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Chapter Table Of Contents 1184 Slash Thunder Palm With One Sword
    Chinese Name: 元尊  Author: 天蚕土豆(Tiāncán tǔdòu, Silkworm Potato)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Nine Palaces Thunderous!"
    As soon as Xu Lei's killing intent sounded loudly, amidst the huge thunder and lightning pattern in the sky behind him, suddenly thousands of golden thunder roared and thunder ray condensed. In the next instant, a gigantic giant The golden thunder palm suddenly blasted out of the pattern of thunder and lightning.
    Like the palm of Thunder God.
    The thunder palm is as huge as the sky, and endless thunder ray is wrapped around it, constantly roaring and shattering the void.
    In that thunder palm, there are countless ancient light patterns in glittering, a kind of indescribable destruction aura emanating from it.
    Under such thunder's palm, even a continuous mountain range will be scattered ashes and dispersed smoke without any existence.
    In the face of such an offensive, even Zhou Yuan, the complexion has become particularly dignified. This Xu Lei is worthy of being an expert in Saint Ancestor Heaven, second only to Jia Tu, and it has also cultivated successfully the Saint Origin Technique.
    When the Thunder God's palm fell, even he felt an extremely strong sense of crisis.
    If there is no force at the same level to resist, even he might die here.
    However, there is no fear in Zhou Yuan's eyes. He stares at the sky, and there is a raging fight intent rising in the depths of his eyes.
    Although the opponent is strong, Zhou Yuan would be underestimated if he wants to get rid of him by this.

    A group of white qi squirted out from his nose, Zhou Yuan's hands were also abruptly imprinted, and the next moment, the seven-colored bottle gourd light shadow in Divine Palace, which was like an illusion, also trembled slightly.
    A seven-colored brilliance directly rose from the Zhou Yuan Tianling Platform at this time.
    At that moment, there was an indescribable sharp aura rising between Heaven and Earth, so sharp, as if it could cut through the sky and the earth.
    The heavy clouds above the sky are all cut apart by the invisible sword intent at this time.
    The seven-colored brilliance flooded, and then the brilliance quickly expanded, and in just a few breaths, it turned into a seven-colored sword light that was about a thousand feet away.
    On the sword light, seven-colored overflows, and countless crystal dust is faintly visible. If you look closely, you will find that the sword light is like the Milky Way in the starry sky, bright and vast.
    This is naturally Seven-colored Heaven Slashing Sword Light.
    The seven-colored sword light performed by Zhou Yuan before was a seven-colored sword light. In terms of momentum, it is far from this one.
    If the Heaven Slashing Sword Light that Zhou Yuan cultivation before was just entered the sect, then this sword light really has some perfect charm.
    And all these are the benefits brought by the mysterious stone tablet!
    "Seven-colored Heaven Slashing Gourd, Heaven Slashing Sword Light!"

    As a whisper in Zhou Yuan's heart sounded, the galaxy-like seven-colored sword light suddenly soared into the sky. At that instant, the void was directly split apart, forming a deep black trace that lasted for a long time.
    The sword light slashed directly at the palm of the suppressed Thunder God.
    At the moment of the collision, time seemed to freeze for a while.
    But what was unexpected was that there was no loud sound resounding, nor did the Origin Qi shock wave of heaven shaking erupt.
    The seven-colored sword light was just a flash, and it appeared in the void behind the palm of Thunder God.
    The seven-colored radiance is rapidly languishing, and the sword light of Qianzhang has shrunk about ten times.
    But behind it, the palm of the suppressed Thunder God slowly divides into two sides from the center at this time...
    The thunder palm fell and turned into a golden thunder ray all over the sky.
    Zhou Yuan raised his head, golden thunder ray reflected on his face, looking solemn and ice cold.
    And the remaining seven-colored sword light did not dissipate, instead, it fluctuated along the Origin Qi remaining in the palm of Thunder God, directly slashing at Xu Lei, who was full of horror.
    The golden thunder Origin Qi is wrapped around the red gold stick and collides with the remaining seven-colored sword light.

    The sword light burst, and Xu Lei snorted, a mouthful of fresh blood squirted out of his mouth, and the figure receded in embarrassment for thousands of feet, and then gradually stabilized.
    But his face was still shocked and unbelievable.
    "how come..."
    He couldn't believe that the "Nine Palaces Thunderous" he used would be directly cut apart by Zhou Yuan.
    Even the remaining Sword Qi can cause a wave of damage to him!
    "It seems that your Saint Origin Technique is still weaker." Zhou Yuan looked at Xu Lei and smiled lightly.
    He was not surprised by this result. Whether it was Origin Qi background or Origin Qi quality, or Saint Origin Technique's mighty energy, he had the upper hand. Why should Xu Lei fight him?
    Xu Lei's eyes were a little gloomy. He wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. After experiencing the previous fierce battle, he had to put away the original arrogance in his heart. Although the person in front of him is just the identity of the humble ant, his strength is not enough. Don't face it.
    Because if he doesn't face it, he might even die in the hands of this humble ant.
    This is something Xu Lei cannot accept.
    Xu Lei took a deep breath, suppressing the unwillingness in his heart, he stared at Zhou Yuan indifferently, and suddenly waved his sleeves.

    I saw that the void behind it was faintly distorted, and a huge radiance portal emerged.
    Zhou Yuan stared at the space portal, his eyes condensed.
    "This space portal is the core of the Saint Evolving Great Formation."
    "do you want to go?"
    A sneer appeared on Xu Lei's face: "But I won't make it so easy for you."
    "Zhou Yuan, you can cultivation to such a level in Five Heavens, it is indeed tyrannical beyond my imagination, but unfortunately, here today, I will not let you pass!"
    When the voice fell, I saw that the vertical line between the eyebrows was slowly opening at this time.
    A mysterious and cold Saint Pupil appeared.
    Within that Saint Pupil, there are four stars circulating.
    Four-star Saint Pupil!
    hōng hōng!
    Inside the Saint Pupil, there seemed to be endless thunder ray gushing down. In the next instant, there was a thundercloud gushing out of its Saint Pupil. In just a few breaths, it turned into a thundercloud hiding the sky and covering the earth, haunting Outside that space portal.
    The thundercloud is deep and thick, and there are extremely terrible fluctuations in it, flooding with Destruction Aura.

    Xu Lei sat cross-legged in the depths of the thunderclouds, his eyes directly fixed on Zhou Yuan, indifferently said: "Zhou Yuan, this is my Saint Pupil evolutionary technique..."Saint Thunder Tribulation Cloud"!"
    "Due to many restrictions, this technique is difficult to attack actively, but if it is used for defense, no one dares to enter."
    "Zhou Yuan, if you want to enter this space portal, then go through this tribulation cloud!"
    Obviously, after previous fights, Xu Lei is no longer obsessed with defeating Zhou Yuan, but has taken defensive measures.
    As long as he guards the space portal, victory will still belong to him.
    Zhou Yuan looked up at the black thundercloud that permeated Heaven and Earth, and his brows wrinkled uncontrollably. This thundercloud was extremely magical, as if it had formed a Thunder Tribulation, the kind of Destruction Aura, which is really heartwarming. shock.
    This Saint Race is really a race of Heaven and Earth good fortune. The power of Saint Pupil is so mysterious that it is extremely awesome of the consequences.
    A sharp color appeared in Zhou Yuan's eyes, and he stared at the space portal deep in the thundercloud.
    No matter who it is today, he can't stop him!
    What about Thunder Tribulation?
    It's shredded!
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