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Chapter Table Of Contents 1079 Nine Claw Tianyang
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    The surface of the Candle Sea.
    A scream resounded, and the sea surface was split apart, and a figure rose into the sky.
    Standing in the air, Zhou Yuan felt the majestic Origin Qi surging in his body, and his eyes were full of joy and excitement. After four months of hard cultivation, after suffering from countless pains, he finally achieved what he wanted. One step into the Heavenly Sun Realm middle stage!
    He slightly eyes closed, and senses Origin Qi.
    After a while, the corners of his lips slowly lifted.
    "1.86 billion Origin Qi Star..."
    With his breakthrough this time, his original Origin Qi background directly rose from more than 720 million to a level of about 1.8 billion!
    This is simply a horrible promotion.
    Moreover, the 1.8 billion background is almost comparable to some Glazed Heavenly Sun late stage!
    Obviously, the potential of Zhou Yuan's somewhat variant Glazed Heavenly Sun is far from comparable to those of normal Glazed Heavenly Sun.
    This kind of improvement, even Zhou Yuan himself has some beyond expectation. Originally, he thought that after the breakthrough, the background would only reach about 1.6 billion at most, because when he used the Heaven Primal Brush “Promotion”, his Origin Qi background was also It's only at this level, but now, Heaven Primal Brush's "Promotion", although it can temporarily improve level 1, it does not mean that its own potential is just that.

    This is a surprise.
    Zhou Yuan chuckled, a strong confidence slowly rising in his heart at this time. Today, although he is only the Heavenly Sun Realm middle stage, he has the qualifications to compete with the top Heavenly Sun Realm late stage. At the very least, looking at the Heaven Abyss Territory, apart from Qin Lian, I am afraid that he will not be inferior to any Heavenly Sun Realm.
    Moreover, this is still on the premise of not using the Heaven Primal Brush "Promotion".
    If it is used, even if it is Qin Lian, it will not be his opponent.
    In terms of combat effectiveness, Zhou Yuan feels that he is enough to enter the top five ranks of the Primordial Heaven Heavenly Sun Ranking.
    The Closure cultivation this time is a huge harvest.
    Two rounds of Heavenly Sun hovering behind, Zhou Yuan glanced at it and found that the ancient light patterns on Glazed Heavenly Sun seemed to have become more, like vines, climbing wantonly.
    But Zhou Yuan understands that these ancient light patterns are extremely formidable, and he can have such a background in the Heavenly Sun Realm middle stage, which should be caused by these light patterns.
    "Oh, the breakthrough was successful?"
    In Zhou Yuan's joy, a laugh sounded out of thin air, and the countless Origin Qi radiance gathered in front of him and turned into the figure of Zhuan Zhu.
    Zhuan Zhu looked at Zhou Yuan with a smile, then raised his brow slightly.

    "Heavenly Sun Realm middle stage can have such an Origin Qi background...Yes, your potential can even be compared with those of Saint Race's supreme talent."
    Zhou Yuan hearing this, his eyes narrowed, somewhat surprised said: "Then Saint Race's supreme talent is so powerful?"
    Although he is not boasting, Zhou Yuan also knows that Heavenly Sun Realm is like him, the entire Primordial Heaven is as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, but Zhuan Zhu said that at this time, he is only able to compete with How does Saint Race's supreme talent compare?
    Zhuan Zhu was silent for a moment, and slowly said, "Although Saint Race is domineering, but I have to say that they are indeed blessed by heaven..."
    He glanced at Zhou Yuan behind the two rounds of Glazed Heavenly Sun, or the ancient light patterns above.
    "Nine-clawed Heavenly Sun is indeed extremely rare, but Saint Race is not without supreme talent."
    This time it was Zhou Yuan's turn and he was stunned. He Doubfully said: "You mean my mutant Glazed Heavenly Sun, what is it called Nine-clawed Heavenly Sun?"
    Zhuan Zhu smiled, pointed to the Heavenly Sun, and said: "Ancestral Dragon's Claw has nine toes, so it is also called nine claws... And only the Heavenly Sun Realm, which is extremely excellent between Heaven and Earth, has Glazed in to congeal. After Heavenly Sun, this kind of ancestor pattern may appear. The ancestor pattern spreads and eventually forms a nine-claw holding the sun. At that time, it is a true Nine-clawed Heavenly Sun."

