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Chapter Table Of Contents 1131 The First Thousand One Hundred And Twenty Chapters-temptation
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    When Ji Mo's strong voice of killing intent came out, behind him, the many Saint Race's experts, cold and contemptuous eyes were locked on Zhou Yuan's. Although this Primordial Heaven is the first of Five Heavens, but As the people of Saint Race, they always have a live high and look down mentality for these races under Five Heavens.
    Therefore, in their view, Zhou Yuan in front of them is just here to find death.
    However, Zhou Yuan's scornful gaze was unheard of. He stared at that Ji Mo, smiled, and said, "I don't know how you plan to let me die?"
    "Do you need to come up and play both hands in person? I really want to see, what's so great about this amazing Saint Race?"
    Ji Mo had a quiet light stream in his eyes. He looked at Zhou Yuan, then sneered, and said, "Are you sure you are really the leader of Heaven Abyss Territory's? A Heavenly Sun Realm middle stage?"
    He obviously detected Zhou Yuan's level.
    As soon as this remark came out, many Saint Race's experts burst into laughter, and the contempt in their eyes became more intense. This Heaven Abyss Territory really fell into pinnacle, an only Heavenly Sun Realm middle stage, can it become the leader?
    Really no one!
    And the expert hearing this of Blue Profound Heaven was also a little surprised and looked at Zhou Yuan.

    Is this former Blue Profound Sect Saint Child just Heavenly Sun Realm middle stage? In fact, in terms of cultivation speed alone, being able to achieve this step in the past few years is already considered as an extraordinary talent.
    After all, like Zhou Yuan’s same generation, Li Chunjun and Zuoqiu Qingyu who are equally talented, they are now only the Heavenly Sun Realm initial stage.
    Although Li Chunjun take an alternate route can burst out the power to kill the ordinary Heavenly Sun Realm late stage, it not only has a huge load, but also that kind of Heavenly Sun Realm late stage, it is not really a top expert at all.
    Facing such top-notch Heavenly Sun Realm late stage like Chu Qing, even if Li Chunjun bursts harder, it will not be its opponent.
    Looking at the entire Blue Profound Sect, Chu Qing alone in the younger generation stepped into the Heavenly Sun Realm late stage, but this is because Blue Profound Sect opened the huge opportunity of Saint Tower for him, which is Old Ancestor Cang after all. Xuan is the legacy of Blue Profound Sect, and it is said that there is a limit on the number of times it can be opened...
    So Zhou Yuan is now able to reach the Heavenly Sun Realm middle stage, and the cultivation speed is definitely fast. It's just that... the current scene is not something that a Heavenly Sun Realm middle stage person can change.
    Fortunately, everyone was not too disappointed with this. After all, they didn't really put their hope on Zhou Yuan from the beginning. They were more optimistic about the imposing manner and fierce troops of the Heaven Abyss Territory.

    It was just that they were a little surprised, but it was the look of those people in Heaven Abyss Territory.
    They didn't show any anger just because the other party ridiculed Zhou Yuan's level, but with a weird meaning.
    And Zhou Yuan didn’t get angry either. Instead, he fell on the top of a towering mountain and smiled lightly: “Is Saint Race just a slapstick? Could no one dare to come up and play with me for a warm-up start?”
    Ji Mo stared down at Zhou Yuan.
    But he didn't plan to pay attention to Zhou Yuan's provocation personally, because in his opinion, it was too much price.
    As a result, he tilted his head slightly, and Wei Tuo at the side suddenly understood, and immediately said somewhat helplessly: "There is no need to let me do it myself? Just send a Heavenly Sun Realm late stage."
    Ji Mo said: "What I want is a devastating slaughter. I want to be in front of those Heaven Abyss Territory's people and kill their leaders here. This will hurt their morale."
    "So, you can only come forward, it's safer."
    Wei Tuo is obviously quite reluctant, but Ji Mo is Captain after all, and he is not good at objecting, and immediately can only cast a pair of cold eyes to Zhou Yuan below.
    "I will make him regret coming here."

