow faintly discernible, and the deep dragon roar resounds, exuding amazing pressure.

    Under his skin, there is a continuous scarlet light flowing, and occasionally one after another, lava-like hot traces will flash across the skin, he sits cross-legged there, and the temperature emitted by him makes him feel The hills are beginning to show signs of melting.
    I don't know how long this kind of cultivation lasted. Zhou Yuan finally opened his eyes. The scarlet light in his eyes surged, causing the void in front of him to be slightly distorted.
    "This Great Flame Demon cultivation is more difficult than Profound Saint Body..."
    Zhou Yuan whispered to himself, but it is not surprising that Great Flame Demon is the top Lesser Saint Technique anyway, while Profound Saint Body is just Heaven Origin Technique. The gap between them is difficult to measure.
    "But if you can integrate the Blue Profound Seven Techniques, the true Saint Origin Technique will definitely not disappoint me."
    There is a trace of blazing heat in Zhou Yuan's eyes. Saint Origin Technique is extraordinary. Even the expert of Nascent Origin Realm, there are not many that can be used. If he can cultivate successfully, he will undoubtedly give himself an extra formidable trump card. .
    But the integration of Blue Profound Seven Techniques is more difficult than Zhou Yuan imagined.
    Now he has cultivated the Blue Profound Seven Techniques to great accomplishment, but the process of integration and deduction is still not too smooth... However, there is some progress. Zhou Yuan believes that if it is given to him again For some time, it may not be impossible.

    And when Zhou Yuan's mind turned, there was a sound of breaking wind from a distance.
    He lifted his gaze and saw a figure falling not far away, and said respectfully: "Chief Pavilion Lord Zhou Yuan, Honored Elder Chi Jing, please go to Debating Hall."
    Zhou Yuan hearing this, nods should be down.
    "Is there anything happening in the five major leagues?" He muttered to himself.
    At this time, it’s been half a month since the dispute over the wondrous item. The border of Heaven Abyss Territory has become surprisingly quiet in the past half month. The five major alliances are no longer attacking, but precisely this abnormal situation has caused The Heaven Abyss Territory is on guard, and Chi Jing and other Five Honored Elders guard the Heaven Abyss' Heavenly Cave at all times.
    Now Chi Jing suddenly sent a letter, probably because he noticed the other party's movement.
    Zhou Yuan didn't dare to neglect, and when he moved his figure, he turned into a stream of light and rose into the sky.
    Debating Hall.
    When Zhou Yuan came here, the Five Honored Elders in the hall had already arrived. He made a complaint and found a seat to sit down.
    He looked at Chi Jing for the first time and found that the latter's face was full of dignity, and immediately said: "Senior Sister, has there been movement in the Big Five?"
    Chi Jing lightly nods, only to see her hand touch, Origin Qi radiance diffused out, directly forming a map of Heaven Abyss Territory's territory in the void in front of her.

    "The five major leagues have shrunk all their offenses during this time..."
    "But our spies discovered the other day that they had no ulterior motives."
    Zhou Yuan's eyes condensed, but before he could question, Chi Jing jade finger clicked, only to see the Origin Qi light curtain bursting with ripples, and a tower-shaped light shadow gradually emerged.
    That is a golden pagoda. The tower has nine floors, and each floor is inscribed with the ancient and obscure Origin Pattern, the formidable of the Origin Pattern. Even Zhou Yuan’s Divine Soul in the Transformation Realm middle stage now feels the formation There was a sting, which made Zhou Yuan feel horrified. You must know that these are just phantoms. I really don't know how powerful it would be if it were before the real pagoda.
    "What is this?" Zhou Yuan complexion grimly said.
    "I don't know..."
    Sect Master Xuan Kun solemnly said: "In recent days, although the five major alliances have temporarily postponed their offense, they have started to cast this tower outside the Heaven Abyss Territory's border..."
    Chi Jing tapped his fingertips and Zhou Yuan saw that nine spots of light emerged on the border of the Heaven Abyss Territory on the map, and that spot happened to encircle the entire Heaven Abyss Territory.
    And that light spot is obviously the nine-story gold pagoda being cast.

    "These nine golden towers should all be made by Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable. This level of Origin Pattern is difficult for us to inscribe. The Law Domain experts of the five major alliances have no such skills." Chi Jing slowly said.
    As soon as this remark came out, the atmosphere in the hall became suppressed, and the Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable really continued to take action.
    "Can it be destroyed?" Zhou Yuan frowned. Although he doesn't know what effect the other party has to build these golden towers, it will definitely not be a good thing for Heaven Abyss Territory, so if it can be destroyed, it must be the first choice. .
    Chi Jing shook his head and said: "After knowing this information, we immediately dispatched elite teams to try to sabotage, but the five major alliances are heavily guarded, and this tower contains exceptionally dangerous aura, even us Law Domain experts are all Some palpitations."
    Sect Master Xuan Kun is also nodded, and the complexion said ugly: "We all know that these golden pagodas must be planned for Heaven Abyss Territory's, but now they can only helplessly look at but impotent."
    Patriarch Bian Chang hit the table in front of him with a fist. The table did not move, but the void burst like glass. At this time, his face was gloomy, and it must be this kind of have one's hands bound and be unable to The feeling of do anything about it made him extremely depressed.

    Zhou Yuan also sighed secretly in his heart. Obviously, the Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable, after experiencing the previous miss, not only did not stop, but became more radical.
    Facing the aggressiveness of Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable, Heaven Abyss Territory had no choice but to passively defend.
    "What should I do next?" Zhou Yuan asked in a moment of silence.
    Chi Jing took a deep breath and said: "Although I don't know the specific functions of the nine golden pagodas, according to our speculation, the other party should still come to Heaven Abyss' Heavenly Cave, so we will be full during the next period of time. power guards the Heaven Abyss' Heavenly Cave."
    "As long as we rely on Heaven Abyss' Heavenly Cave, and then rely on the power of Double Lotus Sacred Treasure "Sky Candle Sun", we can contend with the plans of Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable."
    She has a determined look in her eyes. If Myriad Ancestors is really too compelling, then come to either the fish dies or the net splits!
    Zhou Yuan lightly nods, the Double Lotus Sacred Treasure “Sky Candle Sun” is the high sun above the Heaven Abyss' Heavenly Cave. This treasure is recorded as high fourteen in the all Heavens sacred treasure, mighty energy is infinite. , Even the Law Domain expert shivered under its mighty energy.
    This treasure can be regarded as the last resort of Heaven Abyss Territory.
    Zhou Yuan's turned his gaze to the map. He stared at the nine golden towers standing on the border and sighed deeply in his heart. This Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable is really hateful.

    However, facing this level of game, his little Heavenly Sun Realm can't play a role in it.
    So next, you can only see what Myriad Ancestors Great Venerable wants to do...
    And under Chi Jing's a little anxious wait, a month's time is just over in the blink of an eye.
    Under the attention of the various forces, the nine golden towers outside the border of Heaven Abyss Territory gradually took shape.
    It seems that a storm of destruction is brewing, and I want to extinguish the raging fire of Heaven Abyss Territory.
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