    Zhou Yuan carefully looked at the Glazed Heavenly Sun floating behind him, and he found that the seemingly irregular light patterns faintly formed a dragon claw.
    "On top of me, it seems to have four claws?" Zhou Yuan looked at it for a long time, curiously.
    Zhuan Zhu nodded, said: "As your strength increases, the claw marks will gradually increase, but whether you can finally reach the nine claws depends on your own potential and opportunity."
    "What will happen to Nine-clawed Heavenly Sun?" Zhou Yuan couldn't help but ask.
    Zhuan Zhu pondered slightly and said: "First of all, it is very powerful, and it is said that once the Nine-clawed Heavenly Sun breaks through the Nascent Origin Realm, there is a high probability that it will directly step into the Great Nascent Origin Realm..."
    Zhou Yuan's eyes widened. In Primordial Heaven, the level of Nascent Origin Realm is slightly different from Blue Profound Heaven, but is divided into Lesser Nascent Origin Realm, Great Nascent Origin Realm and Nascent Origin Realm perfection... The Great Nascent Origin Realm is equivalent to the middle stage of Nascent Origin Realm. That is to say, after the Nine-clawed Heavenly Sun breaks through to the Nascent Origin Realm, there will be a jump breakthrough directly!
    This is a bit scary. The expert of Great Nascent Origin Realm, even in Nine Territories, is definitely at the level of senior elders. Put it outside, it can even establish a sect!
    This does not know how much penance can be saved.

    Zhou Yuan licked his mouth. He admitted that his heart was moved at this moment. He always thought that his tattooed Glazed Heavenly Sun was weird and ventilating. But now I look at it, but there is a heroic and handsome look no matter what.
    Sorry, I blamed you before.
    Zhou Yuan reflected on it in his mind, and then the impatient asked: "Big Senior Brother, how can I raise this paw?"
    Zhuan Zhu stroked his chin, and said, "This must be difficult. If it is normal and you want nine claws, then I don't know how difficult it is... But you guys do have Destiny, and you will miss the timing. ."
    Zhou Yuan's heart moved: "You mean...Ancient Origin Heaven?"
    Zhuan Zhu nodded: "As far as I know, there are not many things that can improve dragon claw between Heaven and Earth, but Ancestral Qi in Ancient Origin Heaven is one of them."
    Zhou Yuan had a burst of energy in his eyes. It seems that he still underestimated the huge opportunity contained in Ancient Origin Heaven. It's no wonder that all Heavens are all shots to fight for.
    At this moment, Zhou Yuan's enthusiasm for Ancient Origin Heaven's has suddenly improved a lot.
    "Well, now that you have successfully broken through, it's time to do something." Zhuan Zhu stretched his waist and urged in the voice of One Revolution.
    "What's the matter?" Zhou Yuan helplessly said.

    Zhuan Zhu laughed and told about the recent Heaven Abyss Territory's solicitation of Heavenly Sun Realm and Nascent Origin Realm loose cultivator: "Our Heaven Abyss Territory has been very prosperous in limelight recently, but a lot of good seedlings have come here. You don't need to worry about it, but Heavenly Sun Realm is temporarily handed over to Qin Lian, but it seems that she has encountered some trouble."
    "Trouble?" Zhou Yuan raised an eyebrow.
    Zhuan Zhu glanced at Zhou Yuan, teasingly said: "It's still related to you... You know, those top loose cultivators are arrogant and obstinate one by one. The two Captains of our Heaven Abyss Territory have been announced this time, that is, you and Qin. Lian, those top loose cultivators still agree with Qin Lian, but do you... still hold an attitude of dissatisfaction."
    "War of All Heavens should be about to open. We Nine Territories have negotiated and Nine Territories forces will meet for the first time in a few days. Therefore, in order to let people watch jokes before time, these internal factors must be resolved."
    "Those loose cultivators, after all, are recruited. Nowadays, when employing people accurately, they are not very powerful, so it depends on you. You should be very what the heart wishes, the hand accomplishes skilled at the job for this kind of thing."
    Zhou Yuan hearing this, ill-humoredly said: "Do you mean that I have been questioned too much?"
    Zhuan Zhu spread his hands: "This is actually a compliment. It shows that you have been doing something beyond your own level."

    As he said, he flicked his finger, and a space vortex appeared in front of him.
    "Thank you so much."
    Zhou Yuan rolled the eyes, but he did not refuse this mission. After all, this is also considered as a preparation for the Ancient Origin Heaven dispute. For the so-called Nine-clawed Heavenly Sun and the ancestral dragon blood, he of course must exhaust his full power.
    Zhou Yuan waved his hand to Zhuan Zhu, and then stepped into the space vortex.
    Zhuan Zhu's words are actually right...
    For these thorns, Zhou Yuan's experience is too profound.
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