    As soon as Wei Tuo moved, he appeared directly on a rock wall in front of Zhou Yuan like a demon.
    His complexion is cloudy, and he originally didn't intend to talk nonsense. It was just a slap on the sole of his foot. The next moment, the vast Origin Qi soared into the sky like a torrent, and three rounds of Glazed Sun flashed behind.
    An Origin Qi coercion, which made the countless people complexion horrified, swept away.
    After the strength of Origin Qi, it has reached the level of 2.7 billion!
    This Origin Qi background is already very close to Wang Xuanyang and other characters!
    "Zhou Yuan, be careful!"
    Chu Qing was also dignified at the complexion at this time, screaming in a low voice.
    The pressure brought by Wei Tuo's Origin Qi background, even people like him who are outside, feel a little difficult to breathe.
    "Aren't you going to help him?!" Mu Wuji also showed anxiety on his face, and couldn't help but yelled at the people of Heaven Abyss Territory's such as Qin Lian who stood in the sky and watched the show.
    "no need to worry."
    However, facing his anxiety, Qin Lian just gave him a faint smile.
    Before Zhou Yuan defeated Li Zhu alone, what's more, he is obviously stronger than before, so Qin Lian is not worried that Wei Tuo will pose much threat to Zhou Yuan.

    Mu Wuji's face can't help but twitch, don't worry? Then Wei Tuo’s Origin Qi coercion is so strong that even they feel hard to breathe, and Zhou Yuan, after all, is just a Heavenly Sun Realm middle stage!
    At this moment, Mu Wuji was even a little skeptical, wouldn't these people want to kill Zhou Yuan on purpose?
    Compared with the worried Chu Qing and Mu Wuji, Zhou Yuan's expression on his own billows is not surprised, but there is a slight surprise in his eyes. Wei Tuo should be just the second person in the Saint Race team in front of him.
    But his Origin Qi background is already close to Wang Xuanyang...
    And you know, Wang Xuanyang is the second only existence to Guan Qinglong in Primordial Heaven Heavenly Sun Realm.
    "I've heard of Saint Spirit Heaven. Among the Saint Race Four Heavens, it ranks third... This Subduing Sea Palace is also the strongest Overlord force in Saint Spirit Heaven."
    But even so, I can see a leopard through a narrow tube, and I can see that Saint Race's strength is indeed unpredictable. It is only a third Heaven Territory, and even faintly able to wrestle with Primordial Heaven slightly.
    "But I couldn't force that Ji Mo down."
    Zhou Yuan is a pity. His goal is actually Ji Mo. If he can kill him, then the morale of Saint Race's will inevitably drop. Then the whole army will be able to reduce the damage.

    And when Zhou Yuan was thinking about these times, Wei Tuo's cold and serpent-like eyes were locked on his body, and the next moment, the mountain wall under his feet instantly collapsed, and rubble rolled.
    His figure shot out directly like an electric light, and the 2.7 billion Origin Qi background roared behind it, like a giant beast, bringing heaven shaking baleful aura.
    Although this Wei Tuo was extremely contemptuous of Zhou Yuan, when he shot it, he was merciless. Under a punch, the void was directly broken, and the countless space fragments surrounded the fist wind.
    "9-layer Shattered Void!"
    Not only did he Origin Qi to hold nothing back, but he even displayed a killing strike, which saw nine strong winds surround, one overlapped and one heavier, and the place he passed was like a nine-headed giant beast, constantly shattering the void.
    When the terrorist offensive shrouded, all the forces in the Blue Profound Heaven in the Grand Canyon were all looking shocked.
    Chu Qing gritted his teeth, intending to help.
    But the moment he just moved, he felt a cold and terrifying aura lock him.
    Chu Qing raise one's head when he saw that Ji Mo stared at him coldly, like a poisonous snake staring at its prey.
    Chu Qing complexion is heavy, he knows that Ji Mo is staring, it is impossible for him to help.

    "Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, you have to be careful." Chu Qing couldn't make a move, so he could only look at Zhou Yuan deeply worried and sick at heart.
    In the countless horrified gaze, Zhou Yuan watched the imposing manner majestic offensive, and the corner of his mouth was eager to give sth a try.
    He also wanted to try, when he is now fully fired...
    To what extent can it be achieved?
    As a result, he grasped his hands together, and a low voice sounded in his heart almost at the same time.
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